METS CHAT ROOM: Game #105; Figgy gets start.



The Mets conclude their four-game series tonight against Arizona with the pitching disadvantage of Nelson Figueroa against Dan Haren. I remember at one winter meetings, I believe it was Orlando, when I tracked down rumor after rumor of Haren coming to the Mets.

Of course, he never did.

Figueroa has had some decent moments with the Mets, but the truth is not nearly enough to warrant what all the fuss is about. He’s had plenty of chances to go elsewhere, but nobody was knocking at his door.

After winning five straight, the Mets are on the verge of losing four of their next five games if they lose tonight.

Here’s the line-up for the 50-54 Mets:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Alex Cora, SS
Omir Santos, C
Nelson Figueroa, RP

316 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #105; Figgy gets start.

  1. Chiti- to continue the discussion from yesterdays post, I didnt say all the injured players are malingerers. Wagner, your favorite Met is obviously not. Whatever Reyes problem is, He is too fragile to be one of your “core” players. Let someone else baby him. As for Francoeur, Power hitters get on streaks. He is on a good one now. We will see when he goes into his inevitable slump and swings at balls 2 feet out of the strikezone if you are still singing his praises.

  2. HaHa: What’s going on…? you write about Dice-K and I agree 100%. You write about Figgy… I agree 100%.

  3. 1. Oh good at least I can argue with Sadecki. Wagner is my favorite all time all poison team. The only reason this posion is in a rush to return is so he can poison another clubhouse next year at an inflated salary. He makes Benitez look like Mr clutch. Reyes: If he’s such a nambi pambi how come 2005 161 games; 2006 153 games; 2007 160 games; 2008 159 games. Get rid of him and you’ll rue it for a decade.
    Francoer: What can I say. I know deep inside he ain’t no star but I so like having someone other than Church in right field that I can’t help myself. By the way who has more HRs Wright or Francoer? Who has more RBI Wright or Francoer? Who has more whiffs with runners in scoring position? You win the walks.

  4. Pity me, all of you – I have to endure the annoying Mark Grace As I can only get the Arizona feed here. Him and his parter spent yesterday talking about what a dump Shea was and now gracie is telling about how he cant wait to get out of New york. Between that and watching a lifeless Mets team I am ready to call Michael Jacksons Doctor.

  5. I like Figgy as well – did you know he’s a Brandeis graduate? Those guys are smart… I also like the way Francoeur plays.
    Think we can win this one?

  6. 3-Chiti, If you are saying Froggy is a better ballplayer than Wright I have a real nice bridge here in the desert I can let you have real cheap. Yeah, Reyes was healthy for 3 years. What about the before and after? Pair him with Beltran and now 2 of your 3 core players are gimps. No wonder this team is going in the toilet. I have to go to work now. I will check your response later.

  7. 6. He may be smart but he sure ain’t a big league pitcher! Lou Gehrig was smart. If Figgy could pitch like Lou hit, then I’d be excited.

  8. Harry (10): You can’t think the ball over the plate. And, if he’s so smart, he should be able to outthink the other guy. Trouble is, you still have to ball.-JD

  9. WTF?!
    i watch first pitch strike .walk into the kitchen. and its 2-0!

    i just drained my beer.,

  10. 11. And his dumb and dumber partner called citifield Shea a few times. They also found time to pick on our favorite mascot Mr. Met. Its torture, I tell you.

  11. 8. No Sadecki, I’m not saying Wright isn’t as good. I’m down on himfor screwing up his game. With the guys down this team needed some power and this guy made himself a singles hitter. People say its Citidumpfield. Bull… If that was case he’d have HRs on road like Gonzalez does in SD. If someone else made him change then that person should be fired.
    Reyes. Beltran: These injuries are exacerbated by a pathetic training staff. These guys play hurt and it gets worse and this is the result. Maybe if Beltran was sat for two weeks when originally hurt that would have been enough. Same with Reyes. A speed guy hurts his leg and it wasn’t given time to heal. Bad training program.

    PS: The You missed the end of the Figgy love affair. Hey Omar; There’s a reason all 29 other teams pass on the guy every time you DFA him. He sucks!!!!

  12. Question for all of you: Has any pitcher improved this year under the watchful eye of Warthen? Certainly no starter… I can only think of Feliciano in the pen.

  13. why is santos catching. not a fan of santos.
    i dont like how he handles the pitchers..

  14. Harry (29): You’re right. He does suck. For all the ppl that were clamoring for his call up, this is why they kept passing him over. Next time he gets demoted he better not bitch.

  15. Harry (20): Wright should have stuck with what worked. He’d still have around the same average, but with more homers. And, for all the changes about being protective of the plate he sure has struck out a lot. … Agree. The training staff must be re-evaluated.-JD

  16. SteveC (23): What’s wrong with Santos? He can’t help the fact that Figueroa sucks. Santos, for the most part, gets good reviews from the staff based on what’s been written.

  17. 27. Steve C. Pelfrey and steady don’t go together. Not in 2009 antway. He has been Ollie lite, and not very lite this year.

  18. SteveC (27): Are you kidding? Pelfrey is as mentally weak as Perez. Unless he grows a pair, he’ll never be anything.

  19. Pagan might be the only good thing to come out of this year if he stays healthy. Hopefully he’s not another Tatis

  20. getting another beer. trying to have a nice meatloaf dinner ready for the family.. and this crap happens.

  21. (22) the pitchers all are showing the exact same trend which has to be attributed to Warthen – because it’s all of them and it wasn’t the case before- they are very agrressive to start an bat usually getting 0-2 or 1-2 then they nibble hoping for the batters to swing at a ball- after the first pass through the league there no longer fooled

  22. the issue is consistency. these guys are not rewarded for good play so that have no reason to keep itup.
    they are shifted from the lineup when the produce.
    they are taken out of a game they are winning.. and almost lose it.
    i wouldnt play well either under these conditions.

  23. (32) thanks for asking – yes everything is fine – just not paying as close attention lately to be honest – disgusted all-around

  24. rmkmets (33): Agreed. I think Pelfrey has taken a step back. He gets rattled too often and gives up the beginning. … The balks are a sign of not focusing. … And, there are too many walks. He’s better than Perez, but many are. Still a work in progress.-JD

  25. (39) I believe it was a mistake not signing a verteran quality pitcher ( Lowe/Wolf/Garland) it was too much pressure for Pelf to be slotted as the #2 similar to Hammels once Myers went down

  26. SteveC(37): That consistency argument is so overrated. I felt that way too with regards to Dan Murphy, but he’s been playing everday for weeks now and he still sucks. He’s hitting .250.

  27. I know – I know I should – i’ve been venting at my place and then getting off

  28. why is sheffield playing. oh his bat. and he is healthy?
    i think they were playing better aggressive ball before the names started getting “uninjured”

  29. 42. now i know u r on drugs. he has played phemon first base and has hit good enough to get us winning.

  30. (42) Murphy has proven he’s too young to be a corner stone as they tried to mmake him- with everyone healthy he hit .300 in April once they were all gone .220 now that he’s sandwiched between wright and Frankie he’s raised it 20 points

  31. 39. he gets rattled because he is still young and he knows that no matter how well he plays one small goof or no goof at all and hes out after 100 pitches.
    who would play well with that looming over your head
    not me. no insentive at all.

  32. I’m having computer problems – it keeps crashing. Hope I can keep it going for the whole game.

  33. SteveC (42): Do you watch these guys play at all??? Murphy is batting .250 and he’s playing a position where that is FAR below avg. He was put at 1B for his bat, NOT his defense. The latter has been a pleasant surprise.

  34. watch the game. its better than venting 😉
    i am almost done with posting. and getting frustrated with the game..
    homnestly sheffield shouldnt have been on tonight.

  35. Sheffield looks sooooo slow at there – and the other team notices – there running on him

  36. 50. yes i have been watching. and i know about the bat. but ya know i rather the defense and a 280 300 hitter than a HR.
    tired of watching delgado watch balls roll by..
    i want to see hustle at the ball.
    not bunch of power hitters let a hit go. then say i’ll hit out of the park and make up the difference.

  37. SteveC (47): Another statement by you that makes no sense at all. The guy barely makes it thru 5 innings without throwing 100.

  38. What the heck! Yesterday there were 22 posts total, 4 of which were actually earlier today. Now I log on and there’s already 54 posts on this sucky game! Go figure.

  39. John (52) Guess he’s not the same Figgy I saw a couple of years ago they must get him out of here now. I would have taken him out after the first inning…

  40. Now you can blame position players on injuries but the pitching staff is all on Omar – the rotation is struggling and is only missing one (Maine) but he was replaced by Niese- for three years he has developed no pitching depth and dont say trades aside form bannister who has been traded whos pitching elsewhere- why are all our prospects in single A or lower and still teenagers

  41. This is without a doubt the WORST pitching performance they’ve had all year. And at the worst possible time too. Figueroa should be DFA’d for good this time. This is pathetic. He should feel fortunate if he’s pitching at Buffalo later this week.

  42. I can’t believe they demoted Misch, who’d actually been doing decently, for this crap.

  43. When Nelson Figueroa is our best options and only Niese has been called up in front of him – thats daming of the minor leagues

  44. Annie (60) You can’t take him out after only one inning. That would tax the bullpen — and we need them fresh for the playoffs. 😉

  45. can we get this OF from the desert to come here and play?

    He has outpowered the whole team in a 4 game series.

  46. I don’t understand this … now he pulls him after two singles. How about after the home run? Bizarre. I thought he’d let him eat innings in this lost cause. They’ll need the pen against the Cardinals.-JD

  47. but this guy they leave in. all our other decent picthers who can pitch out of this they wont leave in..
    this is on both manuel and omar.
    throw out the pitch count. and let the younger players play the field. forget sheffield forget delgado..

  48. SteveC

    You must be watching big pelf from the second half of last year.

    This year he has been bad.

    hi era and has many problems. still he is better than ollie and maine, but that is like saying he is better than tonights pitcher.

  49. John (61) Have the postings on the weekends been thinner than
    1. The Mets’ bench
    2. The Mets’ pitching depth
    3. The Mets’ chances of making the playoffs

  50. steve(70)

    i dont like the steroid man either, but he has more power than any active player outside of our recent OF transplant. and you need more than one.

  51. (70) the minute Omar decided not to make a trade – i say cut all the players with no future – slow down the injuried aim for next year and bring all the kids up – its already 2004 all over again – stop denying it – Omar clean out your locking with the rest of them

  52. not sure but that corner outfield was very well played the last half dozen games. now it looks like its an open ended field.

  53. 42. Agree about Murphy. He’s been as big a disapointment as the starters.
    48. I don’t think yur computer was crashing. I think it was afraid one of Figgy’s pitches would reach it and destroy it.
    Steve C: Were you one of the Met fans whining that figgy should be in the rotation because he was so good in Buffalo?
    Goodby Figgy. You join the ranks of Omar pitching stars: Lima Gonzalez and my all time favorite Lawrence…..
    Is somebody suggesting Pelf was taken out too early yesterday?

  54. Jeff M (79) No I didn’t – just answered in the same mode. Who can be serious about a game that starts this way??
    Maybe we all should go back to the pledge nights and the music.

  55. ed(78)

    i would agree with you, however there is nothing to bring up outside of maybe niese.

    all the other kids are mostly in some form of A ball or even lower.

  56. Jeff (75): Very intriguing question. I always like multiple choice. I’d eliminate C, because I don’t think there’s much thinner than their playoff chances. … Since they’ve been getting something out of Cory Sullivan, I’d have to say B, their pitching depth.-JD

  57. (83) here’s the biggest problem I have – half of us sat in this very chat in October saying it was a mistake – to not sign a more consistent starter then Ollie and Murphy/Tatis as your LF was a a huge mistake – if we can figure this out why couldn’t Omar

  58. I’ll even concede that our farm isn’t as bad as some make it out to be – but why are all our prospects 17 friggin years old

  59. 89

    because Omar is a genius and we are the armchair idiots.

    don’t you know anything?

  60. Looking at the Cy Young Candidates, I don’t see it for Santana again. Others have a better ERA with less losses and more strikeouts.-JD

  61. ed(92)

    i doubt they are. they say they are, but as with many things in distant poor countries, things are not always as they seem

  62. 81. That corner outfielder you fell in love with is 30 this month. He sucks, has always sucked. Is that the youth movemnt your talking about. He’s not even half of a Ryan Church. Team went on a flukey 5 game streak and you think they be all stars. The Pads had a 10 game winning streak. I guess they are twice as good as us eh?

  63. santana is our ace, but he is not cy young this year. at least not unless he goes on one big tear.

  64. John (94) No, but he should get some kind of hero award just for taking the mound every time it’s his turn…

  65. If the Mets are 10 games back in the WC and over 10 games behind the Phillies, what’s the use of bringing these guys back? … Wagner, I can see because he’s setting up for next season. Ditto Delgado. But, Reyes and Beltran I might just shut down.-JD

  66. I’d dump – Sheffield, Berroa, Schneider, Redding, Delgado( well tell him to take his time, Figgy, Tatis

    Bring up Tejeda, Evans, Bostick, Kunz, Misch

    Reed, Pagan< sullivan would have an open competition for the rest of the year for next years fourth outfield spot

  67. Harry (96): Who are you talking about? Francouer is 25 and Pagan is 28. Neither are 30, and I’d take either over Church who’s not done anything more with Atlanta.

  68. As this ‘game’ continues down the wrong path, I’m glad that SNY doesn’t come to my neighborhood. Howie and Wayne are gently calling this game.

  69. 98


    that is what he is paid to do.

    pelf does the same. just not with the same results.

  70. (99) i’d pick both wags and JJ options up 8MM for a closer is cheap – move JJ and keep wags as my left handed set-up man

  71. Ed (101): The only one of that bunch that might be worth any serious look is Kunz and Misch. The other’s aren’t anything special.

  72. Ed (105): Wagner won’t wanna stay here for that role and he’s gonna whine about it if his hand is forced and be a cancer. There is no point in keeping him.

  73. (96) cory sullivan is 30 but got a late start to his career you control him with one more year of options at 600K and while he cant hit to save his life – he is the best fielder on the team with Beltran on the DL

  74. (107) i dont care what he wants to do then he shouldn’t have asked for a 4th year on a 3 year deal and settle for a club option

  75. 102. I was talking Cory Sullivan… Steve C.’s new hero.

    Delcos: Screw Wagner and Delgado. They can audition somewhere else. The Mets need to bring up any kid they can and let them play for 2 months. Wagner and Delgado do nothing for this team’s future. I agree with edfever 101 pretty much but add Schneider and bring up Thole as well.

    As for Jose and Beltran agree Delcos see ’em in Spring Training.

  76. Kunz is a solid ROOGy and Bostick a LOOGY at this point there numbers are great in those limited roles – think felieciano/bradford 06

  77. Dave (85): Ike Davis may be worth a look. He was a 1st rd pick last year and has gotten some good press of late from Baseball america. He’s supposed to be a potential high avg, power hitter and he’s supposed to play a gold glove caliber 1B.

    I think it’s clear Murphy is a bust. They were making positions for this guy for his bat, and he’s hitting .250 and not exactly showing much power either.

  78. 107. CORRECT!!!!!!! Wagner would destroy this team next year in a set up role. He destroys team whn he’s closing….. If he’s here next year we’ll see 65-97 record.

  79. Again, I’ll say it…Pagan might be the only good thing to come out of this year.

  80. Harry (115): I’m saying they’ll want to come back to make a showing for next year. The Mets might also want to see what they have to make a waiver deal. I think they’d like to know about Delgado, but I would say goodbye and not worry about it.-JD

  81. (119) you underestamte he having no leverage because he signed a club option, could he become degruntled as a set-up man maybe – but he would be pitching for the last contract of his career which may keep him in line- just a thought

  82. John (112) I can’t see Billy Wagner serving any useful purpose for this team – now watch him prove me wrong, just because he likes to be perverse.

  83. If Omar is the GM – 10 HRs or more he’s back – any new GM wont even entertain the idea because its obvious the team needs to move on

  84. Wagner serves to purposes in one player he’s set-up and is the lefty all in one – if he’s gone then whos the set-up man

  85. Just got home and what do I find out the Nelson Figueroa era is already over.

  86. I’m gonna see Binghamton tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. I hope all these future stars don’t get called up until Wednesday!!!!!

  87. Annie (124): You couldn’t be any more wrong. If the Mets can make a run, Wagner takes pressure off Feliciano and gives them a set-up guy to K-Rod. Green and Putz and Parnell haven’t done the job. … Also, who knows what they might get if they were to deal him in a waiver trade in August? There’s value in Wagner.-JD

  88. Harry (119): I’m not talking about Wagner next year, but for the rest of this season if he can come back. Ideally, I’d like trade him.-JD

  89. 131. Pat Gillick is still working part time for the Phillies. They had him helping in the Halladay/Lee scenarios.

  90. Still next year – either we keep one of them as a set-up man or were looking for – we currently don’t have one – Parnell has looked good at times but he’s the equivalent of calling Murphy your starting left fielder

  91. lets keep getting 40 odd years olds to play the game. Julio Franco was an oddment and probably on juice.
    after a certain age u cant be an everyday player .

  92. 132. I’d buy the bring him back to trade him routine, but if it comes to 1 Sep. release him…….

  93. rmkmets(117)


    ike has done well so far. but it is less than one season. he started off last year really bad.

    is it too soon to bring him to the dance? i think it might.

  94. THis is 2004 all over again – front office is a mess- there are holes in the coaching staff – the minors are a mess- and there are too many holes on the major league team

  95. well i am going to log off and watch the rest of this in misery 😉

    Murphy is not a bust. he’s a 1st baseman. and he needs to hit the way he was last week. if he wasnt pressured for the long ball he would be a good consistent bat.

  96. is this the national league or the american league. all i am reading is we need HR power hitters.. we dont need defense or hustle or stolen bases.
    there’s finesse to a good game/

  97. edfever (138) I agree with what you’ve said. Incidentally how’s your wife doing? I hope she’s much better now.

  98. i would bring wags and delgado back. trade them as soon as i can. wags will help the overworked pen.

    delgado will help the lineup and once again take away from murph who is still finding his way.

  99. 144. D. is worthless at first base. and when he blows his load he;s injured all over again.

  100. (139) thats what I started by saying – if both look good down the stretch – i’d pick up both options and move one in the off-season keep the other as my set-up man – Putz will have more value at 31y/o – Billy will be playing for his next contract and is a lefty to compliment K-Rod as a righty – but one has to stay – its almost a pick your poison deal

  101. Howie and Wayne are now talking about Woody Allen movies – very interesting.

  102. (145) delgadio doesnt count he’s gone after thsi year unless Omar is still in charge

  103. you know what . cora/sullivan/pagan and murhpy were all finding a rythm maybe not to your guys liking but they were jelling and we were winning.
    then manuel screwed around and it stopped.
    but when 3 days straight of consistent rotation they were really playing well.

  104. and keith is echoing an article i just read about billy bean. too much analysis by non baseball ppl and not enough application.

    a long time ago pitchers pitched. now who knows what they do. and it is not all too many teams. a lot of it is the way they are handled.

    i have heard the financial argument over and over. but really how much is ollie worth? 36 million? i dont think so. more like a one year deal at 2 million. maine is an injured journeyman at this point. pelf right now is a #5.

  105. ed (147): I hear what you’re saying, but I do see a downside with Wagner. Age, injury history, locker room history and salary history. If I could unload him for something, I’d pull the trigger.-JD

  106. 152. its the pitch count and protect the arm nonsense. imagine if they did this to a quarterback. yeah watch football like that.. where the QB doesnt finish the game..

  107. at least my meal came out perfect for the family. and that second beer helped a lot!

  108. Dave – (152) Tom Seaver will be in town later in August for a Marine Corps event. Now, there was a real pitcher.

  109. steve(151)

    yeah, but the recent losing is theirs too. also the baserunning wasnt too good. i like cora, but he needs a rest. he is hurt.

  110. Steve C: (151): They were doing their jobs. No reason to juggle things since they were winning. Didn’t Manuel see Bull Durham and learn not to mess with the streak?-JD

  111. 158. my point exactly. Manuel sees them winning then thinks you know i think i can make it that much better, then it breaks.

    you had sulivan pagan outfield. and murhpy cora infield. and it worked!

    no sheffield. not beltran, whom i still love,,
    but we were fricken winning!~

  112. John (158) not sure that Manuel could process all the messages in that movie.

  113. well too late now. when you dont show love to the players they have no motivation to keep it going.

  114. I Castillo doesn’t drive anyone in here, then this inning is over. I will 100% guarantee a DRod K or weak fly out.

  115. bases loaded. one of 2 things. lineout or DP.
    sorry but i know castillo tries hard but he falls to pressure.

  116. If the team was winning Sullivan can bat .000 in my line-up and I’m leaving it alone

  117. 165. yep. he did absolutely the opposite of what he preached when he took over. i will reward good play. when?!
    i cant count one time. and thank you castillo for proving me wrong.

  118. Ok DRod will hit into a DP here. Inning over. At least Castillo got a couple more in.

  119. (165) the Wilpon’s probably wont do it but they need to clean house top to bottom – Bring in an established vet. GM who understands large market teams and let him pick his entire staff

  120. 171. shame on you JD. this is the mets it aint over until manuel takes out the winning picther in the 9th and the bullpen blows it 😛

  121. wait JD. could we be gaining momentum on .. dare i say it? singles? 😀
    now you will have sheffield to brak the rally cause he’s going for the fence

  122. Why the hell is Murphy batting behind Sheffield??? He’s not gonna do a damn thing if Sheff doesn’t get a big hit here. Id rather have Francouer up.

  123. SteveC (179): The biggest momentum swinger is an HR. Singles don’t do crap. They bring you close but you still fall short like they just did there.

  124. 166. Sorry Castillo let you down… Steve You should become a Pirate fan, they are young hungry and they are all hustling. 25 Danny Murphy’s out there. Your kind of team. Only one problem.. They suck more than the Mets.

  125. would anyone entertain this idea = Pelfrey for Crawford; outfield of Frankie, Crawford and Pagan
    then Flip Beltran for a solid #2
    Bring in Russell Brayan (FA) and his 30 HRs to be a super utility

  126. 182. dude we just had a carousel. nothing kills a piucther then guy after guy chipping away and landing in a run.
    clear the bases. and his mind is clear to trike the next guy out. and not worry about a stolen base.
    but like i said .. i must be with american league fans 😉

  127. 184. dude i was born a met fan. i will die a met fan. and i dont boo my team. ever.

  128. 187./ dont blame parnell. blame manuel for stressing out the pen every fricken game.

  129. I know one thing Parnell is not ready to be a set-up man and nobody knows what Kunz is because he’s buried in AAA

  130. rmk…. Steve c was obviously in love with 63 Dodgers. Unfortunately we don;t have Drysdale and Koufax and Podres starting 120 games. Oh wait even the punch and judy 63 dodgers had some guy name Frank Howard to drive home the singles hitters.

  131. (189) im not a huge jerry fan but hiow is he to blame for the pen being stressed or guys being walked

  132. Nice start by Parnell. I like this guy. He’s got good stuff and a huge upside. I don’t want them to trade him. He’s learning on the fly.-JD

  133. Steve (187): I don’t understand your logic on these pitchers. Do you want them to go out and throw 130 pitches?? These guys are all rejects that do exactly what Parnell did there…they walk people and then put themselves in position where they throw meatballs.

    If they are taking 100 pitches to just barely get thru 5, they clearly have no business being in there much longer.

    The only grip you can hvae is when Manuel pulls someone in the 7th after 100. But if you’re going to tell me you think Perez and Pelfrey should have been left in over the wkd then I really have no clue what you’re watching.

  134. Ed (191): Kunz doesn’t K anyone and that’s a problem for a closer. He’s a ground ball machine which is nice but he doesn’t put people away.

    Parnell must have started hanging out with Pelfrey and Maine because he’s abotu as consistent as those two dopes.

  135. 184. dude. you don’t boo but you knock everty player who’s not your “type” of guy. Your worse than the guy who boos. your the phoney who called for Castillo screwing up.

  136. parnell is doing what he should. learn to pitch. not his fault that every pithcer not named fransisco sucks.

    it has been rodriguez, parnell and feliciano.

    that is pretty much it.

    parnell was a fringe pen guy. maybe a 6th inning guy. dont blame him he is not ready. he has actually done well all things considered.

  137. 195. in a word. yes.
    they should throw as many as it takes.
    i guess i remember too many long games. when the relievers were used because they had to be and not because they wanted to be used.
    i am sorry but if its 7-0 your favor .. and its the 8th inning you pitch all the way in my book. even if you give up 4 runs and still win. you earned the finish. ‘

  138. (196) i agree he’s probably a bust as a closer or at least so far but his numbers against righties are very good

  139. 194. Your statement about him learning on the fly is exactly what is wrong with this organization. Why didn’t he learn before it mattered in the big leagues.

  140. 197. i knock those that dont play hard. i bust on castillo. he plays well. but he;s injured. we need younger players is all.
    hey i am 45 years old. and i know i cannot see myself out there doing that everyday. neither should these others..

  141. a\oh and harry u r one to talk. u rail everyone who doesnt agree with you. so dont even go there with me. i am a very fair person when it comes to game play. and i have been correct on my assessments of martinez and delgado. because i know how much u hated i ragged them

  142. Macho man tony believed that challenging players showed their true character and made them better players or the busts they really were

  143. john(203)

    i like him too. not sure if he is #8 yet, but he has nice stuff. needs seasoning. if he can get enough pitches he can go into the rotation in a few.

  144. 203: agreed. parnell and redding have proven the an handle that which needs to be handled.
    KROD always makes me nervous though everytime he pitches..
    the falling off the mound scares the crap out of me..

  145. SteveC (199): I will agree with you when Manuel pulls people in the 7th or 8th at the 100 pitch mark…that drives me nuts.

    But I don’t understand how you are going to fault Manuel for the choices he made the last two games. Those guys sucked and deserved to be yanked when they were.

  146. steve.

    pls dont say you like redding.

    he pitched well today. but he sucks something awful

  147. Harry (201): When you farm system doesn’t have much depth, guys often learn on the major league level, which isn’t desirable. When things go wrong on the major league level, and there aren’t significant replacements below, some guys get forcefed. Actually, I think Parnell has come through this rather well.-JD

  148. just not sure what to do with the team because as soon as delgado is “healthy” murphy will be taken out. and oh look a HR from the guy who sucks.. in your eyes.

  149. (203) ugh.. 4.20 ERA 22 walks in 40 innings and batters are hitting .299 – he’s shown flashes just like Murphy in 2008 you give him more then he can handle and your creating Murphy all ovver again – we’ll be talking about who to bring in and how the Mets could anoint this kid

  150. I don’t if any one has thought about this but
    Dave Duncan’s contract is up at the end of the season.
    The Mets should consider signing him.
    Look at all the average pitchers he has made better.
    I believe Pinero is pitching tomorrow and look what he had done with him.

  151. 209. nah i was just taunting everyone. there are only a few pitchers i really like on this team.

  152. gotta go.

    john. i see this site has activity.

    funny how a little streak gets ppl happy to blog.

  153. SteveC (207): You are really starting to get ridiculous with some of the things you’re saying. Redding??? This guy was on the verge of being dumped he was sucking so much…the only thing that saved his job was Nieve’s injury. This is the first impressive outing he’s had in a while, but certainly not something that I’d think would make me want to build the pen around him.

  154. Steve that was Murphy’s 7th HR. I still think he sucks. Schneider hits HR’s now and then.

  155. I don’t know what Murphy’s power potential could be. As he gets older and stronger, and learns the pitchers, he should hit for more power. If he gets a hot streak he could finish with 15. Maybe 20 next year. He’s still learning to hit on this level. I’m confident of his defense. I’m confident enough in Murphy to let Delgado go.-JD

  156. 204 You are a Steve C the Bigot. You rag on Latino after Latino, so when a Latino does bad you tap your bigoted brain dead head and say see they are lazy. You are sickeing. I play you for my entertainment. Singles are wonderful, every pitcher should go 9. Who cares if throw 5000 pitcxhes as long as they are white like pelf they are being mistreated by that bad black manager and bad Latino GM. Yeah Steve C. And your assessment of every player has been so bigotly wrong. Dead wriong just like your outdated thoughts about people who don’t happen to look like you. Viva Los Mets.

  157. 219. yeah sounded ridiculous didnt it?
    just like taking out a quality 1st baseman. because he doesnt hit enough HR for ya. and replace him with a sucky first baseman that may hit 12 HRs then blow his hip. again.

  158. JD (222): I would let Delgado go either way. But I think they need to look for a 1B because I don’t think (from the offensive POV) that Murphy can be a regular starting 1B on this team. Not unless they are getting that offensive production at another position (and I’m not even referring to power…this guy is hitting .250!)

  159. 223. I was waiting for you to play the hate card bucko. I am far from a bigot there .. but hey say what you will. gee. i like bletran? i liked endy/ i like castillo for the most part. even reyes.. wait.. i didnt like delgado why? because he didnt try??
    wait i have an issue with martinez why? he was injured… Keith is the all time man at first. but yeah i am a bigot. you crack me up..

  160. 222
    If Murphy had 8 more hits this season ( 2 for each month played ) his average would be about 270.
    Shows you how little it takes to go from being considered a bust to having an ok season.

  161. SteveC (224): So I bet you must have been really upset when they let Mientkiewicz go weren’t you??

    If Murphy was at least batting .280 I’d buy your argument, but he’s not even hitting at close to a respectable avg. I don’t care what his defense is, he’s not there for his defense. He was put at 1B because they thought he could hit, and he’s shown thus far that he can’t.

  162. (222) as long as you have a power bat in LF and a guy on the bench who can play first and has power then I could live with Murphy – could sheffield hustle a little he’s walking all over thee place and killed a rally with a DP

  163. I wouldn’t even call .270 an “ok” season. Not for someoen who was expected to be a .290-.300 hitter, with 15-20 HRs, and 80 or so RBIs. He’s note even going to come close to that.

    .270 with 10 HRs with the # of AB’s he’s going to have at 1B is AWFUL.

  164. rmkmets (225): I hear you, but not overly worried for the following reasons: 1) I think Murphy will improve both his power and average numbers; 2) Wright will bounce back for more power next season; 3) they’ll have Francoeur for a full season; 4) they should have Beltran and Reyes back. All that, plus the odds of them signing somebody, should dramatically improve their offense.-JD

  165. pagan and sullivan in outfield. i saw tons of hustle.
    oh wait. according to harry i cant like pagan.
    or cora..

  166. 229. did people cry when we had ordonez hitting 130? but catching everything and errorless? nope. we loved him .. frustrated yes but loved him as soon as the glove died so did the love.
    oh wait i cant like odonez either,.. sorry harry.. i keep proving you.. um wrong.

  167. (232) JD where do you stand on Omar and Jerry and staff will they make it and should they – just your opinion – if your willing to give

  168. JD (232): I just don’t see that in Murphy at all. He’s not done a good job at all of adjusting to the league’s adjustments to him.

    I also see no reason to believe DRod will get his power stroke back. I think it’s convenient for him to say he’s changed his approach. Unless he’s dumb, I don’t understand why he would ever think this new “approach” would be a good idea. There is a lot that makes no sense about him this year. I almost wonder if he’s going the way of a Carlos Baerga…

  169. SteveC (233): Considering how long the core has been hurt, and the disappearance of Wright’s power, a strong case can be made for the Mets’ role players and bench carrying them big time. Cora has been superb, in particular. So has Santos. Considering all that has happened, they are lucky to be this close to .500.-JD

  170. I was commenting today – it feels like that SD series after Willie made his comments – where it was deadman walking but nobody knew how to do it…

  171. 234. You know Steve C. We’ve heard all your line… The bigot denies his bigotry loudly by saying “that Balck guy is a good friend of mine. ” and follows up by saying see, I can’t be a bigot. Keep making a fool of yourself. I’m enjoying your show.

  172. (238) thats why I said make a trade – not a blockbuster but a nice small complimetary player they’ve been so close for so long with so many significant players missing this team derserved a little boost

  173. 231
    If you really thought Murphy was going to hit 15 – 20 HRs you were in the minority.

    Lets see how Murphy plays in August and September before tossing him to the curb.

  174. SteveC (233): That’s a position where offense is generally a bonus. It’s not a traditional power position – plus Ordonez’s defense was exceptional and they had bats at other positions (including 1B where Olerud and Zeile carried their weight).

    Tell me one good team who has a 1B hitting as crappily as Murphy. You can’t…

  175. 238. very lucky to be 500. and like i said awhile back when manuel kept moving cotra aorund the from batting 1 to second to 8th or whatever it was. i rather see him bat 1st .. castillo batting first is no good. he’s perfect for the 2 spot.
    i just wish they didnt mess with the mojo we had going.

  176. Scott (242): It wasn’t me – that was what the team thought. You think they would have made him the starting LF if they thought he was gonna do this??

  177. the giants – not taking sides actually ignioring the argument – but i had the answer

  178. ed (235): Barring a monumental collapse where they end up 12 or so games below .500, I believe Omar and Jerry will survive. They will get a pass because of the injuries. They’ve been hurt offensively, with their starting pitching and with their bullpen, and still they are a handful of games below .500. Unless, they can clean house with some heavyweight names, which they aren’t likely to do, Omar and Jerry will be here next season. They will, however, have a shorter leash.-JD

  179. Omar – sitting on his hands at the deadline for the thrid year in a row was such an insult to the fanbase, the players busting their tails to return and the over achieving players on the field

  180. 246. Maybe that’s why the Giants went and upgraded first base for the stretch run?

  181. 243: i was pissed when they released zeile. :-(
    as for murphy you have to give him time. just like the other shawn green.. when they moved him from the outfield to first base. he excelled. then messed with the mojo and it stopped..

    you need hustle at the corners… at least in my book.

    240. i have nothing to prove to you. u have a right to your opinion. however i will not defend you anymore .. all you do is slander people.. i have never said ill of anyone’s character here..

    enjoy whatever show plays in your head.

  182. (247) ugh – i think that is exactly what was said at the end of last year- injuries didn’t create this mess being as bad as it is

  183. (249) up grade i like that harry is that a new thing could someone tell Omar about that type of thing because Ryan Garko would have been the first guy I brought in

  184. 251. last year we had injuries that no one owned up to. same thing almost happened this time.
    ok we need to hold them off and at least tie it up..

  185. One thing that has been lost in all the craziness is that starting in Houston the Mets have been playing better baseball.
    They have for the most part not given away games
    with stupid mental mistakes.
    Look at tonight, if this game was in June they would have just packed it in.
    Right now getting back to 500 should be the most important thing to do.
    That at least would be a little progress.

  186. 250.. Don’t defend me LOL LOL LOL….
    By the way you show what a fraud you are .. You were soirry when they let OL Todd Zeile go and you were sad when they stopped playing OLD Shawn Green. But you don’;t want old Carlos Delgado and old (in your mind) Castillo. At least want young guys or don’t want young guys, but don’t want some old guys becuase they are …..

  187. scott. its called fighting tooth and nail.
    do waht it takes. steal a base. hustle hustle.

  188. (254) exactly and thats why a good GM should have evaluated that and made a trade not sat on his hands while he made a public relations nightmare that everytime somebody sees me who knows im a mets fan says whats up with those mets

  189. 255. delgado doesnt try. castillo does. there’s a difference. but castillo has blown out his knees so many more times.

  190. 252. No edfever, upgrade at deadline is not in Omar’s book. Remembe rhis one big deadline deal.. A big downgrade. Dumped Nady to get OP and Roberto Hernandez. Then had to get an over paid and over the hill Shawn Green because Milledge wasn’t ready for prime time…..

  191. (255) Hey I thought shawn green had another year in him heck he was 37 and hit .298 as the seven hitting his last year

  192. 258. You don’t know that. You don’t like a guy fine. You don’t like his abilities fine. But you don’t have a clue about whether or not he tries.

  193. 260. especially when he showed that at first base he was a fast man. in the outfield those lanky legs made him look sluggish.

  194. 261. you can tell. many a time. delgadow whould watch a ball dribble down 1st base. many..

    castillo would at least dive or die.

    do does murphy and so did shawn green.

    delgado only started diving when he thought he lost his job. then he blew his load and stopped diving again.

  195. 260. Yeah but you forget the huffing and puffing in the field and not being able to move. He was a kinda Brady Anderson.

  196. for those who say why over pay for players not everybody was overpaid for – here’s just a few players who went for only one prospect or more then one but not really prospects – that over pay line as a blanket staement is BS

    Nick Johnson- cost Aaron Thompson Marlins #15 our equivalent Eric Beaulac
    Ryan Garko- cost Scott Barnes Giants #12 our equivalent Dillion Gee
    Joe Beimel-cost two minor leaguers not even in the Rockies top 20
    Rafael Betancourt – cost Rockies #5 Connor Graham our equivalent Reese Havens
    Freddy Sanchez- cost Giants #3 Tim Alderson our equivalent Jon Niese
    Mark DeRosa- cost Cards #3 Chris Perez our equivalent Jon Niese ( plus a PTNL)
    Orlando Cabrerra- cost #13 Tyler Ladendorf our equivalent Scott Moviel
    Jerry Hairston Jr.- cost Chase Weems non-prospect minor leaguer

  197. ED
    The problem with bringing in Ryan Garko is that it would mean that you have given up on Murphy.
    Also the pitcher the Giants traded was a good prospect, about the same level as Brad Holt.
    With all the Mets problems with starting pitching Holt may actually get a shot by midseason next year to start with the Mets.

  198. 263. I think i mis understood your problem. Its really that you need to have your eyes checked. By the way this is baseball where salaries are guaranteed unlike football, so thank you for disproving your false Delgado theory because if he didn’t give a crap as you state he’d happily sit on the bench and collect his 12 mil per.

  199. (266) i dont claimn to know the Giants prospects but according to Sickels he’s only a C+ #12 and I would give up Dillion Gee ( if he wasn’t injured) for Garko who is a much better hitter still has three years left of control and plays multiple positions

  200. 268. its more like boxing. he plays the field to keep the contract and throw the game. 😛

  201. Could the Mets use an upgrade at first base offensively? Of course, they could. However, Murphy has played well enough, and shown enough with the bat, that it has moved off priority status. The Mets have too many holes, offensively and with their pitching, they need to address before replacing an acceptable player in Murphy at first base.-JD

  202. 265
    The problem with the Nats is that they wanted more 2 months ago for Johnson.
    They tried to rob the Mets and Omar said no and btw Murphy has more HRs than Johnson.

    And many Giant fans think Sabean gave up too much for both Sanchez and Garko.

  203. ok sheff woke up and got a double. we need another double to bring him in 😉
    where’s dorothy with the oil can?
    come sheff run!

  204. Well there is your crap 1B blowing a big opportunity. It’s up to Francouer now.

  205. well when u are pressured to hit the long ball. because no one likes his singles doubles and triples. what can ya do?
    now if delgado popped out you would say .. ah thats ok. he has 38 hrs. 20 games later you still said it.

  206. Other than the injuries, the thing that has really hurt this team has been Wright’s lack of power. They needed big numbers from him. I hope he goes back next year.-JD

  207. 278. reminds me of what happened to piazza, when the whole weight of the team just wore him out. then when everyone woke up he was back to the game.

  208. No Steve, it’s a textbook example of why this guy is batting .250 with <40 RBIs this far into the season. He’s not a good hitter.

  209. .351 OBP aint that shabby. it could be better,,
    and the mets for 2 years have had issues with RISP.

  210. Scott – some fans think we gave up too much for Santana – Johnson went for their #15 prospect, Garko #12 and Sanchez for a former batting champion who can play the entire infield a #3 – I’m a more aggressive fan _ I would trade often I like Ken Williams, Frank Wren & his mentor, Epstein – you have to give to get and if some fan doesnt feel you over paid then it probably wasn’t worth trading

  211. i know one thing we should either have a ton of trades under our belt and an all-star lineup or a stocked farm system from holding onto everything and right now we dont have either

  212. 272. You have to look at what each team needs. Johnson is a rental and the Marlins needed more o at third so they got Johnson and moved Cantu to third. The Giants want tomake the playoffs now with their great starters, so they upgraded as best they could and if they make it the fans won’t bitch. It has nothing to do with is A better than B. did they help their team? Someone the other day said the Phils didn’t dogood because Lee isn’t as good as Santana, but the Phils are a lot stronger now than they were a week ago. Cards are better, Giants are better, Phils are better, Fish are better. Dodgers are even better with Sherrill.

  213. (278) and Omar’s poor development of a roster this off-season – if we had a LF (ibanez/Abreu) and deeper bench Hudson and a more consistent starter then ollie despite the injuries we would be in much better shape – the injuries are masking a poor roster mgt job

  214. (2860 but they gave nothing up for Johnson – Nothing a #15 prospect so all that BS about him costing to much is BS

  215. ed (287): You’re not wrong, but the flip side is this: Had all their working parts been healthy, aren’t they over .500 and within a few games of first? I think so.-JD

  216. Thanks for keeping up the good fight Steve C. I was ready to fight with Sadecki all night and he skipped out and traitor gil didn’t show up so you filled in very nicely. Thanks guy!

  217. ED
    If Dillon Gee could have gotten Garko or Johnson Omar would have made that trade faster than Harry can say Lima Time.

    The big difference between Gee and the pitchers the Giants and Marlins traded is that Gee is a righty and the other 3 guys are lefties.

    Everyone loves lefties with upside.

  218. Howie has put this game “in the Books”. Figueroa had the Mets down by 6 in the blink of an eye and they never fully recovered.

    Final Score was Arizona 6 – Mets 5.

    Santana pitches tomorrow at 7:10 on SNY.

    See you then…

  219. (291) based on Omar’s track record i just dont believe that anymore – 2-3 years ago i would have – but he has repeatedly failed to pull anything off in-season – he is a horrible in-season tactcian and roster mgr.

  220. 289. Delcos I think you are kinda right but with this horid rotation we’d be in position to be fading down the stretch or collapsing again froma worn out ahallow bullpen. Maine/Pelfrey/OP are not a staff of a post season team.

    Anyway the season is over. Cut all the guys and bring up the great youngsters Omar is yapping about, But wait till Wednseday.

  221. The Cardinals are in tomorrow, and even with Johan Santana, I’m not liking their chances. Joel Piniero has stuffed them several times.-JD

  222. 290. just to let you know harry. i am done with you . u r on your own on this blog. i dont like people that go out of their way to cause friction. i will not defend or fight you. enjoy the others. i dont play the game ..

  223. (294) I agree there there is a reason Omar can never pull a deal off in season – either he over values his prospects or he nickle and dimes teams so bad that they try to hose him when they get a chance – either way its on him because it neg. impacts his ability to manage in-season

  224. I think he’s always shoving the big market we can take a big contract off your hands in teams face and fleecing them by giving up nothing that their looking to shaft him

  225. 299. manuel needs to go back to the lineup that worked 2 days ago. and just sit with it.
    if it isnt too late.

  226. Harry (298): Part of the healthy parts meant Maine and Perez, but that doesn’t always equate to consistency on the mound. Even when healthy, both have been erratic to poor, and you’re right, that translates to losses.-JD

  227. 300… See ya Wednesday… Can’t wait for your Delgado bashing.. Please become the Phillies GM. Then we’ll have a chance someday.

  228. ed (301): Omar has made some additions during the season that helped. As puzzling as he is now, Oliver Perez helped in 2006. … But, they fell down in the offseason and let that good bullpen get away. … Shawn Green helped and Francoeur seems like a good trade. But, there were too many opportunities that were wasted.-JD

  229. 303. Cluelss. I thought the movie was about a teen age girl.. It was about you!!!!

  230. 306. Perez’s issue is.. he didnt stick with what worked. he kept going back to that sloppy side arm.
    Green helped and then was let go because “delgado” allegedly got better,, and thusly didnt need him at 1st.
    Lets hope Francoeur continues.. i wish he would lay off tat first pitch more..

  231. JD – I’m talking specifically about July 31 itself – since Luis Castillo he hasn’t made a trade at the deadline in three years – for a contending team the law of averagers against that are incredible and shows something is serious wrong or that we were so good we won the world series

  232. jd: remember when Omar first came on. he made such great trades. i thought wow. finally a GM. now look. i think he drank the tainted cool-aide.

  233. I thought castillo was mad because he didnt get his double for the stats but it was actually because it would have avoided the DP

  234. Wow, this thread is large as a book. I wonder if there would have been as many posts if the Mets started up six to zip.

  235. 308. Since you seem to be so smart about all these players, if Shawn Green was so helpful, why genius when the Mets opted to not even try to re-sign him did all 29 other majopr league teams not even offer him one contract to join them. All thirty big league teams were stupid about what this over the hill, roids free broken down body had left, but you the great studier of talent know he should have been brought back. Explain how you have this knowledge that every single franchise is missing.

  236. I have to apologize to Omar. He did make an excellent deadline deal in 2007. Luis Castillo was a solid improvement for the team in 2007. It was Omar’s one good deadline deal.