METS CHAT ROOM: Game #125; Phillies series mercifully ends.



We begin the day with more injury news, of course. Jeff Francoeur is at the Hospital of Special Surgery getting a MRI on his thumb, which was injured making a catch in the ninth inning yesterday. Also, David Wright was taking ground balls.

Bobby Parnell will make his fourth start in the experiment to see if he could be a starter next season. He’ll go against lefty Cliff Lee, who has won four straight decisions since coming over from Cleveland.

Here’s today’s line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Cory Sullivan, RF
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Bobby Parnell (3-5, 4.74 ERA), RP

NOTES; Parnell was ripped against the Braves in his last start, lasting three innings and giving up nine runs on nine hits.

53 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #125; Phillies series mercifully ends.

  1. Brad Lidge has a 6.90 era, Jimmy Rollins a .290 OBA and the Fillies are in first place???

  2. We’ve seen the beginning of this game before, haven’t we…deja vu all over again.

  3. Game over. I wonder if the great pitching coach Warthen told Parnell to just throw fast balls to Howard so we all could see how far one would go when he connected.

  4. Howie and Wayne in the booth are having a great time over this game and it’s only the bottom of the first. They are calling this game ‘right out of the Casey Stengel playbook’. They know the season is lost and are playing up the humorous and improbable things we have seen this summer.

  5. How about Billy boy poison wAgner. See the reports he’s demanding the Red Sox agree to not offer arbitration and not take up his option. Way to show your true colors poison. Think he’s agreeing to waive the buyout million LOL!

  6. Meanwhile the YES network has decided today’s Yankee Classic is the game June 26th where the Yankees beat the Mets 9-1. Who makes those programming decisions? The same people who hire announcers that call outs as home runs.

  7. Dan (8) I actually believe that the Yankee media is awful – I’m thankful that I can at least see Yankee games on YES, but Michael Kay is nauseating. Their radio isn’t much better, but it would be if Suzyn was doing the games instead of John.
    Although I rarely get to see them, Gary, Keith and Ron are superb as are our radio crew = Howie, Wayne and Eddie. When FOX, ESPN etc carry the Mets, I turn the TV sound off and still listen to the radio guys.

  8. (7) He may be a poison, but i’ll still take the risk of him turning down arbitration and getting the draft picks, then trading him to the RS for a fringe prospect.

  9. Hey Harry, where did our good friend Steve C ever go to? It looks like the Phills are really winning today using the concept of stringing singles together to score a few runs! lol

  10. Harry (6): That’s the only way he’ll get a chance to close. Then again, if you’re the Red Sox, I don’t know what the odds are of picking up the option in the first place. This is a me-first decision for Wagner. Has nothing to do with wanting to play for a winner.-JD

  11. Oh original…. Earl Weaver would love the Phillies. 3 three run homers in two days.

    Buster Olney just reported that there are now questions about whether Wagner is healthy or not. If he’s not healthy the Mets have to pull him back no matter what. As far as draft choices if you offer him arb. His ego is bigger than his demand. How many good teams need a closer, and his bull about going to DC. They have a kid closing now who has been lights out. He ain’t getting the $$$ especially if a team is losing a top draft pick. Just ask guys like Abreu, Dunn, and Hudson how they did…..

  12. (12) JD: Well I think he has already said he wants to close next year, and that is his priority. I’m sure playing for a team with a chance for a championship would be nice for him, but it’s not the main purpose. And that’s why I would call his bluff and offer him arbitration and hope he signs elsewhere.

  13. (10) – I read an interesting article on Baseball Prospectus about different types of offenses and which ones are more consistent. It turns out that if you compare offenses that score the same number of runs, but some score via high OBP and lower SLG and others via higher SLG but somewhat lower OBP, the offenses that rely more heavily on power are more consistent. That’s right, offenses that rely on power have a game to game run output that is steadier and less volatile than offenses that rely on string together hits and walks, even if they score the same total number of runs.

  14. (13) Harry: I think it’s a worthwhile bluff to offer the arbitration, healthy or not. Because if they offer him arbitration and he accepts, the Mets can cut him and only be responsible for about one million:

    Arbitration rules:
    The panel, without opinion, awards the player a one-year, non-guaranteed contract at one salary or the other. If the player is cut within 16 days before the season begins, he is entitled only to 30 days’ termination pay. If the player is cut during spring training but after the 16th day before the season begins, he is entitled only to 45 days’ termination pay.

  15. (17) TMS: Can we send him back again? lol. He’s been another fabulous Omar pick up!

  16. Wagner stated very clearly his goal is to pass Franco for most saves by a lefthander and join the 400-save club. He does not want to be a setup man for anybody.

  17. 21. Nobody in the entire world other than poison gives a hoot about what this overblown choke artist has as a goal. He choked and poisoned lockers in Houston Phily and NY. The Rays, and Rangers are hoping the Red Sox make the bad move so their playoff chances increase greatly. Wagner knocked Papelbahn yesterday but who has the big WS ring poison..? Certainly not you.

  18. I knew it! Francoeur did suffer a torn thumb ligament yesterday. But they’re listing him “day-to-day”… here we go again.

  19. Harry (22) I’m not saying I care what he wants, I’m just stating what he said. Obviously he’s not going to fit in anyplace if his only focus is on his personal goal. I never like him.

  20. Jeff (23) What else can happen to this ‘team’ I couldn’t even name the guys that are now playing, there have been so many substitutions.

  21. (23) He’s either gone for the season, or he’ll wear one of those protective gloves that Cora wore. If that’s the case, they’ll have to get the glove fit for him

  22. Santos spiked the ball and Gary said “I can’t remember the last time I saw that!” I can’t remember the last time there was a Mets game when somebody didn’t say that!

  23. So, to go back to the beginning: Is the book on Parnell that he can’t stand the pressure of being a starter — he can only pitch decently when he’s brought in to a pressure situation? Sort of the opposite of everything that makes sense?

  24. Harry: So much for Buster Onley(gets it wrong)’s report about Wagner. Maybe he upped his trade value to the RS with this outing.

  25. 31. Maybe…..
    30. There is no book on Parnell yet. But if he is to be a starter then they wasted a year of time for him to learn to throw off speed pitches.

  26. Steve (29) Victorino was running, Santos came up to throw and realized he had no shot, but instead of holding onto the ball, he spiked it and it went toward the backstop. Luckily Victorino didn’t take off from 2nd.

  27. Parnell has a good slider when he can control it. When he throws 25-30% sliders he is very effective. Some games though, he just can’t get his slider over and Santos stops calling for it. He doesn’t want to walk everyone. At that point its just really fast batting practice. They all know the heat is coming and they’re ready for it. The key for Parnell is being able to throw the slider for a strike. Sure a straight change would be nice but if he can get his slider over he’s good even without a 3rd pitch (which I assume would be a straight change).

  28. Everybody has a good whatever pitch when he can control it. The fact is he hasn’t shown the ability to be effective and being in the pen the hapless Met org wasted a year of development. Of course, if he ever gets good with it, they’ll put him back in the pen.
    Annie: Olney is still with ESPN.

  29. I am trying to figure out if the Mets or Jets win more games in September. It will be close.

  30. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ –it’s almost a continuation of a strange baseball day that they had yesterday.

    Final Score: PHI 6 METS 2

    Santana pitches tomorrow night in Florida at the Marlins 7:10 PM

  31. Re: Parnell…He was never a good minor league starter which is probably why they made him into a reliever. What makes anyone think he can start and be successful in the majors?

  32. Annie (43) “–it’s almost a continuation of a strange baseball day that they had yesterday.”

    It’s more of a continuation of a strange baseball season they’ve had for months.

  33. Jeff (45) It must be that Citi Field has a strange aura, or it is haunted by the early days of the Mets organization :)

  34. STOP THE PRESSES! I just had SNY back on momentarily and heard Chris Carlin say that Santana is NOT starting tomorrow — that according to Manuel, he’s had some discomfort he’s been experiencing and they’re having him checked out by Dr. Altshul.

    Now the season is complete.

  35. Jeff (50) I just heard the same thing from Mike Francesa – saying that whatever the problem is, he will probably not play again this year. Mike thinks it is the finish of Santana’s season, no matter what it is. He hasn’t been throwing between starts since the All Star. Eddie Coleman is also saying they’ve all known for a while that his elbow is bothering him.

    It’s the end, isn’t it.

  36. (51) Annie: If they all knew that his elbow was bothering him (meaning Minaya and Manuel,) and still let him pitch, they should be both be fired TOMORROW. IF the Wilpons knew about it too? Then I have lost all hope for this team and would find it hard to root for them again. And i’ve been a Met fan for over 35 years. Greed Greed and more Greed. Omar and Manuel trying to save their jobs by continuing to pitch him, and the Wilpons making sure he pitches at Shea so they get whatever fannies in the seats that Santana brings.

  37. yeah.

    if santana is hurt even if minor, shut him down for at least a week or two.

    the season is gone. let us not throw next year away too.