METS CHAT ROOM: Game #129; Reyes might need surgery.



Jose Reyes has been on the disabled list for months and the Mets are only announcing today he might need surgery on his knee. Well, that’s a shock. It’s hard to believe when this first happened in mid-May when the Mets were in San Francisco the prognosis was he’d miss only a few days.

In retrospect, Reyes could have had surgery weeks ago. Is it a stretch to say he “should” have had surgery? Perhaps. Hamstrings are always tricky injuries and the Mets gambled, and obviously lost, he’d be able to return this year. However, it became increasingly clear he would not come back, and manager Jerry Manuel even conceded that point.

The Mets released the following statement this afternoon: “Jose Reyes continues to receive physical therapy for a torn hamstring tendon behind the right knee. Should he not respond to the physical therapy, surgery is an option.”

REYES: Could go under the knife.

REYES: Could go under the knife.

Let’s face it, surgery is inevitable. The sooner, the better, so he’ll be ready by spring training. And, we know being ready for spring training isn’t the same as being ready for the season.

Meanwhile, David Wright is scheduled to come off the disabled list from post concussion syndrome Monday when the Mets are in Colorado. Manuel said the Wright might not be physically ready to immediately play and is no hurry to push the envelope on his return. Wright is getting antsy, but must look at the big picture, that his health is the primary concern of the team, and with the competitive aspect of this season long over, there’s no reason to push him.

From the confidence level of returning from a beaning, it probably is important for him to get to the plate again this season and not wonder over the winter, but there is time.

Wright said he was embarrassed to go on the disabled list, but he needs not be. He’s a gamer in every sense of the word, and after watching what happened last season with Ryan Church he should be patient. It must be remembered Wright has not had any rehab games and should be eased back, after all, the Mets don’t want to take the chance he might hurt something else.

The Mets will be without Gary Sheffield (back spasms) again today. That’s three straight games.

The Mets (58–70) begin a three-game series at Chicago (63-62) this afternoon with Pat Misch going against Ted Lilly.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Omir Santos, C
Cory Sullivan, LF
Wilson Valdez, SS
Pat Misch, LP

Misch (0-1, 4.09 ERA) will make his first start of the year after throwing four scoreless innings last Sunday against Philadelphia.

49 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #129; Reyes might need surgery.

  1. I think the Cardinals are the team to beat in the NL. Power and pitching. Phillies pen is suspect. Dodgers pitching not great. Rockies need more pitching.-JD

  2. Chicago always used to be one of my favorite road cities. A great walking-around-town. Great restaurants. … O’Hare and the Dan Ryan Expressway could be a pain, but downtown was always a treat. Would never drive there.-JD

  3. Milton Bradley. Here’s a bad guy. A cancer wherever he has been. I can’t believe some people wanted the Mets to add that mix to their clubhouse.-JD

  4. Does any team ever add a “bad apple” like Milton Bradley and win? It may have happened but more often than not it backfires. Yet teams do it just like fans call for teams to sign a DL list waiting to happen like Nick Johnson.

    When does the announcement of surgery for Carlos Beltran happen? Maybe when the NFL starts to minimize the attention.
    I hear Mr Met is limping.

  5. dave (14): Agreed. The way things are handled, who wouldn’t be surprised if Reyes didn’t have surgery until October and wasn’t ready for spring?-JD

  6. Dave (13) I heard Benigno read that story on WFAN earlier this afternoon – it’s all over now – ESPN, ESPN radio, FOX Sports etc.

  7. Dave (19) someone needs to clear up that whole story – ESPN Radio is taking calls about it.

  8. Did you see the banners of the former Cubs in the concourse? That’s what I’m talking about when I say I like it when a team honors its past. That’s something the Mets should have done from the outset. … There should be history all over the place. And, next year, I expect a Mets museum at Citi Field.-JD

  9. John (24) Maybe FOX will show the Cubs concourse tomorrow, right now I’ve only got Howie and Wayne. I’ve been to Chicago, but not for baseball.

  10. John (23) I doubt Reuters prints false stories. As far as the Wilpons still having a pile of money, I don’t know.

  11. John (27) I’m actually looking forward to really seeing some of these players tomorrow. The only one I really know about is Francoeur.

  12. Annie (26): C’mon Annie, give me a break. … Reuters isn’t infallible. Neither is the New York Times. … If the Wilpons were in dire straits it would have been known by now. … I’m believing the Wilpons over Reuters.-JD

  13. John – OT – I’ve been following the Teddy Kennedy death pretty closely. A priest friend of mine – who once took me to the Kennedy Library, Fanueil Hall and Fenway Park all in one day – is involved in the funeral at the Basilica tomorrow.

  14. Annie (31): That’s a busy day in Boston. Hope you had some clam chowder – or is it chowda? – for lunch. … When I covered the Yankees I used to love the Boston trips. Fenway Park is a pain to work in, but it is great and so is the city. … However, I found the people in Boston to be generally rude and curt. Moreso, than in NY.-JD

  15. the reuters story is true i guess.

    the question is if the author of the book is correct.

    does the loss of 3/4 billion dollars affect the wilpons ability to operate their empire?

  16. I’m no financial expert but I would think owning a sports team and tv network in New York is a license to print money. Even if the Wilpons have a money shortage, couldn’t they get by with selling a portion of the team?
    Mets rally 2009: get a big two out hit but have the trailing runner thrown out at home.
    Then watch our bullpen immediately blow the lead.
    I went last night to see 1940s pitching star Virgil Trucks’s nephew play. That’s drummer Butch Trucks in the Allman Brothers Band. Gregg is still a good singer. Nowadays they sell CDs of the performance for $25, ready when you leave the show (I was too poor but they are available on the website).

  17. John (33) It was a great day – and Vinnie and I were remembering it yesterday when we spoke. The Kennedy Library is magnificent and built on the south of the Harbor. We didn’t go to a game at Fenway, but went inside during the afternoon just so I could see the place. It’s so small and the wall is so big.
    We had hot dogs for lunch, but came home to Rossini’s for dinner. The chowder is what I always had at the race track.

  18. dave (34): MLB has been investigating this. I’m convinced if the Wilpons couldn’t properly operate the Mets this would have been out way before this. … The author I have questions about. Wouldn’t the Wilpon’s ability to operate the Mets be really known until after the season when all the nickels are counted? I would think so. There’s so many avenues of revenue: National TV rights; SNY revenue; WFAN revenue; ticket revenue; stadium ads; naming rights; concessions … plus, their credit is still good. I wouldn’t write them off just yet.-JD

  19. Now, Misch knows what a lot of Mets starters have experienced. … I’ve always said power is baseball’s great eraser. One swing takes away all what Soriano did in left. Now, the Cubs need to get him out of there for the ninth.-JD

  20. Dave (34) The story’s got ‘legs’ now – I’m sure we will be hearing more about this…

  21. Erin Arvedlund, author of “Too Good to Be True,” according to the Reuters story, does not know the terms of Wilpon’s bank loan. … If this is true, then how can she conclude the sale of the team is certain? How can she say that without all the information? Can’t do it.-JD

  22. John (42) Maybe you can explain the finances of how MLB work, I sure can’t. However, the more publicity there is, maybe we will get a clearer picture of the matter.

  23. Howie has put another game ‘in the books’ and I didn’t ‘see’ much of this one either. But, I can read the score….

    More from Chicago tomorrow from FOX at 4PM

  24. The story of the Wilpons selling the Mets is too good to be true. We can only wish. Its funny Madoof was a mets fan though.

  25. john/dan

    I am not saying it is cut and dried. and i am not saying i have a clue as to what they have, who they owe, etc.

    as a fan the wilpons have no clue. they seem to trust the wrong people to run baseball. there is no plan. perhaps it is just them. a bad owner trumps a good manager.

    as for selling a piece. if you have that much money you dont just go in and give someone cash. if i had money like that i would want at least some measure of control. else why spend the money. esp if they are not making it.

    sports is a toy. i would think there are better ways to make money if that is what you are after. if you want bragging rights and the satisfaction of building a team you dont give away millions just to sit there and let someone else drive.

  26. 45. Dave, good point. Why would you want to own the network of a crappy team. Why would you want to be a partner of a team with Wilpon after you see what he did to Doubleday? Sell the whole thing or none at all. I hope Nelson can buy it back, and bring back Bobby V. too.

  27. just read how kazmir was traded for what looks to be some very nice prospects.

    compare that to wags which from what i read we go nothing in return that will help the big club.

  28. Not a good comparison dave. Kazmir is under contract thru 2011 with club option for 2012. Wagner is a 6 week rental who the team agreed not to take up his option.

  29. yeah i know.

    but wags is a left reliever who throws mid 90’s. a valuable commodity. we get crap coming back. what’s the point?