METS CHAT ROOM: Games #100-101; trying to sweep the Rox.



Johan Santana rebounded from a bad start with a sterling performance in today’s 7-0 whipping of Colorado in the first game of a day-night double-header.

Santana threw seven sharp innings and streaking New York won its fifth straight game, beating the Colorado Rockies 7-0 in the opener of a day-night doubleheader.

SANTANA: Sharp in opener.

SANTANA: Sharp in opener.

“Every time you win a game it’s good. But it’s even better when you have a chance to just keep adding to it,” Santana said. “That’s what I was trying to do today and at the same time I was having fun. It’s good to see that. It’s good to see that everybody feels comfortable.”

The victory was the Mets fifth straight.

Santana (12-8) struck out eight, walked one and gave up four hits. He finished July with a 3-2 record and 1.82 ERA in five starts. The Mets broke it open with a five-run second highlighted by Angel Berroa’s two-run double. It only the sixth time in 21 starts by Santana that they’ve supported him with at least five runs.

The Mets (49–51) will throw Jon Niese (1–0, 4.08 ERA) against lefty Jorge De La Rosa (8-7, 4.78 ERA).

Here’s the line-up for the second game:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Angel Berroa, SS
Omir Santos, C
Jon Niese, LP

NOTEBOOK: The day began with GM Omar Minaya announcing he had apologized to Daily News writer Adam Rubin for comments directed at him during Monday’s press conference. … The Mets recalled catcher Robinson Cancel from Triple-A Buffalo and designated RHP Elmer Dessens for assignment. … Catcher Brian Schneider has a sore knee. … Luis Castillo missed the first game as his wife gave birth to a baby girl.

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  1. Here’s something very bizarre I just noticed: The sound person at Citi just played the taped organ excerpt from the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun,” which exhorts fans to clap-clap, clap-clap, at the end — but why is it only ever played during day games? Maybe because the sun’s out, or something?


  3. 1,,3,4,5 God Bless America…. go to Iran where all your terrorist froends reside and are killing innocent people at will.

  4. More from the Times’ story:

    In 2007, Ortiz said that he used to buy a protein shake in the Dominican Republic when he was younger and did not know if it contained a performance-enhancing drug.

    “I don’t do that anymore because they don’t have the approval for that here, so I know that, so I’m off buying things at the GNC back in the Dominican Republic,” Ortiz told The Boston Herald. He added: “I don’t know if I drank something in my youth, not knowing it.”

    Hmmmm…protein shakes? Yeah, right. Sounds like a quote from someone who’s been busted…

  5. Busy day for me – thankfully Santana is doing his job very well this afternoon…must be those Subway sandwiches

  6. John (11) I believe that at one time Ortiz was an advocate of a one year suspension for users.

  7. Oh NO! Not more Omar…Oh no, talking about himself in third person…Dude, just say you met with Adam Rubin and apologized. Instead, we got a 90 percent retraction. Damage done, Omar. And we missed a Pagan triple for that mushmouth.

  8. John – what’s the over/under on how much longer Omar will be around?

  9. Annie (16): I don’t know. I think he comes back next year, getting a pass because of the injuries. After that, all bets are off.-JD

  10. 17 Unless of course, Omar decides to throw another reporter or one of the Wilpons under the bus…

  11. Gil (18): I think Omar knows he needs to be on his best behavior. If they make a run at the wild card that would be a plus in his favor. They can pick up 1 1/2 games on WC leading SF with a sweep and Giants loss. They shouldn’t blow it today, but sweeps are tough.-JD

  12. John (17) I was really shocked by how poorly he spoke in public – even this morning, he stumbled. On the other hand I was happily surprised at how Jeff Wilpon handled things –

  13. 19 But will Omar on a short leash for the rest of this year be enough to save his gig? The Mets may yet make a valiant run, but the Mets are not a playoff team. Santana and Pelfrey at his best aren’t nearly enough starting pitching.
    The real danger in the Mets making a run is that if he’s back next year Omar will mistakenly think the Mets only need “fine tuning,” as was his mistake after the ’07 and ’08 seasons and make only piecemeal moves, instead of the overhaul the team sorely needs.

  14. 20 Shocked, Annie? Was it your first time hearing Omar speak? Sometimes he makes crack addicts seem lucid.

  15. Papi and Ortiz are the afternoon headline in the Hartford Courant and the Boston Globe – lots of people I know and love around here are going to be very unhappy over this news…

  16. Let’s face it: Big Pill-Popper was the second most obvious juicer in baseball after Roger Clemens. He went from being a decent player in Minnesota into a great slugger in Boston.
    Those comments two years ago about “not knowing if he took some illegal” were laying the alibi groundwork for getting caught.

    Nice to wake up to find the Mets are LEADING 6-0.

  17. Gil (22) No, I’ve heard him speak for years. However this week he has seemed very, very unsure of himself and upset.

  18. 23 Is it really that surprising, though? Ortiz was cut in spring training by the Twins and suddenly and miraculously he becomes the second coming of Babe Ruth with Boston? His book is a feel-good story, but in the end it seems Ortiz’s rags-to-riches account is as much a work of fiction as “Cinderella.”

  19. No, what is surprising to me is how so many people seem to accept the fact that their favorite athletes are druggies without a second thought.

  20. Want a real “feel good,” “rags-to-riches” sports story, minus the cheating? Check out NFL quarterback Kurt Warner’s journey from $5.50-an-hour nighttime grocery stcoker in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Super Bowl MVP hero the next year. Great special on him the other night on ESPN’s “Homecoming.”
    Warner worked his ass off playing Arena Football, NFL Europe and then auditioned in the Rams’ pre-season camp and still had to wait until starter Trent Green got hurt, to have his chance.
    Ortiz, it appears, took the easy way by doping up.

  21. Gil (29): There will other rags-to-riches sports stories. That’s what makes sports so great. Unfortunately, that list has 104 names on it and there’s hardly been more than a dent. More surprises to come.-JD

  22. 28 Annie, please write a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times and tell all the Dodger fans that.

  23. Oops, I nearly forgot the Mets were playing this afternoon — and now a day-nighter.

    I believe it was Ernie Banks who famously exclaimed, “Let’s play two!” as MLB often notes in their self-promotions. I don’t recall him actually saying, “Let’s play two, with separate admissions!”

  24. (28) Annie, how are you going to feel when there is enough evidence against Piazza? I’ve pretty much accepted that all the players were tainted….guilty until proven innocent unfortunately.

  25. Did you all see the link I posted with the Pete Rose/Bart Giamatti legal papers? Poor Bart, he signed them in late August of 1989, shortly thereafter, I watched them bury him in the Grove Street Cemetery across the street from my Yale office.

    He would have been very intolerant about the drug issue – he really loved the game.

  26. 30 All the names on that list should be made public. And I’m telling you, I’m STILL not convinced that Albert Pujols is — and has always been — clean.

  27. There’s only one player that I would be shocked about, everyone else can drug themselves silly.

  28. (38) JD: There was a story about Piazza a number of months ago…about the bachne and an open juicer. For all we know, he is on this report.

  29. Gil (34) Yes, he was, I was fortunate to get to know him a bit – everyone at Yale loved him. I agree about the kid, too.

  30. (35) JD: The Mets will continue to need that until the cavalry comes back (If they ever do, that is.)

  31. 42 Annie: Prepare yourself to be sad. According to many sources (and I, too, saw his acne-studded back in the Dodgers’ locker room with my own eyes), Piazza was definitely a juicer. If he did use, maybe he’d stopped by ’03.

  32. Excuse me for a moment. Tim Redding is in the game. I must leave the room to go vomit.

  33. 46 So who would it be that would sadden you, if he’s revealed to be a drug cheat?

  34. I don’t suppose Bud Selig can give us a 75th birthday present and retire? Or does he see being commissioner the way Elizabeth sees being Queen: a job you don’t retire from?

  35. Howie has put this lovely game “in the books” and Santana is smiling as am I.

    Next game at 8PM tonight.

  36. 48 Annie, you’ve got some chutzpah showing love for Derek Jeter in a Mets Chat Room, I’ll give you that! :) But I don’t think there, you have anything to worry about. Seems too much of his own man — and an intelligent one at that — to bow to peer pressure. Nice win for Johan and the Mets.

  37. Nice job by Redding to cover 1st. Let’s sweep and really get back into this thing!

  38. I wouldn’t be shocked by anyone testing positive. Especially players with popeye forearms.

    The Mets have won 5 straight. Enjoy it people!!

  39. I strongly suspect Jeter used PEDS one offseason. I don’t remember which year it was but he came into camp weighing over 200lbs. He promptly got hurt and then announced that he had added to much bulk in the offseason and that it had hurt his game and led to his injury. After that he slimmed down and has been about the same bulk since then.

  40. keep it going metsies…get greedy and lets get a W tonight, lets go niese

  41. SI reporting Mets turned down a deal for Victor Martinez. No mention of what Indians wanted back.

  42. Unbelievable. You have to bench Pagan for that tomorrow. That is just terrible…and for the second time this series. These are major leaguers?

  43. 62. Sadecki; Its from Heyman the guy who said Minaya turned down Halladay. Maybe Omar should have been more worried about Heyman than Rubin…..

  44. Finished with the beer meeting, the NESN coverage of Papi, now to the game at hand –

  45. Luis Castillo must have come right from the Delivery Room – Congratulations are in order on the birth of his daughter.

  46. John (66) I don’t think for a moment that the Mets are headed for clear sailing like the Boston Cop and the Harvard Professor both of whom acted like grown-ups and will continue to discuss matters at home in Boston. Incidentally, Officer Crowell could give lessons in how to run a press conference – he’s good.

    Red Sox in the 7th inning, losing 4-3 to Oakland –

  47. John (66) They are not – they are in the small pool in the yard that you fill with a hose – it’s about 8 inches deep.

  48. John (67) Papi has just hit a 3 run homer to put the Sox ahead and is getting roundly cheered at Fenway. He has not yet spoken to the press, but Eckersley is advising that honesty is the best policy.

  49. John — I see you changed the intro to today’s blog, now covering the second game and deleting the original intro. Your introductory posts are starting to sound just like your old regular newspaper stories, including the “notebook” items… Are you working somewhere, or just hoping to catch on?

  50. Did anyone else hear the news on Maine.
    He will not need surgery, just has weakness in
    the shoulder. Who knows when he will be back but it still has to be taken as good news.

  51. Annie would any name surprise you from the orignal list. Me meet up with Arlen got moved to 1030. So I gotta get up early to get to Harrisburg.

    Im impressed Gil loves the Mets so much he write from Iran. How’s the slaughter going?

  52. Harry (76) – Derek Jeter is the only player that would surprise me. However, with a Dad who has a PhD in alcohol and drug counselling and a Mom who is a CPA and who are also Directors of his ‘Turn Two’ Foundation – he’s got built in values that I believe are lasting.

  53. There’ve also been some juicers who the juice didn’t help: Bobby Estalella, Jim Parque, Jason Grimsley…

  54. Annie (83): It’s only the seventh inning. … Jerry left him in too long. … I would’ve pulled him after the leadoff double. He’s in the seventh. That’s borrowed time.-JD

  55. 84 Unfortunately, it helped Knoblauch enough to lift a certain fly ball to left field in the bottom of the 9th against Armando Benitez in the 2000 World Series… :(

  56. 86 And Benitez very well may have been juicing, too, to run 100 mph fastballs up to the plate night after night after night, the way Eric Gagne did…

  57. 79 JD
    Not really counting on Maine for this year, but I would like to see him get back and make a late September start. I think it would be good for his mind to at least get a few innings in before the season ends.

  58. Gil (90): I covered Benitez when he was with the Orioles. Dumb as a box of rocks. One of the Orioles told me he didn’t have faith in him as a closer because he doesn’t really want the ball. True, too. Whenever he’d blow a save he was good for two or three more right away.-JD

  59. Scott (91): That would help on several levels. One, you’re right, it would benefit Maine’s mindset. Second, it might help the Mets as far as their off-season shopping is concerned (it might knock one item off a long list). And, third, it might help the Mets if they are considering moving Maine to the bullpen.-JD

  60. OK, why not release all the names right now instead of leaking a couple every once in a while? This must be tough on the guys who are clean –

  61. 92 Armando seemed to want the ball as a Met — when it was in May, protecting a three-run lead against the likes of the Expos. Still, you can put together at least a half dozen Benitez signature Met meltdowns…

    1) Not being able to put away Paul O’Neill with two strikes and eventually walking him in the bottom of the ninth in Game 1 of the 2000 WS

    2) Giving up the game-tying sac fly to Knoblauch in Game 1 of the 2000 WS

    3) Giving up a ninth-inning, game-tying jack to J.T. Snow in Game 2 of the 2000 NLDS

    4) Blowing a save in 1999 NLCS Game 6 in Atlanta in what would’ve been the most miraculous wins in Mets’ history — by giving up a game-tying single to Ozzie Guillen

    5)Getting taken deep by punch-and-Judy infielder Craig Counsell to officially start the 2002 downslide.

    6) Serving up a meatball to Brian Jordan to put the kibosh on 2001 pennant dreams.

  62. 99 Gil
    Is it safe to guess you don’t have a Benitez jersey hanging in your closet.

  63. 101 Scott: LOL! :) But I almost bought a Duaner Sanchez #50 jersey back in ’06.
    I swear if the drunk driving dumbass that smashed into Sanchez’s taxi exactly three years ago today, there’d be a 2006 World Series Championship flying today at the top of the flagpole in Citi Field…

  64. Sorry. I should’ve said “if the drunk driving dumbass HADN’T smashed into Sanchez’s taxi exactly three years ago today…”

  65. I don’t want to defend Benitez too much but maybe if Timo Perez had hustled on the Zeile double and maybe if Todd Pratt had broken for home on a ground ball in the 9th inning, the Mets would have won the game and maybe the series. He failed, but he had help.
    There was somebody, maybe Ken Rosenthal, who near the end of Benitez’s Mets career, found he was the best of his era in protecting one-run lead games.
    One them I always wonder about closers is what do we expect from them. If you save a game but put a couple runners on base, some writers/fans/talk show hosts will onlhy concentrate on that and “saves mean nothing”.
    The wiki entry on Knoblauch says he was juicing in 2001. So IF that is accurate, his fly was “legitimate”.

  66. Oh, hey! I see Russ Ortiz, who hasn’t had a decent year since ’04 has just been released by the Astros, after giving up nine Ernies today and sporting an ERA of 5.57.
    Betcha Tim Redding’s feverishly texting Ortiz righht now, telling him to tell his agent to get in touch with Omar about a contract…

  67. 106 Disagree, JD. The Mets didn’t have a curfew and had an off-day the next day, so it wouldn’t have mattered how late he stayed out.
    In fact, Sanchez did the responsible thing and cabbed it instead of renting a car and getting behind the wheel while buzzed or loaded.

  68. Here’s what Ortiz was quoted as saying:
    “I’ve just been told that the report is true,” Ortiz said in a statement after contacting the union. “Based on the way I lived my life I’m surprised to learn I tested positive.”
    Note that phrase above: “said in a statement after contacting the players’ union.”

  69. 113 Dan: Yes, Sanchez was wearing a seatbelt. Police who were quoted about the accident said Sanchez was fortunate to have survived.

  70. 11o JD: If Sanchez had been getting into trouble off the field, it certainly didn’t show on the field. He was 5-1 with a 2.60 ERA and induced more double plays up to July 30 than any other reliever in the Majors.
    Research his splits on baseball for his 2006 season and you’ll see, as I did, he arguably had one of the best seasons of any setup man in MLB history.

  71. How many before hours before we can end the “where is Roy Halladay going” speculations?

  72. I can’t believe the Jays are even thinking of trading him within the division. … It would really stick it to the Yankees.-JD

  73. 119: Check out Sanchez’s splits in ’06…

    *with 2 outs and runners in scoring position opponents hit .093 against him.

    *When he entered in tie games, opponents hit .176 against him.

    *In “late and close” games, batters hit .198 against him.

    *When Sanchez entered with one-run leads, opponents hit .188 off him and when he had two run leads, batters hit .192 against him.

    And get THIS: In 13 games when Sanchez pitched with one day of rest? Opponents hit .102 against him.

  74. Who hates every single Met in their entire history. It must be, no it isn’t, yes it is, it is the freakin America hater, Met hater, all world hater except for his egotistical self Iran favorite hater, Gil the hater, I was wrong Gil ain’t a freakin traitor, he’s a frekin hater. There ain’t nobody , nowhere on the face of the good Earht exceptin himself of course that Gil don’t hate. Must be lonely lovin only your hatin sself gil boy , and God Bless America and all those people in it who respect democracy enough to allow haters like you to exist and walk freely in this wonderful land of ours.

  75. One thing I was wondering last week with the Benazard nonsense: what ever happened to the Dick Young son-in-law that was working for the Mets in the late 1970s? There were people who felt Dick Young sided with the Mets in the Tom Seaver disaster because an in law had a job. I always figured Young was an old hypocrite. Can’t remember the guys name: Thornton Geary??

  76. 126 You’re right, JD, that few good things ever happen to professional athletes in public after midnight, but Sanchez didn’t bring that crash on himself by going out. I wish former Angel Nick Adenhart had been lucky enough earlier this year to escape with only a separated shoulder, rather than lose his life to a drunk driver…

  77. How many ordinary people could make the bare hand catch of a dribbler and make an accurate
    throw to first like we just saw? I doubt I could. We sometimes forget how talented players are.

  78. Howie has put this game “In the Books” – me too, although it was anticlimactic after all the news of the day.

    Tomorrow, Arizona at 7:10PM at Citi Field.

  79. Santos nice compact swing didn’t help there. Taking 3 out of 4 from the Roxs was better than I thought we would do.

  80. Wonder if the Pirates will have traded everyone on their Major League roster by game time tomorrow night.
    Wonder if Ortiz will get booed by the Fenway faithful next time he steps to the plate there…
    Good night!

  81. Gill (133): They’ll cheer him, the hypocrites. A Red Sox-Dodgers World Series, bringing the cheaters together, would be interesting.-JD

  82. (133) Gil: Do you really think that is going to happen? Do you think if Johan was found to have used steroids he’d get booed by the Citifield faithful? Of course not.

  83. Man, this is depressing. Another rainy day in NYC, no Met moves, and bad news about Reyes having to shut it down…again. They pulled me back in…now i’m back out.

  84. Watching Daily News Live they are talking about “Minaya’s job is on the line”. What cha talkin’ ’bout, Willis? The man has a three year extension that hasn’t started yet. He’s going to get paid thru 2012 something like $1.1 million a year if I remember right.
    If he gets fired, he can always join Steve Phillips on ESPN. Or get a job in the high school Al Harazin is principal at.