METS CHAT ROOM: Game #131; Parnell’s status in doubt?



I’ll start off today asking for a little peace and courtesy toward each other on the blog. Tomg is probably right in I have let things slide too much. I’ve always said I want the blog to be like a bunch of friends together is a sports bar. You can disagree, but please stop the name calling.

It’s rough enough having to watch the Mets play out the string isn’t it?

The Mets try to avoid a sweep today in the wake of Bobby Parnell’s third consecutive horrible start (22 runs in 12 2/3 innings) yesterday afternoon. Parnell gave up eight runs on nine hits and two walks in just 4 2/3 innings to put in jeopardy his experiment as a starter.

Manager Jerry Manuel said Parnell will take his next turn, but isn’t sure beyond that.

“This is the third time he’s had these types of issues, so we’ve got to find a better way to get that straightened out and pitch ahead in the count,” Manuel said. “You’d just like to see better command from a starting pitcher.”

Parnell gave up an 0-and-2 grand slam to Jake Fox on a hanging slider in the fifth. He hasn’t been the only Mets pitcher to give it up while ahead in the count. The staff has given up seven 0-and-2 homers this season, including two slams.

PARNELL: Struggling in new role.

PARNELL: Struggling in new role.

Said Parnell: “I know it’s going to be a process, and there’s going to be some tough lessons learned. I haven’t been keeping my team in the game, so I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board.”

It’s tough to make the conversion from reliever to starter during the season. Parnell has stamina questions because his body hasn’t adjusted to the work load. The team isn’t going anywhere this year, so letting Parnell start for the rest of the season can only benefit him and the Mets in finding out the answers.

Figueroa is 0-4 with a 4.40 ERA in nine career appearances, four starts against the Cubs.

Here’s today’s starting line-up against Carlos Zambrano:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy,1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Jeremy Reed, LF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Brian Schneider, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Nelson Figueroa, RP (1-3, 5.40)

41 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #131; Parnell’s status in doubt?

  1. Sheffield still bothered by back spasms. Mets blew it by pulling him off waivers. It wouldn’t have been much, but getting something is better than nothing. Why would they bring him back next season?-JD

  2. Hi John – I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems with some of the posters – I did see one which said the blog ‘sucks’ – but don’t remember who said it.

    Let’s hope that everyone cleans up their act. Just because the team is not doing well, doesn’t mean we should lose our manners.

    As you know, I watched the Kennedy funeral and wake over the weekend – your ‘seat mate’ got a fine send-off.

  3. Maybe the Wilpons look at the Cubs, see how mediocrity draws fans year after year and want to duplicate it.
    A one run deficit in the third seems as hard to overcome as climbing Mount Everest in a blizzard.

  4. Blame Pagan on that one … he has to call for it and take charge. That’s all fundamentals. … That applies to the baserunning as well. These guys should know how to do that before they get to the major leagues. This is stuff they should know in high school. … Players will bitch and moan to the press that they don’t play the game. That’s true. Most people don’t have physical gifts these guys do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the mental aspect. I may not know how to build a watch, but I know how to tell time. … Attention to the fundamentals is the worst I’ve seen with the Mets. Manuel and the coaches bear some responsibility, but the players should know and do more.-JD

  5. 8. Joel Sherman has a very good article in todays post. He says the Wilpons should learn from the Orioles. Angelos let his sons run the team into the ground for ten years before he hired a professional to run his team.

  6. Ray (8): I covered the Orioles. Sherman is wrong. Angelos ran the team into the ground long before he let his sons run the team. It was Angelos who got rid of Pat Gillick and Davey Johnson. … It was Angelos who brought in Albert Belle. … It was Angelos who created the miserable atmosphere. … Angelos influences his sons. Don’t think for a minute the sons did this on their own. … Where Wilpon needs to learn from the Orioles is to not let the stadium become the attraction.-JD

  7. I wonder how long Manuel will stick with Figueroa. I thought he pulled him early in Florida. With a little bit of a lead, I think he’ll give him some more rope.-JD

  8. Re: Citi Field – I’ve heard predictions of about a 35 – 40% drop in season ticket holders for next year. Some who don’t have the funds anymore, and others who do, but don’t want to flaunt it.

  9. Annie (13): Those figures are only guessing. We’ll see what happens. Part of the renewals will depend on what the Mets do in the offseason.-JD

  10. 9. John, I dont think Sherman is letting Angelos off the hook either. Have you read the article? the point I got from it was that Until the ownership gets a proven baseball man to run the operation without interference the team will continue to decay. Cashen was the last proven baseball man who had track record of winning to be given control. He produced winning teams and a great farm system. That was 30 years ago.

  11. Ray (16) My brother has lived near Camden Yards for 25 years and I am going to send him the article – it’s everything he’s been saying about Angelos and his kids for years. Unfortunately most of these guys – Angelos, Wilpon etc. think that their kids should be given these jobs when they really have no idea how to run a baseball team. You are correct in saying it takes a professional like Cashen.

  12. Just got an email from someone asking about the Journal News. They are covering the Mets with the AP and other wire outlets. That says to me they are aware of the interest of the Mets in Westchester and Rockland Counties. They are just too damn cheap to cover the team. They have dropped all pro sports coverage except the Yankees. That’s just bad business. They don’t care about their readers as evident by their coverage and they don’t care about their employees as they recently laid off another 70. I recently saw an issue at a deli and was mortified by what I saw. As long as they think everybody is just interested in high school sports they continue to show they have no understanding and respect for their remaining readers.-JD

  13. John (18) They will be sorry -Professional sports is a big deal in the NYC metro area. Don’t they think/know that the Rangers, Islanders, Giants, Jets, and even the Knicks and Nets have a lot of fans/readers? Do they really think the Yankees are the only team in town?

  14. Annie (19): Apparently, that’s their misguided thinking. From what I’ve been told via emails, they don’t even bother to respond to people who take the time to write them letters. It’s a shame.-JD

  15. 17- Annie- When people stop coming to the park thats what gets these peoples attention. I dont want to see John Ricco be the next GM. Wilpon puts these people in because he can control them. There are some fine GMs with WS titles to thier names who will be available next year including Scheurholtz.

  16. Ray (21): If Schuerholz becomes available and is willing to be a GM again – he’s upper management for the Braves – then he should be grabbed. He’s the best.-JD

  17. John (20) What are they thinking? Even an all sports radio station – WFAN – is making lots of money with 24/7 all day and all night sports. I listen to these people who call in – even in the middle of the night -they can’t get enough information about their favorite teams, so the Journal News is really going to hurt itself badly – I haven’t looked at their website since last summer – do they still have sports there?

  18. Ray (21): This offseason could very well dictate the next few years for the Mets. Citi Field is an attraction, but with what they are charging, the Mets need to put a competitive team on the field to fill the seats. New York is a different animal. They’ll stop coming, and watching, if the team continues to lose. The franchise gets a pass this year because it is the first year in the new park. Next year that might not be the case. It would be careless of the Mets to count on another pass.-JD

  19. Castillo caught that ball. And yet another bad call by the umpires. These guys have been terrible this year. As poor as I can recall.-JD

  20. . John (22) I really like Figgy – and I hope he continues to do well. Any possibility he will finish out the year with the Mets instead of Buffalo?

  21. Ray (21) People are already staying away – trying to get rid of their costly tickets on Stub hub etc.

  22. 25 John- Thats right. Thats how Freddy got the team in the first place. I am seeing Mets tickets going for $6.00 on the internet. I saw an article in the dailynews that despite the denials, Wilpon is in trouble. Dont forget that he is a real estate Mogul. Between that crash and lots of empty seats next year we could be rid of him soon.

  23. If the Mets were smart, in an effort to spur renewals they should let ticket holders credit the value of their remaining unused tickets toward next season.-JD

  24. Ray (31) I heard a couple of months ago that Fred was using Mets money to prop up his real estate holdings. Over 35 people in Wilpons’ family and many of his friends were hit by the Madoff ponzi scheme. Even the President of the Mets Mr. Katz – Wilpons’ brother-in-law – and lost lots of $$$$$$.

  25. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ – nice win for Figgy.

    Final Score: Mets 4 Cubs 1

    Next Game Tuesday Night at the Rockies 8:40PM

  26. Great effort by Figueroa. He’ll get another chance and deserves it. The offense shut down after the fourth, but Figgy made it stand up. They avoid the sweep. It’s off to Colorado where they’ll try to avoid being swept by the Rockies. Rockies having a rough weekend in San Francisco.-JD

  27. I’m starting to think I need to stay away from Mets broadcasts entirely for them to have a chance to win. I completely missed today’s game and Figueroa pitched a good one. Yesterday I was driving home from way, way upstate, picked up WFAN around Saratoga Springs and heard Lance Broadway show he is not ready to take a starring role on the Great White Way. (Meanwhile, Aaron Heilman has got to be thinking, “For years I tried to get them to let me start, but no; now they hand the ball to Parnell?? Could I have done WORSE??”) Friday I was driving up and lost the signal before the game ended, but the fact I was listening at all sealed their fate. Yes, that’s right; you can blame me for the whole season.

  28. i think parnell should just pitch. if he gets shelled so what.

    on a related note. i see we are 17games back.

    there is hope. did we not overcome such odds a few years ago and win our division?