METS CHAT ROOM: Game #97; red alert … they can win a series.

With a win today the Mets can finally win a series today behind Livan Hernandez. It seems like forever since they did anything that simple.

It will happen if they score ten more runs. It was good to finally see David Wright hit a home runs. They had three last night. They hadn’t many more than that all month.

Hernandez beat the Nationals in his last start, but prior to that lost his last four starts.

I’ve got some things to take care of today, but I’ll be in and out monitoring the game.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Brian Schneider, C
Alex Cora, SS
Livan Hernandez, RP

24 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #97; red alert … they can win a series.

  1. The Astros dont impress me. Especially without Berkman. Livan is this years version of coin toss, so lets hope he comes up heads today. Checking the schedule, Mets are going to have a lot of games against weak teams coming up. Maybe we can make up some ground and be in striking distance when the regulars come back. I saw an article today that Reyes could be back in 10 days or so.

  2. Batting practice time for the Astros. Mets down 0-3 with one out in the first. SNY had a graphic that Hernandez has given up 19 runs in the first inning in 19 starts. Does that mean he actually gets better as the game goes on?

  3. 1. Weak schedule like the Nats. We sure whipped their butts this week haha

  4. Mets down 3-0 could have been down 4 but Pagan threw out a runner at home. My bubble is losing air quickly.

  5. Hmm did everybody turn off the game after the 3-0 start? I went out and return to find the Mets now leading 5-3 ! 2 rbis from my man Looie.

  6. Dan (2) “Does that mean he actually gets better as the game goes on?”
    Yes, apparently.

    15 runs scored (so far) in the last two games. Break up the Mets!

    No, seriously — break up the Mets. I mean, this is a nice couple of days, but look at the way the Phillies are destroying opponents, even with most of their relief corps injured. Does anybody REALLY think this team is going to come all the way back and make the playoffs just because a couple of regulars might eventually make it back off the DL? Start with top management, especially the Bernazard farm system. Get some actual major league scouts. Then they can stick a new slogan up on the stadium (does Citi even have a place to stick those stupid banners the way Shea did?): THE MANAGEMENT IS BACK.

  7. Now it’s 6-3. Third triple of the game. Another double-digit hit game.

    Wonderful to see, but let’s not get carried away. What actually has changed? Is it the humidity? Let’s see what they do at Citi this week, now that the weather is finally hot and humid. If they can keep it up consistently for a week, then maybe I’ll believe.

  8. The Mets should look to set themselves up for a run NEXT YEAR. Not this year but also not 2 or 3 or 4 years down the line. What I mean is if they can make a deal that will make them better next year, without giving up too much, they should do it, even if it gives them less of a chance to make the playoffs this year, because they probably won’t make it anyway.

  9. Wright doubles in the 9th with a RISP for yet another tack-on run, followed by Francoeur driving him in? Okay, now I’m starting to get giddy. Gotta hold it together…

  10. 11. TMS- Its still July- Too early to give up. Check this out – Colorado is in first place for the wild card, 71/2 in front of the Mets. A 3 game sweep could put them 41/2 out in the wc standings with 2 months of baseball left and reinforcements finally on the horizon. Ollie goes tomorrow and he is key. If he can give a solid 7-8 straight starts like he did last summer we might have something. If he continues to struggle, Well, its time to look to next year.

  11. Castillo in the two hole. Merely doing what 2 hole hitters are supposed to do, get on base…. Maybe the manager can explain why he wasted the ideal # 2 hitter in the 8 hole most of the year. Maybe Jerry wanted Luis on base for the pitchers to drive him in.
    To all thise who complain that Luis has no pwer, and drives in few runs, I guess you all complained equally about that horrible # 2 guy who did the same in the 80’s namely the beloved Wally Backman!

    Sadecki BZ to you for a perfect call on Luis in spring training. Too ba the manager wasn’t half as knowledgeable as you about the game.

  12. Why Chiti, Im touched. All you had to do was look at his track record and know that he was playing on 2 bad wheels last year. Lets hope for a good homestand so maybe we can have some meaningfull September baseball.

  13. Manuel will probably move him back to 8 hole to get some big ABs for his new love, Corey Sullivan.

  14. It was good to see Wright hitting a homer this weekend and actually driving some balls as well. Hopefully he’ll start to hit with some power now. And i’m just saying that you know, I haven’t had any complaints about Castillo this year either…lol.

    Allegedly there is a press conference @ 3:30 today to announce something. Probably to announce that they found nothing conclusive in the Bernazard “investigation,” IMO. We’ll see if that ends up being the last nail in Minaya’s coffin.

  15. LOL! Only the Mets could make more controversy out of a controversy! Omar made sure to point out that Adam Rubin who wrote the articles in the Daily News has asked more than a few times for a job in the Met front office and made it seem like Rubin was lobbying for Bernazard’s job. Even if it was true, there is no reason for Omar to out Rubin and make it almost seem like Bernazard is a martyr.

  16. Omar really is the one who needs to go. He can’t get to the WS with the highest payroll in his league, he can’t find a prospect ready for the bigs after five years, he can’t handle a press conference. If Omar really beleived that Rubin wanted Bernazard’s job then did the so called human resource office conspire with the reporter to bring the guy down. Omar is truly lost. He needs to go before he makes the next desperate deal.

  17. 19 steve- Tony B. is a martyr. A Latino one so now all the old white racists who call the fan can be happy. Just ask metsgrrl.

  18. I just got an e-mail from the Mets with Minaya’s official statement…

    I wanted for you to hear directly from me today regarding an update on the investigation of Tony Bernazard, our Vice President of Player Development.

    Prior to a series of articles published in the media, our Baseball Operations and Human Resources departments had begun looking into several matters involving Tony. Once those reports became public, we accelerated our investigation. We wanted it to be thorough and complete it as quickly as possible while still being fair to Tony. That process concluded over the weekend.

    Yesterday, I met with Tony in person to have a frank conversation about what we had learned following interviews with numerous people. I also wanted for Tony to have the opportunity to give his side of the story.

    After meeting with Tony, and giving a lot of thought to the facts, I came to a decision on Tony’s status which I shared with Ownership last night. My recommendation was that we needed to part ways with Tony, as his behavior in his interaction with others was inconsistent with our organization’s values. Ownership agreed with my assessment and accepted my recommendation.

    I spoke with Tony this morning and informed him of my decision to terminate his employment with the Mets.

    Personnel decisions are never easy. And one can’t make them without giving it a lot of thought. It’s even harder when you know someone as I do Tony. Tony and I go back a long time. He is a dedicated baseball man who loves the game, someone I like and respect, and someone who has contributed to the Mets. In the end, however, I just told him I couldn’t leave him in his position after all that had transpired.

    As General Manager of the Mets, I am fully accountable for our Baseball Operations department — on and off the field — and stand by this decision.

    Thank you for your ongoing support of the Mets.

  19. Hopefully Bernazard didn’t take off his shirt and offered to fight when Minaya told him the news. It’s also a shame we couldn’t give Jeff Wilpon his walking papers (or trade him for Hal Steinbrenner who seems to be running a more and more professional organization in the Bronx).

  20. (20) Chiti, yes it is time for Omar to go. He just isn’t a very smart man. He never had any plan with this team. Sherman in the Post wrote a great article about it on Sunday. I’m hoping that Rubin lobbys the Mets for Minaya’s position next. LOL