METS CHAT ROOM: Game #127; Perez out for year.



Another day, another season-ending injury. Mets fans were put out of their misery today of having to watch Oliver Perez pitch again this year with the news the combustible and wild left-hander has patella tendon tendinosis in his right knee and will have surgery.

This can’t be a shock to anybody, is it? Or, even a disappointment. I don’t like to see anybody hurt, including Perez, but I won’t miss having to watch him until next year.

Perez, 28, who was signed to a three-year, $36-million contract last winter, was 3-4 with a 6.82 ERA in 14 starts. His balky knee forced him to spent more than two months on the disabled list earlier this season.

PEREZ: Done for year.

PEREZ: Done for year.

Yesterday, it was Johan Santana who was announced would have surgery. The Mets say both Santana and Perez will be ready for spring training, but what they don’t know, is what condition they will be or if they’ll be ready for the start of the season as no surgery is guaranteed.

The Mets had enough pitching questions as it was, now they must have to think about how much they’ll have to add in the off-season via free agency to protect against the chance of either of those two not being ready.

Only Mike Pelfrey remains in the rotation that opened the season. The rest includes Pat Misch, Tim Redding, Bobby Parnell and Nelson Figueroa.

Lance Broadway has been called up from Triple-A Buffalo to replace Perez. He’s got a great New York name, but also a combined 5-9 record with a 6.17 ERA with Buffalo and Charlotte.

Is he the answer? I think not.

The erratic Pelfrey (9-8, 4.67) will start for the Mets tonight at Florida in a match-up that does not favor New York. Pelfrey has been strong in his last two starts, including a win over Philadelphia. However, Josh Johnson (12-3, 2.99 ERA) will start for the Marlins. He has dominated the Mets in three starts this season, going 2-0 with a 2.45 ERA. He is 6-0 lifetime against the Mets.

Johnson will face this line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Brian Schneider, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

51 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #127; Perez out for year.

  1. The Rockies were 15 1/2 games behind Los Angeles in June, but have closed to two games. They are, without question, one of the best stories of the year.-JD

  2. Obviously, Cohen and Hernandez have nothing to talk about if they are talking about the color of the Mets’ uniform socks. Could be a long night.-JD

  3. Well, it was nice to see the Mets flashing some leather. But if you hit the ball over their heads and into the stands, it pretty much takes the leather out of the game.

  4. Who’s that catching for the fish? The shirt says Paulino but he’s playing more like Bench today.

  5. Wow, a sac fly and RBI!
    With this team, you have to get your thrills when you can…

  6. Here comes the dangerous Schneider. He’s on a hot streak after breaking that 0 for 17.

  7. Oops, I shouldn’t have said “breaking” that 0 for 17… we don’t want another trip to the hospital.

  8. Manuel fooled SNY! They went to commercial for the pitching change, and there was none. Does he have any other tricks up his sleeve?

  9. Did you hear Manuel on the Fan today. Claimed he didn’t know about Santana’s elbow until after the last start. He knew only about a knee problem. Yesterday the GM says they knew since July and then the manager says I was clueless. This management team can’t even decide which lie whoops I mean fable to go by.

  10. You know, this being ready for spring training is pretty broad based. Look what happened with John Maine. He’s bounced back nicely from last year.-JD

  11. 21. Nope, but I should be. great pitching duel. I’m watching on the fish broadcast. The one guy asked the other why he isn’t piling on the Mets. He said he played with Manuel and he’s a nice guy and doesn’t deserve it.

  12. The Phils brought in Madsen in the 9th instead of Lidge and lo and behold Madsen blew the save. Hamels threw 123 pitches so I guess you can’t fault them for taking him out. The Phils are starting to smell a little like the 07 Mets.

  13. Its just no fun pounding on a guy when hes so down on his luck. Only morons like McCarthy and Wheeler in the Philly booth don’t get it.

  14. Hamles started. Threw 123 pitches in 8. They brought in Madsen to close vice Lidge. Blew the save. But Howard hit a HR in the 10th and Phils scored 3 runs so its now 4-1 Phils.

  15. 34. Of course they have a bench. Don’t you see Jerry sitting on it crying as he looks for a batter.

  16. Redding tomorrow, then three in Wrigley and three in Colorado. Can anybody seeing the Mets not winning more than two games on this trip? Maybe not winning at all?-JD

  17. (39) It’s a start. Can they scrounge up anybody else? Should try to at least cover most of the bases and a couple of outfield spots.

  18. Jeff (41): It’s like playing a pick-up sandlot game. Do you remember playing short-handed in those games and the hitter not being allowed to hit the ball to right field or he’d be out?-JD

  19. John (40) At least challenge our imaginations! Ask if anybody can see the Mets winning a game…

  20. It figures dept. Livan Hernandez started for the Gnats and so far has pitched 6 innings of 2 run baseball in the cozy confines of Wrigley Field. Do the Gnats have to pay for the incentives in his contract or do the Mets?

  21. So the Gnats can afford Livan Hernandez and we can’t? I wonder if the Wilpons have enough money to pay the electric bill. Everybody bring some candles to the next night game just in case!

  22. You can’t blame them for releasing Livan. He violated the team’s dress code by appearing in public without a cast on some part of his body.

  23. 47. Apparently the Lerner family did not invest with Bwernie Madoff. The story is they are going after O Dog and a starter this Winter. Remember the 04 Tigers…. Two years later they are in WS. The Nats could do the same.

    Reggie Jackson was Mr October and Dave Winfield was Mr May. And Ryan Howard is Mr August/September.