METS CHAT ROOM: Game #122; Playing out the string.



With 40 games remaining, tonight was supposed to be the start of a hot series with the rival Philadelphia Phillies. Fueled by Cole Hamels “choke” comments about the Mets last winter, there was to be heat and spice in this rivalry, which for the past two seasons featured a Mets’ collapse down the stretch and being overtaken by the Phillies.

Not only did the Mets blow two sizable leads to their neighbors at the other end of the Jersey Turnpike, but watched them win the World Series and in the process tweak Jose Reyes for his hot dog ways.

Reyes is nowhere to be seen tonight, and we might not see him for the rest of the season. The Phillies, meanwhile, cruise into Citi Field with an unfathomable 16-game lead. It could be 20 by Monday afternoon.

After trading for Cliff Lee, and with four players with at least 20 homers, five with 15, and two more with nine, the Phillies have all the pieces needed to repeat.
The Mets, however, are a team in disarray. Their entire core of David Wright, Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Degado is on the disabled list with no projected dates for their returns. Only two players from the Opening Day line-up – Luis Castillo and Daniel Murphy – are playing regularly. Two of their five starters – Livan Hernandez and John Maine – are out.

Gary Sheffield represents the power with ten homers and he could be gone any minute.

It has been a Twilight Zone season: the power disappeared; they sacked their assistant general manager; Oliver Perez and tonight’s starter, Mike Pelfrey, have been erratic; and injuries have also claimed time from Maine, JJ Putz, Brian Schneider, Perez and Alex Cora.

In some ways, Pelfrey personifies the Mets. A 13-game winner last season, he was supposed to take a step forward and emerge as the No. 2 starter. He takes an 8-8 record and 4.75 ERA to the mound tonight. He has a three-balk game on his resume and has four of his last five decisions.

Pelfrey has become positively Perez-like, being unable to limit the damage and lets innings get away from him. Against a power-laden line-up such as Philadelphia’s things could get out of hand early.

Here’s tonight’s line-up against Hamels:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

51 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #122; Playing out the string.

  1. Eddie Coleman just said that the tarp is on and it’s raining again – starting time should be around 8-8:30 according to him. We had some heavy rains etc., but didn’t lose power.

  2. Hi Harry (2) I’m really fed up with the Mets ownership/management, but feel for the team who is simply not up to par.

  3. Dan (1): The Journal News has covered the Mets since 1962 until this year. Last week, they made everybody in the newsroom re-apply for their jobs. They were sham interviews as they knew they would cut 70. A lot of good people were let go. It’s a shame on a lot of levels that the Yankees are the only team they’ll cover.-JD

  4. 4,\. Hi Annie: I feel sorry for fans who bought partial season ticket plans and aren’t getting any entertainment for the $$$$.

  5. 5. Papers are in big trouble everywhere. A friend who works for a Harrisburg paper says everyone was furloughed, which I guess is better than what the Journal News did. I hear the Post-Gazette is in big trouble also, but I don’t know that for a fact.

  6. Harry (6) Not only are they not getting any ‘entertainment’, but the Team itself is in poor shape, and no one seems to know just what progress – if any – is being made by Beltran, Reyes, etc.

  7. John (5) Even the Times has cut way back on the sports page – they have only two sports writers now, but in their on-line edition they have a “Bats Blog” which you may have seen “Scott from Pelham” and I discussing last night. They are also consolidating the different sections. i.e. The Sports Section is in with the Business Section.

  8. So, how do you save the printed paper? All the writers are tweeting now, the news is on the net the instant it happens. In sports box scores are up to the second. Even coupons are on line. All the stores have on-line specials. Even on the bus and subway you see people using their phones for everything rather than read a paper.

  9. Harry (10) I don’t know – I still get two delivered daily to my front door – The Times and the New Haven REgister. It’s just habit I guess, or the crosswords. It’s also the fact that I don’t work on a laptop, I’ve got a home office with a similar set up to what I used at Yale only now I work for myself. And, you can’t carry a desk model computer into the other rooms.
    I’m reading the “Renegade” by Richard Wolffe – it’s excellent.

  10. Annie
    The people who run the NY Times make the Wilpons look like the smartest kid in the class.

    The NY Times company is getting ready to sell the Boston Globe at auctions( they paid 1.1 billion in 1993) for 35 million in cash and the new owner has to also assume 59 million in pension liabilities.

    Talk about bad business decisions.

  11. Scott (12) The game is on (I don’t get SNY and have been listening to WFAN, and they just started) In the interim I was watching the Little League World Series and checking out Yankees/Red Sox (NY6-BOS1)

  12. Harry (10): I don’t know how to save newspapers. I believe they will always exist in some capacity, but not in their present form. There has to be some innovative thinking by somebody. Certainly, nobody at the Journal News has a clue. … Some papers have already gone to an all online product. I can understand that, but you still have to put out a quality product. The Journal News is shortchanging the readers who have supported it for years by stripping away the product. After all those years of covering NY sports to simply go on the road with the Yankees is incomprehensible and typical of Gannett’s poor decision making. When papers do things like that they deserve to go out of business.-JD

  13. John (16) Derek and Mark Teixeira are on a streak – it was 4-1 in the second inning. Red Sox haven’t caught up yet…

  14. Francoeur is turning out to be the catch of the year for the Mets…sorely needed.

  15. John (20) I spent the rain delay watching the Little League World Series – Mayor Bloomberg and Mike Mussina were there. It’s 15-4 at Fenway now.

  16. Imagine if the Red Sox don’t make the playoffs.
    Would that make them a bigger story than the Mets season of disaster.

  17. Fox Sports has confirmed the Red Sox were the team that claimed Wagner.

    Are the Red Sox that desperate for help in the bullpen.

    And that was a pathetic call by the umpire on Francour

  18. 22. Red Sox went old with Penny and smoltz and they are paying big time. And they should have benched Ortiz a long time ago. He’s killing them in the middle of the lineup.

  19. What a huge effort by Pelfrey to limit the damage to a single run. That’s something he hasn’t done. Maybe he grew up a little that inning.-JD

  20. Harry
    Any thoughts on Wagner.
    Earlier I said just let him go.
    Maybe the Mets could use the money next year for something more useful.

  21. If Utley and Howard weren’t up next inning, I think Manuel would have kept him in. Even so, if Pelfrey is going to learn he needs to be out there. It’s not as if losing this game will cost the Mets the pennant.-JD

  22. 31. A few minutes ago the Philie announcers said Wagner wants to play for Washington next season!!!! How’s that for more humiliation for the Mets and Omar.
    Well, the Mets are screwed with him He already said he doesn’t want to set up next year so if they keep him you know he’ll destroy the team. If they keep him who will take him in a trade knowing the Mets have a problem. If the Sox claimed him, let him go, one less thing to worry about next year.

  23. Harry (34): Part of being willing to go to Washington is it is close to his home. It would not work here with Wagner in a set-up role (although K-Rod could get hurt at anytime). … Agreed, let him go to the Sox.-JD

  24. John (35) The Sox could have used him tonight. It’s the top of the 9th and the score is 20 -7.

  25. 35. I understand that. But…. its still insuting to your current team. You are spitting in the face of the Mets by saying things like that. And, indeed let him go to the Sox. Their playing like the Mets now. They ain’t going to the playoffs.

  26. Only 3 umpires tonight. The Phillies should be mad as hell. This game is too crucial for them to not have an extra umpire ready for an emergency.

  27. 34 Harry
    I hope Wagners comments make the paper in NY tomorrow. It would make it easier for Omar to just let him go for nothing.

  28. Scott (43): They won’t get in return what Wagner is really worth. … Minaya has to consider whether they might get more if they were to trade him next year.-JD

  29. 45 JD
    The problem is the approximate 3.5 million could be used to bring back Putz.
    Putz if healthy could have more value than Wagner.
    And Putz is less likely to say something stupid.

  30. 45. If Wagner is in Mets camp come spring training you will see the billy Wagner circus.

  31. I’ve been completely out of it. What the heck — are my eyes deceiving me? Mets actually beat the Phils 4-2, and the Yankees and Red Sox played a football game?