METS CHAT ROOM: Game #121; Wagner activated.



The 56-64 Mets conclude their series tonight against Atlanta with Johan Santana (13-8, 3.10 ERA) going against rookie Kenshin Kawakami (5-9, 4.13 ERA).

The Mets were torched last night in one of the worst defeats of the season.

Gary Sheffield was in the original line-up but was scratched leading to speculation something might be cooking.

Instead, here’s the line-up against Kawakami:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Brian Schneider, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Johan Santana, LP

NOTES: Lefty reliever Billy Wagner was activated from the 90-day disabled list. Look for the Mets to attempt to make a waiver deal for him. … Santana is 1-1 in two starts against Atlanta this season, but has yet to allow an earned run. … Carlos Beltran is shagging fly balls, but still needs to test his knee running the bases.

144 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #121; Wagner activated.

  1. He’s not part of the future. He’s not part of the solution. Screw him. Tell him to hit the bricks.

  2. So let me get this straight…
    Livan Hernandez was released today, to make room for Billy Wagner…but Tim Redding stays on the roster?

  3. 4 One more reason not to watch on Saturday. Say what you will about Livan, but at least he actually won more than one game and his ERA was marginally better.

  4. JD (5) Agreed. Getting a fringe minor leaguer in return is better than getting nothing in return

    But yet another wonderful stumble by our FO.

  5. Wow. Jerry Manuel says Gary Sheffield “had to clear some thoughts” and was scratched for tonight’s game. Sounds like a euphemism for someone going to smoke some weed…

  6. 9 LOL! Y’know wishy, I’ve never tried weed, but believe me watching this team has probably been enough to drive many fans to it.

  7. Manuel said he wants Sheffield back. Why couldn’t he leave well enough alone? If the report is true that he wanted an extension, it was only inevitable. A 40-year-old breaking down outfielder is not something the Mets need.-JD

  8. I’ll bet when Redding was told “Manuel wants to see you” he thought his was getting his release for imitating a home run derby pitcher last night. Being told he was now a starter was the farthest thing from his mind.
    Manuel is great for telling reporters who he wants back in 20110: Sheffield, Franceour. Does Torre ever say stuff like that in August about marginal players?

  9. 11 I dunno, JD, Omar Minaya thought a 40-year-old broken down outfielder was just what the Mets needed for not one, but two years, when he signed Moises Alou after ’06.

  10. As an aside, “District 9” is one of the best sci-fi movies in years — thought-provoking, action-packed, innovatively made and compelling.

  11. As of now, I don’t know who’ll play left field for the Mets next year. From what I hear, F-Mart isn’t ready. Maybe they’ll sign somebody. It could be Sheffield, but that’s a role player and it would come later.-JD

  12. 18 Why not go after Jason Bay, who Steve Phillips shouldn’t have dealt, back in ’02?

  13. Here are the LF FA’s according to MLB Trade Rumors:

    Garret Anderson (38)
    Marlon Anderson (36)
    Jason Bay (31)
    Emil Brown (35)
    Carl Crawford (28) – $10MM club option with a $1.25MM buyout
    Johnny Damon (36)
    David Dellucci (36)
    Cliff Floyd (37)
    Matt Holliday (30)
    Jacque Jones (35)
    Gabe Kapler (34)
    Greg Norton (37)
    Wily Mo Pena (28)
    Manny Ramirez (38) – $20MM player option
    Dave Roberts (38)
    Fernando Tatis (35)

  14. Here’s who I see coming back as givens:

    Maine (if he’s healthy)

    Everything else is up in the air. I would like to see them re-sign Cora and Sullivan.

  15. wishy2 (25): Crawford would be great, but I think the Rays will keep him. Ditto Bay with the Sox. Don’t know if Holliday will stay in St. Louis. He could if Cardinals go deep into playoffs. … Nobody else on that list sends chills down my spine.-JD

  16. JD (30)

    I was stunned at how young Crawford is, but with rumors that TB thought of trading him this year makes me wonder if they will resign.

    Knowing the Mets, they’ll sign one or two mediocre guys to bridge the gap for FMart.

  17. 25 Slim pickins. Only one worth taking a shot at would be Holliday — but he’ll never leave a competitive St. Louis team to play for the Mets. I’d be inclined to give Pagan a shot, IF the Mets can get power at other positions.
    26 No way I bring back Putz next year. Isn’t he due to make $9M unless his contract is bought out? As for Cora and Sullivan, those guys are a dime a dozen.
    By the way, is Jeremy Reed even on this team anymore?

  18. wishy2 (31): I heard that, too. Just can’t see letting a guy like that go. I’m not privvy to what goes on in Tampa. But, if he’s on the market he should be a priority. They guy can fly and in Citi Field he’d pile up the doubles and triples.-JD

  19. OK, 2-0 Braves in the 3rd?
    I’m only gonna stick with this game for so long…

  20. TB has an up and coming prospect to replace Crawford, but I expect them to take the club option and then trade him if the kid is ready in April

  21. 35 But wishy, why in the world would TB trade Crawford? If they can afford to pay him next year and they’re competitive, they have no reason to. It’d be a PR disaster. Plus, the Mets have nothing to offer them.

  22. 37 The Mets would be nuts to pay Putz $8.6M for next year. Buy him out. Only way they should bring him back is if he’d accept $3M, tops.

  23. Gil (36) Only reasons is to free up money and add minor league players.

    And yes the Mets dont have anything worthwhile trading.

    The Mets will probably sign Gabe Kapler and Garrett Anderson.

  24. 42 wishy: The Rays will be even more serious about getting back to the post-season next year if they miss it this year. No way they’re trading Crawford. And if the Mets sign Anderson (who I really admired as an Angel) and Gabe Kapler, I’ll start smoking weed.

  25. Gil (44) I dont see it happening either, but there were lots of rumors this year about a possible trade… If i was a TB fan I would be pissed if they got rid of him before the end of 2010.

    You’ll need something stronger and more mind numbing than weed if our GM puts together another mediocre roster of has-beens and nobodies.

  26. I’d love to get Crawford but assuming the Devil Eggs don’t want to dump salary, how about signing Chone Figgins and using him in left? He’s played 300 games in his career in the outfield.

  27. 46 Love Chone Figgins! But dump Castillo first (despite his good year this year, which I doubt any of us really think he’ll duplicate next year) and install Chone at second. If Reyes comes back healthy next year, A 1-2 punch of Reyes and Figgins at the top couls be like Dykstra-Backman all over again.

  28. Dan (46): He’s a career .293 hitter which is decent. Doesn’t hit for power. Averages about 60 RBI a season. He’s serviceable. Would rather have better.-JD

  29. Gil (47): Who is going to pick up Castillo’s contract? Despite his decent year at the plate, he’ll be next to impossible to move.-JD

  30. 49 The Mets should eat Castillo’s contract. If the Tigers swallowed Sheffield’s, why can’t the Mets just bite the bullet?

  31. 52 Question is, JD, why are we living with Schneider now? Boy, talk about a trade that didn’t help either side…I liked the deal when it was first made, but that Milledge-to-the-Nats-for-Church-and-Schneider was a bust for all concerned.

  32. Well knock me over with a feather — Gary Sheffield actually threatened to leave the team, according to Kevin Burkhardt.

  33. Sheffield screwed himself when he negotiated a deal for himself with the Yankees. Sheffield always does something like this. He airs his laundry in public and at the most inopportune time.-JD

  34. 55 I s’pose. But when Milledge’s trade value was at its highest, we could’ve gotten a lot more for him…Almost got us Roy Oswalt in 2006 in that three-way deal that O’s owner Peter Angelos shot down. Oswalt could’ve been the difference maker.

  35. Sheffield says all the right things when it benefits him, like saying he’s accept a role with the Mets. But, in the end it’s always about him.-JD

  36. Minaya’s not very adept at selling high. Daniel Murphy is a prime example.
    His value was way up there after last season, when it wasn’t guaranteed he’d be the second coming of Don Mattingly.
    But instead of moving him for a neede piece, or pieces, he held on to him.
    Milledge’s value peaked in ’06 after he had his first call up.

  37. Gil (62): Agreed. Kind of makes you wonder if they might bite at a deal for Fernando Martinez. … They waited too long on Milledge. Gomez is gone; no great loss. … They would get something for Martinez.-JD

  38. 63 But in fairness to F-Mart, he deserves a little more than a month in AAA, as he got this year, to see what he can do. He’s still only 20. I’m not ready to lump him in with Alex Escobar just yet.

  39. I guess this is revisionist history night on the blog.
    That being the case maybe if they had been tougher on Milledge after the his rap album came out. By doing something like suspending him and having a meeting with him and his parents they could have gotten through to him.

    If Mets could have figured out how to get Milledge to focus on baseball he would have been a good LF for Citi Field.

  40. Scott (67): I stood next to Milledge when Omar introduced him to Frank Robinson and he couldn’t appear to be less interested. … They had their chances to discipline him and they played soft. Milledge had such an attitude. I don’t know if discipline would have helped him or lose him quicker.-JD

  41. 69
    You are probably right but it is not like the Mets have had great LF for the last 3 years.

    His numbers in 2008 would have been acceptable this year in LF.

  42. Milledge has turned out to be Willie Mays Hayes — but without Hayes’s speed or likable personality.

  43. Maybe things will be different for Milledge in Pittsburgh. It’s a small market and he’s away from Elijah Dukes as a bad influence. He’s so young and has already been with three franchises. If that’s not a wake-up call for him I don’t know what would be.-JD

  44. Scott (73): That’s a very interesting question. I can’t discount that. He had a way with the younger players, including Reyes. … Let’s put it this way, it wouldn’t have hurt.-JD

  45. 75 But, JD, you’re assuming Milledge actually CARES enough for the trade to be a wakeup call. And Milledge had problems long before ever having Elijah Dukes as a teammate.
    Milledge is just not that good and doesn’t have a specialty that stands out. He’s not a speedster, isn’t a power or high average hitter or a defensive whiz.
    He’ll bounce around for a while as some team’s fourth outfielder, then be out of the game in a few years and become a music producer, or something.

  46. Gil (79): That is the assumption. He’s not the five-tool player he was cracked up to be. He’s certainly not shown anything where he merits being a starter.-JD

  47. Jerry Manuel did himself no favors this week with his Ryan Church tirade.

    And thoughts on who could be on a short list to replace him.

    I just don’t see any worthwhile replacements.

    Lets not talk about Bobby V. that’s just not going to happen.

  48. Scott (82): Manuel did hurt himself. He does have a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. … I’ll have to think about a replacement, but I don’t want Valentine.-JD

  49. If we’re trading Wagner, I’d hold out for a $100 gift cert from Best Buy, a $100 iTunes gift card and free gasoline for a year.

  50. 89 You’d bring it, too, if you had a shot of getting traded off this team to a contender! :)

  51. (94) Oh, of course! How stupid of me. I forgot Mets games are on always on WPIX on the 3rd Thursday in August!

  52. Say, what are those vintage uniforms they’re wearing? Looks like they’re paying homage to some team called “Mets”…?

  53. 98 If Wagner hadn’t entered the game, I would’ve called it quits. If it stays 3-1, after the top of the 9th, might as well watch, at this point.

  54. JD (104) That’s no surprise. The cleaners must be pretty backed up, considering all the season ticket holders who were taken there.

  55. 106 Nice line there, Jeff! LOL. But those of us who are MLB Extra Innings package subscribers also got taken to the cleaners.

  56. What the #@$% is a commercial for Yankees edition Ford doing on a Mets telecast?! Thanks for heaping on the insults, Ford!

  57. If I’m Peter Moylan, I’m terrified knowing that the legendary Andy Green will leadoff the bottom of the 9th and perhaps the fearsome slugger Wilson Valdez lurking not far behind…

  58. Oh my goodness. Valdez, Pagan and Castillo. If you’re Moylan, you can’t stop them, you can only hope to contain them.

  59. Wow…Ryan Church up with 2 on and 1 out and hits into a DP. So familiar, and yet, so strange…

  60. Don’t knock Pagan and Castillo.
    The were both nominated for the Hank Aaron award.

  61. OK, y’all. I’m done — before Annie can tell us about Howie putting this one in the books and dutifully reminding us of when and where we can catch the next Mets debacle… :)

  62. 126 One more thing…Scott: If those guys actually win the Hank Aaron Award, then Mark Sanford’s gonna resign as South Carolina governor and become a marriage counselor.

  63. Did you see when they showed that shot of the Phillies score on the scoreboard? Guess the cameraman was getting nostalgic for the days when there was actually scoreboard watching going on.

  64. Jon Heyman is saying the Giants were the team who put on the waiver claim on Sheffield.

    “The most important thing tonight was the return of Billy Wagner”-Howie Rose. No offense Billy, glad you came back but I hope we can get something for you.

  65. Howie has put this game “in the books” but it’s not the usual Santana game.

    Final Score Mets 2 – Atl 3

    Tomorrow the Phillies at 7:10

    See You then

  66. I’m gonna root for the Colorado Rockies the rest of the way since I am beginning to have doubts the Mets can pull off a comeback. If it’s a Yankees vs Dodgers World Series, put me in one of those liquid nitrogen tanks next to Ted Williams.

  67. Annie (138) What do you mean, “not the usual Santana game”? They lost again, didn’t they?

  68. Dan (139): Don’t want Yankees-Dodgers, but it would be fun to see Torre and LA win at Yankee Stadium. … Maybe we’ll see Dodgers and Angels.-JD

  69. Dan Gurney (139) You are “beginning” to have doubts the Mets can pull off a comeback? Say, wasn’t that you I saw over on the West Side, waiting for the Titanic to steam into port?

  70. JD: Please tell Tiffany that this is the precise reason Gary Sheffield ends up being a clubhouse cancer and why he always wears out his welcome.