METS CHAT ROOM: Game #94; Throw a tent over this circus.



It’s now getting ridiculous.

The Mets are investigating reports about assistant GM Tony Bernazard’s bizarre behavior, which reportedly include challenging a minor league player to a fight, exchanged words on the team bus with Francisco Rodriguez and got in a shouting match with a scout over a seat.

On the injury front, Gary Sheffield tested his hammy and we could know more by the end of the week. Alex Cora aggravated his injured thumb and will be replaced by Angel Berroa is starting at shortstop tonight.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Angel Berroa, SS
Brian Schneider, C
Mike Pelfrey, RP

Is it me, or does Pelfrey remind you of a right-handed Oliver Perez? Like Coin Flip, Pelfrey always seems to run into that one inning where everything seems to unravel, beginning with a lack of control where he can’t find the plate with a GPS system.

Pelfrey, who is supposed to be a No. 2 starter, hasn’t pitched any better than a No. 4. This is a guy who has the size to be intimidating, but has only parlayed it to inconsistentcy.

81 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #94; Throw a tent over this circus.

  1. JD – this smells like a power play to me – I think Tony B. has nuzzled up to Jeffy and Omar is using hard times to offer him on a silver platter – too much all coming out at once with inside sources not to be coupe

  2. hojo has to take a hit here – i know this is a weak line-up – but when you satrt the game with three weak grounders after last night somebody is not comunicating

  3. Turns out I was right in my instinct to watch “WWE Monday Night Raw” instead of the Mets Monday night!
    The Daily News piece, if accurate, highlights the hilarious: A Neanderthal in a business suit going Stone Cold Austin on a bunch of scared, young Minor Leaguers guilty of bad play and underage drinking.
    I can’t stop laughing at the visual: Bernazard ripping off his shirt, emasculating players with insults and then challenging them to fight him.
    What great leadership. How dignified.
    If true, those antics were better than the featured tag-team match Monday night — Triple H and John Cena vs. Legacy.
    I wonder if Bernazard borrowed the Rock’s classic catch phrases from the Rock’s “promos” from a few years ago and yell at the players: “Know your roles and shut your mouths!” or “I’m gonna lay the smack down on your rooty-poo candy-asses!”
    Or maybe Bernazard borrowed from Austin’s playbook and flipped off the players, cracked open beers and guzzled them and then capped it by yelling, “that’s the bottom line…’cause Tony B said so!”
    Maybe from now on he should mimic Austin by wearing a black t-shirt that reads “Bernazard 3:16.”
    If the Mets were any kind of professional organization, they’d at least suspend Bernazard with pay while investigating his boorish behavior.
    Instead, he’s left to do other constructive things like yell and stamp his feet at Citi Field when someone dared to sit in his seat and cause an ugly scene.
    This season has gone from tragic to tragi-comic. But as much as it disappoints me to see the Mets have such a horrid season, incidents like this confirm that the team is more entertaining off the field than on.
    What potential free agent or player with a no-trade clause would want to be part of the Mess?
    The Mets, as an organization, has regressed to being a joke.

  4. John (1) Who is Tony’s direct boss on the company OrgChart – Omar or the Wilpons?

  5. 4
    Tony B
    Was sent home.
    So essentially he has been suspended by the Mets.

  6. even the umps smell blood in the water – quickest ring up I’ve ever seen

  7. 8 Scott: That’s a good start. From what I’ve read about him from the news reports, to Carlos Delgado’s agent, Bernazard belongs back in the cave he emerged from. Physical intimidation and verbal and psychological abuse is intolerable in any locker room and in any workplace.
    My heart goes out to those kids in AA that were subjected to the rantings and chest-beating of such a buffoon.

  8. JD
    If Tony B, Omar’s subordinate is going over his head, the only way he could get fired is by hanging himself ( so to speak ).
    Maybe Tony B finally went to far and the Wilpons will have to let Omar fire him.

  9. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out – rumors abound…

  10. Gil (10) there are people like Tony in every organization, but good business practices have now been able to root them out and dismiss them. How long has he behaved like this?

  11. JD- I still say this smell like a power play by Omar – letting Tony B.’s ego hang him and then letting it all out was it started

  12. (15) this is his MO he was a bully for the players org. before Omar brought him aboard and this was his first org. . He was then impowered by Willie’s firing and his friendship with Jeff. I think Omar is letting him hang himself .

  13. Ed (17) I heard that he had tangled with Santana earlier this week…if true, he’s a goner for sure.

  14. 15 18 well, let’s be clear: Delgado has NEVER been a Bernazard fan. In fact, it wa widely reported that Delgado and his agent backed away from the Mets when he was a free agent because when they were negotiating with him, Bernazard talked a bunch of profane slang en espanol to Delgado, who is well educated and cerebral.
    It would be like a gangsta rapper approaching the president and talking junk, mistakenly thinking that because they’re the same skin color that he could relate.

  15. 20 JD: What did Bernazard — who never really did much in the Major Leagues, anyway — dare say to a future Hall of Famer like Frankie?

  16. (23) Bernazard was a pit bull for the players union and many liked him for his work against the owners, prior to that i believe he did some scouting after his pro career… Omar thought the combop of scouting and relationship with players would help with signing guys – he was the one in 2005 who went too strong on Delgado

  17. Wasn’t Bernazzard employed by the Players Assoc as a translator to the Latin players?

  18. 25 That’s some dysfunctional relationship Bernazard has, with players…

  19. Last year Michael Kay made some kind of joke about being the highest paid translator in history.
    Sad note that Carl willey died. I went to a game in 1963 when he hit a grand slam against the Houston Colts in the first game of a twi night doubleheader. Jimmy “Toy Cannon” Wynn was the Colt shortstop.
    Also 50 years since Pumpsie Green integrated the Red Sox. I trade 30 baseball cards to get a Pumpsie Green to complete my Mets collection.

  20. (30) what can Warthen say Ollie was Omar’s big rotation acquistion this off-season

  21. ed (32): Yeah, but you don’t want to come off like a jerk by saying he was pleased with Perez. Six walks is nothing to be happy about.-JD

  22. A run!! Holds our number of times being shut out at 9 this year. Perhaps to thing to watch for is to see if we can break the 1908 St Louis Cardinals record of being shutout 33 times in a season.

  23. jerry has tried bucking Omar and look where it got him besides I think Tony scares the mad scientist ( Warthen)

  24. Wow…the people that were laughing when Omar said that Francouer might be the best fielding RF in the league are looking good now. This guy sucks…he looks more like Dan Murphy out there.

  25. why do all our starters have personalities more like ollie then johan … one thing gets in there head and its over – instead of F+++ this I’ll take care of this

  26. ed (41): It’s true. The only other guy like Santana is Hernandez. He’s not afraid to challenge hitters. But, he’s aging and not all that good anymore.-JD

  27. How is it Pefrey pitched his first 300 or so innings without a balk and this year in 103 innings has 6? Does he miss The Sweater?

  28. watch they have officially given up- hangh your heads and say we tried – easy 1-2-3 innings

  29. it’s the human double play machine up against our only scoring chance of the night- jerry would be stupid to let him hit – sure he would if he had a bench – but he doesn’t cora, sheffield injured, santos slumping and castillo thrown out

  30. The Nats would be smart to intentionally walk Murphy here and pitch the sure out in Wright.

  31. I’m back (from the real world) and see that there has been some scoring – except that the wrong team is doing it. Never thought that the Nationals would take this series.

  32. Annie, the Gnats are bad but you can throw the records out the window when a team is playing the Amazin’Minayans.

  33. Dan (52) you’ve prompted my first laugh of the evening – thank you – I kind of like that new label – Amazin’ Minayans….

  34. 3 runs in 7 innings is usually pretty good but Pelfrey gave back the lead as soon as the Mets tied it. But 4 hits and 1 run thru 8 is really putrid.

  35. I wonder what the players are thinking about these days with everything falling apart for the team.

  36. I think I’ve officially joined the “clean house top to bottom” brigade. I used to be an Omar supporter, and I kind of doubted the allegations made against Bernazard when Willie got fired, but now it’s pretty obvious Tony is a Neanderthal, and I can no longer deny that the farm systems sucks big time and the whole organization needs to be purged — starting with somebody making the Wilpons an offer they can’t refuse. This bunch is nearly making me nostalgic for Lucinda de Roulet.

  37. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen Jose Coronado play. And it was enough to make me want to punch someone.

  38. Today was Mets Day at the FAN – Francesa spoke to everyone – even Omar – and Eddie Coleman had some interesting things to say about how all this affected those travelling with the team. However, I’m sort of looking forward to Steve Somers view of it all…

  39. Tiffany, I would rather watch you fight Tony Bernazard than these guys play.

  40. Jeff M. (56) When Willie got fired in the middle of the night, I knew there was something wrong with the Mets organization and their treatment of those who worked there. However, I doubt very much if the Wilpons are even considering a sale of the team…

  41. David Wright is just a flat out bad hitter. If this is what he’s gonna be for the remainder of hsi career, they’d be smart to dump this loser while he has some value

  42. Annie (58) I heard Francesa talking to Ed Coleman. Neither one of them was able to make the slightest bit of sense out of Wright’s season, but Francesa was beside himself trying to understand how Wright could have only 5 HRs. And Francesa couldn’t help but point out that the Yankees have 137 HRs on the season, while the Mets have less than half that.

    BTW, I really like Ed Coleman, but his Mets reports on other FAN shows usually leave me scratching my head. He never seems to have ANY insight into anything that’s going on, other than to verbally scratch HIS head and say “Yeah, no, I mean it’s puzzling, that’s for sure…” It’s hard to believe he actually travels with the team and talks to them every day. But maybe even from close up, they make no sense.

  43. Howie has put this sorry game ‘in the books’ – it’s a good thing that tomorrow is an off day.

    Santana – the saviour – works on Friday –

    See you then…

  44. Our disaster in DC is over. Now for a day until until Friday night in Houston where the women wear insect repellent for perfume (thanks to the late great Richie Ashburn for that observation). Johann Santana facing Mike Hampton, the man who makes school systems such a priority.

  45. JD (65) Correction: The Nats WERE the worst team in baseball. The Mets are rapidly making a run for their crown.

    On the other hand, maybe what this team needs is a good dose of Tony Bernazard. Fire Jerry, make Tony manager, and he can rip his shirt off and breathe fire in the locker room, challenge Wright to a fist fight. That should get them going for sure!

  46. I never thought that the mets organization could be the worst in baseball. I went through this in the seventies. This is an outrage. I’ve had it as a met fan. The Wilpons need to sell this team because they are terrible owners. I’ve stated on this blog that Omar and his idiots need to be fired. I don’t care what antics Bernazard has done in the past just look at the Mets farm system. This franchise is a joke. Good luck selling your tickets next year Fred and Jeff.

  47. I don’t know what to say other than this may be the worst Met team I’ve ever seen. They need to raise the white flag and play out the string with all the youngsters to make a reasonable decision for next season. Next, clean out this roster, and then fire the entire mgmt & coaching staffs. This org needs an entire housecleaning.

  48. A few years ago some people were wondering if Shea was a problem for the Mets. A dirty, noisy, poorly maintain facility hurting the team. Well, it wasn’t.
    Bring back Bobby V!!!

  49. Oh for the days when I was blasted unmercifully for being a critic of Omar Minaya. Its not even fun to crticize him anymore. How many of you taking the bait that there are stars on the horizon, just give him 5 more years HaHa…. There’ll be no more young studs coming. Wilpon gets the view of an empty citi morgue and nobody watching on SNY he’ll demand anything and everything get bought this Winter. We will be the next Oriole franchise with another dark era. Hate Steve Phillips???? Better have long memories of his team in WS. It ain’t happening for a long time. Whoops, I guess it is still fun to bash Minaya.

  50. 73. Chiti, Yes, you were defintely ahead of the curve on Omar, Who still says the Mets are going to be buyers and go after the WC spot. I am waiting for a Colon type deal any day now. I remember not wanting him after his expos performance. I must admit I was fooled by the 15 year wins of Ollie and Maine and the hype of Pelfry and Fmart being just 2 of the future stars Omar had waiting.

  51. Omar showed everyone his future stars last night. Angel Berroa and and Cory Sullivan. WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

  52. Ex-Met Catcher Ramon Castro, who was rapped for calling a lousy game unlike the great Schneider, must be a fast learner since he caught a perfect game today. Good for you Ramon!!!! We’d miss you Ramon, but having those 2 minor league bats kind of platoon is much more worthy of the Omar plan.

  53. (76) I’m against Omar as much as you are Harry, but Castro isn’t setting the world on fire with his .133 BA with the Sox.

  54. 77. Just rapping on the bs line they used on him. He still had something, nobody seems to want on this org. The ability to pop one out.

  55. The bottom line is ever since Doubleday sold his half of the Mets to Fred Wilpon which made Fred Wilpon sole owner of the Mets the organization has been slowly going down hill. The nail in the coffin is when Fred Wilpon decided to hand complete control of the organization over to his son Jeff. Jeff wilpon is a clueless idiot. I never thought that this could happen to another team I routed for where the father hands over control of a team he owns to his son, James Dolan anybody. It doesn’t matter who the gm is for the Mets because Jeff Wilpon is the one who runs the show. Jeff Wilpon will be the one who will look for and hire the GM. The Mets organization will always be horrible as long as Jeff Wilpon is running the show.

  56. (80) Tom G: Spot on dude. Doubleday was the one behind the Piazza trade as well. Wilpon didn’t want him and Nelson had to convince him to change his mind. Jeffy is a punk, plain and simple. No wonder he and Bernazard get along so well.