METS CHAT ROOM: Game #98; now the game.

Leave it to the Mets to make a bad situation worse. They were ridding themselves of an embarrassing situation by firing Tony Bernazard and had just won two of three in Houston. There was reason to be having a positive tone, but that’s all gone now with the trashing of Adam Rubin. This story has legs and will knock tonight’s game out of the papers tomorrow.

And, it will only snowball with a loss, which is very possible considering the Rockies are very good and tonight’s Mets’ pitcher, Oliver Perez, he of the 2-3 record and 7.68 ERA, is not.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Omir Santos, C
Alex Cora, SS
Oliver Perez, LP

41 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #98; now the game.

  1. JD
    You need to fix your link to Ken Davidoff’s site.

    He had one thing interesting to imply about the news conference. The Mets guys in the room were not surprised by what Omar had to say. They knew what was coming.

  2. So, what happens to Adam Rubin now – can he continue to be the beat writer for the Mets after Omar’s comments?

  3. This organization is a joke. Omar should be fired tonight and the Wilpons should be ashamed of the organization that they have created. I beg of you Fred & Jeff, sell the damn team tomorrow.

  4. Yup, you can’t hit homers at Citi Field. I always said, wait until the summer. Francoeur now has half as many homers as a Met as David Wright.-JD

  5. I heard the SECOND Omar press conference when Howie played it to open the broadcast. Yes, he actually held a second press conference to apologize for what he said in the first. At least, I think he apologized; I had a hard time figuring out WHAT he was saying: something like, “Yes, I’m sorry I… I mean no, I’m not… I mean, what I meant to say was that what I said was what I meant to say, but not to say it when I said it…” or something like that. Oy vay.

    Once more, I say: BREAK UP THE METS (front office)!

  6. I think it’s a lot like golf, you can’t force the shot, you have to be relaxed – and Francoeur seems to have settled in comfortably with the team.

  7. Jeff M (8) I didn’t hear a second Omar press conference – have the Wilpons said ANYTHING to the Mets fans yet?

  8. John & Annie (12): It sounded like Jeff Wilpon was at the second press conference; at least, I’m assuming that’s who made the statement about recalling Adam coming to him for “career advice,” but also saying that people are CONSTANTLY coming to him for career advice, including many members of the media, and there was nothing special about this particular conversation. He at least sounded coherent, which is more than I can say for Omar… possibly because Omar had Jeff Wilpon standing next to him and could sense the writing on the wall?

  9. John (12) Are they afraid of the Mets fans? Surely the two of them have spoken in public before….or, are they worried about the questions they would get?

  10. Jeff (14): I believe Rubin. No question. Asking for career advice is called networking. People do it all the time. What? Just because you’re a reporter you can’t ask for advice. When I got laid off I asked for advice from a lot of people, including Wilpon.-JD

  11. Jeff (14) Thanks, I didn’t know there was a second news conference –

  12. just checked in to see how the game is going. ollie gave up 4 walks in 5 innings. hey thats an improvement. Can the bullpen hold the fort so the revamped lineup can take the lead?

  13. Omar Minaya’s tragicomic attempt at a press conference earlier today makes the Hindenburg disaster looks like smooth sailing.
    Minaya’s lack of clarity, his hemming and hawing and brutal use of syntax and trite phrases while making statements and answering questions makes “Mushmouth” from Fat Albert sound like James Earl Jones reading Shakespeare.
    And Minaya’s airing private conversations Daily News reporter Adam Rubin had with him in a public forum — tantamount to accusing Rubin of being unethical, self-serving and conniving in his reporting was the most bush league move a GM has ever made.
    Minaya tries to cover his and the organization’s collective ass in their allowing Tony Bernazard’s neanderthal behavior to go unchecked by not only blaming the messenger, but also trying to embarrass him.
    Of course all Minaya did was further embarrass himself and the Mets front office Thank goodness Rubin was aggressive and exposed the truth — both about Bernazard and the buffoonery running rampant in the Mets’ front office.
    Minaya must go!

  14. Scott (23): Yeah, but I’ll bet the tabs will still go after Minaya. Especially the News. It will be interesting to see what the Post does. Afterall, they’d be reporting about the competition.-JD

  15. 25 JD
    Good point about the Post. I would also throw in Newsday. The News and Newsday do compete in Queens.

    As far as the News goes they have been hammering the Mets really hard since the Sunday before the all star break. How much longer before it just starts to look a little over the top.

  16. Wow, I went away, came back and the Mets have a 7-3 lead! The warm, humid weather agrees with them. Clearly a bunch of hothouse flowers.

  17. Howie has put this Grand Game in the Books – nice for a team that has been through the wringer today…

    See you tomorrow.

  18. Two days in a row the Mets don’t fold after giving the opponent an early lead.

    Very encouraging.

  19. At least Ollie is giving them a chance now. Lets see if he can build on this.

  20. And all while Omar was asleep at the switch, the Giants acquired Ryan Garko from the Indians who would have been absolutely perfect for the Mets at 1b either as a full time starter or a lefty/righty platoon partner for Murphy. Great going again Omar.

  21. I dont think we will be suffering Omar much longer. Every writer in town is calling him a buffoon today. Even SNY guys called his attack on Rubin a blow to the Mets organization. If he is back next year I will be shocked.

  22. (33) Funny part though Ray is that if the Mets do make a serious run at the WC or the Phills falter a bit, it would likely save Omar’s job.

  23. I see the Mets have a 3 game win streak.

    Very nice.

    I also see they have finally canned part of their problem front office. Omar should follow before Spring.

    I was running the numbers last night. They have 64 games to go. If they split the rest of the way they win less than 80 games. To get to 90 they of course will have to do better than 10 games over .500 the rest of the way which means a better than 42-22 split.

    Ain’t gonna happen. And they say they are buyers this year?

    Wow. Some people like to dream.

  24. 34. Its a conundrum, Omar may get a pass anyway because he has a 3 year extension he hasnt worked one day of yet. Wilpons seem to love him and injuries of course can be blamed. (35) Bobby V. is out of his contract in Japan. Heres my dream 2010 GM- Gillick or Stick Michael and Manager Bobby V. BTW, Finishes like you envision have occurred before to the Mets 1969, 1973 and 1991 come to mind. Look at what the Rockies did a couple of years ago. It aint over til its over, right Yogi?

  25. Ray(36)

    This is true, but do you see this team making a run like that to go from bottom of the barrel to squeek into the playoffs?

    They essentially have to win more than 2 of 3 games from here out.

  26. 37, Dave, not this team, but if they can get back thier regulars in time its a different story. I dont know if you are old enough to remember 1973, but it was an even more hopeless situation than this. Last place on Aug 31st with no wild card. That team came 1 game short of a World Championship.

  27. (36) Ray: Since it seems that everything Adam Rubin has reported was accurate, he also reported that Omar does NOT have a vote of confidence. I think the only way he saves his job is if the Mets make a legit. run. I would like to see whoever is the assistant to Theo Epstein become GM…either him or if the Mets could lure Scheurholz out of the Presidency of the Braves. As far as 1973 goes, this team unforutnately doesn’t have Seaver, Koosman, or Matlack…or George Stone. Well we have Koosman at least in Johan. It brings back memories though. Whatta great year that ended up being.

  28. steve (39) I would rate Santana over Koozie, Santana has 2 cy youngs to jerrys zero. (He should have won in ’76 Imo) What a full strength team could have this year is a potent offense. In 1973 the offense was very weak.

  29. The ’73 team was also in an incredibly weak division that seemingly nobody wanted to win. The way the Phillies have been pounding opponents, that hardly seems to be the case this year — but of course the Mets don’t have to worry about them, just the other teams in contention for the Wild Card. I suppose if all the stars were to align just right and everybody else fell apart, the Mets could pull off a Wild Card win. But then what? Probably all that would accomplish would be saving Omar’s job. Is that a good thing?