METS CHAT ROOM: Game #114; Perez tries to stop slide.

The Mets close their so-far 1-5 road trip this afternoon in Arizona with Oliver Perez. Giving the ball to Perez to stop a losing skid doesn’t seem like such a comforting thought, but that’s what he did in his last start at San Diego.

Oliver Perez (2-3, 6.38) will toe the rubber for New York looking to build on perhaps his best performance of the season.

In a rare solid start, Perez gave up one run on two hits with seven strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings. However, closer Francisco Rodriguez threw it away when he gave up five runs, including a walk-off grand slam, in a 6-2 loss at San Diego on Friday.

Perez started against Arizona, Aug. 1, giving up three runs and walking five in five innings and didn’t get a decision.

David Wright, who struck out last night to end the game as a pinch-hitter, should be back in the line-up today. In an interesting note, manager Jerry Manuel said he’d like to see Gary Sheffield return.

I’m cool to the idea. I think the Mets have gotten the most they can out of Sheffield and don’t see a substantial improvement next season.

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  1. JD: I appreciate the different posts. But just sayin it would be nice for you to respond to the earlier posts as well. I also don’t really see the point of more Sheffield unless the Mets are going to trade him.

  2. Steve (1): I agree. He’s not coming back and if you can get something for him then make a waiver deal. Maybe he’s back in the line-up so they can showcase him.-JD

  3. Billy Wagner should return Sunday against the Giants. Who would have thought he’d beat back Reyes and Beltran? … Jerry Manuel is mulling taking Livan Hernandez out of the rotation.-JD

  4. 3. What’s the difference who starts? Unless they bring up a kid for some show and tell who cares if its Livan/Redding/figgy. They are all guys who will always get time to play for losers.

    Wagner; It better be a sow for scouts. If he’s here Sept 1 and still pitching then this org is tally retarted.

    Sheffield: If he’s claimed on waivers would the team that claims have to take on the rest of the $$ the Tigers owe or just the Mets portion? Just like Livan; Who cares if he plays or Sullivan or Reed or Pagan. none of them are pat of a winning future. Nick Evans may suck, but let him prove it for more than 5 games.

  5. Hi – It’s still pouring here, but the thunder and lightning have passed through. Hope to see Ed back as well – this was his last post yesterday;

    “I’ll try to stop by for the day game – im off tom. hope some are around this venting is therapy lol”

    I think he may have something there….

  6. (3) JD: Hopefully the Mets are trying to peddle Livan, assuming he got thru the waiver wire. Even though he has struggled lately, i’m sure there are some contending teams that would want a veteran arm down the stretch. He serves absolutely no purpose here. As far as Wagner goes, they really better be showcasing him.

  7. At least the D-Back fans see a glimmer of hope for the future. We get to hear the joke of a manager say he wants Sheffield back next year.

  8. Play the infield in with one out in the first? Manuel has no confidence in his team’s ability to score. He shouldn’t.

  9. You know I hate the thought of this John Ricco taking over. The show will still be run by Minaya, but only in the background. The last time a “numbers” guy took over was Al Harazin who proceeded to build the worst team money could buy. They need to do like they did when Wilpon/Doubleday bought the team…bring in someone from outside the organization. Omar will never lead this team out of the doldrums.

  10. JD: I think it would be awful and would give me no hope at all for the forseeable future. I have lost all my confidence in Minaya.

  11. This regime has been in place for five years already and are at the regression stages, injuries or no injuries. It’s just time for fresh faces and fresh outlooks.

  12. John – From what I’ve read in the NY papers, Ricco and Minaya are very different in the way they look at the game. I don’t believe they could be co- anythings. True?

  13. Harry (21) what say you about Pedro – The Diva – and his performance tonight? It’s going to be on ESPN, but I’m not sure if I’m in black-out territory tonight or not.

  14. John (26) It may be the only way – a clean sweep of the management would cost too many $$$$ for the Wilpons apparently.

  15. 27. Oh annie….tough one…. Hatin the Phillies I want every one of their pitchers to get bombed…. But it really doesn’t matter anymore this year for the Metsies and the Metsie fans, and it was fun watching him throughout his career, so I’m hoping he pitches a perfect game, and then retires on top!

  16. John – Does Ron seem tired? Howie and Gary are reporting that Ron played 36 holes of golf today, teeing off at 6:30AM and walking. (Temps above 90). No report on his score :)

  17. I find it hard to believe the Wilpons will fire Minaya before his three year extension even kicks in. They may slightly change his duties but will use the injury excuse to explain 2009.

  18. Harry (30) Thank you for that – it’s the way I feel about him too, and I go back a long way, even earlier than Boston with him. He has a certain charm about him that lit up the Mets when they sorely needed it. And my best memory of him at Shea was when he was on the mound and the sprinklers went on – instead of getting cranky, he started dancing in the ‘rain’. There was also a big piece about him in the Times describing his home in Westchester and his gardens – he grew both flowers and vegetables. Has he ever had a perfect game? I can’t remember.

  19. (34) JD: I think Rubin has been pretty “on” about everything. The public outcry is going to call for Minaya to be canned and the lack of ticket sales is going to speak even louder. I think it’s far from a given that Minaya is back.

  20. Is today’s lineup worse than the one Joe Torre used 30 years (plus one day) ago?

    Taveras SS
    Trevino C
    Mazzilli CF
    Stearns 3B
    Montanez 1B
    Cardenal RF
    Youngblood LF
    Flynn 2B
    Falcone P

  21. 5 walks and not even 4 complete. Thank you Ollie for making me look like an idiot. lol

  22. (38) Dan: Hmmm…that’s a toughie. But i’ll give Ollie the benefit of the doubt that he is better than Falcone. Today’s OF is better, but i’ll put Youngblood’s arm up against Francouers. Gold glover at 2b in Flynn. It is very close indeed. lol

  23. Things would have been totally different with Pedro here if he hadn’t slipped in the bathroom in Florida on that fateful May day of 2006.

  24. Willie was my man JD. The hottest dog on the Mets. Remember when he drew a walk, he would actually walk to first base? lol

  25. Annie: You won’t be blacked out on ESPN…I’ll be blacked out and will have to watch on the Phillies station…. unless its on WGN…..

  26. I think he used to flip it JD, i’m not sure. He also did the “snatch catch” at 1b. I was at one game that I believe they were trailing the Cubs or the Pirates by 6 runs late in the game, and Willie ended up hitting a homer to give the Mets an 8-7 lead as they scored 7 runs. Of course the Mets ended up losing the game, but it was sure exciting for a 14 year old boy to watch. At least that’s my recollection of how the game went. lol

  27. I looked it up, it was against the Cubs, Mets were trailing 6-0 in the bottom of the 5th and the Mets scored 7 runs to take the lead. And in the top 6th, the Cubs regained the lead, it looks like it was against Paul Siebert (him and Bobby V came over from the Pads for Kingman) The game was 7/7/78.

  28. Isn’t there some golawful tv show with Joan Rivers visiting the homes of millionaires? Coin Flip will be a perfect candidate for an episode. Not that I would watch. Even I have standards.

  29. Sheffield making his case to get a contract by throwing to the wrong base allowing batter to move to second. Now an IBB to get the pitcher to hit.

  30. Yeowch, loading the bases with Ollie pitching even to face the pitcher is crazy. lol

  31. Harry: What happened to Delgado? Did they say he was out for the season now?

  32. Did I see correctly? Francouer walked? Those Amazin Mets. Well here comes Mr. DP himself, Tatis. Anyone taking bets on a 1-2-3 Dp?

  33. Ronny is tired Annie. He’s calling Francoer, Francona. Well, Tatis, call Omar, get your new contract while you are on fire!

  34. Annie: Cohen said the future GM just told them he was checked in NY and hurt his oblique and was shut down.

  35. Harry: Did SNY mention anything about Castillo and why he wasn’t playing today? Was he benched?

  36. JD: Since the Mets are doing the Parnell experiment, do you think they would try the same thing with Stokes?

  37. 71. Delcos. I thought you wanted him back for trade purposes?
    70. Steve: I didn’t hear anything about Castillo.

  38. It would have been nice to see them stretch Ollie. Don’t know why they’re not. Instead we get Schoengreenman in the game. The human sad sack.

  39. Steve (72): As a long guy, Stokes is probably better capable of starting now than Parnell is. I’d probably leave Stokes in the pen. They don’t see him as an answer similar to the way they don’t see Figuera as an answer.-JD

  40. Harry (66) Only golfers would understand about Ronnie’s Day. When I lived in Florida I would often walk 18, but never 36 – that’s why they had caddies and/or carts. However, Ronnie’s been a great athlete all his life – I saw him when he was a 4 sport guy at Yale – while majoring in Chinese history.
    One of the real Good Guys of sports.

  41. Hmm…. Looks like Jerry doesn’t know how to do a double switch. Isn’t that what everyone berated Willie about?

  42. (77) Harry: Two batters is enough for Schoengreenman. Don’t need to see him anymore than we need to and apparently neither did Manuel.

  43. Harry (73): I should have been clearer. I’d like to see what I could get for him, but if they didn’t make a trade I don’t want back for 2010. Sorry.-JD

  44. Hey Omar, looks like you have to build your bullpen again this Winter, and your rotation and a good deal of your starting lineup. Glad you have no kids ready after 5 years. Every agent will tell you how their guy wants to play for the Metsies if only you could give them an OP contract. No more no less….

  45. Howie has put this game “In The Book” – and it’s about time that the book had a new chapter.

    Final Score: Mets 6 – Arizona 4

    Next Game at Citi Field, Friday at 7PM against the Giants.

    See you then…