METS CHAT ROOM: Games #115/116; Home again.



First of all, I’d like to begin by saying thank you to all of you out there. The last week or so, after the email prodding of a few, I have started to post longer threads in addition to the Mets Chat Room. I am appreciative that you still like reading what I have to say and I am grateful that although I haven’t been around the team as much as I would like that you are still interested in my thoughts and what I can dig up.

Your interest and support is carrying me through a difficult time and I will try to finish the season strong with more writing and analysis. Again, thank you.

Tonight, our heroes return home after a hideous road trip. They are still mathematically alive, but let’s be realistic. With the Giants, Atlanta and Philly in during this homestand, even the pipe dreams could soon be over.

The 53–61 Mets host the Giants (62–62), with Bobby Parnell (2–4, 3.94 ERA) going against Barry Zito (8–10, 4.40 ERA).

Pitching is a key issue for the Mets, and Parnell could be a rotation answer next season. He was limited in his last start to around 60 pitches, but will have a 75-pitch ceiling tonight. As with all young pitchers, development of his secondary pitches is critical, and in Parnell’s case, that means better use of his slider and splitter. Last time, it was too much fastball, of which he had little control.

Here’s the batting order:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Bobby Parnell, RP

NOTEBOOK: Manager Jerry Manuel said Livan Hernandez will remain in the rotation. That’s hardly a surprise considering his options. … David Wright’s sore knee is good enough for him to play. … Manuel said he believes Carlos Beltran will play again this summer. Why?

46 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Games #115/116; Home again.

  1. It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching Beltran play, but what’s the point now? I would rather see whatever prospects they have get some playing time and for some other questions to be answered. Unless there’s a health issue regarding Beltran that they need to have answered, there’s no reason to push him.-JD

  2. Even though they aren’t in contention I still want to see them win some games. Not if it jeopardizes next year though.

  3. This lineup tonight isn’t half-bad with Pagan, Castillo, Wright, Sheffield and Francouer.

  4. John (1) OT – I’m here but I’m also watching Tiger decimate the field in the two qualifying rounds for the PGA in Chaska, Minnesota. He is currently 8 under with two more holes to play today. His score as the leader today affects which of the other players ‘make the cut’ to play over the weekend for the title.

  5. John (8) Guess it would depend on your mood of the moment – right now, I’d go with half-good. :)

  6. Gary gets so offended whenever anyone fails to do something fundamental. Even if its the other team.

  7. OK, Mets still have the only run on the Pagan homer, and oh my, is that Barry Zito on the mound for SF – the pitcher who can’t bunt?
    Is the ball park full?

  8. You can pick up tix cheap on the internet. Wait till the last minute on StubHub or GoTickets and the price drops.

  9. TMS (18) Thanks, I would like to see the new building and Santana at the same time if possible.

  10. Definitely below face value. I got tix for Green Day at MSG below face value by waiting.

  11. I heard someone say that the Mets should shut Santana down early if it seems as though all is lost. How would he feel about that? After all he’s got stats to consider, doesn’t he?

  12. Whenever they show highlights of what the Phillies lineup (or the Yankees lineup for that matter) is capable of, I get a litte bit sad. We’re just so far away from that.

  13. TMS (25) I don’t get SNY and listen to Howie and Wayne who are wonderful so I can’t ‘see’ the pitcher, but I can see the line score :)

  14. John,

    I like that you have become more opinionated and forceful. It is good to hear your voice.


  15. Sanchez had just swung at a slider in the dirt, he should’ve gone fastball up and in or another slider in the dirt.

  16. TMS (26) Satchel Paige – do you know who he was? had a bunch of famous sayings, one of which is:

    ‘Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you’.

    Winning is great, but not always possible. However, this team hasn’t really lost its’ heart – David Wright will make sure of that.

  17. Thanks Annie.

    I pretty much stopped watching this team.

    The season is done. I want to see next year. Niese is out perhaps for next year and so we only have Bobby.

    Not much to look forward to.

  18. What??? Niese is out for next year too? Where did you hear that? Its only August and its a hamstring pull. Hes get Aug-March to recover. Thats about 7 months.

  19. TMS (30): I don’t know if you caught my earlier post in which I “mentioned” my former rag of a paper. Used to be a good place. Now it’s going down the toilet.-JD

  20. it is not a hamstring pull. I heard he pulled his hamstring off the bone. Since the team has a history of grossly understating every injury to every player I do not see him ready for spring.

    Maybe all star break perhaps 2011.

    I do not know, but don’t think he will be competing in spring training.

  21. John, I’m your cousin. I know whats up. I read Harold’s blog religiously and when I just read your post just now I went and checked to see if it was still there. Sure enough he was one of the victims.

  22. I just finished up here at work – I’m outta here. Mets are winning. Its looking good. Talk to you all later.

  23. TMS (38): Hey … glad to see you checked in. It has been awhile. Hope you are well. Say hi to everybody and let’s get together sometime.-JD

  24. John (36) I don’t remember where I heard it, or read it, but I know it is not true.

  25. Howie has put this lovely, quick game “in the Book” with a nice note about Bobby Parcell.

    Final Score: Mets 3 – Giants 0

    Next Game:Tomorrow on FOX at 4PM – Santana.

    See you then.

  26. John(40)

    I think your new forcefulness is more interesting. Certainly it puts you on the limb more because people will question you and force you to defend your position.

    At the same time I enjoy it more. Your view is more professional than mine and makes me think more.

    Ultimately I think it makes this place more interesting.

    As I have said before, I would enjoy an article from time to time. Not that I want your work for free, but I think it will get you noticed more and you may be able to write guest pieces for papers or magazines and get paid for it.

    I would also like for you to branch out to other sports if you feel inclined. Not sure what happened to the Giants blog you started last year, but I would try that also.

    You may also want to try your hand at other topics if you are passionate about it. You would have to think of branding tho.

    People here see you as a Mets blogger. You will have to give some thought to differentiating the forums.