METS CHAT ROOM: Game #132; Wright returns.



As for as the good news is concerned, David Wright will return to third base after spending the past two weeks on the disabled with post concussion syndrome.

The plan is for him to play tonight and tomorrow and rest Thursday afternoon before the Mets’ return to Citi Field for a weekend series with the Cubs. After the Ryan Church incident last season, the Mets will play this one very cautiously. They were ripped for not having a plan and rushing Church to play.

WRIGHT: Returns from beaning tonight.

WRIGHT: Returns from beaning tonight.

Wright was placed on the disabled list less than 24 hours have he was struck in the head, Aug. 15, by a Matt Cain fastball.

“I think it will take care of itself,’’ Wright said. “I’m just going to make sure I walk before I run. I don’t expect any trouble getting back in the box. I guess the ultimate test will be if I get another pitch up and in. But I’m not going to worry about it.’’

Wright is having a peculiar season at the plate. He leads the Mets with a .324 average, but after hitting 33 homers last year only has eight this season. His RBI total is also down at 55.

The Mets, who have lost seven of their last nine games will go with the erratic Mike Pelfrey (9-9, 4.80), who has been hot against the Rockies with 20 consecutive innings against them spanning three starts.

Pelfrey is coming of a 5-3 loss at Florida in which he gave up five runs on 11 hits and five walks in 5 2/3 innings.

Here’s the Mets order tonight:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Nick Evans, LF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP (1-3, 5.40)

41 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #132; Wright returns.

  1. I’m OK with Wright, but I’m not OK with Angel Pagan’s baserunning, It is a glaring weakness in his game. The more he plays, the more he get exposed.-JD

  2. He’s been Perez-like this season in that he falls behind in the count and isn’t able to stay away from the big inning. No question Pelfrey has taken a step back.-JD

  3. The Mets don’t have a starter, either here or on the DL, that won’t come to spring training with issues and questions. … It will be a long and interesting off-season.-JD

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  5. John(8)

    I dont think they get it. I know that players are ultra competitive, but sometimes you have to think of the player. Make sure they are healthy think of next year not the next game.

    I don’t think this team operates in that way.

  6. dave (11): Those are all excellent points and I will be doing some things differently. …. I’ll be posting ideas for the next weeks. … and, i’ll keep this going over the winter. … I am grateful for your support,-JD

  7. john(10)

    that is what i mean. however, this past offseason they really needed to bring in a good starter to follow Johan.

    What did they bring in?


  8. dave (14): I know he was expensive, but Derrek Lowe represented a sold starter to follow Santana. Honestly, assuming they are all healthy next year, can you really project what you’ll get from Maine, Perez and Pelfrey.-JD

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  11. I think they blew it with Lowe. They insulted him. Omar thought the player would come to him. Atlanta panicked and swooped in. They could have offered a bit more sooner and may have had him.

    I have no confidence that Ollie will ever live up to his contract. I do not know what kind of player John is. He seems thoughtful and a worker. Not sure if he will ever amount to anything. I am not sure what happened to Pelf. He seems to have the stuff. Not sure if it is approach, confidence or of his offspeed stuff needs tweaking.

  12. (18)

    I am not saying john needs to start insulting people. I just brought those two up as examples of branding. they have a brand. a very distinct brand. others are more subtle, but that is not what sells.

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  13. (21) I think he defines his persona with the cursing and the insults. If not, there’s always stories about the cat.

  14. dave (19): Of the three, I have the least faith in Maine’s return because of the arm injury. We don’t know what his status is. They might not even tender him a contract. … Perez is an enigma to me. He might not get any better than he is now. … Pelfrey, because he’s had runs of success has the best chance to be good in my mind.-JD

  15. 21. He is looking better everyday. No serious injuries on his watch. But why is nobody else calling him?

  16. Tiffany (23): One night this offseason we might just talk about our pets. … I was thinking of taking one night a week for talk other than the Mets. …. It could be about anything. Rock. TV. Politics. Anything.-JD

  17. (25) He might still be under contract to the Mets, who were paying him a handsome salary for a pitching coach.

    But you’re right: His pitchers didn’t get hurt and they did perform well for him — both Maine and Perez won 15 games on his watch, numbers we would just about die for from that duo at this point.

  18. So, how’s the kid rookie catcher doing. Oh, he’s sitting on the bench with Murphy. Ah, I see, the Mets are showcasing Tatis for a July trade, an August trade, a winter trade, no he’s the future of this haplessly run franchise. Well, enhoy the bench kiddy corpse…You can leanr how to lose… What’s that you learned that already in Binghamton? Well, now you can learn from the master joke.. your new manager.
    Pelfrey…. Get any new tips on being lousy form that pitching coach. Don’t worry man. A few more tips from Danny and you’ll be just like OP, maybe worse. He’s the best pitching coach. Just ask Jerry.

  19. (27) “What I Learned in the Coco Bongo Parking Lot: A True Story” by John Delcos…now available in a Bantam paperback.

  20. if we could have johan and two 15 game winners on the team we would be in good shape.

    but remember, he took away pelfreys curve ball just as he reached the majors. pelf still does not have a reliable pitch that is not a fastball.

    his approach may work with maine, but as john says, maine has injuries and it may not matter.

  21. (32) My guess is Peterson limited Pelfrey’s repertoire to prevent him from injury. My psychic impression is that Pelfery’s problems this year are probably related to injury. Didn’t he have a sore forearm earlier in the year? That’s often the precursor to the player admitting he has a bad elbow, as he changes his motion to favor the aching elbow. We’ll see.

    As for Oliver, he was healthy under Peterson. Warthen came in and let him do whatever he wanted in terms of rocking in his motion and stepping backward at the beginning of his windup — and he’s not only had worse production, but he’s been consistently injured, to boot.

    It’s a shame it might not matter with Maine. He, too, was healthy and productive under Peterson.

  22. i am sure he has some value.

    personally i think he is just too wild. perhaps you can fix that. dont know.