Santana out tomorrow

The Mets have scratched Johan Santana from tomorrow’s start at Florida with discomfort in his left elbow. He’ll undergo a MRI and the Mets will have to consider shutting him down for the remainder of the season. With the Mets 16.5 games behind the Phillies, what’s the point?

Jerry Manuel said he didn’t whether Santana could pitch again this season.

“That wouldn’t be my decision, that’s a medical decision,” Manuel said.

The Mets certainly don’t want to risk further injury, but in shutting him down they won’t know the severity of the injury until spring training.

Santana, in his second season with the Mets, is 13-9 with a 3.13 ERA. He has pitched 166 2/3 innings in 25 starts.
For those of you who are asking, what else could go wrong? Well, here’s your answer.

13 thoughts on “Santana out tomorrow

  1. Of course Santana was going to come down with an injury. Time to start a comparison of the plagues of Egypt with the Mets.

    Wild Animals-Coin Flip
    Incurable Boils-Reyes
    Death of First Born-????

  2. Parnell stinks. he is not a starter, better off as a guy getting an out or two and that’s it. The fact is the Mets organization stinks. The Wilpons are clueless and it will only get worse for the next 5-10 years. The wilpons will never get it right.

  3. santana should sit for one or two weeks regardless of the outcome of the tests. if it is a problem let his season end.

    of course with the mets they wont be happy till they make him get the tommy john thing.

  4. Parnell has some promise, obviously, because he throws so hard, but what I don’t understand is him being ‘untouchable’ as in they weren’t willing to trade him. The chances that he becomes a real asset are fairly low in my estimation.

  5. tomg… its fans like you who don’t have a clue about major legue adjustment time or the learning process that make it impossible to allow this franchise to develop any talent. 4 starts after 75% of the season in the pen and fans like you make a blanket statement about a kid. Well, in fact Parnell doesn’t stink, tomg stinks….

  6. 6. My problem isn’t an unwillingness to deal the guy, my problem is that this organization has no plan for any kid or any position. They groom him as a starter and bring him for the pen which is actually all right if they really thought he was a relief pitcher because they gave him more innings in the minors that wayt. But it wasn’t their plan as they proved by their instant decision to move him back to the rotation thereby in effect stunting his development. They can use the injries all they want as an excuse but Minaya an company handle every situation as poorly as possible. And that’s why they need to go.

  7. Parnell has pitched 62 innings spread between 4 starts and 54 relief appearances. The needs of the club sometimes take precedence over the developmental plan. They needed a reliever earlier in the year and now they need him in the rotation. I agree it would be nice for them to only use young pitchers in one role and leave them there but sometimes that is a luxury that a team can’t afford. I still think that the innings that Parnell has pitched this year, both as a starter and a reliever, have been valuable experience for him. I don’t think being moved from the pen to the rotation has stunted his growth. I don’t criticize the Mets for that. He’s still facing big league hitters and finding out what it takes to get them out. Like I said above, I think he needs to command his slider. Its got enough bite and it will keep batters off of his fastball but only if he can get it over and he can throw it about 25% of the time.

  8. TMS… Did you get your write up from Omar or Jay? The needs of the team? Nobody defends this front office anymore unless they are on the payroll.

    11. Sadecki, something good will come from this. Red Sox nation will learn what we learned during this choke artists career. When the tough get going Billy goes choking, and always blaming his team mates!
    12. Maybe they are two good players. The late great Harry Chiti was a player to be named. For himself of course. Maybe they’ll send him back. lol!