METS CHAT ROOM: Game #112; Pelfrey vs. Snakes.

Thundering and lightning here in the Northeast. The lights have already flickered a couple of times tonight. I hope I don’t lose power and the Internet goes.

The Mets (52–59) begin a three-game series at Arizona (50–62) tonight with Mike Pelfrey (8-7, 4.75 ERA) going against Doug Davis (6-10, 3.67). The Mets have won 15 of their last 17 games at Arizona. Pelfrey is a 0-3 with a 5.40 ERA in four career starts against Arizona.

PELFREY: Needs to stay away from the big inning.

PELFREY: Needs to stay away from the big inning.

With 50 games remaining there are a lot of issues surrounding the Mets, with the one of the most important being the development of Pelfrey. He appears to have taken a step back from last season and hasn’t lived up to expectations. Pelfrey was supposed to win as many as 15 games this season. Maybe more.

Working on eight days off – without throwing – there is concern Pelfrey might experience a little rust. Pelfrey’s problem this season has been an inability to limit the damage. There’s always been one inning where Pelfrey unravels, and not surprisingly, control has been the issue.

Gary Sheffield, who last played Aug. 5 against St. Louis, remains out of the lineup with hamstring tightness.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

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  1. John (3) OK, I’ll have help from Howie and Wayne – Ooops I hear more thunder here…which way is this storm going – across the state or up towards Hartford???

  2. John (6) Just checked the radar – it’s moving straight across the state. At least a cool breeze is coming into my office :)

  3. If I’m Pelfrey’s kid, I’d be embarassed that my dad is such a freakin weak ass, pathetic loser.

    Way to dedicate a game to your newborn baby you bum. He’s worthless.

  4. Ed (15): I think it became obvious a long time ago that this mentally weak loser will never be a #2. He pithces like a #5

  5. Pathetic once Wright didn’t make that easy play on the shattered bat incident he was shook

  6. yeah – not playing when he’s supposedly healthy – i would get it if he was replaced by Sully for Defense- but for friggin tatis who has no range and is a double play machine – it makes no sense

  7. ed (26): Manuel said he was just being cautious. Sheffield hasn’t exactly been Mr. Durable. … Sheffield should be quiet. He’s a guy they could move in a waiver deal. Maybe Manuel doesn’t want him to get hurt and blow a trade.-JD

  8. JD- you brought a smile to my face with the Mets record at the top of the page… I wish we could somehow lose 30 losses off our record!

  9. anyone else disappointed we didn’t claim Rios – you get a solid starter for the next six years – Beltran, Rios, Francoeur with Sully/Pagan in reserve sounds good to me

  10. (28) if they could get anything for him then they should – but why is Tatis still even on this team – I rather see a solid defender like Sully

  11. ed (30) yes, but we didnt have the chance to claim him if I understand the rules correctly

  12. is it by record or league and record- did he have to clear the entire AL then to the NL or is it strikly the worse team to the bast

  13. Tatis is taking Nick Evans spot – thsi is the type of year where a kid like Evans should be here

  14. Keystone cops – Wright should have had Reynolds first AB, then they let him walk into second, Pagan looks awful twice, and pelfrey can’t lock it down with a runner in scoring position

  15. jd (36) between internet problems, xm radio problems, moving, and the mets sucking the life out of me, i just havent had the motivation to comment about this team…

    but its nice to stop by every once in a while…

  16. JD: I’m sick of the so-called “regulars” on this team sucking.

    Everyone wants to blame the injuries, but if you really look at it, the people that are consistently losing games are the people that would be “regulars” anyways. If they all played the way they should be, this team would be better off.

    Wright has lost a number of games with this pathetic defense, weak hitting, and poor leadership. Pelfrey has lost a ton of games b/c he’s the definition of a wimp. Perez is awful. Castillo drops game winning pop-ups. KRod blows sure-fire saves. Murphy sucks (only a Mets fan would be high on a guy who’s batting .250 and playing 1B). And even Santana has lost some key games.

    If any of the above mentioned people would be doing what everyone projected of them (or even half of that), this team might still be in some form of contention. I don’t know who you blame for this: the player or the fact that they have a dumb manager who doesn’t hold them accountable for their poor play.

  17. We’re behind 4-0 already?? What happened to the winning team from yesterday – this is pathetic, particularly Pelfrey.

  18. Of the names I mentioned, Santana is the least at fault, but I don’t think you can ignore his run of bad starts in June that was the beginning of the team’s slide in June (including that piss poor game against the Yankees). Oh and I didn’t even mention the pen and people like Sean Green (again, a guy with a 5 ERA and ppl want to call him reliable).

  19. rmkmets (41): How about holding both accountable? You’re right on all points. The injuries have hurt, but that doesn’t mean the people here have to play like they are in a fog, which is what they have done. … Wright has had a puzzling season. Pelfrey, I touched on in the post. Ed is right in saying he is like Perez. … And, Santana hasn’t pitched consistently well since the San Francisco game.-JD

  20. JD (46): I don’t discount the injuries in saying that they cost this team a shot at matching up with the heavyweights. My point is that the injuries are NOT the reason this team is 6 games under .500.

    I can count so many games that Wright, Pelfrey, Green, Perez, Castillo, KRod, Redding (I count him too since Minaya signed him to be a big contributor to this team), and Murphy have lost. If all of these names had played to their norms and/or to what they were at least projected this team is at least .500 or maybe a game or two above and in realistic contention for wildcard.

  21. I suppose Jeff and Omar are just watching this mess continue – they really need to do something or the team won’t change these lazy habits.

  22. Ed (47): The only person I keep is Santana, KRod, Reyes and Beltran (the latter two b/c they were hurt and you can’t blame them for this team’s pathetic play). I get rid of EVERYONE else, including Wright.

    I don’t know what value Wright brings to this team. Everyone wants him to be some sort of leader and I think it’s more than obvious that won’t happen anytime soon, if at all. Plus, he’s all of a sudden turning into the offensive 2nd coming of Carlos Baerga and at 3B he brings no value.

    Oh and there’s Murphy, the so-called great potential hitter, who just K’d when all he had to do is just put the stupid ball in the air.

  23. fly ball gets the run – come on the lack of simple fundamentals on such a regular basis is the most troubling thing – I dont care if there not regulars these are things single A players should know to do

  24. this team has been lazy and have played poor baseball the past couple of years… it doesnt matter who the coaches are, the players are to blame. Some might have some great talent, but they suffer major brain farts at critical times.

    Since you cant clean house of all your stars, we’re going to be stuck with this for a while.

  25. (59) if the knew how to simply elevate the ball its a one run game – you cant leave a runner on third with the starter realing and only one out

  26. Ed (55) I didn’t mean that he should, it’s Jeff that needs to act like he’s in charge, now.

  27. The other problem with this team goes even deeper to ownership’s philosophy which shows clearly that they have NO CLUE how to run an organization. The most recent tidbit I read on metsblog that John Ricco would be a potential successor to Omar is case in point.

    Lets trace back their lineage of GMs since Fred Wilpon became involved with this team: Cashen -> Harazin -> Mcilvaine (who was idiotically fired) -> Phillips -> Duquette -> Omar.

    What is the common link? They were ALL essentially in-house hires. The only caveats are that Omar was in Montreal when he was hired and Mcilvaine was in San Diego. Still, they were basically all linked to their predecessors as they all worked under them. Why the hell would you replace an incompetent person with someone that they more than likely trained in some way??? Again, only someone as dumb as a Wilpon would do that.

  28. rmk (56) only one i agree with is Santana.. the others have shown the tendency to make bone headed mistakes at the wrong time. but I cant see getting rid of any of them, even though they have terrible baseball instincts.

  29. the entire staff should be completely gone -the only one who I’d feel bad about is Jerry – who I really think did a decent job with what he had – despite his odd decisions

  30. ed (60) I agree except for Reyes, do we really know what his physical condition is yet?

  31. Ed (67): Jerry was the captain of this poorly run ship. The poor fundamentals, the mental mistakes, the defense – that goes back on the manager. It’s a sign of someone not running a tight ship.

  32. (65) Omar was almost hired to replace phillips during the law suit – but the team kept him so Omar walked – they hired Duquette because he was a numbers guy – the guy who just took over for Tony B. is a numbers guy hmmm

  33. mets have to fire everyone in the FO and field staff. They need to start over in the entire organization.

    whatever philosophy they have isnt working and hasnt worked.

  34. JD (70): Enough is enough. I look at this team and really don’t think they should be as pathetic as they play. They play like a baseball’s version of the Detroit Lions. And I’m also sick of turning on WFAN and reading the papers and people just keep talking about injuries being the cause. It’s just simply not.

    Injuries are the reason they aren’t in first or in close contention for it. But still, they aren’t the reason that this team is so far out of wildcard contention

  35. Ed (68) wonder how many of the front office staff are related to the Wilpons who have no idea about running a successful business operation.

  36. (71) i’d be fine with that – i am also fine with someone saying well look what he had to work with when he had a healthy squad in parts of two seasons he succeeded – July/ August 2008 full team – April/ MAy 2009 full team both times success.. But I am frustrated by the poor fundies

  37. (75) i think the wilpons are smarter then we think – as fans our goal is a world series as owners their goal is the bottom line – since they took over by themselves the bottom line has increased by leaps and bounds without spending like the yanks – they have met their goal conpetitve games in sept. ( never said world series)

  38. I also think that something should be done NOW before things just get worse and worse…

  39. I said before they should have made a trade not because it would save the season but so it would keep attendance up so they’d have the revenue to rebuild in the off-season

  40. (80) what they lost in playoff revenue over the two collapses was nothing compared to the increased revenue over being competitve again

  41. I’m not convinced that owning a sports team to just make money instead of winning games and titles is a valid goal.

  42. that will be another run – Tatis is awful out there and Pelfrey will never strand this guy

  43. John (92) yes, of course, but don’t you want to win in whatever arena you are competing?

  44. (95) the Wilpon’s have realized in a large market, that as long as there competitve the revenue they’ll loss to not building a championship team is nominal in comparison to the cost of adding those extra pieces and going over the luxury tax- it’s why the team is always really good but just seems to be missing one or two pieces

  45. We start building for next year yet? Any big roster moves? LOL….
    How about the White Sox pickin’ up Rios. High cost high/low reward…..Mets would’ve picked him up if Toronto ate all but the minimum salary!

  46. Check stub hub….. Thousands of tickets to Mets game are up for grabs. And nobody’s grabbing…..

  47. (96) of course a really good GM would have either developed those one or two pieces or found those pieces through trade- Omar only knows one way big signings and big trades – he runs out of money that their willing to spend and cant afford the second tier player and instead has six allstars and a bunch of scrubs

  48. When I was involved in racing, I met people like Steinbrenner and Mangurian who owned big teams (Yankees and Celtics) and believe me they wanted to win – at everything, even a simple gin rummy game.

  49. Its gonna be a long Winter for the Metsies. This team has more needs than the Nats. We need 4 starters; even tho OP will be back. We need 5 releivers. Only 2 coming back are KRod and Feliciano. Putz ain’t coming back for 9 mil… 2 years hurt, he’s not getting much do re mi…. LF, 1B C….. maybe a Cf if Beltran has that surgery. It is time to cleanhouse and rebuild. Omar built a disaster. Whoever said above trade Wright I join in that. Send him to a place where he thinks he can reach the fence and he’ll be fine. Boston or something.

  50. I think Anderson Hernandez should bat clean up tomorrow. He’s obviously the future.

  51. Elmer is another piece of the future puzzle. No sense bringing up a kid Bostick or Kunz when you got a true future star like Elmer to call up.

  52. Howie and Wayne are now discussing the Spring Training season of 2010 and how things are changing with teams moving around…they always, always find something to talk about :) no matter what.

  53. 108. Think any of the Giant wide receivers are going to step up? They need one to be a # 1.

  54. Harry (109) – You’re talking football aren’t you? The one sport I loathe. Try hockey or basketball, I can play there.

  55. 110. I can’t talk hockey Annie. Basketball, only college and the season is too far away. Gave up on the NBA around the time Van Gundy walked away from the Knicks.

  56. All these guys who have given up on Murphy, he’s younger than this kid making his debut for the D Backs.

  57. Harry (111) In retrospect, Van Gundy made the right move when he walked away from the Knicks, didn’t he.

  58. 113. Smartest move in NBA history!!!!

    I take back my support for Murphy. He got lucky on a couple overly aggressive plays and now he goes for a ball hit straight to the pitcher’s mound.

  59. It’s been said a team is never as good as it looks when it is winning and never as bad as it looks when they are losing. The Mets are challenging that theory.-JD

  60. Do you guys realize that this team that is humiliating the Mets was wiped all overthe place by the hapless (or are they the formerly hapless) Nationals this last weekend?

  61. Earlier this evening, I was at a wake, then I came back to this game. Tomorrow’s gotta be better…

  62. Howie has put this game “in the Books”. He might as well toss it into the wastebasket.

    Final Score: ARizona 7 – Mets 4

    Same time, same place tomorrow.

    See you then.

  63. I was at the game tonight. I left when Elmer gave up the HR. Francouer is not the answer in RF. He popped up ball four with first and second no outs and on his next AB he popped out again, swinging at the first pitch after Wright walked. Pelf, a ground ball pitcher gave up lots of hard shots to the outfield. Pagan is not the answer in CF. They really miss Beltran out there. The usually noisy Mets fans here were very very quiet.

  64. (123) Ray: My condolences to you for having to sit thru most of that garbage yesterday. Not only is Pagan not the answer at CF, i’m not even sure I would keep him over Reed or Sullivan as the 4th OF because let’s face it…if you can’t play defense, you have no business being a 4th OF. Anyway, yesterday’s debacle is all on Minaya and Manuel. There have been way too many of these games, injuries or no injuries. It’s the managers fault for not getting the fundamentals thru to the players, and Omar’s fault for giving Manuel this garbage to manage. Though i’m not expecting it, I really hope these two clowns are gone along with the entire coaching staff at the end of the year. This debacle goes way past the amount of injuries this team has had.