Must See TV: Howard rips author.

HOWARD: ``Club not for sale.''

HOWARD: ``Club not for sale.''

Dave Howard, Mets vice president, business operations, called into FOX Business News to confront author Erin Arvedlund, who said club owner Fred Wilpon lost up to $700 in the Ponzi scam and could be forced to sell the team as early as next season.

Howard said: “Her claims are outrageous, unfounded and grossly irresponsible…. The figures she’s throwing out are inaccurate and substantially overstated… We have said from the outset that the losses incurred from the Madoff fraud have not and will not affect the operation of the Mets. The team is not for sale, whole or in part. It is family owned and it will be family owned for the long term… There’s no need to sell… There will be no sale and I can’t state it any more definitively than that. Her source is bogus and her claims are false and irresponsible.”

The club has been vehement and vocal in its denies, while the author responded with a mousy “we’ll see.”

5 thoughts on “Must See TV: Howard rips author.

  1. The VP who told Mike Francesa back in April that some seats didn’t have obstructed views, they were blind spots.
    The Wilpons could easily hold onto the Mets/SNY and I blieve they will. But a year ago Montreal Canadiens owner George Gillett was denying he would sell the Habs because he was overextended with his NASCAR team and the Liverpool Reds of the EPL yet several months later he did. As I said yesterday the Mets should hire an independent, respected auditing firm and make public fully what the situation is. A baseball team is a quasi public/private interest.

  2. Dan, I thought Howard tore her a good one. And bringing on Duquette (who I figured to be on her side,) who then recanted what he said on his radio show, didn’t help her credibility. I think she’s just speculating. When your only comeback to Howard is “time will tell,” there isn’t much substance in my opinion.

  3. Steve (2): “Time will tell,” hardly makes it. Why didn’t see just stick her tongue out him? If you’re taking that position, you need to come to the table with more than what she had.-JD

  4. With Howard coming off as forceful as he did, I have a hard time not believing him. To sell out at 94 percent capacity considering the lousy weather and how the team has performed is an impressive number.-JD

  5. This offseason will tell a lot about the ownership.

    This season was terrible.

    There are huge holes on this team that I and others have enumerated ad nauseum.

    I am not saying they need to spend a lot of money, but they will have to in order to field ‘a competitive’ team.

    If the team fields the same rotation and OF while not bringing in a power bat we will know the answer to who the ownership is regardless of finances.

    Banking on the effective return of starting pitchers coming off surgery ( all our ‘core’ pitchers ) and the terminally injured outfielder of the future is my prediction considering the history of this team the last few years.