Don’t like Manuel’s comments about Church.

Just what did Jerry Manuel mean when he compared David Wright to Ryan Church?

CHURCH: Rapped in the head; then given bad rap.

CHURCH: Rapped in the head; then given bad rap.

“David is a different animal,” Manuel said. “How he is made up is a little different than, say, Ryan Church. That’s not to say one is better than the other, but they’re different.”

This came after Wright said he wanted to give playing a chance before going on the disabled list. The Mets mishandled Church in every instance last year, and the implication the outflelder was afraid to play hurt, when in fact, that’s all he did.

7 thoughts on “Don’t like Manuel’s comments about Church.

  1. Church was the best player on the team until the second concussion. He played hardnosed baseball, which is why he got the 2 concussions in the first place. Maybe Manuel didnt like Church for his religious or political views. I have read that Church lives up to his namesake and is very serious about his beliefs. Not everybody likes Christians. Maybe Church like to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Jerry is a big Obama fan. We have seen on this website people can get very agitated on those 2 subjects. Am I reaching? maybe, but there is animosity there and nobody else seems to know where its coming from.

  2. On another note, Billy Wagner’s in the house! However they aren’t going to activate him until Friday, which again makes little sense. But these are the Mets, and what do you expect?

  3. Sadecki/ The feud between Church and Manuel is both ways. Church is constantly telling reporters how great it is to play for Cox, how Cox doen’t go behind a player’s bac to the press, how Cox is always supportive even when he screws up.

    I think your political assertion is wrong but Manuel is a jerk, He has played favorites publicly with Church/Castro probably others, he knocks goes almost every night in his press conferences. He is without doubt one horrible manager.
    The injuries will probably save him, but he can’t manage during a game and he can’t hand;le his players. his strength is making the press corp giggle. If he’s back next year who willo be his next dog house guys?

  4. Manuel’s comments infuriated me. What a buffoon. Church’s struggles were due to the after effects of his brain getting banged against the side of his skull – TWICE – not to his so-called ‘makeup’. What an absolute buffoon Jerry Manuel is.