Wright has concussion ….

A CT Scan on third baseman David Wright was negative, but he did sustain a concussion. Wright is considered day-to-day. Just how many days, nobody knows. However, let’s hope the organization learned something from Ryan Church’s concussion from last season and doesn’t rush him back.

Never mind the entire core is sidelined, but Wright’s health is the most important issue. They need to take their time on this one.

6 thoughts on “Wright has concussion ….

  1. Did a Phillies fan plant a jersey under Citi Field? There’s got to be some evil presence going on over there.

  2. At least the Mets are at home so we shouldn’t see any nonsense about him making plane flights like we did with Ryan Church.
    That was frightening to see. What’s even more frightening is how until the early 1950s batters didn’t wear helmets. Suppose Wright wasn’t.
    Should we give congratulations to the Mets for coming up with a uniform that is even uglier than the infamous Mercury Mets a few years ago? I won’t be bidding for one to benefit the Mets foundation.

  3. By the way, should we be worried about our relief ace being mediocre now? Or is he one of these guys who can’t function when the team is not in a pennant race?

  4. I saw david get pitched at. nasty. i noticed he was able to turn his head – in slow mo – got a temple shot. I hope he sits for a straight week. We know what happened the last time a met got a concussion.

    not sure if they hit the road or not in the next few days, but if he is on the plane. The team needs to be sued by the fans.

  5. Dave (4)
    I saw it live, too – had to turn away – tough to watch. Later I also saw the ambulance taking him to the hospital.

    Mets are home until August 25 when they will be at the Marlins.

    I hope that David will have a full recovery, with no after effects.