About last night …. Hernandez hits wall

Livan Hernandez has had his moments this year, and he might again. But, right now he has hit a wall. Hernandez was supposed to be an innings eater, and earlier in the season he was, but he’s getting ripped now.

We know he was a stop-gap, as most No. 5’s are, but he’s not stopping anything lately. As of now, the Mets should be looking for at least two starters in the off-season. The givens are Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, and sad to say, Oliver Perez.

The Mets aren’t going to get anybody to take Perez’s contract, and for that kind of money, you don’t go into the bullpen unless you’re a top-flight closer.

10 thoughts on “About last night …. Hernandez hits wall

  1. JD: I know how much you hate Ollie and all and the signing right now does look like a bad one. But given that he was injured this year for most of the season, and has a chance to put together two back to back strong starts, there is reason for some optimism with him. Don’t hold him accountable because Omar decided to bid against himself and Ollie took the money that was offered.

  2. 1. Even if he has 10 great starts in a row you can’t go into next season saying he’s now arrived. He’s beyond that. Pelfrey is reaching the same point. So you not only need starters you need expensive 2s and 3s. Omar says no to dealing young suspects, so is he gonna go out and make 2 more bad signs so he is totally locked out of doing anything until 2014.
    This org needs to develop a plan and find a GM who will stick to a plan no matter the short term consequences. Omar has been a total failure at having a plan that lasted more than a couple minutes.

  3. Was it just 2 years ago Ollie and Maine won 15 games each? Seems a long time ago. We thought we had solid 2 and 3 starters for years to come. Then add Santana for 2008 and it was looking so good. Add in the promise of Pelfry and we were set. Now we are talking about Redding and Figgy. How could it all go so wrong so fast?

  4. Harry: Yes, Ollie would still be a question mark regardless, but at some point in time he’ll either turn the corner, or just be a mediocre starter. I’m obviously hoping something clicks for him. I’ll definitely give Pelfrey some more rope..he’s still basically a neophyte in the majors. The hitters have adjusted to him , now it’s up to him to readjust. I think we’ll know more about the pitcher Pelfrey will be next year. And g0d help us if Minaya has to be the one to clean up the entire mess. And hiring Ricco as the “GM” with Minaya in the background is more of a recipe for disaster. Remember the Al Harazin days? lol

  5. (3) Yes, it seems like ages ago I was at Shea and listened in silence as Beltran looked at strike 3. That was an awful place to be. When you’re in the upper deck and you can hear the other team as clear as day celebrating on the mound, you know that Shea was quiet.

  6. Glad to see Castillo out of the lineup today. I’m sick and tired of his non-chalant throws to first. Unfortunately we have to see Tatis at 2b it looks like. And again, Anderson Hernandez gets the pine.

  7. Steve the O. I was a strident defender of OP, even one of the few who admit to wanting him resigned. But he’s even turned me off. Different motion every day, every week, different attention span. He’s a lucky man. A man who got rich thru failure and under achievement.
    As for Pelfrey, I listen to Jim Palmer, O’s analyst and he constantly says the young pitchers need 50 starts to show their stuff. Pelfrey is way past that. I think he’s over 70. He may be a victim of too many coaches changeing his pitcing repetoire but there comes a time when a guy needs to say these are my main pitches.

  8. (7) And I think Tom Glavine said 100 games. Unless he meant that only for lefties. Which means in both Pelfrey and Ollie’s case they’re (and we’re,) both screwed. lol.