METS CHAT ROOM: Game #108; Brass on the trip.



Good evening. Tonight is one of those nights I wish I were still traveling with the Mets. Actually, there are a lot of them.

San Diego was always one of my favorite stops on the tour. Loved the weather and seafood. Great fish tacos. Four games in San Diego is sweet. Of course, it wasn’t for Willie Randolph last year when they lost a weekend full of heart breakers.

Interesting bit of news is Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya are on this trip. Last rites? Maybe they are doing what I suggested earlier and starting their evaluation process.

No, I don’t think they are going to sack Jerry Manuel at 3 a.m.

Livan Hernandez (7-5, 4.77 ERA) goes for the Mets against San Diego’s Clayton Richard (0-0, 1.59 ERA).

Here is the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Angel Berroa, SS
Livan Hernandez, RP

NOTES: Mike Pelfrey is now the proud father of Chase Michael Pelfrey. … Gary Sheffield’s hamstring is still barking. … Bobby Parnell is now in the rotation and will start Saturday. That was Pelfrey’s spot. Pelfrey will now start Monday in Arizona. … The Mets are ushering in Anderson Hernandez II. They reacquired the second baseman from Washington. … Jon Niese was placed on the 60–day disabled list and replaced on the roster by Elmer Dessens.

107 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #108; Brass on the trip.

  1. I wrote earlier today the Mets should start their planning for 2010 right now. Maybe Jeff Wilpon’s presence on the trip is a start.-JD

  2. even the Pads look better then us- sure Livan is throwing batting practice but we also went down 1-2-3

  3. ed (3): Hi Ed. For a minute there I thought I was flying solo tonight. There has to be a reason why he’s on the trip. He’ll down play it, but I have a feeling.-JD

  4. Tweeter – by the way you have to get on tweeter extremely addicting and all the beat writers are already on it – bart said he’s saying a business convention

  5. Will Anderson Hernandez get a full share or half share of playoff money when he leads the Mets to a 38-16 finish?

    I hope the Mets brass will take in a visit to the San Diego zoo. I was there 25 years ago and it was magnificent. So was seeing the Mets come back to tie Goose Gossage in the 9th and win it in extra innings. Strawberry was bench but had a big pinch hit.

  6. Well my Easrtern league tour of Harrisburg/Reading is over. a wnderful night tonight, cool, 2 buck beer so the scouting report on the B Mets might not be so accurate, but after watching two games, this Tejada guy hits a lot of line drives and is a good fielder. The catcher never got a gut trying to steal but he got a couple hits and is hitting 340 so he can’t be so bad…. He has to hit better than Schneider right? Davis didn’t do anything but the game I didn’t go to he got a big hit. Maybe he should have been a pitcher since his Dad was Ron Davis the scoreboard said and he was a great set up man. One thing that was obvious is that the Mets teach the guys at every levels to learn how to NOT catch fly ball/pop ups. Very impressive. Saw Pedro Wed Couldn’t tell his speed but he looked like a really good minor league pitcher and the Phillies have enough pitchers since JA Happ is pitching like an ace as is Blanton and Lee and everyone but Hamels, so maybe they’ll release Pedro so Omar can get him cheap.

  7. 9. You are right the SD zoo is awesome. What would wilpon be observing, there’s nothing but crap in the lineup with a couple exceptions.

  8. 15.. Maybe he’ll stay in AA so he’ll look good. I can’t see him starting in Philly. The rotation is on fire.

  9. it’s sad to see these guys hang on – I rem. smoltz when you couldn’t touch him and saw pedro once i think no walk two hit the yanks with boston

  10. Jerry Coleman…. What is it about California. Old announcers never retire or die out there……

  11. 23. Smoltz even tho i hated him as a Brave was one awesome pitcher. He belong sin the Hall in my opinion. Its a shame guys like him and Pedro don’t know when to quit.

    19. The Phils may not repeat but they are in great position to give it a real try.

  12. Well, they won’t clinch in their last visit to New York. That’s the next homestand. Pretty screwy scheduling. Mets close the season at home against Houston.-JD

  13. Thing about Smoltz is he didn’t have a lot of real big regular season games..Cy Young in 1996, 17-3 in 1999 but was a monster in post season 15-4. With Maddux and Glavine it was the reverse. Of course Smoltz had injuries in his m1d 30s and was a reliever then. All three deserve to go into Cooperstown, at the same time if it could be arranged although that would holding Maddux back (I think Glavine’es minor league starts this year count to delaying his eligibility, it did to Warren Spahn in the mid 60s when he pitched ina few minor league games in 1967 and 1966).

  14. Dan (30): You’re right about Glavine. Smoltz was also dominating as a closer. Maddux will go in on the first ballot, so all three won’t go in together. A shame, that would be sweet.-JD

  15. They should bring Corey Sullivan in to pitch. He hits like a pitcher. Or anderson Hernandez. Why isn’t he playing. Didn’t he rush to SD to be with this contending ballclub?

  16. I don’t mind have Livian Hernandez as a fifth starter because he’s durable and you don’t want to try to find a substitute when a fifth starter is injured.
    But when he’s bad, like tonight, he’s bad.

  17. Dan (38): He’s had moments this year when he’s been great. The CG for example. Then again, there’s tonight and several others like it.-JD

  18. I went thru his game logs on the mlb website and something like 11 of 20 (make that 21) starts are pretty darn good. Not sure how much the unfriendly confines of Bailout Ballpark help that. I don’t know what the average is around mlb but I would guess he’s acceptable. So the Mets are set at ace, fifth and closer. The other 8 pitching spots are wide open.

  19. 45. And don’t forget Long Island NY! In Pittsburgh they think football 13 months a year.

  20. Harry (47): I do like the Steelers. They’ve done things right there for a long time. … They’ve been patient. What is it, three coaches in the last 40 years?-JD

  21. Of course the Steelers went their first 40 years without the making the playoffs. Made up for it in a hurry winning 4 super bowls in 6 years with a heavily juiced team.

  22. 49. Its really hard to hate the Steelers. The org is classy and the fans are classy. When the Giants played in Pittsburgh last year, the worst thing anyone said to us wearing our Giant stuff and being all NY obnoxious was stuff like “Whoa, you are wearing the wrong jersey”!!!! It ain’t like going to Philly for sure.

  23. Of course another Steeler lore of my youth was all the QBs they had and let go: Unitas, Dawson, Earl Morrall, Jack Kemp.

  24. Dan (50): Several of the Iron Curtain Steelers have died. Mike Webster and Ernie Holmes. I think another offensive lineman, too. … Help me out.-JD

  25. #53 possible, but Jim Haslett felt it was the Steelers in the 1970s who started it. But he played for the Bills in the 1980s.

  26. Remember when Jack Lambert threw down a Cowboy in the Super Bowl for taunting Roy Gerela after a missed FG. I think it was Cliff Harris.-JD

  27. 57. Each sport is a fraternity. I just can’t beleive one team was juiced and the others weren’t…. in any sport.

  28. (440 same thing JD – I actually cringed when he said it – night all – have to be up too early to waste my time on this garbage- Wilpon i hope your watching and decide change can no longer wait

  29. Possibly. But a number of football teams back then, Steelers and Cowboys, drafted and kept the vast majority of their players. I can see one team keeping a secret for a few years until some guys get traded/released and spill the beans to their new teammates. Plus many people back then refused to believe steroids helped you. The wiki article on Jim Haslett has a link to a 2005 article where Chuck Noll told his players back then “it doesn’t do you any good”. Huh? It hurt your body in the long run but steroids are especially effective for a football player

  30. 62. Lol! Davis probably fed em the stuff.

    The Mets would have had 8 runs in them but theyt were celebrating clinching after yesterday’s game.

  31. 63


    i saw an interview with the manager.

    sounds an awful lot like they have thrown in the towel

    they should trade sheff if he ever gets healthy enuf 4 them to do so.

  32. Harry (67): Ken Stabler was always fun to watch in the two-minute drill. Rivalries didn’t get any fiercer than Raiders-Steelers. … Do you remember the story after the Franco Harris TD that the officials asked about their safety before confirming it a TD? … Steelers also left the sidelines uncovered so the field would ice up and hurt the Raider receivers.-JD

  33. 70. Raiders/KC was also a great rivalry and the Raiders really trying to kill Namath was also amazing stuff. The AFL teams were something special each in their own way.

    The Mets have a run…… Give Francoer the RBI, scoundrel scorekeeper.

  34. the season is over. jerry straight out said they want to see what he has got for next year.

    no sense keeping sheff. they should unload other players that they dont want either. someoone will see value in them.

    we offered a minor leaguer for hernandez.

  35. Harry (72): I remember before the merger Browns owner Art Modell said he didn’t want the Denver Broncos playing in his stadium. Modell=the worst owner in professional sports ever.-JD

  36. dave (74): I wrote earlier they have to start thinking about next year. There are a lot of things they should be thinking of. … One poster thinks they should try Beltran in CF (if he comes back) to help his knees. Not a bad idea.-JD

  37. 75. Never heard that story. I loved super bowl IIII. Made a bunch of $$ on Joe Willie.

    dave: You can trade these guys but you ain’t getting nothing that will matter. Just some guys to fill the minor league rosters. We probably lost that Anderson Hernandez trade even thought the guy we gave up will never see Nationals Park. On the other hand Jeff is watching. He might see Berroa as the future. Who knows.

  38. #72 I remember Alex Karras saying if his Detroit Lions lost the firt ever exhibition game against the Broncos, he’d walk home from Denver. They did and he didn’t.

  39. Dan (78): Great story. … The Jets get a lot of credit for causing the leagues to merge after Super Bowl III. But, the Chiefs smoking the Vikings the next year proved the AFL was no fluke. … That was the game where they miked Hank Stram. He was hysterical.-JD

  40. The Cleveland Cavs in the 1980s had a horrible owner named Ted Septien who traded away lots of draft picks for mediocre players. The NBA had to change the rules not to allow trading first round picks in consecutive years.
    The Islanders have had some horrible owners but at least have the excuse of having a terrible lease that would not allow them to make money if they sold out every game. Art Modell was selling out every game and still moved the team to Baltimore (who got abused by Irsay and the Colts 15 years later). The NFL dropped the ball on that one by not giving Baltimore an expansion franchise. So Modell could easily be the worst ever.

  41. Putting Tim Redding in a game is the equivalent of raising a white flag. We need a Little League “mercy” rule to prevent this.

  42. I see where Big Papi is holding a press conference Saturday with the incoming MLBPA head Michael Weiner. They are hard at work learning to avoid honest answers and non incriminating sound bites.

  43. Dan (94): What’s the point of having him speak? You know it will be crap. All he can do is make a bad situation worse. … The Players Association blew it by not destroying the list of names and samples. They had a confidentiality agreement, but that proved to be worthless. Couldn’t they anticipate this problem?-JD

  44. 93. Cox was sick of Francoer. Cox is pretty patient. when Francoer goes into his NY 2 year slump, I don’t think he’ll be loved by Met fans anymore.

  45. #95 Wasn’t there about a 5 day window before the Feds swooped in and seized the list? As I understand it, Fehr was too busy trying to challenge many of the tests. I can understand his job is trying to protect his players/employers but doesn’t that mean protect them from themselves as well as the guys who didn’t cheat or felt they had to keep their jobs?
    I didn’t like urinalysis tests when they introduced them in the 1980s when I was in the military. But I saw they were necessary because in that situation you don’t want to have your life depending on someone who may be high.

  46. They should have remembered history and what happened to Nixon once people found out there were tapes and they would eventually come out. Or remember how pig headed owners were believing the reserve clause would always last.

  47. Dan (100): The Players Association blew this, plain and simple. I believe you are right about the window. … The Union had to know all along players were juiced. How could they not?-JD

  48. I’m glad I didn’t stay up for this. I mean, I’m still up, but I didn’t do it for this!
    Tuned in briefly earlier and saw the Mets were behind 6-0 or something… quickly tuned out.

    I don’t think Pelfrey is long for this team. Did your note say he named his son Chase? Chase, not Citi? That’s asking to be sent packing.

  49. (105) Another reason why he’s probably not long for this team is because he obviously named his kid after Chase Utley. lol. On a side note, let me get this straigh about Pelf…his wife has the kid on Thursday, and he STILL has to miss his scheduled start on Saturday? Damn, that collective bargaining agreement must be pretty good to 1st time dads!