METS CHAT ROOM: Game #111; Sliding away.



For those saying it was impossible to judge Bobby Parnell last are missing the point. He pitched long enough, and well enough – run wise, at least – to warrant another start and continue the research as to his ability to start next year. That’s what this is all about.

He didn’t flunk, and he’ll get the ball away. With the season sliding away, that’s the best the best can hope for at this juncture.

“I felt good at the end and still had stuff in the tank,” said Parnell, who threw 68 pitches and could get another 20 in his next start.

Parnell’s nerves were exposed in a 29-pitch first-inning in which he walked two and gave up a run.

The Mets (51-59) conclude their series with the Padres today with Johan Santana (12-8, 3.10 ERA) going against Tim Stauffer (1-3, 3.12 ERA).

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Johan Santana, LP

NOTEBOOK: Lefthanded reliever Billy Wagner pitched a scoreless inning Saturday for Single-A St. Lucie and hasn’t given up a run in four innings over four minor-league rehab games. The Mets hope to get him back by Aug. 21, and work him a couple of times to show him off enough to work a waiver deal. Lefty relievers are valuable in a pennant race and a healthy Wagner might get them something. … Francisco Rodriguez is not on his game with an ERA just under eight since Luis Castillo dropped the pop up in the Yankee game.

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  1. It seems strange the Mets are “only 8 games” under .500 The way the season has gone. I’d have thought it was 30. It could be real soon.

  2. Afternoon, gents. How soon ’til the “Fire Omar!” chants commence at Citi?

  3. Looks like Petco park is a bit empty — or do their fans arrive late i.e. the Dodgers.

  4. 5 No, Annie. No late arrivals. The Padres just suck and have only one everyday player — Adrian Gonzalez — worth watching. And also, having lived in beautiful San Diego for 10 years, there about a million other outdoor options to enjoy, rather than watching a cellar dwelling baseball team against a next-to-cellar dwelling baseball team.

  5. Top 10 Other Activities in San Diego to Enjoy, Instead of a Menaingless Mets-Padres Game:

    1. Surfing or boogie-boarding at La Jolla Shores
    2. Snorkeling or scuba diving at La Jolla Cove
    3. Sailing on Mission Bay
    4. Exploring the rustic town of Julian, about 70 miles northeast of San Diego
    5. Picnicking on the beach in Encinitas, about 30 miles north of San Diego
    6. Perusing the mom-and-pop specialty stores of hippiefied Pacific Beach
    7. Taking a scenic drive across the border to Ensenada and enjoying fresh (and cheap) lobster in Puerto Nuevo
    8. Being a kid again and checking out Legoland in Carlsbad, about 30 miles north of San Diego
    9. Having an al fresco lunch at a cafe in the Gaslamp Quarter
    10. Going hiking in Torrey Pines or Cowles Mountain

  6. Hasn’t San Diego always been hampered by having an ocean to the west, a desert to the east, a poor nation to the south and the Dodgers/Angels to the north? There were cynics who thought the real commissioner of the 1960s (Walter O’Malley) got them an expansion franchise in the late 1960s to whet their appetite for baseball so when cable/pay TV came in the future, he would have a ready made market should the team fold/transfer?

  7. I guess you guys are right, now that I think of it the teams in South Florida don’t draw well, either.

  8. I was only in San Diego once, about 10 years ago. (Or maybe I was there twice; I think we drove through it when I was a kid.) I was actually in La Jolla for a conference; took a walk one afternoon down to the shore and walked south along the beach, so I guess that must have been La Jolla Cove. Got badly sunburned. Also took a cab down to San Diego proper to go to a restaurant right on the water, owned by a friend’s brother or brother-in-law or something; he was also the chef. But it turned out he wasn’t there the night I went. Food was pretty good anyway, as I recall.

  9. baseball reference lists the Padres having drawn 1,432,930 so far this year and haven’t had a crowd less than 5 digits. Maybe that is pretty good. People in 1964 were amazed the 53-109 Mets in 1964 could draw 1.7 million, 400,000 more than the first place Yankees.

  10. Gil (9) One of my nephews used to manage the Hotel at Torrey Pines, but got bounced when he bad mouthed the company CEO – hasn’t worked in the hotel business since.

  11. Jeff (12): There are a lot of good places to eat in San Diego. Gil would know better than me. I never went hungry there. Ballpark food was good, too.-JD

  12. Its bad having to watch the Mets but its a million times more intolerable having the most obnoxious person, and one of the most anti-american person in the country back posting his useless arrogant egotistical slime.

    For your ignorance the place was filled up yesterday. And also Gil the anti American, pro Iranian dicstatoship entity, those uniforms are worn to hnor the men and women who served our country in the war with terrorists and other wars against dictatorships and things like Fascists regimes killing millions of peoiple and not one of them appreciate slime like you calling the people singfing God Bless America Fascists. So go to your pro Iranian, pro Taliban web sites and leave the rest of the world alone.

  13. 10 Dan: Great question, but no, San Diego isn’t hampered by anything. The Padres have made remarkable and successful efforts to cultivate its Baja California, Mexico fan base and with the huge population influx in San Diego County (including moneyed professionals working in the biotech industry), they have plenty of fans to draw from.
    Plus, the proximity to LA attracts many Dodger fans when the Dodgers are in town; Northern California college students in SD schools always flock to Petco to see their Giants.
    Also, the population increase in San Diego has brought transplants from all across the country who have kept allegiance to their hometown teams and come to support them when they play the Padres.
    Lastly, San Diego is one of the world’s best summer vacation destinations and the Padres may be the best MLB team at keeping ticket prices VERY affordable.
    The Padres just need to invest in putting a winning product on the field, othwerwise, it’ll forever be a Chargers’ town.

  14. 21 Right you are, Annie! And also the Wild Animal Park in Escondido and the excellent museums of Balboa Park…I’m getting homesick…

  15. Harry (26): True enough. Bowden is gone. They have some young pitching that’s getting better. If the season were at the halfway point now, they just might overcome the Mets. … Meanwhile, the Mets keep languishing. Bringing back Anderson Hernandez to fill a hole tells you all you need to know about their farm system. That’s right. AH is a Nationals reject.-JD

  16. Thanks for the info, Gil. I haven’t been to SoCal in 25 years so my info needed updating. The Padres have been a moderately successful franchise the last 15 years, reaching the post season 4 times.
    Speaking of the last 15 years (and disasters) we are approaching the 15th anniversary of the 1994 baseball strike. I looked up the last game the Mets played before that disastrous event. Mario Guozzo lost in extra innings. Starting pitcher was Jason Jacome. The starter for the Phillies? None other than Fernando Valenzula! I had forgot he was ever a Phillie. Rico Brogna hit .351 in a partial season as a 24 year old.

  17. 27 True, but besides Anderson Hernandez making some great defensive plays in ’06 before he got hurt, he’s also the answer to an interesting trivia question about the 2006 Mets.

  18. Dan(29) One who helped resolve the baseball strike issue is now a Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor sworn in yesterday (David Cone spoke on her behalf during the Judicial Committee hearings)loves baseball.

  19. Annie (34): I was covering the Orioles at the time. The following spring brought us replacement players. I spent nine weeks in spring training in 1995 in the Tampa Marriott. I was there so long I had my own parking space.-JD

  20. I am a bit envious of the San Diego weather – here in Central CT, it is 62 degrees and drizzling. This is August???

  21. 29 Dan: You should’ve seen SD in ’98 when the Pads made the post-season. I went to every post-season home game at Qualcomm Stadium and I’ve gotta tell ya, as loud as NY fans are, that place ROCKED and SHOOK, with 65,000 strong for every game.
    If any team actually benefitted from the ’94 strike, it was the Pads because they used the opportunity for new owners to have very open and frank townhall meetings with fans that resulted in the team committing to making ticket prices affordable and players accessible to fans.
    At Opening Day ’99, players actually worked the turnstiles taking tickets (mine was taken by Reggie Sanders) and as recently as last season, Trevor Hoffman and other players would actually be playing and umpiring Wiffle Ball games at Petco’s “Park In a Park” with fans, which thrilled the kids.

  22. 33 JD: Anderson Hernandez represented the winning run on first base (he was pinch-running for Paul LoDuca, who had walked) in the bottom of the 9th in 2006 NLCS Game 7 when Carlos Beltran went down looking.

  23. Gil (40): Beltran still sees that pitch in his nightmares. He was completely frozen by Wainwright. Didn’t have a chance. The Cardinals were celebrating when he even thought about swinging.-JD

  24. One other thing about San Diego is that it has a large military town and military pay isn’t so bad nowadays. Looking at some pay charts online it is something like $1478 a month for an E-2. I have a coworker who was in the Navy in 1962 and got $72 a month.

  25. 41 Yup. But three other pitches were the ones that did the Mets in, in that NLCS:
    1. Guillermo Mota’s fastball in Game 2 that Scott Spiezio drilled for a triple, after he shook off Paul LoDuca’s call for a changeup.
    2. Tom Glavine’s obvious strike three in Game 5 to Albert Pujols, which ump Jeff Kellogg called a ball. Pujols homered on the next pitch to give the Cardinals the lead they never relinquished.
    3. Jeff Suppan’s 58-foot curve ball in the 7th inning of Game 6, which Jose Valentin swung and missed, with the bases juiced, one out and the go-ahead run on third.

  26. What a patriotic town San Diego is. The Halls of Montezuma, military unis; I guess that’s why Gil moved as far away from it as he can….. THREE MORE INNINGS UNTIL GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  27. Gil (45): True. The NLCS should’ve been won before that inning. Hell, the Mets never should’ve batted in the ninth. They had a chance to break the game open the inning after the Endy catch. … Let us not forget how Trachsel spit the bit.-JD

  28. 47 JD: Trachsel should NEVER have been on the post-season roster. Darren Oliver should’ve started in his place. Trachsel was about as much as a deer-in-the-headlights pitcher as the Padres’ Andy Ashby was in the ’98 World Series at Yankee Stadium.

  29. 49. Thank you….. If the guy would only say that the thousands of people including myself are not Fascists or to use his sick words uber Fascists, for singing that song it would be over. But he obviously believes it.

  30. Gil (53): In hindsight, you’re right. But, I do believe he led the team in wins that year or was tied. How do you keep him off?-JD

  31. With the Gnats winning their 40th game of the season, the 1962 Mets will continue to hold the record for the fewest wins in a 162 game season. Alright, they could tie it. But the ineptitude of Robert G Miller, Robert L Miller and Don Zimmer will live on forever!

  32. 55 Trachsel won 15 games, but come on. He benefitted from a generous supply of run support.
    Consider this: Then-Cardinal Jason Marquis also won 15 games in ’06 and enjoyed similar run support — and his manager, Tony La Russa, left him off the post-season roster.

  33. 57. Dan….. They could bring back Manny Acta, Lastings Milledge, Anderson Hernandez, Brian Schneider etc immediately and lose the rest and tie the record.

  34. 58 Consider this you had your chance to end this. I’ve obviosuly proven to be right. unfortunately…. gil hates America…. gil hates Americans The rest of your crap is totally irrelevant. I’m sure you hate yourself for living here.

  35. Gil (56) just finished Jericho’s Fall by Stephen L. Carter (Professor at Yale Law School, lives here in town) I think it’s about his sixth book – a bit wordy, but very interesting. Have the new Richard Russo book “That Old Cape Magic” and the new Pat Conroy “South of Broad”on reserve at the Library – I’d go broke if I had to pay for all of these, plus in this tiny condo I’ve already taken up a lot of room with my baseball books etc.

  36. #58 Trash got 5.5 runs per game, the same as Glavine and only slightly above the team average of 5.2 But he pitched bad in his one LDS start against the Dodgers and horribly against the Cards.
    Oliver had good year out of the bullpen but didn’t start a single game that year. Do you want to do that in the post season, even if he was a former starter? It was done in the 1950 World Series with Konstanty (Phils were strapped for pitching after a tight pennant race) and I think Joe Black in 1952 (might have had a couple starts).

  37. I have to wonder what Mel thinks about Gil’s patriotism. Can you find out for me? Thanks.

  38. 65 Couldn’t agree with you more, Annie, about the library being a great resource. I’m still waiting for the very popular, “I’m Down,” by Mishna Wolff. I’ve most recently read the hilarious “A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian,” by Marina Lewycka and the alternate history sci-fi novel, “The Grapple,” by Harry Turtledove. A really cool new nonfiction sports book is just out, called “The Beckham Experiment,” about the disastrous tenure of David Beckham with the MLS’s LA Galaxy.

  39. 66. Dan: With the strength of the Mets’ bullpen in ’06, I’d have taken a chance on Darren Oliver. In fact, he shut out the Cards over six innings after Trachsel came out of Game 3. And what you alluded to, Trachsel’s blowing a four-run lead against LA, taking him out of the rotation would’ve been justified.

  40. Gil (68) Ah Mr. Beckham, with his spice girl wife, coming to America for the $$$$$. I might look for that one at the Library……

  41. 70 I tried the other week at the library, but it wasn’t yet available. I know it’s available on, though.

  42. Okay Gil, fine. It’s just I always wonder when people say a manager should have done X, what would they have said if they had done X and it failed?? Now if Oliver had started in the LCS and got lit up like Trash did, would have said “good idea that just didn’t work” or “what was Willie thinking, using a reliever as a starter?”

  43. Gil (72) Our library here was started by my great-great-great Aunt. I get pretty good service – if I ask, they get it – sometimes from another Library, sometimes they buy it. It’s a perk.

  44. A book about David Beckham as an LA Galaxy? I was having one of my infrequent sane days and wasn’t listening to Mike Francesa the afternoon when he had the Galaxy owner on and asked him if this was Becks first chance to earn real money. Mr Hot Air thinks people in Europe are still living in the Dark Ages, with people coming by the “Bring out your dead” after another bubonic plague attack. But then, one of my French teachers told me that people if France once asked her if there were still Indian attacks when you cross the Great Plains.

  45. 73 Dan: If Darren Oliver had gotten lit up, I would’ve said he couldn’t have done any worse than Trachsel.
    Imagine how worse it could’ve been if El Duque had been healthy and Trachsel (because of Willie’s fixation on experience) likely taking John Maine’s spot in the rotation.

  46. I remember that Schoeneweis game. I’ll never forget that weekend for a lot of reasons. … I knew Willie was cooked after that weekend.-JD

  47. Listening to Cohen screaming one would think the Mets won the pennant today.

  48. OT – Tiger wins the Bridgestone as a ‘prep’ for the final Major of the year, The PGA next week at Hazeltine.

  49. 79 JD: I was at the Cameron-Beltran game, sitting behind the outfielders, in right field…scary. Even stranger was the night before, from out there, Cameron very angrily flipped off a couple of hecklers. The he ends up a Padre? Strange karma…

  50. 80. Chiti, Garys just happy because the Mets have a chance of not getting swept in a four game series in San Diego THIS YEAR.

  51. 82. Could be, but he sounds lie Thorne and Carpenter, and the folks know better. Save the screaming for when the next GM builds a contender.

  52. Gonzales jogs down to first on a grounder to second. I know he is a great player but how would that go over in NY.

  53. 92. Definitely Annie. If he were going to get dumped I think they’d have done it and let the acting GM clean house like they did when they dumped Phillips.

  54. Harry (94) I was thrilled to see Phillips go, but I have mixed feelings about Omar…the past couple of weeks have been very unsettling…

  55. Many baseball people think the next Mets GM is already in the house.
    Mets Asst GM John Ricco is well regarded in baseball and could replace Omar.

    I would bet by this time next year Omar is kicked upstairs and Ricco has the job.

  56. 95. Phillips is hated more than an ex Met closer, but he did what few Met GMs could do. He got the Mets to the WS. He traded for Piazza when all the naysayers said Piazza would never stay, and he stayed and he left Omar with Wright and Reyes. He wasn’t all bad.

  57. 97. If you’re gonna dump him next year you should dump him right now, because you know he feels the pressure and could make panic moves.

  58. 99
    I don’t think the Mets are going to dump Omar.
    I think he going to end up in a Stick Michael type role.
    Also I think Omar listens very closely to Ricco and others before making moves.

    Omar actually said he was ready to make a deal for V. Martinez but was talked out of it.

  59. 100 Scott: Any word on what Omar would’ve been giving up to get V-Mart? I mean, it’d be pretty nuts to turn down getting a guy who could fill one of two sizable holes, either at catcher or first base.

  60. 101
    Some of the names were Jenry Mejia , Brad Holt , Niese and F-Mart.

    I bet the big problem was that Martinez only had 1 year left on his contract.

    If the Mets really believed that they had a chance for the wild card they would have made a deal.

    Could be they are just afraid to pull another Kazmir.

  61. (101) I have to think Ike Davis’ rapid development this year puts him in the running for 1B of the future — by 2011, if not sooner. VMart is already over 30 and probably has a limited shelf life behind the plate. As such, I probably wouldn’t deal significant prospects for him when he’d likely be occupying a position for which you have a legitimate, almost-ready-for-primetime prospect.

  62. Scott (103/104): They would have had to be assured of signing Martinez to do that deal. I don’t know if Cleveland would have given them a window to negotiate. I wouldn’t have done the deal, given up all that talent, without knowing I’d get to keep him. They were smart to pass. … I like Ricco a lot. He’s a sound guy. Personable and smart. The Mets would do well with him.-JD

  63. A star in Binghamton, just like Nick Evans was and just like Mike Carp was….. makes one wonder about what kind of a park Binghamton is.

  64. And let me say this: After his hot April, Daniel Murphy has been a borderline major leaguer this year. He might have been better served at AAA.

  65. 105
    V. Martinez made more sense for Red Sox only one year left on his deal and the Sox needed to replace Varitek next year.

  66. Tiffany (105): Davis’ development is why I’d be willing to live with Murphy at first base for another year. As much as I wish he’d hit for more power, I believe the Mets have more pressing holes to fill than first base. For one thing, they’ll need at least two starters for next year, plus a left fielder.-JD

  67. Howie has put this game “in the Books” in the Santana chapter – a really good one.

    Final score: Mets 5 – Padres 1.

    Tomorrow the Mets play the Arizona Diamondbacks, game time 9:49 PM

    See you then…

  68. In 2007, they were disappointed with him because he showed up for camp fat and never really produced. In 2008, he had an outstanding year at AA. This year, he’s keeping up that pace in AAA for Seattle, where he’s currently at .379/.452. There aren’t a lot of 23-yr-olds posting OBPs of .379 in AAA.

    Oh — and in a brief cup of coffee with the Mariners this year, Carp posted a Bonds-like OBP of .538.

    We should be so lucky to have another Mike Carp in our system.

  69. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch this one, so naturally the Mets won. But I see you guys had some interesting discussions — including Tiffany, whose motto seems to be Carp Diem. But we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  70. I wonder if Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya are back at their hotel saying “hey, we gained a game this weekend on the Phillies. We are in it. We can still win.” They couldn’t be that delusional. could they?

  71. 120. Your post is a joke. Mike Carp had EIGHT ABs in Seattle. You have proven your total ignorance of the game by using 8 ABs to compare a kid to Bonds. And as far as his PC stats, everyone who knows anything about the minors knows thagt you don’t use PC offensive stats for anyything.

  72. (123) Harry: Just plain riddiculous. Not to mention Carp is playing in a notorious hitter’s league in the PCL.

  73. Tiff also must have been a huge Mike Jacobs fan. But at the very worst, even Jacobs had 100 AB’s when he came up and showed promise.

  74. Santana’s in the NY Times this morning, enjoy –

    Mets 5, Padres 1 – A Dose of Santana Spares the Mets Any Headaches –

  75. (122) Dan: If the Mets had taken care of business like they should have and swept the Padres, they’d be 8 games behind Philly and they’d have a punchers chance. But even Wilpon and Minaya can’t be that delusional anymore with this team.

  76. Steve(127) you slipped in between me and the NY Times link for Santana – it’s a nice article and well deserved.

  77. (129) It was a nice article. But I think he would admit to himself (never to anyone else, especially the press,) that he hasn’t pitched the greatest ball of his career this year. He hasn’t seemed, to me at least, to be in a groove since that start against Frisco in mid May.

  78. Steve (130) I’m sure that Santana realizes he’s not been completely himself this season, but I’m also sure that this piece in the Times will be a ‘keeper’ for him. It’s been a while since the team has had such a good game, and good press to boot.

  79. Harry: Regarding Ike Davis, he is considered a plus defender at 1b, something that couldn’t be said for either Mike Carp or Nick Evans. And neither Carp or Evans were #1 draft picks either. It has been great to see the improvement he has shown in the past year, considering he’s only had a year and a half of pro ball under his belt. Here’s a good scouting report link for Davis:

  80. 132. Thanks Original and its fine but people make baseball projections of minor leaguers to be like the lottery picks in the NBA… It just ain’t the case. If you get a jewel like Griffey Jr yes, but how many are there? Prospects are suspects at all levels in baseball until they show it in the bigs for quite a whie. I remember half the posters ready to dump him last year because he had a bad start. The minors in baseball are a total crap shoot. Luck, injuries, attitude, who you are behind in the bigs, all play a part that the sacred stats will never be able to show.

  81. Annie: There may be 10 people talking the Mets; You me Steve and a few others. The rest have either jumped on the Yankee bandwagon or are studying the summer camp reports for the Giants and Jets.

  82. Harry (134) You’re probably right, but I actually prefer National League baseball – the real game. And, I actually spent a lot of time at Shea, with my young niece in the 1980’s where she learned to love the game and how to keep a score card. We saw Keith’s team, Dwight Gooden’s first game, etc. etc. Sat in ‘heaven’ the upper deck behind home plate tickets cost $9, parking $3. You could bring a sandwich and a radio. Those are my memories and hers.