Sit Beltran; try to move Delgado.

At this stage of the game, and there is little game left for the 2009 New York Mets. We know they aren’t going to catch the Philadelphia Phillies, and they have to leapfrog almost the entire National League to have a puncher’s chance at a wild card.

They must start to make moves with 2010 in mind, and at the top of that list is to shut down Carlos Beltran and seriously evaluate the need for surgery. If Beltran does eventually need surgery, wouldn’t it be better to have it done now rather than October or November?

BELTRAN: Let him rest.

BELTRAN: Let him rest.

Should he get it now, he’ll have an extra three months to rehab, and Padres outfielder Brian Giles, who underwent the procedure microfracture surgery, said he’ll need every day.

“I would let it calm down and be ready for next year, having gone through what I went through,” Giles told reporters over the weekend. “There’s a lot of risk with this injury, especially with a young player like him. It could affect him for a long period of time.

“I rehabbed my butt off. I’ve never worked so hard to get ready for a season.”

Beltran is not soft nor is he a slacker, however, rehabbing is tough work and he’ll need the time to overcome the inevitable setbacks and slow points.

With little to play for this season, the Mets can’t afford Beltran risking further injury. Or eating a lot of time then opting for surgery. And, what is there is a problem with surgery or a longer than anticipated rehab? The extra time gained by doing it now would be essential.

Why push him for no reason?

As far as Delgado is concerned, the Mets aren’t going to offer him arbitration, which he’d obviously accept. They would be better off spending the money elsewhere, and the Mets do have holes that need plugging.

They’d be better off getting something and ridding themselves of the financial obligation. Daniel Murphy, which currently lacks the power needed for first base, could further develop as a hitter for the remainder of this year and next. While Murphy might not be the long-range answer at first base, he plays the position well enough defensively to where the Mets won’t be hurt with him there next season.

With at least two starters, left field, bullpen help and bench depth, first base is NOT an immediate priority. Murphy is good enough to stick there for another year. Plus, his lack of power should, or could, be made up with Beltran’s healthy return, David Wright’s comeback from the power Twilight Zone, and possibly the addition of an outfielder.

11 thoughts on “Sit Beltran; try to move Delgado.

  1. JD: Did you look at the FA crop next year? It’s pretty weak. Probably the best hitter out there is Bay and I dont think the Mets would pony up the $15 mil per year it will take to sign him. I like Joel Sherman’s idea about signing Chone Figgins who can play the OF and is able to give Wright some rest at 3b.

  2. 2. I agree don’t play Delgado, but the financial obligation? There’s only 6-7 weeks left. And who would take a guy who hasn’t faced live pitching in months? As for Murphy, this power line is so false… Kewith Hernandez was a power hitter? Never hit 20. Olerud’s high was 24. Grace never hit 20. You need a balance in your line up. It doesn’t matter where the power comes from.
    Agree Beltran shouldn’t play but surgery…. Shouldn’t medical experts be making those recommendations instead of outfielders?

    Re: Your Parnell post… Agree he shoudl start rest of year, but if he should start then all the bums who aren’t going to be here in the future should be gone now and the future should be here now as well. These so called wonderful prospects should all be here now ready or not so they know what they gotta learn and they can be evaluated a bit. These guys are just learning losing ways in this hapless farm system, they as well learnn from the best. Nobody in NY is talking the Mets anymore anyway so there sure won’t be any NY pressure rest of the year. For all the NYC folks, how many Met calls did the FAN get today?

  3. (3) Chiti: Haven’t heard the radio today but there is no way after the Yanks sweep of the Sox, that NY would be talking bout the Mets anyway. Regarding Parnell, I just can’t take a guy seriously who had basically no success at the minor league level starting.

  4. Murphy doesn’t produce enough to play 1b. Olerud and Hernandez were just much more productive than Murphy. Yes it doesn’t have to be HRs but it has to be production and Murphy hasn’t provided enough for a 1st baseman.

    I agree there is no need for Beltran to play this year. I still watch the games so I’d enjoy seeing him come back but its not worth it if it risks next year in any way.

  5. By the way, exactly what is Beltran’s injury? What is a ‘bone bruise’? I’d never heard of it before this. And why won’t it just go away like muscle bruise?

  6. (4) He could produce enough if there were multiple other sources of power out there. All he would need to do it bat .280 and hit around 15 homers. I don think he can do it.

  7. Murphy is slugging .378. That’s terrible for a 1st baseman. His OBP is .316. Pretty bad also. He’s not even an average major league hitter overall much less compared to the average 1st baseman.

  8. (7) Well the hope would be that with the experience he gained this year, he’ll be better for next year as a stop gap until Davis is ready.

  9. Yeah, he should get better, he’s still in the development phase of his career, going into his age 25 season next year.

  10. TMS: Expecting instant success at the big league level is unfair and excpet for the true superstar doesn’t happen. Check out Keith’s numbers before 79. Up and down, inconsistant…. You’d have dumped him after 78 right before he won the MVP. Murphy had to deal with learning two new positions and hitting on a team with ridiculous expectations for a guy in his first full year. Every kid is going to be below your expectations. Your post 9 is correct. He should get better. If he doesn’t, bye bye Murphy.
    The guys who won’t get better are still playing and shouldn’t…Sullivan, Schneider, Cora, A. Hernandez; and pitchers like R Hernandez and Dessens Redding, Figeroa. They hsould all be replaced by prospects/i mean suspects… oh never mind we don’t have any I guess.

  11. i think beltran will play this year and have surgery in february.

    just in time to get him ready for 2001 when the real season starts.