Next year’s rotation?

Looking at what the Mets are throwing out there these days, it’s not hard to envision few changes with next year’s rotation. Can’t we write off a blockbuster trade because of the lack of minor league depth, and because we know they aren’t going to make another $100-million signing? John Lackey they aren’t going to get.

So, we’ll have Johan Santana as the ace, the struggling Mike Pelfrey still trying to piece it together, Oliver Perez because you know they can’t trade him, Jon Niese vying for a spot and John Maine if he’s healthy and they even tender him a contract.

Then we’ll probably see a different version of Tim Redding and Livan Hernandez, although, with few other options, I can see Hernandez Part II.

9 thoughts on “Next year’s rotation?

  1. No Livan thanks.

    Maine being back probably depends on how he rehabs his “weak” shoulder. Anyone else wonder if this has to do with the delayed surgery on the “worlds largest bone spur” last year?
    They should have done the surgery in August, not October. The guy rushed back, and here we are.

    In other words, the rotation next year is going to be bad.

  2. Lets cross our fingers Niese can contribute next year. Mets have $40 Mil coming off the books next year and a lot of unhappy fans. They will have to make a splash over the winter if they want to sell tickets. I wouldnt rule out lackey just yet.

  3. 3. Unhappy fans? Aren’t the fans supposed to be happy enough with Dodger Stadium East?

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  5. (3) Ray: I’m not so sure they are going to be able to make a “splash” during the winter. There really isn’t much available and Jason Bay doesn’t thrill me. Because of the barren farm system at this time, there isn’t much hope of help from within either. I think next year is shaping up to be a disaster as well.

  6. 5. Bay is a good hitter, but when he was in Pittsburgh he could not handle the big left field. He will be a terrible fielder in the bigger left field in citymorgue stadium.

  7. I would bring back Livan. He has been better than Redding which ain’t saying much…

    But he has had a few nice games. One complete game shutout I think. He did seem to get tired before the all star break, but he seems to be useful if only for insurance.

    Niese might be ready to do something next year, but be prepared for more than one blowout.

    I would not count on Maine and would really like to dump Ollie. He is not injured but has trouble going more than 4. What is the point of having him in the rotation?

    People keep saying he is young yet he has been playing in the bigs for a decade. Yes, a decade. Potential is not the word. More like never was.

    I would be interested in what Parnell does in winter ball, but you cannot expect him to do 200 ip next year.

    Bottom line. Clean house and get a quality pitcher. Something we should have done this year. Oh yeah and an OF. Something we should have tried to do for the past 3 years rather than the annual scrap heap over the hill type or a marginal player who never was.

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