Some random thoughts ….

Going over a few things in my mind, including yesterday’s Sheffield post.

* I don’t see how anyone could think bringing back Gary Sheffield for next year is a good idea. With the complaints this year of the Mets being old and not athletic, Sheffield in 2010 does nothing to make that happen. The Mets look listless now, and Sheffield only adds to that appearance when you see him in the outfield. Sheffield has always been a me-first guy, and he’ll complain about playing time for sure. At 40, he’s not getting any younger and is already showing break-down signs. If he would had 25 homers in the bank I’d consider it, but he’s got 10. That might be decent coming off the bench, but this guy wants to play full time. Bad move.

* We’ll know this afternoon whether Livan Hernandez will stay in the rotation. Jerry Manuel talks about his respect for Hernandez, but he’s let him twist in the wind since his last start. Do the Mets really have any other viable options? Probably not. Like with Sheffield, I would be willing to see what I could get for Hernandez in a waiver deal considering we probably won’t see him next season.

* David Wright’s knee has been examined and we’ll find out the results later today. With the team going nowhere, there’s not point running him into the ground.

* In the “It’s About Time,” category, fans will notice photos of notable Mets and moments in club history around Citi Field at tonight’s game against the Giants. Why this wasn’t done from the outset, along with a Mets’ Hall of Fame, is beyond me. The Mets don’t have the glorious history of the Yankees or Dodgers, but they have an compelling history nonetheless. It should have been honored and on display all along. The Jackie Robinson Rotunda is a meaningful exhibit, but it isn’t about the Mets. Honor your own history before someone else’s.

* I’ve said this numerous times, so once more shouldn’t hurt. The competitive aspect of the season is over. Shut down Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran to let them fully heal. Unless there are serious concerns about their health that need to be answered as to prepare for the off-season – and this doesn’t seem to be the case – there’s no benefit in dragging them out there again this year. It could only make matters worse.

* Billy Wagner is expected to be activated Sunday, and he’s somebody the Mets might be able to swing a waiver deal for to pick up a prospect. Left relievers are valuable in a pennant race and if Wagner is close to being 100 percent he could net something in return. They certainly aren’t going to offer him arbitration they might as well see what is out there.

* For the most part, I’ve held my tongue on Gannett. Not now. On a sad note, my former newspaper, The Journal News, is forcing employees to re-apply for their jobs. Even so, at least 70 people will get cut. Some good people will lose their jobs. Management said only current employees are eligible to apply, but apparently these Gannett openings are on the public job boards. Nice lie. Just a different lie than the one they told me.

Gannett still makes a profit, but apparently not enough. This used to be an aggressive newspaper with quality people putting out a quality product. It is but a shell of its former self as Corporate gut the product, presumably to write-off its self-inflicted losses. It’s a sleazy company that deserves its demise. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people get hurt.

I guess, all you need to know about the small thinking that goes on at my former place is every afternoon they cut off the air conditioning for an hour to presumably save a few pennies.

Stay classy Gannett, stay classy.

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  1. JD: What do you think Wagner coming off a major injury would make? I think in his case, an arbitration offer is a good idea since he would from what I read, be a Type A free agent. Chances are, he is going to reject it because he wants either to close, or get a fresh start elsewhere. So if he rejects the offer, then the two picks might be worth more than what he would get in a trade. Agreed on all your other points, especially the Sheffield one.

  2. John, Its nice to see that you are writing newspaper articles for us. Its appreciated. I agree with steve on Wags. Even if he takes the arbitration, We need a setup guy and maybe Billy could be what Putz was supposed to be. Too bad we dont have a young pitcher to take Livans place. Holt and Mejia are struggling in AA and are nowhere near ready.
    As for your old newspaper, I get the feeling there are not many Met fans north of the Bronx so that was the first place to cut. I hope you are making some money from this site as I know it will be hard to get another newspaper job in these days.

  3. (3) Ray: There have been some nice blurbs over the internet on Adam Bostick. He’s been converted to a reliever down in AAA and seems to be taking to the role quite well. And he is a lefty too. 1.19 WHIP in Buffalo. Hopefully he can pan out so we don’t have to keep hearing the Heath Bell trade crap all the time. lol.

  4. John – re: “Some Random Thoughts”
    I agree with Ray, your newspaper article posts are very much appreciated.

    This is a group that reads.

    Someone once said that the best newspaper writing was on the Sports Pages – now, I believe it is also on the blogs where immediate comments and reactions are available.

    It’s a lot like conversation with friends while attending a game – or talking about it on the way home.

    To have someone with your knowledge of sports and writing ability is a gift for those of us who enjoy reading and posting to this blog and we thank you.

    Now, about the Mets Management…

  5. Seriously, Delcos, wasn’t Sheffield’s signing with the Mets this year contingent on him accepting a part-time role? He’s done a marvelous job filling in and I don’t think a part-time role is beyond him for next year, at least not based on the production we’ve seen this year.

    As for your 25-HR threshold, he’s averaging one dinger every 23 ABs this year; that would put him on a pace to hit about 25 over a full season.

    More than this, though, I think he provides a presence that’s clearly missing from the middle of that lineup and, from what I’ve heard, he’s been working with Frenchy on generating more power. He may have a rep as a clubhouse lawyer, but I’ve been impressed with the way he’s accepted a lesser role this year and has seemingly thrived in it.

  6. If Wright is going to be out, lets let the Ike Davis Era begin!!!! Play Ike at 1b and Murphy at 3b. Bring up Tejada and put him at SS, put Anderson Hernandez at 2b!!! They may suck, but at least it would be interesting!

  7. (6) What other choice did Sheffield really have BUT to accept his role with the Mets. It’s not like other teams were banging down his door after the Tigers cut him. I’m sick and tired of the 40 year old, injury prone players that are counted upon to be leaders or important cogs on this team. Aren’t you as a Met fan sick and tired of it too? They are in need of a Left Fielder that can be counted upon, and if they get that guy, then Sheffield has no position on the team. He is a DH masquerading as an outfielder..that’s all he is.

  8. (8) Re-read my post and tell me where I indicated I consider Sheffield a starting player for 2010.

    If he’s willing to accept a lesser role (which he has this year), he’d be one of the best fourth outfielders in the game.

    As for what other choice Sheffield had, he could have sat home and counted his $14 million salary. Moreover, he apparently chose the Mets over interested teams.

  9. (9) Tiffany: It’s not that you would consider him a starting player. It is what Sheffield would consider himself. The man’s MO thru his entire career has been to cause trouble if things don’t go his way. There is no way IMO , that he is going to accept a lesser role next year. And i’m sure he “chose” the Mets because that was the place where he was going to have his best chance to play.

  10. (10) When Sheffield joined the Mets, he was taking a job from Nick Evans; i.e., he was accepting a bench role.

    While Sheff has been no angel, he has behaved himself at certain stops during his career (e.g., Atlanta) and, despite his disputes with management, he enjoys a reputation as a good teammate.

  11. I agree on Sheff. He has been good this year, but his team cut a very expensive player for a reason. He is a full time player. The first thing the team did when they signed him was bench one of the corner OF. This affected both players for the worst.

    He has since played as much as his frail body will allow. Signing him for 5 mil makes this Alou II.

    I like the idea of giving Livan away if someone will take him.

    It sounds as if Beltran needs surgery and Reyes needs to heal. Wright should also get a break.

    I would love to get something useful for Wags. Not sure of the cost benefit of keeping him or trading him now.

    As for your former paper. I did not have good feelings when they bought out the local papers. I do not like large corporations. They tend to do stupid things and not serve their customers. The country would be better off with many small local papers with different voices rather than a handful of national brands like we do now.

    My initial feelings years ago about Gannet have unfortunately come true. I feel bad for you John. Just know that it is not your fault and you got the royal shaft.