Puzzling Sheffield decision.

Reportedly, Gary Sheffield and Pedro Feliciano were pulled off waivers after being claimed. Feliciano, I can see. As a lefty reliever he’s a valuable commodity, something the Mets could use next season.

Sheffield, I don’t understand. By pulling him off waivers they can’t deal him and with this season fading away, what’s the point? It’s not as if he’ll carry the Mets for the next seven weeks into the playoffs. Instead, it shows some interest in next year, which is puzzling.

Jerry Manuel said he’d like Sheffield back, but he’s only good when he’s healthy and plays every day. How long ago has that been?

Do the Mets really see a 40-plus, breaking-down outfielder as central to their plans for 2010? If that’s the case, they are in even worse shape than I thought. The Mets need to get younger and more athletic, and Sheffield doesn’t fit that description.

No, they wouldn’t have gotten much for him, but something is better than nothing.

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  1. JD
    Any way to find out who put the claim in for Sheff.
    Also just suppose the team that claimed Sheff was not willing to give the Mets anything of value.
    If that were the case how much more important is it to keep Sheff and win a few more games.

    I would rather they bring up the kid Dubois (not really a kid at 29 )they got from the Cubs. Dubois might just be a AAAA player but he has some power and maybe he could make the team as a 4th or 5th OF next year.

  2. Like Scott, I agree that if the return on Sheffield from the team that claimed him was crap, then why bother. It’s not like they have a huge contract to dump. Scott: I doubt that this team has any use for Dubois. I expect fully that the 4th OF will be Sullivan next year and the 5th OF will be someone who can play OF and other positions, probably Tatis again.

  3. Minaya and the Wilpons must figure the Mets can’t get rid of their leading home run hitter. I wonder what season in Mets history did their leading HR hitter have the fewest HR? There were some years in the early 1970s when John Milner would hit 17.
    Looking at this year, I just to put my head on the desk and cry. What else can you do?

  4. Steve (2): No, they don’t have a huge financial obligation that is tying him down, so it isn’t killing them. Even so, I’d rather get a minor league player than hold onto a 40-year-old outfielder who isn’t going to change the direction of the team. … You’re probably right about the No. 4 and No. 5 outfielders for next season. … I just see no reason in bringing Sheffield back if you want to change the culture or make-up of the team.-JD

  5. (3) Dan: 1977, Milner, Stearns, and Henderson tied for the lead with 12 each!

  6. I hate to defend them, but in their possible defense, they might have been trying to reach a team who had a guy they wanted for each of these guys and were blocked by a worse team that was either blocking or offering nada.
    Why am I defending them? The manager siad he wants Sheffield back. sheffield is the man. He’s the cornerstone of 2010. Moises Alou part 2.

  7. I agree with Dan above. Shef is not being paid much and as much as he sucks, he has been a pretty good teammate by all accounts and does have pop.

    if he goes there is no one with power except for the other corner OF.

    Personally I would let him go as the season is done. There is no point. But marketing and the selling of the emperor with no clothes needs to continue.

  8. I see the mets are 2 of 3 in the last 10 games.

    the problem is it is 2 losses to 1 win ratio rather than the reverse which is what they needed to have a snowballs chance.

  9. the economy sucks. more people will lose their jobs. at some point companies will stop firing people.

    I am hoping congress stops listening to big business and does not increase their h1b visa limits.

    with nearly 10% unemployment we should not be importing workers.

  10. What’s wrong with wanting Sheffield back in 2010? He’s having an outstanding season and the injuries he’s dealt with have been the nagging type you see with older players — not the out-for-months-at-a-time we saw with Alou.

    I think it would be an indictment of the team if they were building around Sheffield in 2010, but I don’t think that’s what Manuel said at all. Moreover, if you remember, Sheffield wasn’t signed to play everyday in 2009; rather, they envisioned him as a fourth outfielder who could supply some pop off the bench. (And how many times have we all complained about the Mets having a subpar bench with no power hitters?)

    Finally, there’s the whole thing about compensation. What, pray tell, do you think that claiming team offered the Mets for Sheffield — maybe a single-A outfielder? Yet, depending on how MLB defines his status after the season, Sheffield’s signing with another team in 2010 could bring the Mets a compensatory draft pick with more upside than what was being offered last week.

    I still don’t see the problem with Sheffield on the whole. He’s hit with power, he’s gotten on base. He’s stayed relatively healthy (much more so than Delgado, Beltran, Reyes, Maine, Putz and others). And he’s been a good citizen. If he would accept a one-year. $5-million deal, I would seriously consider having him around for 2010.

  11. 13. . You are in love with stats.. Congrats. Maybe you can get that D-0Back Aussie who has put up Carp like numbers and get him on the Mets After all those carpsian #s this week should get him in Hall.

    Your understanding of free agency is lacking. To get a compenstaory pick Sheffield has to be declared a type A or B player, and the Mets have to offer him arbitration. do you think he’d say NO. He’d make a fortune because he would only be allowed a certain % cut in arbitration. Not based on the minimum, based on his salary of 14 mil or whatever the Tigers gifted to him to get the hell out of their locekr room. You think he’s worth 10-12 mil. If so, even Moinaya wouldn’t pick you up to be his aide. And you say he’s been a good citizen?? Bull.. Explain praytell how if he’s such a good citizen the manager has to have a 40 minute discussion with him about going on the DL and why he had to have another about when he’d play again.

    You’d give him 5 mil!!!!!LOL …. There’s thousands of has beens and never were’s who will have their agents call you if you’d be a GM.

  12. (13) Tiffany: Sheffield has a history of behaving and then going back to being the malcontent of the team. If the Mets keep him next year, guaranteed, he will want to start. He has already said that he still believes he can be a starting player in the majors.