Maine examined ….

MAINE: In happier times.

MAINE: In happier times.

The Mets could get disturbing news from Birmingham, Ala., when John Maine’s right shoulder is examined by sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

The Mets aren’t even thinking about Maine returning this season and his career could be in jeopardy. The pinched nerve in his shoulder isn’t getting any better. Last season there was brief talk about Maine being moved to the bullpen and that option could be revisited.

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  1. It’s a shame to see any athlete — especially a young one like Maine — suffer what now could be a career-threatening injury.
    It was horrible to see that happen with Duaner Sanchez from ’06 onward.
    And again, you have to be curious about the Mets medical staff’s procedures. Surgeries are supposed to fix maladies, not exacerbate them.
    Sanchez’s surgery didn’t help him. Maine’s apparently hasn’t helped him. Carlos Beltran continuesto have knee problems after he had minor surgery. Who knows how Billy Wagner, J.J. Putz and Carlos Delgado will respond after their surgeries if and when any of those three return this season…

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    fyi Dr David Altchek operated on Maine.
    He also operated on Marino Rivera of the Yankees and he is fine.
    Altchek is highly regarded by everyone in baseball.