METS CHAT ROOM: Game #109; Wagner, Delgado available.



What we talked about the other day about the Mets looking toward next season seems to be the organization’s thinking with reports they are willing to deal reliever Billy Wagner and first baseman Carlos Delgado before the Aug. 31 waiver trade deadline.

Both players are on the disabled list, Wagner recovering from Tommy John surgery and Delgado from hip surgery, but are expected to be available this month.

WAGNER: Tears with surgery news.

WAGNER: Tears with surgery news.

Should the Mets continue to slide out of contention, the hope is they’ll be able to load up on prospects from a contender. They might not get much, but the Mets need to do something to bolster their minor league system.

Both players should clear waivers considering their salaries (Wagner, $10.5 million and Delgado, $12 million), and neither is expected to be offered arbitration and would leave as free agents.

Because Delgado isn’t as far along, he figures to be harder to deal because he wouldn’t have as much time to show he is healthy.

Tonight it’s Oliver Perez for the Mets, which usually means an uneasy night.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, SS
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Fernando Tatis, 2B
Brian Schneider, C
Oliver Perez, LP

NOTE: Infielder Anderson Hernandez joined the team.

82 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #109; Wagner, Delgado available.

  1. Let’s face it, the Mets need to get younger, and if they aren’t in contention there’s no use playing, and paying, players they won’t bring back.-JD

  2. Runner on third, one out. Wright needs to bring this run home. He hasn’t been good in this situation this year. And, with the Mets’ offense the way it is, they can’t afford to miss opportunities like this.-JD

  3. 2. With Giambi being released it seems that teams aren’t biting on overpaid body beaten players right now. Why give even a medium prospect on a damaged Delgado when you can have a worn out Giambi for nothing?

  4. Harry (3): Beats me. But, the idea for the Mets is to unload somebody they won’t bring back and try to get something. Somebody might bite, you never know.-JD

  5. Metsies…Watch your backs…. The Nationals have won 6 in a row. Winning record since they axed Omar’s buddy Acta.

  6. Harry, no doubt Giambi, as well as Smoltz, will play again this year. The hope is they might be able to pull out just one game for a contender. One game in a tight pennant race might be enough.-JD

  7. 5. Understand the concept…. Just don’t understand why they think they’ll get much.

  8. What’s going on in the Bronx? Did they move back to the old place. A 0-0 game in extra innings. Hard to beleive.

  9. How does that guy catch that line drive one-handed without a glove and with a beer in the other hand and Castillo drops that pop-up with a glove against the Yankees?-JD

  10. Francona wants game bad tonite. Brought in Papelbahn in 10th on the road in a tie game.

  11. Harry (18): That’s a great game in the Bronx. Scoreless in the 11th. … Love those kinds of games. Of course, that game means something. Mets playing to stay nine back in the wild card.-JD

  12. How long can the big game stay scoreless? Remember Mets Astros in 68? I think Mets lost 1-0 in 24!

  13. 25- Good, thanks, I have a new job with strange hours so I havnt been able to do many in game threads lately. I see Ollie has finally given a good performance.

  14. Ray (36): I think they will, too. But, somebody has to start and there aren’t many good options down below. Maybe they’ll get Smoltz. Nah … that’s not a great idea.-JD

  15. I saw an article in the post the other day saying the Mets should keep Delgado one more year to hold the spot for Ike Davis. your opinion?

  16. Ray (39): I’m saying good bye to Delgado. I don’t think he’ll have a year like his second half last season. He either won’t stay healthy or won’t produce. I’d say good bye, save some money, and let Murphy play first next year. I’d buy time for Davis that way.-JD

  17. K-Rod at it again. … This guy reminds me of Mitch Williams. … It’s like watching a horror movie when you peek through your fingers.-JD

  18. 51. Bad teams don’t get calls. Mets are a bad team. So are Pads Ump flipped a coin.

  19. Damn, that first pitch tailed into the plate. The second almost got away. He can’t even throw a good pitch on an intentional walk.-JD

  20. This five-man infield almost worked against the Dodgers, but didn’t Jeremy Reed throw the ball away? That was the Church game when he didn’t touch third. I knew I would get that in again this year.-JD

  21. I remember when loading the bases was the surest way to prevent the Mets from scoring. Bad as the Padres are, you know they’re going to score again here.

  22. This is one of most crushing of the year. Let’s see, the Castillo pop-up game; blowing a five-run lead vs. the Pirates; Murphy dropping the ball in Florida; the Pujols slam earlier this week; the Church game in LA. Plus this, are six crushers. There are others, I am sure. Then again, if they had won those six they’d just be .500.-JD

  23. You really think this was crushing? I don’t. They still had something of a shot when those others happened. Now I think they’ve just about given up. I think after that bad call at the plate, K-Rod just said “screw it!”

  24. Jeff (73): Yeah, I do. There was the call at the plate. That changed things. This guy saved 62 games last year. He’s got to put away a team like the Padres. And, if K-Rod did say “screw it,” that’s even worse.-JD

  25. So we had a game where Coin Flip pitched well but it was K Rod who blew it? Looking up Rodriguez game logs he had a 0.56 era on June 16 (right after the Castillo game), now it’s up to 3.31.
    The Mets score 2 runs in the first but none the rest of the game against a bunch of nobodies, save Heath Bell. Speaking of which, what prison in Ambriox Burgos in nowadays? I’ve said this before, but the Mets HAVE to lead baseball in most games where you score in only one inning.
    I keep thinking of how Cleon Jones used to describe his September call up as a young player to the 1963 Mets team that lost 111 games. “It was terrible. Guys used to come to the clubhouse everyday and say ‘who is going to blow it for us today?”.
    In contrast to John, I would not mind bringing back Delgado for one more year to while Ike Davis gets properly seasoned. But I’m not married to the idea. Maybe giving Murphy a full shot wouldn’t hurt, except waste yet another year of The Core.

  26. 75. Granted it was only two games, but from what I saw from Ike Davis, he looked no different then Evans looked in Bingy, or that guy we sent off to Seattle last Winter. Don’t make him the next savior.
    The only guy that looked impressive was Tejada. He showed a definite glove and hit solid line drives.

  27. Chiti, 2 games is not enough even for a veteran scout such as yourself. Davis has 9 homers and 31 RBIs in 162 ABs While hitting .296. He is said to be a slick fielder too. He is one of the few glimmers of hope in a lousy year.

  28. 77. I said it was only two games…. If this FO really beleives that these kids are going to be the future then get rid of Schneider NOW and give Thole 7 weeks and the same with Tejada and Davis and Holt and Kunz. So they arent ready Who cares. At least they’d learn what to work on from real experience. I’d much rather have that then watch Schneider battle for .200 and Cora .250 and Anderson Hernandez and Livan Hernandez and Elemr Dessens. etc.

  29. Chiti, I understand you want a reason to watch this wretched team. Davis was playing in college last year. Throwing these kids to the wolves to soon can kill thier confidence. Probably by next year we will see some of these guys. At least you can still watch the now beardless Francouer.

  30. 79. Sadecki: If you saw this hoorid team that Binghamton has you wouldn’t want your prospects there. They drop pop ups just like the big leaguers, one of their releivers refused to warm up (We were sitting near their pen and heard it all) because it was too early in the game, meanwhile the pitcher in the game had just gotten beaned. It can’t be worse for them in NY then in the minors. Plus if they come up now the press will ignore them so they can learn in peace. The press in NY is all Yankee/Giants/Jets. This is the best time toi call them up.

  31. Chiti. It sounds like you are saying Bernazard was right to open a can of whupass on these guys.