Wright on DL ….

By this time, I’m sure you are aware the Mets placed David Wright on the disabled list after yesterday afternoon’s game. The wisest of decisions.

WRIGHT: Placed on DL.

WRIGHT: Placed on DL.

Wright was examined by neurologists twice and stayed overnight at the Hospital for Special Surgery before being discharged Sunday. GM Omar Minaya said the Mets’ medical staff consulted with an external specialist in concussion management.

The recommendation was unanimous to sit Wright.

“This is not a baseball decision,” Minaya said. “This is a medical decision.”

There’s no telling, when or if, Wright will rejoin the team. With the season seven weeks away from its merciful ending, and with Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado doubtful to return from their injuries, there is no point in pushing Wright’s return.

The Mets might not be worth watching without Wright and the rest of the core, but in doing the right thing, they will be worth watching in the future.

“At this point, it’s the right thing to do,” Jeff Francoeur said. “I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear that; I hate to hear it, too, because we need him so bad. But the last thing we want is for him to go out there and dive for a ball and get hit again, and the next thing you know something’s seriously wrong.”

That was the case with Ryan Church last season. He was flown from Atlanta to Denver, but also had a handful of pinch-hit appearances that aggravated his condition. With Church, the Mets listened to what he told the training staff rather than just shutting him down. Later, Church, to his competitive credit and his foolishness, acknowledged he was driven to prove that he could play hurt.

Manager Jerry Manuel said Wright tried to fight him on the DL decision: “David wanted to try and give it a chance, and go out there and play – but, we decided to take it away from David. He really wanted to try and play, but based upon our doctors and specialist recommendations we said no… He tried to fight me, he said, ‘Come on, man, give me a chance,’ he definitely wants to be here, but he understood.”

To their credit, the Mets learned from Church. They will treat concussions more aggressively, which includes not relying on the player’s input.

8 thoughts on “Wright on DL ….

  1. Maybe the Front Office learned from the Church incident last year, but certainly Manuel didn’t. He pretty much questioned Church’s toughness in comparisons to Wright’s toughness. All he had to say in his pregame conference was “David’s being evaluated by the doctors and we don’t know his status yet. We don’t want to rush him back like we did last year with Church.” Instead he goes and questions Churchs’s manhood.

  2. 2. Wrights injury makes this season the strangest in Met history. Get well soon, David. Well, We should have good postition in the draft next year. I believe if you finish in the bottom half of your league you dont lose your draft picks for signing free agents. can anybody confirm that?

  3. In other news, There is some talk going around the blogosphere that none other than Looie Castillo has been the mets MVP this year. Any comments?

  4. Ray (3): He’s deserving as much consideration as any. Who else? Wright? Santana? K-Rod? He is the one who has exceeded expectations.-JD

  5. (3) Ray: I just can’t give it to a guy that for the most part is a very lazy player. Statistic wise, he has performed better than any Met fan could have expected. But I just can’t get over the dropped pop, the non chalent throws to 1b, and his lack of pop.

  6. Church took up two parking spaces in the players’ lot. He also borrowed Chico’s soap and never give it back.