METS CHAT ROOM: Game #93; Why do you need Halladay when you’ve got Ollie?



I am kidding, of course, with the headline. Not surprisingly, multiple media outlets have shot down the published report that had the Mets turning down a trade proposal for Roy Halladay.

As we discussed last night on the blog, it is unlikely Halladay will be moved for several reasons, beginning with the Blue Jays’ asking price and their refusal to give a negotiating window to a prospective buyer.

Tonight, the Mets will try to make it two in a row behind Oliver Perez against the hapless Washington Nationals. Gary Sheffield is out of the line-up for a fourth straight game, and here’s a surprise, he could go on the DL if there is no improvement by the end of the week.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Daniel Muprhy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Alex Cora, SS
Oliver Perez, LP

46 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #93; Why do you need Halladay when you’ve got Ollie?

  1. Just because media outlets have shot down a story they didn’t report on in the first place is inconclusive, at best. We don’t know if the story itself wasn’t true or whether these media outlets are upset because they were outscooped. Jon H. is a pretty well respected journalist and not one to publish crap for the hell of it.

  2. Oliver Perez absolutely disgusts me. He’s one of those players you just HAVE to hate because he’s so hopeless. I wonder if he realizes how lucky he is that he sucks so much at his job yet he is still making more money than I might ever see.

  3. Wow the crappy defense on this team is contagious. I guarantee you that Francouer would have made that play if he was still with Atlanta.

  4. why is the gm talking like church couldn’t play D?

    I understand the age thing, and the righty lefty thing.

    But please don’t tell me Church couldn’t play D.

  5. so the gm talks about his young players and how he would keep them over Halladay.

    As JD said the other day. I would do it. Of course it would have to be for more than a rental.

    But two excellent pitchers at the top of the rotation for prospects sounds good to me.

    And Niese ain’t the next Seaver.

  6. Omar talks about potential and mental make up.

    Why did he sign Ollie? Potential – perhaps. His potential is done. It should have been taped already.

    His mental makeup? That is why he is a #5 rather than a 2.

  7. Dave: Is Omar being interviewed on SNY or something?

    Agree with you on Ollie. I don’t even think he’s a #5…he doesn’t even belong on an MLB staff with his lack of command.

  8. Omar has to do whatever he can to trade this piece of crap and just get him off the team. He’s a liability while he’s there just because they’re stuck playing him to justify his contract.

  9. rmkmets.

    yep. he was sitting there talking about what a great farm system we have.

    if it is so great why does the team suck so much?

    granted he talks about how young they are.

    But hope and potential and a dollar will get you a burger at mcdonalds.

  10. rmkmets (10): I’d deal him for what I could get and deal with him being a star somewhere else. He’s not worth the aggravation. But, I can’t see anybody taking that contract.-JD

  11. Did I see that correctly? Forty bucks to park for a Nationals game. Not even the Yankees are that obscene. They charge $19. That includes media.-JD

  12. john(17)

    well at least today they are beating us pretty bad.

    but then again, they are beating what some here see as our #2 pitcher.

  13. Oliver Perez is one of the reasons I think you CANNOT blame this season on injuries. Even if everyone else was healthy, you still have this loser blowing games for the team and eating your bullpen up. And then following him you have the mentally weak Pelfrey. I don’t care who is in the pen, they are eventually going to suffer from overuse with losers like this in the rotation

  14. 40 dollars to park for the game? how much are tickets?

    not sure how close it is to the capital, but are their tickets more expensive than ny?

  15. JD (12): I don’t think this guy will EVER be a star. I don’t care what kind of “stuff” he has, that is so overrated when all the other team has to do is sit there and watch you throw ball after ball.

  16. rmkmets,

    the season is lost just as the past 2 were, because the gm feels that if he looks at the brighter side of life then everything will work out.

    he does not do his job. which is to build a team based on realistic expectations.

    it does not mean going into the season with 2 pitchers than you know can make it through the year without going on the dl and who can pitch into the seventh on at least a semi-regular basis.

    it means not starting the season with LF manned by a hope(tm) and a prayer(tm).

    it means coming into the season with a stronger bench.

    but we didnt do that and then talk about how all the injuries killed the team. yes. they hurt us bad and you cannot expect to win the postseason with all those injuries, but when people went down there were no replacements.

    we have 2 OF that are ok backups. but that was the only thing he did right.

  17. What is Warthen thinking? How about something along the lines of, “Ollie, do you have a phone number for Rick Peterson?”

  18. I think if Halladay goes anywhere it will be to the Phillies because they have the minor league talent to deal and it will send him out of the American League.-JD

  19. The answer is June 19.

    What’s the question?

    a.) the last time a Met pitched a complete game
    b.) the last time all 8 regulars were in the lineup
    c.) the last time Francoeur drew a walk

  20. Gosh, the Mets lost this one so fast, I barely noticed. I turned the game on when Omar was on and saw numerous Nats baserunners crossing the plate while he sat there yammering, seemingly oblivious. It was a great juxtaposition, but a sad sight. I used to actually like Omar, but that seems like a very, very long time ago. The guy is obviously now clueless.

    Wilpon needs to sell the team to Walter O’Malley to he can move it out of town and we can start a new one from scratch.

  21. Oh, and JD (40) and Tiffany (38): It’s obviously a trick question. No one now alive can remember the last time a Met pitched a complete game, and the Mets don’t HAVE 8 regulars!

  22. 43. Wow! I bet it was Oliie. Thats OK, Jeff F. is a great defensive …. Never mind.

  23. Why should he walk on this team? Nobody would drive him in. At least he’s getting some RBI…. Or is that illegal on this team?

  24. I guess Omar is going to comment at 3:30 about the Bernazard incident. Wonder if he’ll get fired because of it. Probably not seeing he is close to Jeffy. Too bad because it seems alot of the front office problems stem from Bernazard.