METS CHAT ROOM: Game #107; salvaging the homestand.

Hi guys. Sorry for the late post. I think, if you want to boil down last night’s game, it was the embodiment of all things wrong with the team this season.

Johan Santana, as usual, had a start in which he could have won wasted. The bullpen, especially K-Rod – high expectations gone sour? – let him down. And, let’s not forget about the failure to hit in the clutch.

On a night in which they needed their “A’’ game, the Mets came up with a C at best. Let’s face it, giving up a dozen runs isn’t going to win you many games.

There was a glimmer when Sean Green found it, but he’s lost it again, gone as far as Albert Pujols’ grand slam.

After winning three straight against Colorado to open this home stand, the Mets have hit another skid. Today’s game against the Cardinals is about salvaging the homestand.

This time, the hole indeed might be too deep. West Coast trips are never easy, and we know what happened the last time the Mets were in San Diego. Swept away, they were, and soon after Willie Randolph was gone.

Then there’s Atlanta and Philly looming again. Three weeks from now, they could be 15 games or more behind.

By that time, it might be time to consider shutting down Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran for the remainder of this lost season.

33 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #107; salvaging the homestand.

  1. Niese just hurt himself. This is surreal. Now Figueroa is in. Maybe he can redeem himself for the other day.

  2. That sucks for Niese and also for the Mets and their chance to evaluate him over the rest of the season to see if he can be counted upon next year. Although, they probably won’t have any other choice but to stick him in the rotation.

  3. Woo Hoo! Mets up by 5. Win and wow wee a .500 homestand. David Wright hit a HR woo hoo. Hey, David, remember that swing maybe it will matter next year.

    How about Prince Fielder taking one from the Piazza book on trying to kick the crap out of Mota. Mota must be the most hated player in the game.

  4. Figueroa did indeed redeem himself after Niese went down. Check the box score.

  5. Harry (3) I’m following the confirmation speeches in the Senate – saw Arlen around noon — as usual, off the cuff, to the point, and folksy all at the same time.

  6. (3) Harry: Good job by Mota actually as the Brewers nailed two Dodgers (Manny being one of them,) during the course of the game. I bet there isn’t one Met reliever who would do the same…well maybe K-Rod. As far as the 5-0 lead goes, well there’s plenty of time for that to disappear too. Don’t worry about D.Wright…he should have 12 homers by the end of the season. lol.

  7. I am more than a little sick at watching him flail at crappy pitches and watch the good ones go by him with his bat on his shoulder. I don’t know what Hojo is telling him, but it ain’t working. This lineup is impotent. There is not one game wrecker we can count on.

  8. 6. maybe a good job but why do guys chase this one pitcher down? This doesn’t happen to other pitchers.

  9. 7. You need to talk to Steve C. He’ll explain to you how what this team needs is more Cory Sullivan’s in the lineup everyday.

  10. (9) Harry: Did you see how much singles helped the Cardinals last night? It’s hard to get thru Steve C’s mind that while singles can make things close and keep you in a game, home runs (especially from your alleged power sources,) break games open. Maybe one day he’ll understand. Maybe Mota just hits the wrong guys…lol

  11. Figgy has thrown a nice 5 innings in relief. Let’s hope though that the calls don’t start coming about him becoming the #2 starter next year with Met fans overreacting as usual.

  12. 12. Figgy is loved… There will be calls all night on the fan to make him a cornerstone of the rotation. Many of the calls will come from his friends, Lima, Lawrence and on and on.

  13. I forgot that Parnell was part of the team for a few moments. JD, I saw a few days ago I think that you said you would trust Parnell to be the main 8th inning set up man? Did I read that correctly? If I did, I think you’re crazy. He hasn’t shown enough in my opinion at the minor league level, or the major league level of being capable since currently he has one pitch that he can rely on.

  14. In the past couple of days, we are reminded that pitchers can and will hit, too :)

  15. Gary Sheffield left the game to an injured leg…..It’s unbelievable, it really is. I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like this in my lifetime of being a Met fan.

  16. Howie has put this game “in the Books” and I’m sure ‘Figgy’ will want to re-read his part in it over and over.

    Tomorrow’s game is in San Diego at 10:05 EDT

    Hope to see you then…

  17. I was listening on the radio. 9-0 final… Figueroa pitches brilliantly… Parnell gets his first major league hit in his first major league at bat… two more injuries.

    I think the whole team should just be renamed the New York Coin Flips. You never know which way it’s going to go from one day to the next.

  18. One of the mysteries of the game. How does a team play so poorly as it did yesterday, then come back like today? We may never know, buy great pitching had something to do with it today.-JD

  19. (19) JD: Yes, he did well with a 7-0 lead. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that Parnell is currently a one pitch pitcher that never had a ton of success in the minors, and has been only o.k. at best so far in the majors. He is not ready to be anointed the #1 setup man at this time IMO.

  20. Steve-O (23) Maybe not, but they could certainly use him as a pinch hitter off the bench!

  21. (25) Won: I seriously think I have a better chance of seeing g-d, then the Mets going 39-16 the rest of the way.

  22. You know that in our universe they would go 38-17 and lose the wildcard by .5 game, right?

  23. Going back to one of my earlier points, I saw that Wright’s head was thrown out as retaliation for Pujols getting hit in the elbow to “load the bases.” Did Parnell retaliate and throw up and in to the Cards even though he might have been thrown out? Of course not. Gutless wonders.

  24. Anderson Hernandez is back!!!! Whoo Hoo.. I will never accuse Omar of not pulling off the big move ever again… Steve C you must be in ecstasy. Anderson makes Luis look like a power hitter. A pure singles hitter. Not many of course, but the % of singles is truly impressive.

    And Elmer Dessens is back… The youth movement is in full gear…..

  25. (30) Anyone is better than having to watch Angel Noyogiberroa play shortstop. lol. As far as Dessens goes..who did you want Omar to bring up? Rudy Stein?

  26. Seriously, another reason that Omar and his staff have to go. We have no players in the system that can either push a healthy veteran for a starting job or that is not overmatched when they come up. What is the plan? Sign 16 year old’s and hope that they mature into a major leaguer? And another thing, what other team in this league has a the front man of their organization that talks in double negatives, run on sentences and bad grammar, you know what I’m sayin?