Sheffield likely to play tonight.

Manager Jerry Sheffield said to expect Gary Sheffield in the line-up tonight at Arizona. Sheffield has been hobbled with a sore hamstring since July 17. Prior to last night’s game, Manuel told Sheffield not to expect to start until he’s healed, but after appearing as a pinch-hitter it looks as if he’ll get the green light.

SHEFFIELD: Could he go?

SHEFFIELD: Could he go?

Sheffield believes he’s ready.

“If there ever was a time I thought I couldn’t play, that would be a time I would walk away,” said Sheffield, who unbelievable leads the Mets with ten homers. “But I still can hit 30 home runs. I can still hit in the middle of the order for a contending ball club.”

The operative words there are “contending ball club.”

With the season fading away, we know Sheffield, 40, won’t be invited back next season and his real value to the Mets might be in getting a minor league player in a waiver deal.

4 thoughts on “Sheffield likely to play tonight.

  1. Hmmmm…let’s see tonight’s lineup…Cory Sullivan leading off, playing left. Fernando Tatis batting third, playing second. Daniel Murphy, great slugger that he is, batting cleanup.
    Must NOT See TV, in my book.
    I’m hitting the $1 movie theater.

  2. 2. Hey traitor… Nobody in the world gives a crap what you do tonite. Hope you get arrested at your porno flick.