METS CHAT ROOM: Game #133; Redding tries to stop slide.



Actually, the headline is a misnomer. The only thing that will stop the slide is the end of the season. Tim Redding can only slow it down a bit.

The Mets have David Wright back, but he’s not in the line-up tonight. Jerry Manuel said he would rest him after his return. First, he said Wright would sit tonight. Then he said Wright would sit the first two games and sit tomorrow. Pick a plan, any plan.

Gary Sheffield is also out of the line-up, and with each game he misses it becomes more apparent the Mets missed their chance to unload him when they pulled him off waivers earlier this month. They might not have gotten much, but what are they getting now? Especially since the odds are long he’ll be back next year.

REDDING: Another stop-gap start.

REDDING: Another stop-gap start.

The Mets have lost 22 of their last 33 games to fall completely out of contention. They’ve been in a slide since before the All-Star break when John Maine, Carlos Delgado and Jose Reyes went down with injuries. The pitchers fell apart in the second half when Johan Santana and Oliver Perez were disabled.

In all fairness, the season was gone before Santana and Perez. Their departures simply opened the way for guys like Nelson Figueroa, Bobby Parnell and Redding (2-4, 5.94) to join the rotation.

Redding pitched well in his last start, giving up three runs in 6 2/3 innings in a victory at Florida. He is 1-2 with a 4.40 ERA in five career starts against the Rockies.

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  1. 1-0 lead in the first with Tim Redding pitching in Coors? Money in the bank. Just sitting in a rocking chair

  2. Having Tim Redding in the starting rotation at this juncture of the season is the epitome of playing out the string. What a senseless waste.

  3. 5. Good to see Schneider in the lineup. Let Thole rot Jerry. He could have been still getting ABs for a week Its much better for his future to sit and do nothing. Schneider after all has such a bug future with this team doesn’t he.

  4. Just stopped by to say hello and I see it is quiet tonight.

    Harry fyi Thole is starting tomorrow.

  5. Our bullpen is like the American banking industry. It is entirely appropiate we are sponsor by citibank

  6. I am trying to think if we have ever had such a weak starting staff. Early 60s: Jackson, Fisher, Craig were better. Late 1970s: Craig Swan was better when healthy (he got fat just looking at food). Early 1990s Saberhagen was great when healthy. But Tim Redding or Pat Misch???

  7. Dan (13): Isn’t it the truth? But, you could see it coming with how they were overused early in the season. That’s what happens when your starters can barely make it to, or through, the fifth. Redding being an exception tonight. How often can you say the Mets blew a strong Tim Redding start?-JD

  8. Dan (15): Let us not forget Nelson Figueroa. … Did you see Jerry spring out of the dugout? Wonder what he saw then that he didn’t see with any of the previous six batters.-JD

  9. I always wonder if you are going to use a bullpen for 4 innings a night if you are better off using 2 guys for 2 innings each instead of 4 guys one inning each. My belief is you get worn out more by getting warmed up, getting the adrenaline flowing, etc than once you are. But I am not Dave Duncan or The Sweater.

  10. Dan (20): They do get worn out with all that warming up in the pen and not coming in. But even so, two innings each would tend to accumulate and tire them out in another way.-JD

  11. Let’slook at the bright side. Tomorrow is a day game. Get the loss out of the wayearly and enjoy the evening.

  12. JD
    Since I will not be able to watch tomorrow being a day game.

    If you are watching let us know what you think of Thole.

    Most interested in how he looks behind the plate.

  13. Posting is down significantly at met blogging sites. I hope SNY is suffering the same fate. And Met concession stands!

  14. With many different issues going on. I havent had that much time to hit the blog. This has been a 1960’s and 90’s year for us. Highs and the very lows. Maybe we will see a wake up call starting the new season. I have to agree with Keith that helmet sux!
    There’s always next year! But what we can’t have are players on the verge of retirement doing their swan song on our team. it should be the other way round. we have them at their peak then let some other team be their crutch.
    Rebuild. I will miss many players I liked but its time..