Wright beaned; not intentional.

The Mets’ David Wright was hit in the helmet by a Matt Cain fastball in the fourth inning and taken to the hospital for tests.

That it was an 0-2 pitch and how Cain crouched between the mound and plate in obvious concern says the pitch got away and wasn’t intentional.  I don’t believe you can fake that concern.

That being said, I don’t think it was such a red hot idea for him to tip his cap to the crowd as he left the game.

12 thoughts on “Wright beaned; not intentional.

  1. I agree it was not a red hot idea for him to tip his cap but it also was not a red hot idea for Mark Grace to fan the flames by asserting with total confidence that Cain was showing the he didn’t care what he did to David Wright. How does Mark Grace know that? What Cain was saying by tipping his cap to the fans was essentially “why are you booing me like I’m some evil villain, it was an accident”.

  2. TMS (1): That’s probably what he was thinking. He should have had the presence to leave well enough alone. … Yes, that was a dumb comment by Grace. He can’t read minds. Just a bad assumption on his part.-JD

  3. As someone who is subjected to Gracie everytime I watch a dbags game, (very rarely, thanks to God) He is the very worst annoucer I have heard since near dementia Harry Careys last days with the cubbies. Just a horrible homer who still says golly every chance he gets. How he got a national TV deal puzzles me to no end.

  4. Ojeda is an idiot if he doesn’t believe Santana was trying to dust him off, if not hit, the batter. … C’mon, you used to be a pitcher. You know what a purpose pitch is. You’re there for your expertise, show us something.-JD

  5. I didn’t watch the postgame but its weird that Ojeda wouldn’t admit Santana was throwning at Sandoval. Molina, maybe he was just trying to jam him but I don’t think so.

  6. I thought I read in a post mortem that Santana admitted to protecting his own.

    I saw david get pitched at. nasty. i noticed he was able to turn his head – in slow mo – got a temple shot. I hope he sits for a straight week. We know what happened the last time a met got a concussion.

    not sure if they hit the road or not in the next few days, but if he is on the plane. The team needs to be sued by the fans.