METS CHAT ROOM: Game #99; building on yesterday.



The Mets are still crawling out of the rubble from yesterday’s disastrous press conference. Jeff Wilpon talked to the press today and admitted GM Omar Minaya created a huge mess when he called out the Daily News’ Adam Rubin.

Wilpon apologized to Rubin on and said Minaya would do the same. Wilson said the club was embarrassed and hurt by Minaya’s actions. He also reiterated Minaya still is, and will be, the Mets’ general manager.

Manager Jerry Manuel said Jose Reyes is still progressing, but there’s not a definitive timetable for his return.

Meanwhile, the Mets will try to pick up another game on the Colorado Rockies in the wild-card race as they go for four straight victories.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Brian Schneider, C
Alex Cora, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

64 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #99; building on yesterday.

  1. Probably this whole thing is good for the players. Nobody bugging them. Omar is a genius!

  2. Here’s a wild thought just for the heck of it: The Mets have been playing better — why? What has changed? Well, you could say they’ve been playing better since Bernazard got himself in trouble. Then they continued yesterday, not **in spite of** what happened, but **because** of it — happy to see Tony go? Remember that Bernazard seemed to be involved in getting Willie fired, and supposedly some players, like Delgado, were not happy with Willie. But how do we know they really weren’t happy with Willie? Is there a chance it was Bernazard who was poisoning their relationships with him, going behind his back with some of the Latin players?

  3. John – Is it over and we just have to work through the aftermath, or is there more to come?

  4. 2. You read way too much into this. Teams play better and teams play worse in baseball all the time. What makes it happen? If anybody knew they’d be manager of the Century. What made the horrible Padres have a 10 game winning streak and then revert to horrible again? Getting rid of the dead dead bat in right field and replacing it with some energey and moving a # 2 hitter to the 2 spot helps a lot. But it only means something if sustained. Three game winning streak. even the 62 Mets probably did it.

  5. John (5) As usual when I left here last night I went directly to WFAN with Steve Somers and Tony Paige – wild night for them with the callers etc. I didn’t get much sleep either. Mets fans came at this issue from all sides.

  6. Mets didn’t need to have a press conference. This wasn’t the manager or GM or pitching coach. They could have just announced they agree Bernazard has problems and needs to go…

  7. Annie (6) You make it sound like Mets fans were coming to your house and keeping you up!

  8. Jeff M. (8) Only through the magic of radio…I’m fascinated by the ‘Overnight family’ on WFAN.

  9. If Omar was buddies with Bernazard he shouldn’t have been put out there. Were they pals?

  10. john

    this is true. but the pr guy should tell the players what the script is. when you go out to apologize, the script is set. the fact that Omar did not apologize and then they went out again to do so is stupid.

    all the players know this is ny. the ego is irrelevent. the argument is you need to apologize because it is expected. it does not matter if you agree, or if the apology is a formality. you do it because you do not want to talk about it for the next two weeks.

    this is why they need to clean house. if they could clean out the owners so much the better.

  11. harry(21)

    it doesnt matter, omar is the face of the franchize. this is what he is paid to do. it is his job.

    he would rightly be labeled a coward if he did not go out there.

    of course he botched it and so that sealed his future.

  12. I’m going to take a minute to say nice things about Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin. They are the best radio team I’ve heard in a long time. They are smart, prepared, professional and very easy to listen to. At times they can also be amusing, or very thoughtful. They respect the game. Their pace is just right and I hope they keep doing this for a long time.

  13. 25 Annie
    Wayne Hagin was on FAN the other day telling some great Rickey Henderson stories.
    Wayne worked for A’s when Billy Martin managed them.
    Check FAN’s site you might still be able to hear them.

    Also Wayne worked at ESPN when it first started. He was a host of the 2nd ever sports center.

  14. so we are in inning 6. for the ollie lovers out there, do you still think he is a better pitcher than the one on the mound today?

  15. Scott (27) I heard Wayne talking about Rickey Henderson on FAN, — for me it’s either WFAN, my IPOD or C-SPAN during the day. I rarely watch anything on ESPN I simply don’t like their approach to sports. However, I do know lots of people who work there – it’s the next town over from where I live and lots of ESPN people live here too.

  16. 24. dave, all I can say is bull…. You as the man on top, know your guy, and whether its his job or not, if he’s messed up because he just axed his buddy you don’t pput him in position to make a jerk of himself. You expect perfection which is a standard that is ridiculous. Nobody can be expected to perform properly al the time. If you think that is the case I truly hope nobody ever has to work for you.

  17. Annie: I know you like politics. I’m gonna be with Sen Specter Friday. Want me to bitch about mlb black out policies. He is afterall the TV guy isn’t he!

  18. You know you be hot when umps are helping you. They never help clubs going bad.

  19. 37

    perhaps that is why minaya should not be gm.

    it is his job. he is supposed to be the face and general manager of the club.

    you hire and fire people. it is pleasant to offer someone a job and totally sucksif you have to fire a friend.

    they all get paid very well. this is new york. he knew what he was getting into.

    and if he was his friend he should have prevented him from being an ass. not once but several times.

    it shows once again that omar makes bad decisions.

    many leaders of corporations get hauled before congress to answer uncomfortable questions. they do it every day. it is their job. they are the face of their respective companies.

    congrssmen can get very mean and self serving. but they are expected to answer the questions because they have a legal obligation.

    at the end it is his job. if he feels strongly about it he can quit, or he could have taken the easy way out and issued a press release.

    they choose to hold a press conference. three times.

    omar has made his bed. and not just in this incident.

  20. Harry (38) Yes!! Thanks for thinking of me – I saw Senator Specter on CSPAN this morning saying nice things about Judge Sotomayor. And, it’s not the first time I’ve seen him there. Please say hello for me and tell him I’m pleased he is looking so well.

  21. 46. let me know what company you run and I wiull immediately sell all my stock. If you think it is ok to put a guy in a position to fail, then you are the one who should be fired. And guess what demander of perfection, if the Mets as a corporartion were hauled before Congress, the Wilpons would be there, not Omar, and you know it.
    47. I bet ol’ Arlen is more pleased than you are about how he looks. Couple years ago we were all guessing about who Rendell would pick as his replacement!

  22. Harry (48)
    I can’t remember a time when PA politics didn’t include Arlen – and he’s certainly weathered a lot during the years with his health. However, he is a shrewd, but careful politician. No one runs a Senate committee better than he does.

    Ed Rendell, too? You know them all.

  23. Howie has put this game “in the books”. Let’s hope this streak continues tomorrow for Santana.

    See you then.

  24. I was off watching a scifi show. Then I come back and the Mets have won their 4th in a row. Talk about science fiction!

  25. Well played game last night.
    Now if manuel will leave the lineup alone maybe we can have a really great showing!

  26. Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in! Yeah, i’m a sucker…i’m starting to believe that they can make a run at the w/c. Wright is finally showing some consistent power, eventually he will find the right part of the park. Frenchy has been doing well and has breathed life into the team. I guess he’s one of those players you hate when he isn’t on your team. lol. Pelfrey has looked pretty good two starts in a row. Murphy looks like he has a plan. Castillo is doing a very good job. Yeah, i’m probably nuts and a sucker to think they can make a run, but right now it’s promising.

  27. Hey, 51/2 out of the wild card now. Johan going tonight. We could very realistically be 41/2 out at the end of the day with plenty of baseball to play.

  28. By the dave… when your buddies the corporate execs go to Congress. Do you think they just show up. They don’t show without thier big time lawyers, they don’t show up until they have their staff meet with the committee staff so they know pretty much what’s going down. What help did the ownership give Omar? His job you say… Gee, I thought the GM was supposed to field a team that wins. I guess not. His job is human relations, PR, and fielding a team is a small sideshow. Hmm, why do Metsies have a PR staff? To watch? When you are left out to hang, remember its your job. Omar’s days are probable short lived as you said, but it should be because he did a lousy job as GM not because he can’t handle a press conference to discuss non baseball matters.

  29. The Phills acquired Cliff Lee from the Indians. Thank goodness it wasn’t Holliday. Somehow Cliff Lee doesn’t scare me as much.

  30. 59. Either way, Phils are better today then they were yesterday. Their biggest weakness now has a solid 1-2 punch.

  31. (60)True. But I remember how ecstatic I was when the Mets acquired Frank Viola which was supposed to have guaranteed a pennant or two. I don’t know how much of a hitters park the Cleveland stadium is, but i’m not sure how he’s going to fare at CSB. Anyway, I would rather the Phills get him than Halladay.

  32. 58

    Since you want to continue this stupidity. All Omar had to do was issue a press release. He did not have to appear in front of anyone.

    The press release didn’t have to be written by him. It could be written by the PR department.

    If he has to be there, he could read a prepared statement and left.

    To avoid the whole mess, he could have started talking to his buddy 2 years ago over dinner or golf or whatever and discussed how his behavior affects the organization and both their jobs.

    Either he choose to do none of the above or he threw away the script.

    Either way, it is bad judgement by our esteemed GM all the way around.

  33. (63) Dave: He is good, but i’m just a lot less concerned now that it’s not Halladay.