Perez might miss next start

Oliver Perez aggravated his right knee on a play at first base last night and may not be able to make his next start, Sunday against Pedro Martinez and the Phillies.

Perez fell behind 4-0, but despite being ineffective, got the win because the Mets scored eight runs in the fourth inning. He worked the fifth but was replaced for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of that inning. Perez tweaked his knee when he stumbled running to first base. He was on the DL for two months earlier this season with right knee inflammation.

“I want to continue to pitch,” said Perez. “But, I have to take care of my knee.”

Nelson Figueroa or Tim Redding could start if Perez isn’t able.

14 thoughts on “Perez might miss next start

  1. Not a new injury, a recurrance of the one he suffered in the WBC. Reyes, Delgado, Putz, Beltran. Thats just off the top of my head. Also Peavy, Hamels going through injury plagued years but its the team that had the most participation that is most banged up. Steinbrenner for all of his false patriotism sent nary a yankee and his team is enjoying mostly good health despite having a lot of older players.

  2. Ray (1) Actually there were supposed to be five Yankees in the 2009, but Alex Rodriguez ended up in Colorado having surgery. Those who played were Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera and Mariano Rivera.

  3. I don’t think the WBC is the cause of the Mets injuries. I think its just bad luck.

    I was just looking through RBI% leaders and guess who is 4th best in the majors among players with more than 130 PAs? Angel Pagan. He’s driven in 21.4% of the runners on base when he’s batted. (John Buck, Gordon Beckham, and Joe Mauer are 1,2,3)

  4. 5. The best thing about a team having injuris and being out of t he race is that we get to see the prospects, the yungsters who are the future. Wait, what you say? There are no kids playing? There is no future. Omar has a 50 year plan to get kids up thru the system, not a 5 year plan? Oh screw it then, next year the Nats will be ahead of us injuries or none. They shelled out more on one pick than Omar did on all of his. Omar, you forgot to sign some of t he kids… OK I understand, the farm is so deep you don’t need to sign them, even the top ten round guys. Got it. Can’t wait for the sucker punch line you and the Wilpons come up with to trick those season ticket folks again next year. Omat, NY is all abuzz about the YANKEES, the JETS and the GIANTS. You be in good shape… Nobody cares about the mets anymore. Their back in the crapper where you found them. Thanks for making us the next Expos disaster in your horrible career as a GM.

  5. Harry, we have Nelson Figueroa to watch!!! It’s hard to blame Omar on the signings from the draft. For that one, lay it all at the blame of the Wilpons who won’t do what it takes to sign these picks. Jeff has already said he believes in the slotting system. Maybe they’ll make an exception for the top pick, but the rest be damned.

  6. You know, who was the last top pitching prospect the Mets even developed? Kazmir..he’s been spotty…Pelfrey…spotty… Bannister….spotty…Petit…two notches below spotty…someone help me out here, who is the last top flight starter the Mets have developed?

  7. (8) JD: might be right on that. I guess probably the last one I can really think of is AJ Burnett. I just really shudder at the thought of making any of these so called pitching phenoms (Holt and Meija come to mind right away,) as untouchable in any trade talks. I mean maybe they’ll hit one right, but it’s been a very long time.

  8. (10) Harry: I should have made myself clearer, I meant to say starting pitchers. Sorry.

  9. 6/12 I got it… Bobby Jones….or Eric Hillman You all enjoy tonites game. I’m waiting for Tholeeeeee or Big Ike or anybody to be called up. He coulkd even have Evans at first the rest of the year and Murphy at third and let Evans fail or pass in a solid 6 week stretch,. Nope.. Got to play Jerry’s fave Tatis. He is afterall the future!!!!

  10. Good to know that our farm system is so deep that the team can pass on signing 2 righties, one who throws 96.

    Also good to know that after signing a 3 year contract for more than he is worth and playing in the glorified exhibition series for his country that Ollie was been a total waste.

    Thank you Omar for putting together such a fine team.