METS CHAT ROOM: Game #130; Parnell continues audition.



With the competitive aspect of the season long since over, the pitching-hungry Mets continue their audition of Bobby Parnell for a starter’s role next year as he makes his fifth start today against the Chicago Cubs.

Manager Jerry Manuel said he’s looking for presence and if Parnell has the tools and make-up to be a starter. He has the fastball, clocked in the mid-to-upper 90s, but has trouble with his secondary pitches. As a reliever going one inning or facing one hitter, Parnell can get by with his fastball. However, he can’t make it three times through the batting order with one pitch.

Parnell (3-6, 5.08) has had a rough go of it, going 1-3 with an 8.82 ERA as a starter. That included giving up five runs in five innings in his last start.

PARNELL: Getting every chance.

PARNELL: Getting every chance.

With four of the five starters on the Opening Day roster gone – Johan Santana, John Maine and Oliver Perez are on the DL and Livan Hernandez was released – Parnell could get another four to five starts this season. Santana and Perez will have surgery and are expected to be ready for spring training. Maine had surgery last off-season and hasn’t pitched in over two months.

NOTES: David Wright rejoined the team for workouts today. He’s expected to be activated from the disabled list (post concussion syndrome) when the Mets are in Colorado. Manuel said Wright will play after being activated, then plans to rest him the following day. … Angel Pagan has three homers in his last eight games and is continuing to make a statement for a job next season. … Adam Wogan has taken over Tony Bernazard’s old position as vice president of player development. GM Omar Minaya said he will evaluate the position after the season. … Carlos Beltran is expected to have a third MRI by the end of the month and could need microfracture surgery on his right knee. I’m not expecting him back.

The Mets’ (58-71) line-up against Ryan Dempster (7-7, 4.07):

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Brian Schneider, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Bobby Parnell, RP

46 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #130; Parnell continues audition.

  1. JD
    When does Ohio State play their first game.

    Two days without watching a game and I hardly noticed. Baseball withdrawal will be easy this year.

  2. JD
    I can’t wait for the playoffs.
    It will be great to watch some good baseball.

    Did you catch what Rosenthal said about Bradley.
    Blaming Bradley for signing with the Cubs who offered the most money.
    Maybe the Mets should spin the Oliver Perez contract the same way.

  3. Two strong starts by John Smoltz since coming to the Cardinals. Cards say turnaround was because he was tipping his pitches in Boston.-JD

  4. Dempster is wearing the new S100 helmet.
    Does anyone know if David Wright is going to use one when he comes back.

  5. That’s another thing we’ve seen by Mets pitchers all year. They have been consistently unable to finish off innings and batters. Another two-out, two-strike RBI hit.-JD

  6. 9 Dan
    I wish the Mets could steal Duncan away from the Cardinals. He might be more worth more than any free agent pitcher they could sign.

  7. Scott (13): If the Mets are in need of a scapegoat since Manuel and Minaya will be back, it could be Warthen. He couldn’t do anything about Maine, and if Santana was pitching injured during his slide, well, that’s not his fault, either. However, Perez made no progress and a staff giving up over 500 walks are red flags.-JD

  8. We should have gotten more than two runs in that half inning. It will come back to bite us in the rear end.

  9. I wonder if the Twins might have some interest in Tatis. Joe Crede their regular third baseman just went on the DL.

    They claimed Harden off waivers from the Cubs and are only 5 behind the Tigers.

    Only question is who would play 3rd base if Wright is not ready.

  10. Scott (20): Great call. Tatis could help them and the Mets might get something. … Nick Evans can play third. When the rosters expand they could also bring up Andy Green.-JD

  11. Too bad about Wilpon. I knew it was too good to be true. We will see a Warthen or Hojo taking the hit. Tatis not going to bring back much. Might as well keep him for his versatility.

  12. Because I am a die hard met fan i decided to flip to the met game on and off. I flipped to the met game when parnell threw tct sliders to a cub rookie and he swung and missed at both pitches. i than said to my self , “you have him set up, throw high heat inside” and he throws the same pitch down the middle for a Homerun. Schneider cannot be the catcher next year foe the mets, he sucks. I couldn’t believe he called for the same pitch again., unbelievable. Mets are a bad organization, nothing else to say.

  13. (26)- does it really matter. people, the mets will not change as long as the wilpons own them, remember what i just said. It does not matter as long as the wilpons own the mets. They will be worse than the knicks.

  14. 25 Tomg
    Parnell hung that last slider.
    The blame goes both ways Parnell threw a bad pitch and Schnieder should have had him throw something in the dirt.
    The most important thing is if Parnell learns from this.

  15. 27 tomg

    So I guess i should be expecting some big sexual harassment lawsuit soon.

    Nobody is as bad as the Dolans.

  16. (28) I hope you don’t mean thqt seriously. The first thing is parnell is not a starter, hands down. if you believe he is than you are fooling yourself. I could go on, Murphy is not a good player and never will be. The Wilkpons have the same scout leading the way since the middle 90’s, that saids allot. The wilpons are so clueless, trust me they are worse than james dolan, that isn’t saying much.

  17. (29) well, at least the rangers have made the playoffs the past 4 years and have a decent farm system. I know, because I am a huge hockey fan. the mets have Zero farm system. The Mets farm system is nothing but bullsh$$t.

  18. Doubleday was the guy who was instrumental in building the Mets in the eighties, not Fred Wilpon. It’s a fact, look it up if you don’t belive me. The Mets will never go anywhere as lonbg as the Wilpons are the owners.

  19. 30 tomg
    I never said Parnell is a starter but he could be the eighth inning guy next year.
    Parnell is a rookie with a 98 mph fastball I think it is ok to cut him a little slack.

    You won’t get an argument with me on Murphy.
    I would have signed Dunn when his price came down and even Abreu would have been worth a shot.

    I still don’t believe that the Wilpons are as bad as the Dolans.

  20. 26. Tatis is usefull for his versatility as I said. I wouldnt mind seeing him back.
    27.Tom, As much as I dislike the Wilpons, you go over the top by saying they are worse than Dolan, and dont worry about schnieder- hes not coming back.

  21. Scott (34): I’d give Parnell some slack because, 1) he’s a rookie, and 2) because he was thrown into a starter’s role after being a reliever all year. … Like I said in the original post, he’ll get four or five more starts.-JD

  22. Ray (35): I wonder if Schneider will hit .200 this year. … I can imagine next year without him. … Of course, he’ll hit .270 with 15 homers with someone else.-JD

  23. if you come back tomg. you are really a bad fan… you claim to be a die hard fan butyou are nothing more than a typical fair weather fan… enjoty your phillie jersey or yankee or whatever team wins this year… go to your rangers and be happy they make the playoffs. bfd… they make the playoffs in a sport where half the teams do that. only a fool, oh, thats you tomg, would make that type of comparison. glad you think every young met player sucks. one less moron booing at met games for now on…

  24. JD (38)
    For some reason I have faith Donnie Walsh will turn things around.
    Maybe I should be calling it blind faith.

  25. I’m back guys, i like a good debate. Yes you are correct, the knicks are a terrible run team but even though I hate sather as the rangers Gm, he has done a decent job in drafting the past few years. Under the cap sather has done a terrible job but at least the rangers have made the playoffs the past 4 years. Donnie walsh is now the knick gm, I believe he will turn the knicks around but because Isaih Thomas was so bad it will take years to recover. I still think the wilpons are really bad, time will tell.

  26. Tomg (41): I just hope the Knicks aren’t thinking LeBron James will make it all better. If the Knicks don’t give him a supporting cast he might as well stay in Cleveland, which gives him a better chance to win. I’m betting he’ll stay in Ohio anyway.-JD

  27. (44)- jd, The knicks need so much that lebron james isn’t going to fix there problem. The Knicks are better off going through the draft the next few years.

  28. Everyone says the Mets are run badly the team they are playing today might be run even worse.
    The traded Mark DeRosa for a couple of minor leaguers last winter and when Ramirez got hurt they could have used him.

    Also according to Cots contracts the Cubs already have close to 120 million on the books for next year and the Mets only 92 million.

    The Mets are not the only big market team badly run.

  29. For the most part it has been a good year as far as being civil to each other. A few lapses, but overall it has been all right. … Today wasn’t good. I want people on this blog to communicate, but go after each other’s throats. Let’s be better tomorrow, please.-JD