METS CHAT ROOM: Game #113; struggling in the desert.



It didn’t seem that long ago that a five-game winning streak briefly showed the Mets with signs of life in their increasingly remote chances of playing October baseball.

Let’s face it, ain’t happening. Also not happening is Gary Sheffield. He won’t start tonight, either, but is available as a pinch hitter like last night.

The Mets go into tonight’s game at Arizona losers of nine of their last 12 games. With the offense on life-support, the rotation has responded with a 5.57 ERA in that span.

At one time, June 7 after throwing seven shutout innings against Washington, was 5-1. He takes a 7-6 record and 5.08 to the mound tonight.

Last Thursday, Hernandez gave up seven runs in five innings in losing at San Diego. He has given up seven runs or more in three of his last six outings. Lifetime, Hernandez is 10-6 with a 3.51 ERA against the Diamondbacks, but his history over the past two months is a greater measure of what to expect.

The Mets will send this line-up against Max Scherzer (6-6, 4.01):

Cory Sullivan, LF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Jeremy Reed, CF
Alex Cora, SS
Brian Schneider, C
Livan Hernandez, RP

99 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #113; struggling in the desert.

  1. I see Anderson Hernandez is being punished for showing up all of his teammates the last two and breaking team rules by getting base hits. Its really nice to see Jerry continually lie about playing guys who are hot. I guess he’s punishing Hernandez for making the totally assinine assum,tion that the first baseman would be covering first base aon a double play grounder to the pitcher!!!!

  2. Hi John, Harry – any predictions for tonights’ game? Jerry Manuel said very little to Francesa this afternoon on WFAN except that David Wright was sitting this one out.

  3. How do you think Nick Evans feels. He was depressed not making the team in the Spring. Now, he can’t even make this team.

  4. Is this lineup even worse than the “Bring your kids to see our kids” teams 30 years ago?

  5. Anderson Hernandez would have made that play. Too bad he’s being unished for throwing to first base and not assuming Murphy would be standing by the pitchers mound for no reason.

  6. Gee, I hope Sadecki didn’t go to the game again tonite. Last night was sufficient punshment fro one season.

  7. Delcos; Do you really think Pedro/Moyers matters??? I think if they pulled Happ it would have mattered, but this move doesn’t.

  8. Howie is talking about how the Mets don’t even try anymore…also concerned about Livan.

  9. Why is he concerned about Livan? He’s old and worn out and he gave them more good games then they should have hoped for. He was worse for 2 teams last year. Much worse.

  10. Manuel looks upset. Doesn’t he like HRs? Forget that… he likes singles to the opposite field.

  11. Scenes from various games on Extra Innings.

    1) Lastings Milledge of the Pirates making a leaping catch to rob a Rockie of a home run.
    2) Rudy Guiliani is at Chicago for the Phillies game. I wonder if he’s trying to persuade the citizens of the Windy City to destroy their 100 year old ballpark to install a $1.3 billion monstrosity like he and his successor did in the Bronx??
    3) Real awful job by the NFL/Direct TV jacking up the Sunday Ticket from $159 to $280.

  12. Harry (16) I would venture to say that lots of people connected with the Mets are upset these days…

  13. 17. Your # 3. i hope bars don’t cancel. Its the only way to see the NY Football Giants around here about half the weeks. This is serious bad news……

  14. 21. we can talk about the three team race in the NL East. Braves are led by rookie Hanson with 7 wins. Phillies are led by rooie Happ with 8 wins I think. Marlins I don’t know who brought them back… But where are our rookies? Five years and Omar has brought up Pelfrey the bust, Joe Smith the bust in Clevelenad, Nick Evans who vanished, and Murphy the bust and Parnell the ??… Where is our Hanson and Happ? Low minors Ha…Its a 20 year plan.

  15. 10-Chiti. No I being tortured in the comfort of my own home today. After this series I doubt I will see another Mets game on TV this year.

  16. Rubin in the Daily News today let us know why the Mets keep promoting front office personnel from within the org. To bring in a GM from outside they would have to hire a whole new staff and that would be too expensive. This may be the most depressing news yet.

  17. Annie, remember what Bill Terry used to say. Baseball is a great game. It has to be because it’s survived the idiots who run it.

  18. Dan (31) Not sure we’ve ever seen idiots like we have in charge these days -Selig???

  19. Maybe I’ll become a Pittsburgh fan. Season starts in Aug when the Steelers start playing and ends when the Penguins are done. You get to enjoy most of the summer away from sports.

  20. Ok, the Mets hired a young hot shot scout (Phillips) who did well for a few years, then was given a reprieve for three years too long.

    When they finally let him go they went with a numbers guys (Duquette) and hired to two super scouts as his talent evaluators (gadious for the other).

    now what will they do, let this guy (Omar) hang on for three more years or hire the numbers guy (Ricco) with a talent advisor(Wogan).

    can they stop repeating themselves

  21. The Dbacks are bringing up some nice young talent. Oeltjen ran the bases like Reyes on that triple.

  22. Question: If it’s a deep fly ball but foul, should the LF/RF catch it in this situation giving the Snakes a run?

  23. 37. Aren’t they breakin some baseball rule. Aren’t you supposed to bring up has beens?
    38. The way Livan is pitching you better take any out you can get.

  24. Tim redding has two years of arby left – he’s been decent out of the pen – do we keep him

  25. FYI – If you want to see the ‘Diva’ pitch tomorrow night, ESPN will be carrying the game.

  26. I agree we dont need all the scrubs but we do need a mop-up man who could start in an emergency – we’ve been missing that piece since Darren Oliver

  27. Tim Redding enters the game. So instead of throwing gasoline on the fire, we are throwing kerosene.

  28. 49. LOL… He can play in Buffalo forever.
    Speaking of your Phillies, Lidge blew another save tonite.

  29. Did Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon follow the team to the Valley of the Sun? Or was losing three out of four too much for them?

  30. 50. Green is absolutely pathetic. I’d bring back Heilman before I’d keep that clutchless Green.

  31. 55. Omar went to buffalo to hide. He learned that from his mentor Phillips who went to Scranton to follow the Tides when he got fired.

  32. Murphy should be benched for that horrible play last night. Pagan got benched. Murphy should be next to him.

  33. (58) reading the beat writer Mike harrington’s twitter Buffalo is as mad as we are – asked during the press conference why should Buffalo stay with the Mets when the contract is up

  34. 60. Well, that’s a good one. We got kicked out of Norfolk and went to New Orleans because nobody would sign up with us. I guess we’ll be back there in 2011.

  35. ed (62): Murphy hasn’t played to the high expectations, but he has played well enough at first to where that position shouldn’t be an offseason issue. I believe there are more important holes to fill, beginning with two starters.-JD

  36. (64) I would have no problem with Murphy at 1B if they sign a power bat LF – traditionally though in the NL the power bat is the 1B. without an all or nothing HR threat without the DH the dynamics of the line-up is drastically changed

  37. It will be interesting to hear the crowd reaction when the team returns home. I wonder if Citi Field will be enough of a distraction to take the fans’ attention away from the field. If it were Shea there would be venom spewed.-JD

  38. I do suggest they bring in a veteran 1b to mentor him – his over agressiveness and lack of fundies – needs to be addressed- I suggested bringing in Rich Aurilla for the rest of the year – he’s about to be cut and would be a good mentor

  39. ed (65): Part of the assumption in my original statement is there would be an increase in power with Beltran’s return and hopefully a return to normal by Wright. Left field is another hole I would rate ahead of first base. I would like to see more power from Murphy, but that should come as he matures.-JD

  40. John (66) You are so right about this – I’ll say that the team will hear from the Mets fans.

    Any news about Reyes?

    OT – Have you seen the Pitino ‘news’?

  41. I think the citidump will be quiet. These guys aren’t even worth the effort to boo them.

  42. 74. Nope, have you? This year I went to see the Mets in DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. I usually go to one Giants game a year. Maybe I’ll go to 2 to replace a trip to Queens. No more dough for AAAA players. At least play kids like the D backs are doing.

  43. (69) Jd – I consider Wright, Beltran, Francoeur line-drive hitters with enough power to hit homeruns. Beltran as the closest to a true power hitter ( just my opinion). delgado in 2006 early 2007 was the last time they had a true home run hitter that changed the way pitchers approached the line-up a Pujhols, Gonzalez, Howard, Dye, Dunn type. A guy who draws walks, protects the hitters around him and if you make a mistake doesnt get a hit puts it over the fence. whether it’s LF or 1b they need it

  44. (75) keith doesnt like to work much – he doesnt even instruct in spring training like many prior mets

  45. ed (78): No argument here on that point. But, I wouldn’t gamble on Delgado returning to that stature. … As much as I like him, they aren’t going to trade for Adam Dunn.-JD

  46. Harry (77) No, I haven’t either. Would like to see the place, but haven’t made any real plans, yet.

  47. Now that the season is over, is it wrong to hope that this turn into a mess so Omar gets fired

  48. (81) no Delgado needs to go – change the culture- but they need a bat – Dye will be available

  49. Dye… Come on Ed. We go from one guy who’s best days are in the rear view mirror to another guy who’s best days are in the rear view mirror.

  50. (86) people in the park will be die hards – so Im sure somebody will get basted – I have tickets on staurday night and gave my thur. tickets away -co-worker Philly fan I couldn’t bear to see in person let him have the tcikets

  51. (88) you have a twenty something power hitter I’ll gladly take him – there not available – Dunn was our best shot and he’s gone- the list of free agents no body has more then 30 Hrs and is 29 or under

  52. Our farm doesnt have a developing power hitter and Omar wont trade any of his 16 y/o s – so its either find a 30 something with 25-30 Hrs left in his tank or go without

  53. Howie has put this game “In the Books”. It’s just the same old story – Mets lose again and again.

    Final Score: Arizona 6 – Mets 2

    Next game tomorrow at 3:40PM.

    See you then…..

  54. Its time to forget the FA routine. Its a loser. Unless you gonna pay Yankee bucks, its a loser. Give up a year and let these kids develop. Then you fill a hole here and there with a FA. This lets get everybody who’s a FA but ewho’s cheap ain;t ever gonna do it.

  55. night all – been fun – I’ll try to stop by for the day game – im off tom. hope some are around this venting is therapy lol

  56. Harry (95): That is probably the best approach, but I wonder if the organization can stomach the losing, and more importantly, is willing to sacrifice a lot at the gate.-JD

  57. To think I used a vacation day for this. Actually I just needed a three day weekend. I didn’t have any urge to see this game. Tomorrow’s/today’s game will be to see if the Mets can hold onto 8th place in the wild card race over the D-Backs. Maybe I’ll change the oil in the car instead.