METS CHAT ROOM: Game #138; Sweet revenge?



In each of the past two seasons the Florida Marlins put the finishing touches on a Mets’ collapse. The Mets can get a measure a sweet revenge with a three-game series beginning tonight at Citi Field.

In September of 2007, the Mets (62-75) lost 12 of their last 17 games to blow a seven-game lead to Philadelphia. Several Jose Reyes brain cramps highlighted the collapse, but the game most people will remember is Tom Glavine not getting out of the first inning in the season finale, which turned out to be his last game as a Met. Glavine further alienated Mets’ fans when he said he wasn’t “devastated,” by the loss. Glavine was speaking in the literal sense of the word, but emotionally charged Mets’ fans wanted no part of it.

GLAVINE: Sour taste in Mets' finale.

GLAVINE: Sour taste in Mets' finale.

Last season, the final at Shea Stadium, the Marlins took it to the Mets in the season finale again as they dropped 10 of their final 17 games to kick away a 3 1/2-game advantage over the Phillies. Not only did the Phillies win the NL East, but went on to win the World Series.

The Marlins (72-65) have won seven of 12 games this season against the Mets (including splitting six games at Citi Field) and including tonight, have six games remaining against New York.

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  1. Thanks for the memories John.

    Really. As if this year is not bad enough you have to remind us of last year.

    Seriously. Glavine’s stinker of a game was not what killed the season. Back to back collapses are not his fault.

    Yes he was part of it, but if I remember correctly although he did not save both seasons, he was not the reason we lost. Others had worse August/September months.

    The last game has a lot of importance because it is the last game. But the team could not put it together. Both the position players and the rotation were to blame. He was but part of the team. Not the reason for the collapse.

    In his time here he went out and played and sometimes did well and sometimes badly.

    In the end he was always a Brave even when he played for us.

  2. I am sure the Mets ace medical staff would not let Carlos Beltran return without him being 110% Reading entrails is an exact science nowadays.

  3. SNY is reduced to gimmicks like a “silent 6th inning” with no broadcasters, just fan noise. I wonder if it’s too late to buy a bullhorn. drive to CitiField and let the multitudes in chants of “Fire Omar” and “Wilpon-Sell the Team”. Our year has gone…again.

  4. Dan (4): Excellent idea. I don’t know what the purpose is. NBC did it years ago for a Dolphins-Jets football game. When you have good announcers like Darling and Keith and Cohen, why would you want to shut them up?-JD

  5. dave (1): He pitched well in spots here. Didn’t get a lot of run support. But, you’re right, Glavine’s heart was always with the Braves.-JD

  6. brian never brought the glove he was supposed to bring.

    thole would be cheap and we have santos. Then there is always whatever they bring up from the garbage heap – i mean AAA.

  7. JD – while I agree Schneider’s time is limited I am skeptical of a Santos/Thole catching staff- Pelfrey, Ollie, Maine and several relievers need a veteran catcher- Sunday pelfrey should have given Schneider a game ball the way he walked him through the game stroking his ego with each pitch

  8. Schneider will be lucky to get a major league deal. I think he’ll be taking a minor league deal witha spring training invite. But not from this team I hope!

  9. 17. The problem with catcher and every problem area is the only option this team has is free agency. Thole needs a year atleast to learn to catch, and there aren’t any kids ready to fill holes. This org is in terrible shape. Every FA knows it and is ready to be overpaid to come here.

  10. 22. Thole didn’t throw that big fat nothing ball. Redding is a veteran. Blaming a catcher for not getting a runner out stealing is weak.

  11. dave (20): Hell no. Some questions:

    1) Catching: Is inexperienced.
    2) First base: Will Murphy continue to improve and hit for more power?
    3) Second base: An encore for Castillo?
    4) Shortstop: How healthy will Reyes be?
    5) Third base: Will Wright hit for more power?
    6) Left field: Who plays it?
    7) Center field: How healthy will be Beltran be?
    8) Right field: Will Francoeur hit for power for a full year?
    9) Starting pitching: Will Santana be healthy? Ditto for Maine and Perez? Will Pelfrey shake his funk? Who is the fifth starter?
    10) Bullpen: How healthy is K-Rod? How healthy is Putz? How does the rest of the pen fill out.?

    That’s just off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own concerns for next season.-JD

  12. Harry (23): The Mets will overpay in the FA market, but word is they’ll be tight-fisted. … There will be little, if any, help from the minors again.-JD

  13. Warthen and Johnson need to go – the entire pitching staff have regressed and the team hasn’t been able to situational hits consistently since Downs

  14. ed (27): Somebody will take the hit if Manuel stays. … HoJo has to take some of the heat for Wright’s regression. …. Warthen has done nothing to help Perez, then again, he might be beyond help.-JD

  15. No comments about the newest Met Tobi Stoner.

    The Onion is going to have a field day with this.

    I could see Bill Walton wearing A Met jersey with Stoner on the back.

  16. Top 10 list(25)

    I have been raging on castillo all year. He has played well. better than every other starter on the team.

    he will be back. hopefully cora comes back.

    as you say there is the whole team to address. 2b is one of our stronger positions for now.

  17. there was an article a few weeks ago where the conclusion was to trade reyes to improve the team.

    that is probably our best bet. reyes has lots of talent but has various issues. we should be able to get a couple of good players for him which hopefully will give us a team that is not putrid.

  18. (32) Downs was Willie’s LT it was a shake up move not due to ineffectiveness – hojo has had a much tougher time with hitters bunting, hitting behind runners and elvating for sac flys

  19. dave (34): That would be a tough call. Has Reyes peaked? He’d be hard to deal because his health is a question mark. Right now he’d be damaged goods.-JD

  20. ed (36): This is not a fundamentally sound team on offense. Too many wasted at-bats. … Not advancing runners, that type of thing. … I also believe they don’t walk nearly enough, especially the speed guys like Reyes and Pagan. Francoeur could stand to have a better idea of the strike zone, too.-JD

  21. john(38)

    yes but he has had a few seasons in a row where he has played every day.

    he is still a star and a few years ago was better than the guy on the other team tonight.

    he has a great glove, great range, great arm. can hit for avg has some pop and can steal.

    he can be sold. the issue is would they get back enough for him.

  22. So if he peaked and this is what he is – its a gold glove short stop – .280 hitting 50-60 steals, .375 Slg., .400 OBP – i’ll take it – appreciate what you have

  23. Dan (37): Cocaine is an obvious drug song. So is Sister Morphine by the Stones. And, do we know for a fact Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is about LSD?-JD

  24. john(45)

    yes he is a good player.

    this team needs a complete overhaul.

    he /wright/beltran are the only real chips we have.

    i would trade beltran since i dont think we will get good before he retires.

  25. 41. I don’t agree about Thole but I agree about Reyes. When you trade a star you almost always lose the trade. Seaver we lost, Santana the Twins lost, Carter we won, Hernandez we won, Piazza we won, Fregosi we lost!!!!! PS: Was Maybin’s HR Thole’s fault too? (Just kidding)

  26. actually wasn’t there a drawing by young Julian Lennon about some schoolmate named Lucy? That was the official cover story back in the 1960s at least

  27. 25. Delocs. I see Maine being non-tendered. Don’t see the Mets paying him his arb value fir damaged goods. Don’t see Outz’ option being picked up either. both of them damaged for two straight seasons.

  28. I agree with Harry Citi. Of course the Met managed to lose one of the few “trade for a star” with Frank Viola. And Jim Fregosi was a great shortstop in the 1960s-got old real fast though.

  29. Harrty (51): I can see Maine being non-tendered, too. But, if he comes out of Sunday’s start fine and makes three or four others with no problem they’d have to offer arbitration.-JD

  30. 52. We did lose the Frankie V trade.
    53. Beltran only has two years left. But he has complete no trade, doesn’t he?

  31. 53

    so we are back to david and jose.

    is thole this years’ murphy?

    AA to majors star for a month?

  32. Harry (56): Yes, he does. … If the Mets continue to play poorly I can see him waiving it to go to a winner. Maybe he’d take the Yankees a second time (just kidding).-JD

  33. 57. I don’t think Thole is this year’s Murphy. His problem is he has to learn to be a Catcher. If the Mets really rebuild the fan base might tolerate it, but look at the posts tonight. It was his fault Ramirez hit the HR. This fan base doesn’t give a kid a chance to breathe. Neither does the hideous manager. I also don’t think Murphy is this years Murphy. His bat has slowly but surely turned around and he is starting to show power. He was a kid screwed in the early part of the year because he couldn’t field in the outfield and had the sudden presure of Sheffield thrust on him after Mr manager lied about him playing every day, then he was thrown at first and had to learn on the job. He has come back well from my vantage point.

  34. I’m looking at all the holes and questions the Mets have for 2010, and the biggest ones remain with the pitching. Next year could be very long.-JD

  35. They need a solid run producer in left. I like Francoeur and think losing Beltran would be foolish. Castillo should stay at 2nd. I’m liking Murphy more and more at 1st, but a platoon might be in order. (The HoJo/Knight platoon wasn’t bad in ’86!) Wright is still the anchor at 3rd.

    Bottom line is, besides left, the place to spend big bucks is on the starting rotation. Without more decent pitching, this team will go nowhere.

  36. Harry (62): The Mets may have gotten lucky with Murphy. They did screw with him and they could have lost him. … Murphy’s development should preclude the Mets even thinking about bringing back Delgado.-JD

  37. (62) I don’t think its that the fan base doesn’t give a kid a chance – the biggest problem is that their grossly rushed to the majors because the org. has always drafted extremely young as to not go out of slot. there’s a reasons the leagues go in order and a reason why all our prospects struggle in coming straight up from AA when was our last offensive player to come up looking seasoned DW…

  38. john/harry

    murphy has done well but he is young and without a position.

    delgado should not be back. he has power and presence when healthy. he is just not healthy.

    kinda like alou.

  39. dave (69): I think they’ve settled on Murphy at first. He does have a position. The question is whether he’ll hit for the power needed at first.-JD

  40. I think they’ll keep everyone offensively with one addition…

    Either Bay, Holliday, Johnson

    with Santos, Murphy, Castillo, Reyes, beltran, Francoeur,

    Bench Sullivan, pagan, Anderson, Thole,

  41. (71) the list is long on guys rushed ( Milledge) and what do they still say about our farm we have some gems but there very young..

  42. ed (74): I don’t believe the reason Milledge didn’t pan out was simply because he was rushed. It might be a part of it, but he has some issues that derailed him.-JD

  43. john

    the problem with murphy is he does not know how to play 1st ( like lf last year)

    his bat is coming around, but he does not have the power associated with the position.

    realistically he is a platoon player.

    and he is playing for a team that wants to sell a perennial contender. he is on very shaky ground.

    if the team wants to say we are rebuilding and will wait on the kids they will have a problem with beltran/krod/santana.

  44. Murphy was his own worst enemy this year – hojo tried to change his stance for months and he resisted – when he finally did he started hitting

  45. dave (78): He is a work in progress, but there has been progress. He’s getting better all the time. I’m confident with him at first. There are other priorities before adding another first baseman.-JD

  46. Johnson is a Minaya guy tue and true… spends more time on the DL then on the field. He’ll get a big deal from Omar… Better sign some backups Omar!

    As for Wright, Nice slow jog up the first base line. I guess its ok when Wirght doesn’t try.

  47. (77) milledge is the first big prospect i could think of that Omar’s staff rushed …
    i do think being rushed had an impact on his maturity level which compounded his preformance issues… the Minors are suppose to be humbling for young super stars when there always handed everything they dont know how to handle adversity and usually dont do well with it

  48. When I covered the Orioles they had a silent night. No PA. None of the garbage on the scoreboard. The TV announcers did talk, however. … They did it as a tribute to Rex Barney, the PA announcer, after he died. It was a nice change.-JD

  49. i think milledge should have stayed in the minors. that was the only stick they had on him.

    this is what you need to improve on to get to the next level.

    instead they gave him a taste and a job and he had nothing to work for because in his mind it was his right to be where he was. to own one of the OF slots.

    he was right of course. they told him everything he wanted to hear.

  50. (81) Murphy drives me nuts in the field, I help my kids little team and we try to teach them to stay in position, I find myself thinking the same of him- he just runs after the ball no matter where it is

  51. Murphy is hitting better now but I don’t know if its wise to take it seriously. In September you are hitting against a lot of teams out of it pitching their minor leaguers. He may be a “good enough to lose with” player.

  52. This might be our set-up man next year 38 y/o Elmer dessens and his 20 Buffalo saves..

    No way they bring back JJ at 8.5MM

  53. 89. Milledge went to DC and Manny Acta let him get away with crap as well and the new GM finally sent him down and finally traded him. Then Pittsburgh made him stay in the minors and since his recall he’s played well.Maybe he understands 3 strikes… We’ll see next year.

  54. john(82)

    i think he has improved too.

    he may turn out well.

    but if he is the 1F he deserves to be a platoon.

  55. ed (90): That is a problem. There are balls he should let the second baseman handle but doesn’t. He’ll get better at it. Maybe he’ll go to the Fall Instructional League. I haven’t heard. But, with a full spring training he’ll be better.-JD

  56. The fish crew just said the new fish park is going to have an idiotic overhang like city dump has.

  57. Harry (94): We’ll see. Little pressure or press in Pittsburgh. Maybe he’s learned. … Wouldn’t it be wild if he matures and wins a batting title? These are the Mets, it could happen.-JD

  58. My computer had a Met moment and crashed.

    One thing I am tired of hearing is the Mets will not spend over slot in the draft.

    Two teams that have great farm systems are the Dodgers and Marlins and they never spend over slot.

    If spending the most money were the ticket to sucess the Mets would be in first place.

  59. john(91)

    I was being kind.

    Milledge has many issues. many are self inflicted.

    my point was the organization did him no favors. ed says essentially what i said.

    I do think the organization handled him wrong.

    however, he also did not listen. he knew all the answers and when he made a mistake he blamed someone else.

    washington gathered a lot of damaged players like him and they sent him down.

    he may yet turn out to be a player. i just think he head is in the wrong place.

  60. 96. Last year theis hapless front office declared him the left fielder and then sent him to Arizona to play SECOND BASE. Maybe this fall they’ll have him go to play Shortstop.

  61. (96) his fall instructional league should be a year in Buffalo playing 1B,2B,3B, LF, RF because if he has a future in the majors its as a joe McEwing/ Ty Wiggington type- if they were smart they would get a 1B for a year and then turn the spot to IKE after he has a full season in AAA next season – but I expect Murphy back in the position unless they fall short with the LF

  62. ed (105): I forgot about Ike. Murphy played third. I wonder if he could replace Castillo at second. Second isn’t an easy position to learn, either. … I don’t see him back in left. That was a mistake.-JD

  63. Here’s an out of the box idea – considering they may have budget issues- sign Bengie Molina move Reyes to the three hole
    Here’s the batting order…

    Pagan LF, Murphy 1B, Reyes SS, Wright 3B, Beltran CF, Francoeur RF, Molina C, Castillo 2B

  64. Harry (108): Don’t know. There’s one here. The one to be in Florida. Texas Rangers have one. … I don’t remember, but they might have one in Houston.-JD

  65. I see Murphy as a career back-up utility infielder who ends up a coach someday – but anybody making him a starter is making a mistake, has an injury, is desperate or needs a bridge type guy

  66. The over hang in Tiger Stadium was great.
    I was lucky enough to go to two Tigers games the last season they played at Tiger Stadium.

    They were playing the Orioles and Elrod Hendricks who was a coach at the time stayed over an hour after the Saturday game signing autographs and letting fans take pictures with him.

    Elrod was a class act.

  67. (112) spring training they were working on it he’s had a decent Slg. pct for most of his majors

  68. Boston has more gimmicks then any park and its one of my favorites – I like the hill and RF in Citi is great IMO

  69. Scott (115): Loved Elrod in Baltimore. I’ve told this story before, but Elrod brokered a peace between me and Eddie Murray. I told Elrod I had no part of his first stint with the Orioles and just wanted to talk to a Hall of Fame player. Murray called me over and said he got my message through Elrod. We developed a cordial working relationship. Not best buds, but cordial.-JD

  70. ed (120): Fenway’s gimmicks are because it was constructed in the middle of several city blocks. Ditto for Wrigley. … I don’t like the hill. Somebody will get hurt. And, I have no problem with RF in Citi Field.-JD

  71. I hope they never do it again, as a kid i use to go to games with an AM and an ear pierce listening to Murph… i cant stand the silence live let alone on TV

  72. Nick Johnson will break Ripken’s consecutive game played streak long before I send a text message for one of these stupid polls that sports broadcasts always have. But apparently there are people who do.

  73. Murphy once again running all over the field – he’s never in his assigned spot – I’m waiting for him to knock a pitcher over going for a ground ball only to realize he hurt the pitcher and theres no one to throw to

  74. Sucking down an Adirondack (or almost any other brew) always brings out the sarcastic bitter side of me that I enjoy. Glad you do too.

  75. I said on this blog in Oct. it was a mistake to over value him last year off his small sample pool and they gave him LF now there giving him 1B with the Slg. pct of a 2B/ss

  76. David Wright in the clean up spot? Think he’ll hit more than 8 HRs and 60 RBIs?!?!?!?!
    127. Murphy is a trained 3B man. What does a 3B man do?? He goes after everything. Murphy is not a trained 1B man hence he does what he was trained to do.

  77. JD
    One thing everyone forgets is that Ernie Harwell was doing TV play by play for Bobby Thomsons shot heard round the world.

    The radio call from Russ Hodges is one that is famous.

  78. Many 3B have made a much smoother transition then this – he’s out of position more then he’s in- besides all reports indicate he was an awful 3B- he was bumped out of the position in AA by a guy with rods in his back

  79. I’m sure nobody wants to know but I learned a lot about Florida tonite. Besides the overhang the place will be air conditioned and you won’t get wet or a rain delay and there’ll be parking garages so you won’t get wet going to your car, and if you take the commuter rail from Palm Beach or Broward Counties you will be able to get home after the game. And most importantly there is a Friendly’s ice cream place in West Palm on 441. This is what happens when fish announcers take pity on the hapless metsies and don’t make fun of them!

  80. Shawn Bowman – played 40 gms over two years with a degenerative back condition and finally had rods put in his back – when he returned fully last year they moved Murph to 1B, Evans LF and Carp to DH

  81. If Reed treated every AB like he was pinch hitting he probably would have gotten more playing time.

  82. 138. We get it ed. You don’t have a passion for Murph. Suunday the Cubbies announcer when talking about Murphy said that when they think of the Mets and Murphy they think of Bob Murphy, so you have followers in Chicago!!!!

  83. isnt ike supposed to play a decent 1b?

    not that david is a gold glove at 3b, but why move everyone out of position?

  84. john(150)

    no it is a thought. but as others’ remind us murphy was moved to 1b in AA because he cant play 3rd.

  85. 146. They are totally homers but when they are calling plays they give the other team credit for doing something well. They loved to pick on the Mets in the past but they said the Mets are too bad to make fun of. So they are reading email questions all night. They don’t like the TV booth in the new place.

  86. (143) I dont know where it was but he definately played 1B in AA,,, But it was Reed who was waiting for a 1B glove this year from his college roomate Nick Johnson… Reed started at 1B his first two years in college before johnson got there and the reports are he was very good… after that bad throw in LA he never got another chance

  87. 141
    tks for the info.
    I had no idea they had commuter trains in Miami.

    The ball park will not be in the best neighborhood. I wonder if this will keep fans from going.

  88. ugh – wright has failed miserably twice tonight – DP and a SO – both were awful at bats – hacking away

  89. #140 I had thought Ernie Harwell’s call of the Bobby Thomson home run was available on but its not. Russ Hodges, Red Barger and Gordon McLendon’s are.
    Anybody remember how about 20 years ago football coach Bo Schembechler was hired as Tugers President and he fired Ernie Harwell. Chris Russo defended the move, Tigers realized their mistake and brought him back

  90. I should mention if the Mets win tonight (or any other time this season) it will be their 63rd victory and they will avoid the 100 loss mark.

  91. 162. You can put that whiffing singles can’t hit in the clutch overpaid poverhyped David Wright in the 8 hhole in your next year’s lineup edfever. The most useless 320 or so batting average in history.

  92. #168 Not that Chris Russo ever had much brains but he basically said Harwell had been there forever and should give someone young a chance. Mike asked him if he thought Sinatra should quit singing to give someone else a chance, Russo said it wasn’t the same.

  93. (172) hence hojo needs a new job- you dont break the franchise- if Seaver only won 10 games you better believe the pitching coach is gone

  94. 175 Dan
    Russo was always a jerk.
    I still remember the firestorm that he caused when he said Will Clark was better than Don Mattingly.

  95. Dan (175): It’s exactly the same. Wonder if Russo will step aside to let some young guy get a chance. … Bo was simply an idiot, but rooting for Ohio State I’ve always known that.-JD

  96. Scott (179): When you’re only interested in making a splash, you say things like that. Clark couldn’t carry Mattingly’s jock. Couldn’t carry Keith’s, either.-JD

  97. According to wikipedia Harwell’s call of Thomson’s home run was a simple “It’ gone!”, said almost as soon as he hit it. It was carried on WPIX channel 11

  98. (184) I think he’s a little rattled this season, i think he thought he was ready to carry a team and felt he was suppose to with a these injuries and when he couldnt he was shook.. next year with protection he’ll be fine

  99. Dan (185): Would love to have heard Ruth’s No. 60 and the “called” shot against the Cubs in the World Series. … Would have like to have heard the call on MIckey’s drive that hit the facade at the Stadium.-JD

  100. 181. Wright has had an all time hideous game. no field, no hit, no hustle. Triple crown goat tonite. If it was Rhole’s fault that Ramirez hit a HR then it is certainly Wright’s fault that this team isn’t up by 5. Well, he’s the face of this hideous franchise and he’s playing like it more and more every day. Zimmerman has become a much better player than Wright. Better glove and better batter.

  101. 187. I don’t get it. They ‘s been around for years already and you make excuses for everything wrong he does but guys who are forced to learn new positons in the bigs and guys with a week’s experience you criticize for every mistake. If Murphy and Thole get blasted then this overrated, overhyped face of the franchise certainly deserves equal treatment.

  102. Harry (194): Like I said, Wright has been miserable most of the season. What’s the point of hitting .320 if it isn’t going to produce any runs?-JD

  103. Zimmerman’s numbers arent better – they just stand out because he’s the only consistent producer … Wright’s BA is fifth in the league and was second a weak ago… I believe our expectations of Wright and Reyes are unrealistic they are all-star caliber players sometimes i hear people who expect them to be hall of fame caliber

  104. (197) hard to produce when your 25 and know your, your teams only shot of the night and everybody is watching you with that baited breath- Kid buckled under the pressure but he’s still the franchise

  105. ed (198): The expectations might be unrealistic, but shouldn’t the production be better? At least from Wright this year. The drop in power is alarming, and it isn’t all the park. He’s not hitting for power on the road, either.-JD

  106. His power is alarming and I hold Hojo responsible for tinkering with his stance in the off-season to adjust to the new park- otherwise i think it was the lack of protection and inexperience at being the focal point

  107. Pedro is 4-0 6.2 innings 119 pitches. 3 runs 7 hits 4 Ks and 1 walk. Philthies getting their money’s worth.

  108. So Pedro Martinez is now 4-0 with a 3.64 era? Some of his starts have been against lousy teams like the Snakes, Mets and Gnats. I thought it was time for the Mets to move on. But you have to give the man some credit.

  109. The Mets should put up a plaque out by the bridge in CF listing all the players who hit HR’s into the Apple.

    Would be a nice way to add a little something to make the new park special.

  110. 203. well ed I hold Wright accountable. Excuses are for losers. He had all year to go back to his old swing. he is either too stupid or too stubborn. Neither is Hojo’s fault. Protection is the fault, this is the fault blah blah blah. Lots of guys drove in 100 on horrid teams. Ernie Banks won 2 MVPs on teams worse than this.

  111. 206/209. double good ones!

    I think edfever sent an email to the fish crew. They’re reading an email saying to stop being mean to Wright for his bad play tonight.

  112. Again he’s an all star niot a hall of famer – Ernie banks could carry a team – david wright just proved this season he cant

  113. Somebody will have to fall on the sword for this season and since it appears it won’t be Manuel or Minaya, it’s going to be HoJo and Warthen.-JD

  114. 210
    Harry is right on Wright.
    His problems did not start this year.
    He was already having problems last year.
    Too many times he tried to pull the ball and was being beat by the slider on the outside corner.

    Maybe a new hitting coach will be able to help him fix this, but it really is up to Wright.

  115. ed (212): I’m not ready to quit on Wright. I believe he’s had a bad year and didn’t make the proper adjustments. I still believe he’s an All-Star caliber player and will hit better in 2010. If he has back-to-back seasons like this, then I’d be worried.-JD

  116. mets will end the season under 500 and have made the playoffs once in the Omar reign with multiple holes and a barron advanced farm – I think that sounds like a failure to me

  117. To switch subjects slightly, about 10 days ago John Delcos was mentioning how sports contracts have changed. Recently the Montreal Gazette’s “Habs Inside/Out” blog printed the actual contract Henri”Pocket Rocket” Richard signed for his first season in 1955-56. Two years, $7000 and $8000 with a $5000 bonus on a two year old calendar page that GM Frank Selke had.

  118. (217) look at Beltran in 2005 he was hated by Mets fans because he couldnt carry the 05 team he was only 28 – Wright was expected to carry a team at 25 that was worse then the 05 team

  119. If beltran was the only one standing this year he would have produced his regular numbers not becuase he’s better because he’s mature .. he wouldnt have pressed like wright did or he did in 05

  120. ed (222): I don’t think Wright will ever admit to feeling pressure to carry the team with everybody out. If you admit to feeling the pressure, that’s damaging for an athlete. But, deep down, he had to feel something. In the time I’ve covered the Mets Wright has always been very hard on himself when things go wrong.-JD

  121. 222. and you expect Murphy to excel in new positins at 24-25 and you expect Thole to be the golden glove catcher at age 22. And Beltran hurt his legs in 05 and played with them hurt most of the year coming back too soon, so your point is only partially accurate, and Wright didn’t hit for any power and didn’t drive in runs before his so-called excuses went down. So how come you make every excuse in the book for king davey and blast less experienced players for being less than perfect but equally effective as Wright????