METS CHAT ROOM Game #117; Wright sits after beaning.



I remember talking to Willie Randolph last season and he said something incredibly odd, if not totally stupid. “We really don’t know enough about concussions in baseball,” was the essence of his comments during one pregame session when the conversation turned to Ryan Church.

It was amazing to hear Randolph say the Mets hadn’t consulted the physicians of the Giants, Jets or Rangers, teams that deal with that injury all the time.

Clearly, the Mets didn’t handle Church’s concussion properly, flying him from Atlanta to Denver, then pinch-hitting him, then shuffling him in and out of the lineup. Post Concussion Syndrome he had, and was never right the rest of the season. Hey, truth is, he hasn’t been right since.

Let’s hope the Mets learned from Church last season, but one has to wonder why he isn’t on the disabled list this morning. He might not play any time soon and with him on the disabled list there’s no temptation to push him. Leave it up to Wright and he’ll say he wants to play, but that’s his personality. Don’t given him the option.

Learn from the past and just let him rest and recover. He should be on the DL already.

Here’s today’s line-up behind Mike Pelfrey (8-8. 4.88):

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

NOTES: Pelfrey balked three times against the Giants, May 17. … He is 1-1 with a 1.38 ERA in two career appearances against San Francisco.

11 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM Game #117; Wright sits after beaning.

  1. I’ve seen the replay at least a dozen times. I saw Matt Cain’s reaction and read what he had to say and I can’t believe he drilled David Wright intentionally. Runner on base, and 0-and-2 count. No, the pitch got away. … As for Santana, he admitted he was “protecting” his players. He was stand up about it. … Then there was Bobby Ojeda who ran away from the issue on SNY.-JD

  2. I see Randy Wolf struck out 10 today and just missed hitting for the cycle (sigh).

  3. I saw both of the events being written about on the sports pages today – David Wright, hit in the head by a pitch and falling to the ground where he lay, unmoving for what seemed like a couple of minutes. Now David has been put on the DL, and has been hospitalized and treated by specialists, and sent home. Let’s hope and pray his recovery is unremarkable.

    Tiger Woods lost a golf tournament yesterday. I’ve followed him since he was a kid playing in Junior Amateurs. I don’t understand all the hand-wringing over this “loss”. Golf is an individual game – those of us who play tournament golf are well aware of all the rules – we carry a USGA rule book – and he simply lost because he didn’t play as well as the winner did yesterday.

    Why not cheer the winner?? A young man from Korea who is self taught and came from nowhere to beat Tiger for the second time (they played once before in another event). Y.E. Yang who hugged both his wife and his golf bag, have just moved from Korea to Dallas with their three children. Welcome to America.

  4. good to see the mets doing wright by david.

    hope they do the same for beltran and jose.

  5. In the strangest of ways, the beaning of D.Wright might have saved Jerry Manuel and Omar’s job. Now with all four “core” players doubtful to play for the rest of the season, I can see the Front Office just chalking this all up to the freakiest of years and giving them another shot at it next year. Which pretty much sucks. I mean come on now, the replacement for David Wright is Andy Green? You couldn’t do any better than that? What an awful minor league system this team has.

  6. 9
    I know its frustration but you are being a little silly.
    Tatis will be playing 3rd base for Wright everyone knows that.
    They needed an infielder and the only explanation for bringing up Green instead of Mike Lamb is that Green hits right handed.
    The guy they should have brought up is Shawn Bowman from Binghamton. Bowman will need to be put on the 40 man roster this winter or could be lost in the Rule 5.
    Bowman was once a big prospect for the Mets but has suffered a lot of injuries.

  7. (10) I’m being silly for suggestion the minors are in such bad shape because they have to bring up Andy Green? And am I supposed to be thrilled that we have Tatis playing 3rd? Then you can call me silly.