In defense of Adam Rubin ….

There are few reporters I admire and respect as much as I do Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News. He is among the first to arrive and last to leave. He works the clubhouse as well as any colleague I have competed against. I consider my work ethic one of my strong suits and I envy his. As far as I am concerned, his integrity is above reproach.

Rubin has been critical of the Mets, and rightfully so. Just look at their record. Also look at Rubin’s record for being right.

I believe Rubin when he said he once probed Jeff Wilpon about how to get a job in major league baseball, “but that’s it.” I don’t believe for a second he torpedoed Tony Bernazard to get a job in baseball. Rubin is right, the accusation from Omar Minaya toward him was “obscene” and “deplorable.”

If Minaya had a problem with Rubin, he should have addressed it privately behind closed doors as part of his in-depth investigation. Bernazard, an embarrassment to the Mets, has been fired and is gone. The Mets’ embarrassing behavior still remains.

The bottom line is Bernazard is gone by his own doing, with his behavior coming to light as the result of solid, ethical reporting.

7 thoughts on “In defense of Adam Rubin ….

  1. Big break for the Mets today. NFL announces what their doing with Vick. ESPN has bigger fish to fry tonight than Omar. He will only be fried locally!

  2. only have heard this story thru blogs and ny papers online, not even covered down here…rubin is eh and i wouldnt doubt he asked more about getting a job then he is letting on but minaya doing this in a press conference is a joke, whats wrong with him…public relations wise, the mets, yikessss

  3. im more intrigued by the mets game tonight vs the rockies than this story..from all the reports in the papers (which sad to say cant always be taken as fact) bernazard was a clown who undermined authority from the manager to the gm…im not sad he is gone

  4. jim (2): The Mets won two of three over the weekend, they were ridding themselves of a bad situation and Omar just made it worse.-JD

  5. Now all the writers will have thier sights on Omar and he knows it. This will only hasten his departure (we hope).

  6. Omar must be gone by tomorrow. He & the Wilpons are a public relations nightmare. What in the heck does Jay Horowitz do? Certainly not public relations!

  7. Chili (6): Minaya has a three-year contract. He won’t be easy to get rid of. Or, should I say, he won’t be cheap to get rid of.-JD