Bottom line: Wilpons need to speak up.

First things first, the Wilpons aren’t selling the Mets. The future of the team is in their hands, and whomever they entrust with the reigns. Right now it is Omar Minaya, and most aspects of the franchise is heading south.

The major league team and two top minor league affiliates are all playing below .500. The drop is worse below, which tells you the talent there is not adequate either for immediate help or in making a big time trade. And, for the latter, there aren’t enough chips to patch all the holes.

WILPONS: Need to speak up.

WILPONS: Need to speak up.

Tony Bernazard, whose responsibility it is to stock and train that farm system, shares greatly in that.

A substantial part of the team is on the disabled list, and the medical staff is under scrutiny. However, there is no real common thread to the injury other than some players tried to push themselves. There is always the wonder, after the Ryan Church episode last season, of injuries being mishandled. Of those players on the disabled list, only Carlos Beltran has raised the issue, and he’s a big enough star to where what he says must be taken seriously.

There are rumblings about the job security of Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel. Despite the supposed vote of confidence, we know those aren’t etched in stone. Teams always say things like that before dropping the ax. If a significant number of the injured returns and the Mets make a run but fall short, injuries should give them a pass.

However, it would be a grave mistake throwing everything about this season under the umbrella of injuries because there is no much wrong with this team.

It doesn’t hit well, especially with runners in scoring position. Howard Johnson has to take some responsibility there. David Wright’s power outage has been a mystery. Why would he change his mechanics because to the stadium? Why would anybody let him? He’s always been around .300, which is where he is now. If he mechanics were changed and he was hitting .350, it would be more acceptable. What isn’t acceptable are the number of strikeouts.

Then there is Daniel Murphy. He appears rushed. A bust in left, he’s comfortable at first defensively, but his offense – the strength of his game – has deteriorated.

Look at also what Johnson has had to work with. Fernando Tatis played over his head last season, and this year is more his norm. Most of the starters started the season as role players and are getting more time than they should.

Pitching? Well, so much was counted on from Oliver Perez, but his failure falls on many levels. No way, is he worth the contract. Choosing Perez over Derek Lowe and Randy Wolf is on Minaya. Letting him play in the WBC is also on Minaya, and the Wilpons, who give their unconditional support to the meaningless exhibition series. Pitching coach Dan Warthen hasn’t been able to harness him. Then, there is Perez himself, who believes walks aren’t such a big deal.

Personally, I think Perez is as good as he’s going to be. I’m tired of hearing about his potential. If the Mets can’t trade him, perhaps they should consider putting him in the bullpen, where he can be overpowering for an inning or two.

BERNAZARD: Shameful.

BERNAZARD: Shamed Mets.

With everything unraveling with the Mets, now the team is being embarrassed by Bernazard’s behavior. Bernazard is currently under house arrest in New Jersey with the perception his relationship with Jeff Wilpon could save his job.

If it does, who will be surprised?

If it does not, there will be no impact on the field as Bernazard can’t do anything about the team scoring runs or all the problems listed above.

Bernazard’s firing, which would be deserved, will only act as a diversion and him being made a potential scapegoat.

The hard core fans are upset, but many of those who go to Citi Field are numbed by the excitement of the new park. Let’s go get some BBQ or clam chowder. How many types of beer do they sell?

However, even in New York, the newness of the park won’t last long if the team doesn’t perform. It was that way in Baltimore. In Toronto. In Pittsburgh. In Washington.

Build it and they will come. Play well and they will stay.

During this tumultuous time with the franchise, the lone voice has been Minaya’s, and that’s not good enough. Times are strained enough now where the Wilpons, preferably both, step up with their state-of-the-team address.

The ticket-buying public must be assured of what direction is the team headed. Among other things, it should include statements on whether the team is a buyer or seller at the trade deadline. Are they waiting for the injured to return? They should state firmly all aspects of the organization will be under review after the season and nobody is safe. They should state what direction they will take in the offseason to rebuild. They should state its concern on the medical staff and is there blame for the injuries or bad luck.

No aspect of the team should be spared the scrutiny, because few things are right with it.

22 thoughts on “Bottom line: Wilpons need to speak up.

  1. I agree with most of this article, just not the resulting point. I do not agree that we need more information from the Wilpons, we know full well that they are not capable of running this team and I would much rather they give autonomy to their GM to really run the franchise. That in and of itself is a good thing, I do not want the Wilpons to become the face of this team.

    The problem with this team right now is that even if we wanted to sell at this break what in the world do we have to sell that would get us anything? The problem is that the chips we could have had if this season was not working for us to trade are all injured and not worth anything. If we still had Maine, Perez, Nieve, Delgado, Beltran, Reyes we would probably not be in the situation we are in, but without them we have nothing to trade to get anything back. If Delgado were healthy and had 15 HRs and was hitting 280 or something we could have certainly traded him for some value, same with Beltran or Maine or Putz.

    As it stands now, what are we going to trade to get this value? K-Rod? Wright? While both would get value niether of them would be worth trading at this point unless we are trying to sign up for a 3 year rebuilding cycle.

    Lets face it, we will have Santana-Wright-KRod-Reyes-Beltran as a core of this team next year. That is a very solid core to this team if it is healthy. I just don’t know what you want to do to fix that with the situation we are currently in.

    Is our only issue the injuries? No. But can we ignore them and pertend like this team would be in this situation if we had a normal allotment of injuries instead? No.

  2. Since this topic is about the Wilpons here is a Repost from the other thread.

    The bottom line is ever since Doubleday sold his half of the Mets to Fred Wilpon which made Fred Wilpon sole owner of the Mets the organization has been slowly going down hill. The nail in the coffin is when Fred Wilpon decided to hand complete control of the organization over to his son Jeff. Jeff wilpon is a clueless idiot. I never thought that this could happen to another team I routed for where the father hands over control of a team he owns to his son, James Dolan anybody. It doesn’t matter who the gm is for the Mets because Jeff Wilpon is the one who runs the show. Jeff Wilpon will be the one who will look for and hire the GM. The Mets organization will always be horrible as long as Jeff Wilpon is running the show.

  3. First, the Wilpons. “tomg” above, likens them to the Dolans and so do I – Dad has money, buys team and then tires of it and turns it over to the kid. Unfortunately kid really knows nothing about business and/or sports management and the team flounders. The Medical staff also seems to be inadequate or in capable of dealing with the teams’ injuries in a timely and professional manner.

    We also hear now that the Wilpons do not hold with real business practices like chain of command and org charts – no wonder things are in chaos and Tony Bernazard is acting up – there really isn’t anyone in charge.

    What is needed now is a clear statement – in person – from Both Wilpons – about the team and all the issues that have arisen this year. They have provided a new facility and some new pitchers and things should have not gotten out of hand, but they did.

    A full-blown news conference at City Field with Wilpons and other team officials and representatives is in order. ASAP

  4. We don’t need Roy Halladay. We should not acquire any more top-shelf talent. It isn’t going to solve the underlying problem, and will create the situation we have now with Johan Santana, where he thought he was coming to a winning team.

    We can’t fire the owners, which is what we need to do. This team is such a mess organizationally that removing one person is not going to help. Everyone is calling for the head of Tony B. fantastic, a scapegoat. And he’s Latino, too, which will satisfy all the old racist white guys who call WFAN.

    Listen, I don’t know if he’s good or bad or evil or the devil, but I am smart enough to know that he’s being set up as a sacrifice to silence the fans.

    They think we are stupid. They don’t get it. The fact that they don’t get it was illustrated by sending Omar out the other night during the Nationals game where Keith stayed silent and Gary lobbed softballs. They viewed THAT appearance as damage control. If you read Twitter the next morning, you would have seen that it had the exact opposite effect.

    They should ALL go. The only person I don’t want to see going is Jerry, because that will only hurt the team more. I do not think he can manage in New York, though. It’s not that he’s not smart. It’s not that he’s not ‘firey’ enough. It’s that quiet strength does not play well in a city where there are umpteen beat reporters needing a story every day and a legitimate joke will get blown up into a back page headline.

    I know the medical staff is ‘being looked at’ but that’s not enough. Tony B. is being ‘investigated’. Dave Howard says that they’ll “get to” figuring what to do with the World Series trophies.

    I could not afford their 40 game plan on the lower level this year, so we went with 2 15 game plans instead. I will not renew next year. I will buy in with a friend who has a full season and work out some kind of playoff rights with them. Most of my seatmates are absent or selling – except now, the seats will likely be empty, because there are no buyers. Corporations who could justify their boxes on the novelty of the new park will not be able to do so next year, with bottom lines shrinking by the minute.

    I will shut up now. I am just so angry.

  5. To Fred , Jeff , Omar

    This what I would do to start.

    Put Tony B on leave of absence till the end of the season when his job will be reevaluated.

    Retire Jay Horowitz (and or) kick him upstairs to job where no one will hear from him again.

    Hire the best PR firm in the city.
    Someone as good as the Yankees have with Howard Rubinstein.

    In today’s over saturated internet world.
    It is all about the spin.

    I mean really what is the truth.

    Like Jack’s great line in A Few Good Men
    “… you can’t handle the truth….”

  6. I’m glad someone said something about Jay Horwitz.

    Jerry Della Femina is a HUGE Mets fan. If you want to turn the team around, then get an ad agency to create a new image for you. Remember those great TV ads about what Mr. Met did when the team was on the road? That was his agency. Of course, the last couple of years the Mets just relied on “SHEA IS CLOSING OMG” and “NEW TOY! NEW TOY!” as their ad campaigns, and handed the creative off to an intern learning Photoshop.

  7. 4

    I understand the pain about no one wanting your tickets.
    I shared 1/2 full season plan from 2000-2008
    no one wanted my tickets in 2003 or 2004 and it drove me crazy.
    The people I shared the tickets with this year no longer wanted me.
    Guess I got lucky.

  8. 7. Scott, You are indeed the luckiest Met fan around!!! I bet those people wished you were paying some $$ for those tix now!!
    DELCOS: What benefit is there hearing from the Wilpons? Unless they are dumping Minaya and co. and have hired guys who can develop a plan, a real plan not the plan f the second, then it is irrelevant. Unless they are going to say they don’t care about spending extra $$ to cover possible needs, not desperation needs, then what can they add? Nothing…
    To all the season and partial season tix plan people. The test comes in the Winter when Omar has made another bad signing but sells to the win now mentality… Will you really give up those seats. Unless you do, things won’t change much.

  9. 8 Harry
    Somehow I don’t feel lucky when I watch this drek on the field every night.

    The more I read about how the Wilpons have structured this organization. No one will be able to fix it.

    If A guy like Tony B is able to go over Omar’s head. Than the Wilpons lied 5 years ago when the told every one Omar would have full baseball autonomy.

    Yes you could say Omar never deserved full autonomy but Billy Beane and Theo Epstein could not survive the way the Wilpons run the show.

  10. Francessa had an awesome rant today I have to say about how bad the Wilpons made Omar look. I know he is friends with Omar but he is correct. They made Omar look like a fool going to Washington and have him do nothing but parrot the press release regarding Bernazard. If anything, Omar is going to go instead of Bernazard.

  11. All heads must roll, starting with Tony Bernazard’s, ASAP.
    Then, after the season: Omar Minaya, Jerry Manuel and his coaches, the scouts, the training staff and the medical staff.
    Jeff Wilpon should voluntarily resign and hand over the COO reigns to someone else. He’s got enough financial security to never have to work another day in his life, so give control to someone who actually knows something about baseball.
    And just how moronic does Mets management continue to be?
    Instead of putting Gary Sheffield on the disabled list as soon as he was examined after pulling up lame, he continues to be held out of the lineup and unavailable, yet again costing the Mets a bench spot.
    Yes indeed, just as it was in 1980:
    The Tragic is Back.

  12. This year I let my other half talk me into the 15 game plans because he felt we had a good chance at doing well in the presale for the playoffs. The fact that they took away guaranteed post season rights from partial plan holders makes those plans very unattractive, not to mention the cockamamie way they packaged the games together. Even the weekend people got stuck with 3 games they would never use.

    On principle I am going to refuse. Being a planholder gets me nothing. No seniority, no special status, zip, zilch, nada. Fine. I am sure there are some full season plan holders who would be happy to sell us 20-30 WEEKDAY games (we don’t even want weekends) and give us some kind of post-season consideration.

    It’s going to be a ghost town next year once the new stadium smell wears out.

  13. metsgrrl: Della Femina was the one who came up with “The Magic Is Back” slogan from 1980. That left us open to more riddicule….you know…”The Tragic Is Back, ” etc…lol. Actually the tragic IS back now with this organization come to think of it!

  14. 13 Steve: The Magic is Back is almost as bad as another lame slogan, “Catch the Energy,” which the Mets came up with in 2004 for that dreadful squad.

  15. By the way, how happy must Ramon Castro be to have been traded from the Mets’ sinking ship to a contender — the White Sox — and yesterday catch Mark Buehrle’s perfect game?

  16. Wasn’t Della Femina the guy who decided to ridicule the Yankees with “Fort Apache-The Bronx”? In promoting an organization, you should try to be classy. No need to take cheap shots at another team.
    Firing Bernazard alone would not fix things. The organization is not set up to win on a consistent basis. The Wilpons have replicated the chaos of Yankees with George was at his most impetuous without the champions. Hire good people to run it, get a clear chain of command and spend the needed amount of money. The Wilpons are failing the first two.
    Minaya is quite capable of making a fool of himself without any help.

  17. 15. You are the most obnoxious, as well as being the worst fan in the history of this franchise, so go away watch your wrestlers turn you on but don’t tell them what you think of their country because they will do all of us a big favor and shut you up.

  18. John

    That is a very good post. The most complete and well thought out criticism of the organization I have read so far.

    I agree that the Wilpons need to step up and say something.

    As owners they owe it to the fans to provide a state of the team address, to explain their view of the current mess and show that they have a plan to take us out of it. It does not matter that it is a farce.

    Look no further than the financial titans who went to Congress not too long ago to do the same thing. They gave a post mortem on what went wrong, they explained their part in it and gave an explanation of what they will do to get their respective companies out of this mess.

    It does not matter that all gave the same answer. That none of the financial mess was their fault, that none of them were smart enough to see the once in a lifetime financial collapse coming.

    The Wilpons need to do the same thing and put a stake in the ground to say what they will do to make the team right. If they don’t then the fans will not buy the overpriced tickets for their sears next year and they will give the seats away in the hopes of luring people in to buy the concessions.

    It may very well force them to clean house and get a new gm and coach which is what many here hope.


  19. Metsgrrl

    race and color have nothing to do with the need to get rid of the VP for the Mets. He is one of many people that are what is wrong with this team.

    The sooner he is gone the better.

    The door should not hit him on the way out.

  20. Look at Jeff Wilpon. His eyes are too close together. He looks like Prince Charles — a member of the inbred British Royal Family. Not exactly the sharpest nail in the box. The only thing I want to hear from him is, “We’re selling this team at a loss.”

  21. Wilpons will keep quiet until the end of the year. Then they will guarantee meaningfull baseball next September. Dave (19) Dave Never mind Metsgrrl. She only posts here once in a blue moon and the word racist is in almost every one of them.