Try to salvage something from the season ….

Not that getting Jose Reyes back would’ve made any difference for this year, but the news of his scar tissue definitely puts a seal on the season for me. Let’s face it, he’s not coming back.

In light of this, the Mets should be start to become proactive on looking ahead to next season. Who does or doesn’t play should be determined by the blueprint for 2010.

Shutting down Carlos Beltran should also be seriously considered. Let him fully recover and not risk further injury.

I would also see what players I might swing a waiver deal for. Carlos Delgado? Gary Sheffield? Sean Green? Luis Castillo? If you know you’re not going to keep them, you might as well start stocking up for the future.

Starting Bobby Parnell isn’t a bad idea, especially since you know Jon Niese might not be ready for spring training to compete for a spot in the rotation. I might even consider using Oliver Perez out of the bullpen to get an idea what he could do in that role. Let’s face it, he’s not doing it as a starter. If they can learn something now, it better helps in their planning.

I’d also start thinking about spring training with whatever prospects are on the minor league level. If there’s somebody down there the organization is considering letting compete for a spot in the spring call them up now for a look-see. Why wait until Sept.1? And, it’s not exactly like the minor league franchises are competing for anything down there.

What is there to lose? After all, the season is already all but lost.

7 thoughts on “Try to salvage something from the season ….

  1. The only problem with some of your ideas is that Omar should not the architect going forward. The most pressing need is to get a GM that has a plan, that can implement the plan through the people he hires and makes good choices in identifying the right players to draft and making sure we don’t lose them because we don’t want to spend the money. In your years of covering the Mets do you recall writing a story about how a young player in the minors was a threat take a job away from a Mets veteran? There is nothing about what Omar does that inspires any confidence that he is the man for the job.

  2. those would be great ideas if we had a farm.

    parnell has one pitch. i might try it though just to let him struggle now.

    ollie should be in the pen because he can barely go 4.

    trade sheff and green and whoever you can for more prospects. we do not have enough so it might help for the next few years.

    as you say, if players are not part of our future, perhaps someone else will.

    too bad for niese. he was the only reason to watch the rest of the season.

    the other prospects we have are just not ready. we have a 1b and c in AA, but really do you want to kill them now?

  3. really, we have almost 60 games to go and the season is over.

    truly pathetic. i hope the wilpon family sees that and kills the front office and the managers.

    the injuries are their fault as are bad managing and the lack of planning.

    if anyone talks injuries and mentions sheff they are an idiot. you knew when signing him he was over the hill, injury prone and old. he has contributed this season and to think this team relies on him to make the lineup and take pressure off our all star 3rd baseman is an indictment on the team.

  4. Ollie can’t be in the pen, he makes too much money and in relief he would cause more damage coming into a situation where he can’t pitch around trouble. Face it, we screwed the pooch when we signed him. The best thing to do is let Murphy, Pagan, et. al. play as much as possible and see if they can handle it. If they can, either they can be on the team next year, or if you can get the right deal, you can use them as trade bait.

  5. One thought that should be seriously considered is moving Beltran to LF when is ready to play again, and let Pagan play CF.
    LF would be a lot easier on Beltran’s knees and Pagan has shown he is a good CF.
    The only question is can Pagan hit enough to play every day.

  6. i think the answer is no to Pagan. I don’t think he is an every day player. Platoon I would do.