METS CHAT ROOM: Game #124; Yawn … Pedro is back.

Pedro Martinez is back. He’ll get cheered, but frankly, I don’t see the attraction. He was a mercenary who came to New York because, 1) the Red Sox didn’t think he was healthy or worth the effort anymore, and 2) for the money, $53 million worth.

MARTINEZ: Hired gun returns.

MARTINEZ: Hired gun returns.

Martinez was a marquee player on the downside when he came here and won 32 games in four years when he was healthy enough to pitch.

Anyway, Martinez against Oliver Perez today.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, CF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Brian Schneider, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Oliver Perez, LP

198 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #124; Yawn … Pedro is back.

  1. I’ll say this for Martinez..he was a treat to watch in 2005. An extraordinary pitcher. Was he ultimately worth the money? Probably not. Were the Mets deluding themselves into thinking players would flock to join the Mets to play alongside him. Of course they were.

    In a strange sort of way, maybe it’s good the Mets are so far out that it doesn’t matter to me he signed with Philadelphia.

    Looks like the Rockies want to test my rooting for them by signing Juicon Giambi.

  2. Another stellar Ollie outing. At least he didn’t give up the homer until he had thrown 120 pitches.

  3. 13 JD
    Well he didn’t hit Pedro but this is more embarrassing.
    Enjoy the movie and give us a review tomorrow.

  4. A headline on the official Mets site says “Mets Get Crack Against Former Mate Martinez.”

    No comment, except…yeah, you know what? In the current environment, I probably would have gone for a different choice of words.

  5. I haven’t watched a met game probably in a while, probably a month or so. I was curious to see Pedro pitch. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Pedro pitches a gem. I am embarrassed to be a met fan. Deep down inside i will always be a met fan bur as long as the Wilpons own the Mets and Jeff is running this organization, this franchise will be a joke.

  6. Hey John (15) Congratulations! You are finally a Mets fan! You used the Official Mets Fan Motto!

  7. Question – isn’t this the second time that Figgy has come into a game in the early innings? If so, what inning and who was the pitcher he replaced?

  8. The only hope is for a repeat of the late 70’s – early 80’s boycott of this team. Unless Wilpon is losing money and has to sell, things will only get worse for our metsies.

  9. Ray (22): They are still coming out to the park, so they aren’t worried this year. They’ll be worried when they stop coming to the park.-JD

  10. Cohen Stating on channel 11 (local NY channel) the Mets have Perez for two more years and how the mets organization needs to figure out how to get there moneys worth out of him these next two years. I think the Mets organization has a better chance of winning the New York State lottery than getting there moneys worth out of Perez.

  11. tomg (24): They won’t cut him. I would try to move him, but will there be any takers? I’d try to see what I could get out of him as a reliever.-JD

  12. 25- the Mets organization don’t have much of a choice. They are stuck with this loser, thank you Omar.

  13. I don’t think I’ve read one met fan that wanted Perez back in a met uniform. This shows how incompetent Omar is as a GM.

  14. The Santana deal and the K-Rod deal fell in his lap, there were no other options for those players.

  15. There were many writers and posters who extolled the young Ollie who had so much upside. Omar could have signed Wolf for a lot less cash and commitment. One guy posted here that Ollie reminds him of a young koufax.Wolf is having a pretty nice year for LA. This alone should be enough to get Omar fired, but stupid wilpons will keep him around to save a few mil. How many $$ has this idiot cost them already? stupid, stupid wilpons.

  16. I have zero confidence in whatever the Mets organization decides to do in the off-season to improve this team.

  17. tomg (27): Many on this blog were anti-Perez. There were a few that wanted him back, but not a groundswell by any means. I didn’t want to give Lowe four years, but I’ll be willing to bet before it is over he’ll have more wins than Perez. There are hundreds of players who never lived up to their potential and Perez is one of them.-JD

  18. 27. you werent paying attention then. there were plenty including my friend Chiti.

  19. Ray (30): K-Rod and Santana fell into the Mets’ lap, they really did. Minaya is coming back next year. So is Manuel. They’ll get the injury pass.-JD

  20. 33-If you are referring to the guy who changed his name multiple times from “welcome to DC” to whatever, I don’t pay attention to people like that, unless they attack me personally.

  21. 32. Delcos, A lot of people thought Lowe was too expensive, but there were other options than Lowe and Ollie.

  22. I feel sad for these ’69 mets. Last year they came and saw these mets choke away another season. This year they are watching pure crap.

  23. growing up I hated the cowboys, still do. The Steelers always beat the Boys, that is why they are my second favorite team.

  24. If Perez really is hurt than you have to hope that he would be able to come back next year the way Castillo did this year.

  25. Ray (52): Jets? You’re having a rough time these days, aren’t you? What did you think of Favre going to the Vikings? I figured once training camp wound down he’d show up.-JD

  26. Pedro hasn’t changed, 5 innings, probably 4 to 5 runs and this is against a light hitting met team.

  27. 54. Delcos, why are you still hatin on Looie? His average at the start of play was .317. At 6mil per hes a bargain IMO.

  28. 56-Favre is all about Favre, simple as that. he likes the attention. The vikings will go backwards with Favre as there quarter back.

  29. 59- yea, that is the chant at the garden. Got to admit it is getting old, need a new chant.

  30. 56. Minny is where Favre wanted to go all along. He did us a favor by retiring. freed up the money to sign Sanchez and that player from the Ravens whose name I forget. Article in the Daily news goes over it.

  31. tomg (60): Kind of like Pedro being all about Pedro. As bad as the Mets are, they are showing why they were wise to pass on bringing him back.-JD

  32. 61, Castillo has a long track record. He may not have as good a year as this, but I expect it to be close. He gets on base and despite a couple of bad plays has been a solid second sacker. John, I cant understand people who still pick on this guy. I am really astounded that a guy like you has covered baseball a long time are pissing on looies leg.

  33. Ray (68): I hope he has a good year next season, too. It’s not like I am rooting against him. I just think four years were too many.-JD

  34. 54 JD
    Would you feel any better if Eckstein had accepted the same contract they gave Castillo.
    That same off season Matsui got 3 yrs 15 mil and Freddie Sanchez is making 6 mil this year with an option for 8 mil next year.

    The winter of 2007 was the peak of overpaying players. If Castillo had been a free agent last winter he would have been lucky to get a 2 year deal for more than 2 million a year.

  35. Scott (72): I wouldn’t have liked it any better had Eckstein gotten that contract. You’re right on the timing of these contracts.-JD

  36. 68 Ray
    Don’t take my last post a knocking Castillo.
    He has done everything the Mets could have wanted this year and more.
    The Mets did mishandle the way he came back from his surgery in 2008. He probably should have spent April of 2008 getting in better shape. It could have helped him last September.

  37. Scott (74): It was a combination of the Mets rushing him back and Castillo going along with it and not being in great shape at the start of camp. Both were wrong.-JD

  38. Scott, you are right, in typical mets fashion, they rush a player back from injury and the player goes on the DL soon after. What a stupid organization full of morons. And I used to be a big Omar supporter here.

  39. So OP reaches an all time low, and Pedro is working hard on giving back the 5th starters job to Moyer.

    72. Did you see Eckstein’s new deal for next year? 1 mil.

  40. Sadecki: I like Rizzo the new GM at Washington. He quickly dumped all the garbage the last guy picked up from Minaya. He dumped Milledge, Anderson Hernandez and Acta. We’ll probably have Acta coaching next year. He’s just like Manuel. Fundamentals mean nothing to both of them.

  41. 77 Harry
    Eckstein still refuses to admit he turned down the Mets offer.
    Eckstein actually thought someone would pay him 32-36 mil over 4 years.

  42. Harry (80): The Mets have been horrible all year in fundamentals. From situational hitting, to the pitchers walking too many, to the defense.-JD

  43. I think the Mets future is Francoeur. Are the Mets going to bring back Reyes or Beltran before the end of the season?

  44. Chiti, Its funny, your biggest grudge against Omar was trading Milledge. Now you are calling him junk. Omar sucks but as they say even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  45. Annie (83): Maybe Beltran. Manuel has already said he doesn’t think Reyes will be back. They should rest Beltran, too. I like Francoeur, but he’s a complementary player. You don’t build a team around him.-JD

  46. It’s great to be able to listen to Ron Darling once in a while – he understands the game from so many angles.

  47. It should be interesting to see what happens with Wagner.
    The other day I said they should dump him for nothing.
    Now if what Wagner says is true that he would play in Washington.
    The Mets should gamble and offer him arbitration.
    The Nats might actually sign him since they would not lose their first round pick.

  48. 88. Hey Annie, It would be great to read your article on the 69 mets that was published by the times. I am also intrigued by your connections to the mets front office that you have hinted at.

  49. 88 JD
    Only need to extend Castillo one more year so his contract expires the same time as Omar’s

  50. Scott (90): I think they’ll work a deal with the Red Sox. I’d be surprised if he pitches again for the Mets. Why take a chance on him re-injuring himself? … If they offer him arbitration he’ll take it.-JD

  51. Ray (91)

    1. I didn’t write an artlcle about the 69 Mets for the NY Times, I wrote a letter to the editor about the 2000 World Series that was published there.

    2. I knew Fred Wilpon in another life.

  52. 97. Annie, it would be great if you could share your impressions of Wilpon with us. Does he have any baseball knowledge besides being a HS pitcher on the same team as Koufax?

  53. 85. Yes Sadecki but my grudge was trading a supposed propsect for two pieces of junk.
    Schnieder is absolute juk and Church has proven his value on a team that actually knows the game, the Braves, and he is a platoon player. That’s all he was in DC and that’s all he should have been here. Plus Milledge if he weren’t junk would have acted a little more responsibly in his second chance team but he behaved worse. He deserves the title junk now. He’s earned it.

  54. OK, the answer to this question can’t be to fire Minaya and Manuel because they are coming back. So, what should the Mets’ No. 1 offseason priority be?-JD

  55. Ray (99) All I’ll say is that he is a very nice man, and that he does know a lot about baseball – he was the better pitcher in HS, not Koufax. They both say that.

  56. Delcos: Think the Mets will give Redding a new deal. He was Cy Young last nite!!!!!

    You sure the Red Sox really wanted Wagner? My Red Sox friends say they were blocking the Yankees. Wagner/Rivera and then move Hughes to the 7th and the Yankees are truly fearsome.

  57. 103. Chiti, I agree the sox are blocking the yanks, but they could use him too. We will find out soon.

  58. Harry (103): Shhhh …. don’t give them any ideas. … About Wagner? That could be Boston’s thinking. But, they could use a set-up guy to Papelbon.-JD

  59. 101. #1 prioirty should be a real pitching coach. This guy has watched every single pitcher go down hill.

  60. Find a pitching coach who is able to get through to Ollie.
    Fire HoJo time for him to go.

    The Mets need pitching and more pitching.
    No decent FA hitter will come to play here unless they over pay.

  61. 105/106… The Sox could indeed use him but they need a juiced up big papi and another starter more.

  62. 111
    I was going to suggest a Feng Shui expert or a Shaman but if the Mets actually did that what would the fan reaction be.

  63. The funny thing about this game is that even with Perez’s first inning the Mets still have had their chances to make this a game. … Twice they’ve had runners on third with less that two outs and couldn’t get them in.-JD

  64. 104. Delcos- How is that a HR? I would say its a a popup to the catcher. Schnieders not hitting but is playing hurt. For Church we got Frog, who is way above leastings.

  65. Ray (120): Gotta think about The Jacket being the reason Perez showed some promise. Maine also had a good season with him. … The Jacket wasn’t bad here. He got caught up in the Willie flak.-JD

  66. 123 JD
    I always got the feeling Willie and The Jacket were never on the same page.
    During the last few weeks of Willie’s reign whenever the camera would show the two of them together they looked like a married couple who just had a big fight.

  67. Scott (125): They weren’t best buds, that’s for sure. Willie wasn’t crazy about all the time the media spent with him, but that’s because he wasn’t comfortable with us. … But, when the manager goes, often does the pitching coach.-JD

  68. 121. Ok, I will upgrade to an error on the second baseman on an easy popup.
    123. Do we blame Bernazzard for this one? Warthog got credit for pelf, but he has had a bad year. Ollie is a puzzle that will never be solved.

  69. How many times this year has Green wild-pitched a run home? It has to be at least three times. If I remember correctly, he wild-pitched the game-winner in at Philly.-JD

  70. 124. How long is that gonna last. The place is full today because of all the Philly fans who bought Met season ticket seats on stubhub. After this weekend the empty seats will be the fastes growing commodity in all of Queens.
    The Wilpons will be in shock when the renewals don’t flock in this Winter.

  71. Harry (130): It could end quickly. With the economy, there might not be a flood of renewals. They need a good team to keep them coming. … Take away the Phillies, Yankees, Braves and Dodgers, and you take away a big chunk.-JD

  72. I went out and was listening on the radio for a while. Ah, the ever-dependable Sean Green.

    Howie said the Mets could be in trouble if they have to face Lidge. Really? I thought the Mets were in trouble when Ollie gave up 6 runs in the first.

  73. Pedro didnt pitch great today but he gave his team a chance to win. Ollie didnt. This will turn out to be the worst signing in Major League history. And thats saying alot.

  74. Anderson Hernandez, in some ways, personifies the Mets. He wasn’t good enough to play so they got rid of him. Then, because they didn’t have anybody in their farm system, they got him back.-JD

  75. If Reyes is healthy next year should the Mets bring back Cora or let Hernandez be the backup.
    Hernandez would save them almost 2 mil to spend elsewhere.

  76. How many of you remember the 10-year deal Wayne Garland signed with Cleveland in the 70’s? Granted, it was for $2.3 million, but at the time it was stunning.-JD

  77. 135. Good catch on my number last night. Are they ok today? As for worst signing, OP has two more years to make the top of the list.

  78. 143
    My favorite Wayne Garland story
    The Indians were too cheap to buy air conditioners for the locker room and Wayne went out and spent his own money on them.

  79. Harry (147): Agreed, no on Hernandez, but I’d like to see Cora come back. He gave the Mets more than they could have expected. A true pro.-JD

  80. Offseason? Pitching. Pitching. Pitching.
    Get it and develop it. Who is the best pitcher the Mets have developed since Gooden? Maybe Kazmir. Stayed with the Mets? Pelfrey?
    Bobby Jones?
    Fix the idiotic medical system. Anyone remember how two years ago the Mets voided a contract with Yovrit Torrealba because he failed his physical? Not that Torreabla should have been signed..he has always been a consistent 74 OPS+ guy. But he isn’t
    Do the Mets ever eally hire a well respected front office guy? Maybe Frank Cashen 30 years ago. A couple managers have done alright in Johnson and Bobby V. But across town haven’t the Yankees in the same period almost always brought in top flight people? Kaiser George’s problem has been he generally doesn’t listen to them but they are there. Joel Sherman talks about the Mets history of promoting within:Harazin, Phillips, Minaya, Duquette because they don’t have the confidence to hire a top flight or bright newcomer from the outside.

    Above all bring back Tom Nieto!!!

  81. 152 JD
    I read that one on Joe Posnanski’s blog.
    He is the ultimate Indians fan.

  82. 153. Yes and so has the price of tickets, hot dogs , soda, beer and everything else at the ballpark. Not to mention very few games on free TV.

  83. #143 Garland was stunned. He was expecting maybe $250,000 over three years. Gabe Paul was a lot like Casey Stengel. In Yankee pinstripes he was a genius, anywhere else he was an idiot.

  84. I like Angel Pagan a lot. Not sure if he is really any good but he’s been a bright spot as
    a fourth outfielder.

  85. Are the Mets showing fighting spirit coming back from an 0-6 deficit or are the Phillies really lousy today?

  86. Dan (162): Pagan has earned a chance to come back. I take back my comment of a few days when I thought he might be a borderline return.-JD

  87. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ – the Bronx Zoo was in Queens this afternoon.

    Final Score: PHILLIES 9 – METS 7

    Tomorrow – METS/PHILLIES again at 1PM

  88. OH MY GOD!!!! I was about to type “watch the Mets hit into a triple play” and we get an unassisted triple play..even rarer than a perfect game!

  89. Bizarro ending. I was actually about to write I GOTTA BELIEVE and then… the Phillies giveth and the Phillies taketh away.

  90. 170/171/172
    Gary just said only 12th unassisted triple play in regular season history.

    Maybe that no hitter will come one day soon.

  91. Gary Cohen was speclating it was the first ever to end a game. Don’t know if it’s true, wiki list Glenn Wright and Johnny Neun as both doing it in the 9th inning in the 1920s..not sure if they were game enders.
    Wiki has already been updated for today’s by Brunlett

  92. 178 JD
    Not really
    I was thinking that they may pitch one before the end of the season but hey anything is possible after today.

  93. We were sitting here trying to figure out how it was a triple play, but I eventually reasoned that since the line drive was caught, the runner who went to 3rd was out because the guy who caught it stepped on 2nd. Then they immediately did a post game interview with Lidge, and it was obvious HE had no idea why the game was over — he was just happy that it was!

  94. The Mets should have put Dazed and Confused on the PA after that one because that’s how I feel.

  95. #179 John, you were right. Really horrible performance by Coin Flip. The Great Tom Boswell talks about how you can watch a baseball game and see something you’ve never seen before.
    Lots of triple plays so far in the 21st century. The 20s were the same including on consecutive games with Jimmy Cooney and Johnny Neun in 1927, then none for 40 years.
    Back in the 1970s Sports Illustrated had a story about the first ever meeting between Neun and Cooney. Gotta go check it out in the SI vault.

    Take care everyone and remember it’s only a game. But wow..WHAT AN ENDING!!!

  96. The really sad thing is, I am now expecting to hear that, even though he stayed in the game and batted, Francoeur actually fractured his wrist making that spectacular catch and is out for the rest of the season. That would make the day complete.

  97. Jeff (187): You know, I thought he did get hurt at first. Then I figured he was all right when he waved his glove at the ump. I’m surprised he didn’t get tossed.-JD

  98. Say, in all the excitement I didn’t notice… was that ending Brought To You By Optimum Triple Play?

  99. Jerry just said he’s keeping Perez in the rotation, but would use him in the pen if they need him over the next few days. Personally, I think they should consider the pen for him to work out his problems. I mean, the season is over. Why not try to find some answers that way?-JD

  100. Well we are blessed to see such an exceptional ending. If the Mets were in the race then it would be so painful. This year, its just incredible!

  101. Harry (192): It really is amazing. When you think of all the bizarre plays this season, that’s gotta be up there. Along with the Castillo pop-up, Murphy dropping that fly in Florida and Church not touching third. … The Fateful Foursome?-JD

  102. john(191)

    didnt ollie just spend most of the season in the minors to work out his issues? wasnt the injury just an excuse?

  103. i was looking at an mlb story showing top 50 prospects.

    out own fernando martinez is ranked low 30’s. Not very encouraging for our future since he is the class of our farm.

  104. dave (194/195): It was a combination of both. He was really hurt. His right knee is still bothersome, but not enough to keep him from pitching. … I’d be interested in seeing that prospect story. Could you email me a link? Thanks.-JD

  105. Yeah, count me in as one of the supporters of re-signing Ollie. Now that I am on the “I hate Ollie bandwagon,” I am resigned to the fact that we are going to have to watch this dreck for the next two years. Because only Omar would be that stupid enough to give a guy a contract that large without any competition for him.