METS CHAT ROOM: Game #110; Big night for Parnell.



The 51-58 Mets might be playing one of their most important games of the season tonight in San Diego when they start Bobby Parnell against the Padres.

The Mets, loaded with pitching questions, might not be the big players in the free agent market we all anticipate them to be. Therefore, if they are serious about considering Parnell for the rotation, it’s important they get some idea about him now.

As of now, the Mets have three givens in their rotation for next season: Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, and, like it or not, Oliver Perez. Let’s face it, Perez’s performance the other night bought him the goodwill needed to keep sending him out there. The Mets would like to count on John Maine, but the would have liked to have counted on him this season, too. Livan Hernandez has pitched will in half his starts. The other half, not so much.

PARNELL: Big opportunity.

PARNELL: Big opportunity.

Parnell will have a 70-pitch ceiling, which might not take him through the fifth inning. However, this is just like spring training. He’ll get ten more pitches or another inning the next time.

Parnell had been 2–3 with a 3.74 ERA in 45 2/3 innings, with 38 strikeouts. Parnell, a starter in the minors, has pitched well out of the bullpen, but his heart remains as a starter.

As a reliever, Parnell was able to get by on his 95 mph. fastball, but as a starter he’ll need to rely more on his slider, which is pretty good, and a splitter, which isn’t as refined.

Here’s the line-up behind Parnell:

Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, SS
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Fernando Tatis, 2B
Brian Schneider, C
Bobby Parnell, RP

NOTEBOOK: John Maine will try to play catch on Monday. … Luis Castillo might be available tomorrow. … Gary Sheffield is still bothered by a sore hamstring.

77 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #110; Big night for Parnell.

  1. 8. … when your cable brings you the Nats, O’s, Pirates and Phillies Dibble is the most entertaining.

  2. Harry (10): I am sorry to hear that. … You might be pleased to know the Indians just beat the Yankees on Major League. (On a side note, I’m not sure Willie Mays Hayes touched third).-JD

  3. I hate to be cynical … who am I kidding? Anyway, about the Derek Jeter Ford commercials. I’ll bet Jeter can’t even spell Ford, let alone drive one.-JD

  4. to pick up on the thread the last few days about shedding players for prospects, perhaps we can sell ollie to some team looking for pitching.

    i would much rather we spend 36 million on a player who will earn it and gain a prospect or two in the bargain.

  5. yeah.

    those japanese players are a crap shoot.

    i dont know if it is the competition, stadiums or what.

    there was that ex yankee who did the same thing. came in with a lot of hype and flamed out. never became even a good pitcher and not the dominant one they were bidding for.

  6. 37. I think that’s Omar’s 5 year plan! When you wish upon a star; makes no difference who you are…….

  7. The Mets starter doesn’t even last 3, and they bring in Figueroa? Why doesn’t he bring in Parnell? 😉

  8. Is Gary Cohen being ordered to become a jerk. He says Parnell didn’t do bad. He gave up more runners than he got outs. The other night he’s raving about Redding. If I want to hear pathetic blatant homerism I’ll listen to Wheeler on the Philly games.

  9. Ah Figgy, our future back on the mound! Figgy Tatis, Sullivan…. The future according to Omar.

  10. “17th time this year a Mets pitcher has forced in a run with either a walk or a hit-by-pitch.” I guess this would be a bad time to ask when the Mets are ever going to get a no-hitter…

  11. 45. Oh, I thought you were just happy to be watching these two heavyweights go at it!

  12. John, if I can pick up from the end of the game last night — I still maintain K-Rod put the team out of its misery intentionally. After he blew the save (on a bad call at home) and then had bases loaded, nobody out… he had to be thinking, “What’s the point here? I can wear myself out trying to somehow get through this inning, but everybody knows these guys are never going to score; should I just prolong the agony and let somebody else take the loss? No more screwing around; even if I get him to pop up, we all know what could happen. If I pussyfoot around I’ll wind up walking in the run anyway. I’m just gonna go right at him and if he hits it out, God bless him, he gets an f-ing grand slam and we can all get back to the hotel!” Look at it that way, and he took the loss for the team.

  13. Jeff (51): Maybe, just maybe, in his subconscious that might have been going through his mind. But, I can’t see him grooving a pitch on purpose if I read you right. I can see him thinking, “I’ll go after him and what happens, happens.” His fastball isn’t what it used to be and that should be a concern.-JD

  14. Manuel said last night K-Rod might not be used properly, meaning he has too much rest between starts. Of course, that’s because he doesn’t have many save opportunities. Manuel said he’ll have to re-evaluate how he uses Rodriguez, meaning he’ll pitch more regularly to stay sharp. Will be interesting if he follows through on that.-JD

  15. How do you explain all the bad umpiring? Are umpires getting the same lousy training in the minors as players? You’ve got to figure there’s some connection between players who never learn the proper way to catch balls or slide, and umpires who never learn how to make calls.

  16. Damn, if it wasn’t past midnight here and I would never get to sleep, I would LOVE me some of whatever that was they were serving at Petco Park.

  17. Jeff (60): I don’t know how to explain it. Fundamentals might be a part of it. Like being out of position at the plate to make those tag plays. The guy was out of position last night. Maybe tonight, too. Maybe they should instant replay on more things than home runs. Instant replay would have changed both calls at the plate.-JD

  18. Shouldn’t Bud Selig grant the Mets an extra draft pick or something for all the good they’ve done baseball? Just look at all these last-place teams who’ve had new life given to them by the Mets. It’s great for the game!

  19. sorry guys

    i kinda tuned out after parnell. not really interested in this team anymore.

    watching parnell implode is better than watching this AA team Omar trots out there.

    I am out. Aliens is on Spike now.

  20. Tomorrow, Mets go for the sweep. In reverse, of course. Oh boy, Santana’s pitching! Yawn. (Sorry, it’s late.)

  21. JD, that’s not only a good look for them, it provides an opportunity to trip over their beards and wind up on the DL. I don’t think anybody’s done that yet.

  22. One last comment about Joba Parnell: Darling just pointed out that this start didn’t tell you anything, because it was nothing but a glorified relief appearance — he actually pitched longer in his last appearance in relief!

    And with that, to all a goodnight. zzzzzzz

  23. Some notes from a night-shift worker who took his first break when Cora hit his first home run in two years (seems like two years since the Mets scored a run) and lunch when Heath Bell came into save it.
    1) Didn’t Armando Benitez, the most frustrating Met ever (Coin Flip is in the running) have one year with the Marlins (2004?) where he set a record for most saves in a season against one team, the Mets? Heath Bell could do it if the Padres played us enough. Hope Ambriox Burgos prison cell has a TV so he could see it.
    2) The Gnats now have a winning record since they fired Tony Bernazard’s idea of a good manager, Manny Acta. I don’t expect that to continue, tabloids will stop writing about Brangelina before the Gnats are winners. But it would be funny if they finsh above .500 under Riggleman and the Mets hire Acta in November.
    3) Both the Padres and the Mets have never had a no hitter, Mets thanks to Jimmy Qualls, Padres thanks to Preston Gomez who pinch hit for clay Kirby when he was throwing one (Gomez later repeated the trick with the Astros and Don Wilson). Therefore, tomorrow, the first double no hitter in baseball will be tomorrow at Petco (or first since the Jim Toney-Hippo Vaughn in 1917 or so. But that went extra innings).
    4) I always thought Yogi did a right (or defendable thing in starting Seaver(s) and Matlack on three days rest. More of the problem was the Mets scoring only three runs in games 6 and 7. Also Felix Millan booted a routine groundball in game 1 and Harry Parker walking Ted Kubiak (bench player) and Grote channeling Mickey Owens to allow him to go to second on a strikeout/wild pitch.
    5) Once again, a game when the Mets score in only one inning

  24. When a team is out of the race the only thing fans have to look forward to is seeing the future. The Pads have lots of kids playing. The Pirates have lots of kids playing, the Nats and the O’s have lots of kids playing. At least the fans can delude themselves into thinking there is hope. The Mets have Parnell, a guy who’s been on the team all year, and nothing else. So, are we being told that look here is the future, Sullivan, Schneider, Tatis, Cora, Figeroa, Dessens, and of course the newly acquired Anderson Hernandez. Five years running the show and Omar can’t even bring a kid up who is close enough to let have an audition.