METS CHAT ROOM: Game #123; Miracle Mets honored.

The Mets honored their 1969 Championship team prior to tonight’s game. It was nice they recognized the widows of those who passed. It was a classy gesture, and sometimes it is hard to realize several of them are gone.

I’ve always loved when a franchise honors its past, and I’m glad the Mets did that tonight. I only wish the Mets had done it from the beginning when they opened Citi Field this spring. The Mets don’t have the winning history such as the Yankees and Dodgers, but they have a great history nonetheless and it should always be honored.

Tonight the Mets (57-65) continue their four-game series with the Phillies (69-50), with JA Happ (9-2, 2.66 ERA) taking on Tim Redding (1-4, 6.53).

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Wilson Valdez, SS
Tim Redding, RP

63 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #123; Miracle Mets honored.

  1. They are introducing the team now to the backdrop of the music of that era. Here’s Ron Swoboda. I did an interview with him last season about the closing of Shea and he was a delight.-JD

  2. Seaver has this great story where in spring training Jerry Grote said the Mets had a chance to win that year. Grote was one of the great defensive catchers of his time.-JD

  3. John (1) Lucky you, I’m listening to the ceremony and the music etc. Joe Benigno from WFAN also did a great job this afternoon starting at 3PM and having each of the members of the 1969 team take time to talk on the radio about whatever they wanted. I got a bit teary myself – music plus baseball does that to me.

  4. John (4) What was interesting this afternoon on the radio was how eager these guys were to talk about their season. Even Seaver, who seems to have mellowed a lot, kept talking about how wonderful it all was. And Nolan – well, he was great.

  5. WFAN really covered the whole day with this, Steve Somers was on from 11-3 taking calls from fans who wanted to share their memories, and Joe came on at three and stayed until 6:30 talking calls, and also talking to the 1969 team from somewhere at Citi Field.
    I started listening to baseball on the radio when I was eleven and had that eye surgery where I was hospitalized and bandaged for two weeks. Dad gave me the radio.

  6. Looking at the lineup, they should have honored the 62 club. Maybe not, Redding probably couldn’t make the 62 team.

  7. John (8) This has been a big week for WFAN, yesterday Mike Francesa took his afternoon show down the Jersey Shore to Bar ‘A” where Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes performed for the whole afternoon.

  8. Anybody who missed the interviews with the players can download the interviews on

  9. Ray (13) Thanks, I thought they would make them available – WFAN is pretty good about that. Lots of memories, weren’t there?

  10. Annie, too bad for me I didnt become a Mets fan until the next year when I went to camp and the kids there were talking about tommie agees catches and the world series. I remember most of the players from that time though as teams were a lot more stable then. 1973 was my first Mets post season experience. Even though they came up one game short at the end, It was a great thrill ride.

  11. Ray (15) My Dad had convinced me that you could like two teams – one AL, the other NL. I chose both NY teams and have never regretted it. When they met in the 2000 WS, I wrote about that in a letter published by the NY Times.

  12. The 1969 Mets hit 109 homers, proof a team doesn’t need a lot of power to win. Pitching and defense are always more important. Unfortunately, this team doesn’t pitch well, either. … So, when we talk in the offseason about needs, pitching should always be the priority.-JD

  13. John (19) Pitcher need good catchers – think about Yogi and all the pitchers he caught. At old timers day this past year, he and Whitey Ford played a bit of catch for the crowd.

  14. One of the cool things about covering the Yankees were all the old timers coming down to spring training. … The Mets don’t bring their old guys down as much. Too bad.-JD

  15. What do the Houston Astros and other teams like them celebrate for thier history?

  16. John (22) Sandy Koufax comes to Mets Spring Training once in a while, doesn’t he?

  17. 26 JD- the point being the Mets only have 2 WS titles, It is still tied for most among expansion teams. Houston, San Diego, Montreal/DC, Colorado have none. Thats just the NL and then we have the cubbies and Phils who still have only 2 despite being in the NL since 1883.

  18. That was tongue in cheek, John. Swoboda and Krane are not exactly Whitey Ford and Reggie Jackson are they?

  19. Maybe it’s just me, but after a weekend of the return of ‘old’ baseball players it seems to me that they are much more interesting and willing to talk and share than some of the current players. True? (Ron Swoboda just left the booth after talking with Howie and Wayne)

  20. Annie, Maybe its because they have something to talk about. What do these current Mets have to talk about?

  21. Jay Cutler looked really good tonite. Eli looked, well he looked like he plays for the Mets.

  22. That McCarthy is one super jerk. He’s been calling right field Chase’s Corner since the HR. He must have left the Mets with some bad blood.

  23. I was out until nearly 8 so I DVD’d the ceremony and then watched it late. I couldn’t believe people actually cheered when they introduced Laurinda de Roulet and Joe MacDonald!

    But what was the deal with Ken Boswell? After the ceremony ended, Gary Cohen apologized and said that Ken Boswell had somehow been completely forgotten. How is that possible? I thought I heard them mention him. Did anybody else catch that?

  24. Harry (34) thanks for the info – I won’t be shocked tomorrow when I get my weekly dose of WPIX and will be able to see and cheer for Pedro. Great interview of him on the NY Times Bats Blog by Ben Shpigel.

  25. The Pirates are celebrating the 79 team. They are wearing those old hats that used to have the Stargell stars. There are no Stargell stars for the 09 Pirates.

  26. JD (40) I sense some sarcasm. But heck, they brought back Bobby Pfiel.
    JD (43) This has been a whole year of “I never thought I’d say this”…

  27. It was seventy nine and the pirates still have not had a winning season since Bonds left. Very good article about them in the daily news today.

  28. Annie (31) I think it’s just you. Don’t forget, Ron Swoboda was a TV sportscaster for a while, Seaver was a broadcaster, and all of these guys have had 40 years to think about what happened. Sadecki is right — most of these current players have nothing to talk about.

  29. 51. 51/52/\. Right on guys.

    Sadecki the Pirates may never again have a winning season.

  30. (49, 50, 51) The ’79 team was the “We Are Family” team because they used the song of that name by Sister Sledge (produced by Bernie Edwards and Nile Rodgers of Chic fame) as their theme song. That song hadn’t even been thought of yet in ’71.

  31. Jeff (54): It really is a shame. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I really like Pittsburgh as a city. I was there for such a short time and the people there are great. Always liked visiting when the Mets went there. Of course, like the Steelers.-JD

  32. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ but it’s just an afterthought. The real event of the day was the appearance of the Mets 1969 World Series Winners.

    Tomorrow the Phillies/Mets play at 1PM on WPIX.

  33. I like the direction the Pirates have taken. Wilson, Sanchez, Morgan, Snell, LaRoche etc hadn’t made them a winner and none of those guys were stars.

  34. 56. Pittsburgh has the Super Bowl trophy and the Stanley Cup. Not bad for one town in one year.

  35. JD (55) I think you meant that comment for Harry (53).

    The pre-game elicited the spirit of the ’69 Miracle Mets. The game itself elicited memories of the ’79 Mets.

  36. 58. You can’t win when you never let a team develop. They let two good outfielders go this year with years left beofre free agency. This was morgan’s first full year and he’s shown in DC he’s a fine lead off guy and a great center fielder. The other guys are average but they ain’t gonna win picking up garbage like Milledge, Hanrahan and Andy Laroche.

  37. Harry, I think your comment (58) was meant not for (56) Annie Savoy but for (55) John Delcos, and your comment (60) was meant not for (58) yourself but for (57) TMS.

    Clearly, it’s a game of numbers.

  38. Brace yourself – Richard Neer reporting that the NY Post this morning has heard from the Mets that both Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel will be back next year.