METS CHAT ROOM: Game #102; Snakes in.



Not surprisingly, Mets GM Omar Minaya was unable to pull off a trade by this afternoon’s deadline for a multitude of reasons.

The Mets had to balance out their place in the standings – six games behind in the wild card – and protecting their farm system. There was also the fact not one of the big names traded today (Jake Peavy, Nick Johnson or Victor Martinez) would compensate for all the injured players on the DL.

“We were just not able to get it done,’’ Minaya said. “We had some opportunities to do some things, but, in the end, I felt that what teams were asking for we couldn’t find a match.

“Unless it is someone we were going to hold on to beyond one year, we’re going to hold on to as many prospects as we can.’’

Meanwhile, the Mets start a four-game series against the Diamondbacks tonight. The tarp is on the field but the Mets are hoping to get the game in. However, it won’t start before 8 p.m.,

Livan Hernandez (7-5) goes against Doug Davis (5-10).

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Alex Cora, SS
Livan Hernandez, RP

44 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #102; Snakes in.

  1. so jeff is batting cleanup and murph got dropped down.

    at least the mgr is rewarding good results

  2. Delcos: Not saying Minaya should or shouldn’t have made a trade but, looking at history it is probably best he kept quiet at the deadline. his one year in Montreal when he had a decent team he went nuts and destroyed it. In ’06 with an insurmountable lead he panicked over a set up man’s accident, and got an over the hill guy who wasn’t good enough to pitch the 6 th muxch les the 8th and opened a big hole in right which he couldn’t fill and then got an over the hill Green the next month. He got Perez, how many Met fans fans tip their hat on that one. In 07 and 08 with crumbling bullpens due to overwork he sat tight and watched his team fold both times. So this year he an blame his DL and its probably for the best. As for his newly found prospects don’t hold your breath. If one or two become more than average some day it will be amazin’.

  3. PS: For all the Met fans who can’t get him out of their system, the LASTINGS MILLEDGE ERA has begun tonight in Pittsburgh!!!!

  4. Hi Everybody – after a miserable day with lots of rain and a tornado warning, there’s a beautiful sunset right outside my office sliders. Hope it’s a sign of better days to come…particularly for the Mets.

  5. Harry (3) I’m one of those of whom you spoke – I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Lastings Milledge – the phenom who drove all of us crazy. All talent, no brains.

  6. Harry (2): Everything you said is correct. Considering the history you mentioned, and all the holes the Mets have, there was really nothing he could have done to have helped. If they stay hot and inch closer, they could always do something at the waiver deadline. They have a lot of teams to climb, but it is possible.-JD

  7. 5/7: Its amazing but Met followers for whatever reason have Lastings on the mind. Too much hype….. Well, he has an RBI tonite… The Pirates are over hyping him as their savior to be. You can tell its ain’t gonna work out in Pittsburgh either.

  8. Harry (9): I don’t think so, either. He seemed enthusiastic that one spring, but fell back. He has tremendous athletic ability, but the intangibles are missing.-JD

  9. John (7) He wanted desperately to be liked, but just couldn’t or wouldn’t adapt to MLB rules/regs. How old was he when we first saw him – 20?

  10. If the Pirates and Indians still had all the players they’ve dumped over the past three years they could be competitive. Especially if they were aggressive and added some talent. Too bad. I hate it when teams quit on their fans.-JD

  11. the problem with millege was not talent, it was attitude.

    he knew all the answers and was a hall of famer in his mind. he never saw his mistakes, nor did he consider that someone else’s opinion may be right.

  12. The trades that were most amazing to me was the White Sox getting Peave AGAIN and him saying yes this time, and the Red Sox being able to dump Adam Laroche the instant they finalized the Victor Martinez trade.

  13. I hope my favorite named Met Angel Pagan isn’t returning to Earth! He isn’t an everyday player.

  14. Harry (20): Peavy said no until the last minute. I guess he couldn’t take the losing anymore. … The Red Sox did well. Martinez will pepper the Green Monster.-JD

  15. Harry (21): Pagan reminds me a little bit like Endy Chavez. Not in their style of play, but in that the more they played fulltime the more their weaknesses were exposed.-JD

  16. Wow…Berroa is so bad. Pitcher just walks the bases loaded and you swing at the first pitch and do that??? What a piece of crap player.

  17. JD (23): I think Pagan has been sustaining it for a while now though. I think he could be a good regular in the midst of a lineup with of bonafide good hitters. Kind of like a Werth.

  18. Carlos Beltran pinch hit? When is he coming back for real? Apparently Billy Wagner will be back soon, too.

  19. 2 outs no on and you walk 2 in a row?! That kind of @#$ should be grounds for having your contract cancelled. It was that kind of ‘pen performance we saw over and over last year…it just can’t happen. Hurt us here or not Stokes should drop a few rungs for that performance.

  20. Harry: How can you say “no way?” I said “kind of like” a Werth. You think he was thought of as any good before last year? The guy bounced around and only started getting playing time b/c the Phils kept having injuries to people in their OF. Pagan is in the same boat…he’s athletic and he’s shown some speed and shown some power and good defense. I’m not saying he’s an all-star but I think he can be a serviceable LF next to Francouer and Beltran. Certainly better than anything else we’ve thrown out there this last year.

  21. BH (29): He’s a typical Met pitcher. They lead the team in walks as a staff (and that’s taking into acct the fact that Perez was out for a while). I’m not sure what it is but this staff is one that can’t maintain focus at all times on the mound

  22. BH (33): This guy sucks so much. There is a reason why his ERA has persistently remained near 5 all season. I don’t know why anyone gives him credit. He’s awful

  23. It boggles the mind that we continue to assemble pitching staffs that can’t throw strikes.

    And with that a run scores as Jerry stayed with Green who didn’t even throw a strike when we got the double play. This is Randolph stubbornness all over again and I am sick of it. Bring back Valentine, he may be odd but at least he’s smart.

  24. JD (34): One of the things that has to happen in the offseason is they unload this loser. He really sucks so much.

  25. BH (36): Agreed. Randolph was a very dumb unintelligent manager, but Manuel makes him look like Einstein. His baseball IQ is very minimal. A dog could manage with more smarts than him.

  26. Howie has put this game “in the book” – let’s call it an adventure story.

    Tomorrow’s game is on WPIX at 7PM.

    See you then.

  27. The only half inning I get to see or listen to at work for break is the top of the 8th. Of course. The Snakes try to hand to game to the Mets who hand it right back. Man on first, stupidly they have Upton bunting but he gets hit by pitch. Reynolds walks. Montero swings at a ball out of the strike zone on a 1-0 count (Green’s wild. He should take until he throws a strike) to get a double play (Murphy is great at starting DPs, whatever that is worth). So naturally Green wild pitches him home. Would Castro have blocked the pitch?

    Regarding the conversation you guys had earlier about Milledge with the Pirates. Has there ever been a young talent with a bad attitude who gets his head screwed on straight and puts it together on his third team? Maybe Reuben Sierra late in his career after going to the minors (and he was great early with the Rangers). I wish the guy well but I’ll believe it when I see it. And I believed it when Green WP. Ugh. Come home Doug Sisk. Butch Metzger, all is forgiven. Come out of retirement, Tom Hall!

  28. 30. I stand clearly by my 2 words comparing Angel to Werth…. No way. Angel Pagan, as Delcos so observantly said earlier, always shows his flaws when playing regularly. I listened to overblown write ups about church for a year and half, and now Paagan is the great hope???? I was right about church and i am right about Pagan. there isn’t a team in the bigs who would want him starting 140-150 games. A 4th yes, a regular,, No way.

  29. Jeff M (41) Just checking in this morning and I read your post. I’ll include the final score in my ‘sign off’ from now on – OK?