Beltran ready tonight.

Carlos Beltran will be activated from the disabled list for tonight’s game against Florida. Beltran’s availability does nothing for the Mets for the remaining of the season in the standings, but is for his own peace of mind.

BELTRAN: Spring training was a long time ago.

BELTRAN: Spring training was a long time ago.

As much as I advocated shutting him down, if that does him some good in his preparation for 2010, then it is a good thing. A player’s psyche can be delicate, even for a player as gifted and experienced as Beltran. If he believes getting out there will alleviate the wondering this winter, then go for it.

By the numbers: The Mets were 35–33 with Beltran and 27-42 since going on the disabled list in late June.

Said Beltran: “I’ve been working to come back, so that’s my ultimate goal. I feel like I can come back and play. I’m ready.”

2 thoughts on “Beltran ready tonight.

  1. This can only be an issue in a pathetic organization like the Mets. The guy has been playing rehab games. The minors are done so there’s no place else to play. So why not just activate him. Its not like they’d have to demote someone. Maybe Jeffy and Co don’t know the rosters have been expanded.

  2. John

    I agree. if it makes him happy fine.

    else it can only hurt.

    On a related note, since delgado wont be back, who will protect him?

    can he be THE star?

    can he handle it?