About yesterday …. no moral victories.

An unassisted triple play is rarer than a perfect game, and rarer still is for one to end a game.

Somehow, it was the perfect way to end a game in this imperfect season.

Before we get carried away about the Mets’ character in coming back from a 6-0 first-inning deficit – and it was an important aspect of the game – we must first acknowledge the game was a microcosm of this season, and to some degree their off-season and this weekend.

On a grand scale, the Mets had high expectations heading into the season, and this was supposed to a magical weekend with the honoring of the 1969 Mets. However, injuries and poor play sabotaged the season, and the grandest team in franchise history was treated to the spectacle of bad baseball. Does anybody really expect Bobby Parnell to out-pitch Cliff Lee to salvage a split.

As injuries have sidetracked this season, there is no telling what might have happened had the Mets even had one of their core bats in the game let alone for. Mets fans will forever be haunted by the what could have beens from this season.

Even still, there are 25 professional players on the team, but despite their spirited comeback, they played to the themes that really have cost the Mets this season: poor starting pitching and situational hitting, and overuse of the bullpen. There was also a questionable managerial decision or two.

Oliver Perez gave up six runs and didn’t get out of the first in another dismal performance that brought to questions of whether he’ll ever tap into his potential, and why the Mets bothered to re-sign him in the first place. As the home runs flew it was a reminder of the organization’s inability to fix its greatest need in the off-season.

Yes, it was an exciting comeback and excruciating ending, but let’s not forget the Mets twice had a runner on third with less than two outs and couldn’t score and they were hitless in their first eight at-bats with runners in scoring position.

Perez’s inexcusable outing piled 8 1/3 innings onto a bullpen that needs the rest. Three runs in that span is acceptable, but not when one of them is on a wild pitch. Sean Green, an off-season acquisition that was supposed to bolster the pen, has had a terrible season.

One thing preyed on my mind as Perez’s pitch count mounted to Jason Werth: This guy is going to hit a home run.

How could Jerry Manuel not be thinking the same thing? And, as Perez continued to struggle, it became apparent he wasn’t going to turn it around, so why keep him in to give up a second three-run homer?

Kind of makes you wonder what Manuel saw on the ball-three pitch to Pedro Martinez that he missed earlier.

Yes, the Mets showed some degree of pride yesterday in coming back. Perhaps they were so fed up and embarrassed about Perez. Whatever the reason, what’s left of this team has to maintain what’s left of this season.

It’s not impossible, but .500 or even a winning record is attainable and should be the goal. Reaching it would mean an improvement in play, including fundamentals, which have been sorely lacking.

Let’s face it, the Mets are playing for next year, and that begins now.

12 thoughts on “About yesterday …. no moral victories.

  1. Wait, so Ollie was on the third batter of the game and he let up a home run and you want Jerry to pull him before he hits the HR? Or maybe you wanted him to pull him for the light hitting Ruiz when Jerry has to be trying to get Ollie through the inning and hope that he can give him a few more innings afterwards?

    If we are playing for next year how in the world is pulling Ollie out going to help us in that regards? Do you think we will find a place to put discard Ollie to in the off season?

    Yesterday’s game was yet another ugly loss for the Mets in a year filled with them. But to question a manager for not pulling his pitcher earlier in the first inning? I don’t know if even LaRussa would pull a pitcher who had given up 3 runs in the first inning with 2 men on and 2 out facing the 8th hitter.

  2. (1) James: Excellent point about Ollie. You must remember though that JD can’t stand Ollie. After yesterday’s performance I have actually joined WITH JD thinking that as well, lol. But really you can’t think about pulling him that early or even with Ruiz batting due to the factors you mentioned. Now what really gets me more upset than yesterday’s game is the declaration by Papa Fred that Omar is definitely coming back next year. That depresses me. I’m kinda hoping this plays out like the movie “The Godfather.” You know how Don Corleone (Fred Wilpon,) tells the heads of the five families that nothing will happen to them, (Omar is Definitely coming back,) and then when he dies, Michael (Jeff Wilpon,) settles the family business by wiping out all the heads of the five families (Omar and Manuel.) At least that’s how I hope it plays out. I really can’t take another year of Clueless and Laughing man.

  3. Steve (2) I love your Godfather analogy – I actually laughed out loud – do you really think that Jeff Wilpon can handle the Al Pacino role? We can only hope that the Fred Wilpon statement over the weekend was just an off-hand comment to stop all the speculation, and not necessarily true.

    Where’s that Godfather theme music when I need it? Segue to the orchestra, please.

  4. Their greatest need was bullpen help. Minaya got Putz and Rogriguez to ‘fix’ that. Putz of course, got hurt. Maybe that was predictable, maybe not. I don’t know. Some say Minaya should have known that Putz was damaged goods. I think every fan was UNEASY about Ollie but I think most of us thought he’d probably be ok. He’s been a lot worse than ok when he has pitched, which has been a lot less than a full season’s worth of starts.

  5. The Mets came back because Pedro Martinez is eminently hittable these days. Even when they weren’t scoring runs they were hitting the ball hard. They had 4 or 5 warning track outs.

  6. JamesSC (1): Perez gives up a three-run homer. Two more guys get on base and his pitch count is pushing 40. His history is the bad only gets worse. So, pull before the second homer. What did they have to lose?-JD

  7. 5. How good was he when he came in Saturday with the lead? He sucks and he was sent packing which he deserved.

  8. (8) JD: You can’t keep destroying the bullpen. There also comes a time when you have to let the guy grow up. He did have two outs. You have to let him try to get the third.

    (5) Harry: I’ll venture to say that TMS was kidding. Regardless, Misch had no business being in the game at that time. And neither did his sicillian messenger boy, Sean Green! lol

  9. actually, since the season is toast. if you really want to see what ollie has – like we dont already know – make him go at least 6 innings.

    with 38 to play if they mets go 24 and 14 they win 81 games which is pathetic. of course since they lose 2 of 3 we know they probably wont get past 75 games.