METS CHAT ROOM: Game #91; Two in a row?



The Mets (43-47) close their four-game series against the Braves tonight before a national TV audience for the second straight day. Fernando Nieve (3-3, 3.03 ERA), who has received no run support in his last three starts, will attempt to duplicate what Johan Santana did yesterday.

Santana was superb yesterday, but it was only a glimmer. One game does not mean a turnaround.

The same scintillating line-up will go against Javier Vazquez:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Jeremy Reed, LF
Alex Cora, SS
Brian Schneider, C
Fernando Nieve, RP

191 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #91; Two in a row?

  1. Gotta go to work and be out of TV/radio range until 10PM. Let’s go Mets and as they said on “Hill Street Blues” stay safe out there.
    Was Minaya in the Bronx today scouting Yankee Old Timers to sign to the roster?

    I don’t care about golf but it was disappointing Watson fell short.

  2. Anyone know why tonight’s game is a 6 p.m. and not an 8 p.m. start?

  3. Ah. Thanks, Annie. I’ll be watching MLB Network’s special on the career of Rickey Henderson then.

  4. By the way, anyone else catch Roy Halladay’s performance against the Red Sox today?
    He was brilliant. Yet another complete game victory.

  5. Gil (5): Hate to say it, but even if the Mets got Halladay – and we know they won’t – they won’t go anywhere this year.-JD

  6. 8 Oh, I know.
    I was just admiring Halladay’s performance. Even if the Mets had Cy Young himself, the Mets wouldn’t be going anywhere this year.
    With the Mets not getting there this year, wouldn’t a Giants-Dodgers NLCS matchup be great?

  7. 6. A lot more people give a S#*! about the ESPYs then about anything you write.

  8. 11 Annie: A highly self-promotional exercise ESPN runs to tout the greatness of their own network, featuring the year’s top highlights of the athletes they worship, plus the pseudo-standup acts of their anchors…

  9. Gil (12)Thanks — I live near the ESPN ‘headquarters’ and a lot of their employees live around here. I avoid watching ESPN et. al whenever I can.

  10. I don’t suppose anyone else here watched the golf from Turnberry today – it was awesome.

  11. 13 I have a buddy who works for ESPN. Don’t get me wrong, they have very good programming. But when a network celebrates itself with an awards show it names after itself, it’s a little over the top.

  12. Annie: from your post about the Open on yesterday’s posting; It was compelling. The thrill of victory became the agony of defeat in a hurry didn’t it. For all those who say golf can’t draw without Tiger, guess they were fooled this weekend.

  13. By the way, saw an item today that the Twins are about to sign Mark Grudzielanek. I sure would rather have him than Julio Lugo, as the rumors suggest. I wonder why no one else was interested in Grudzielanek. That guy’s always been a hitting machine.

  14. I’m confused- I saw pagan lead off with a double then had to run to the store… how did they not score.. #2 hitter bunts #3 fly ball gets the run … what happened

  15. 19 ed: murphy hit a bullet right back at the pitcher, who snagged it…

  16. OH, NO! Not again…
    Cue the music…
    Another one bite’s the dust…
    And another one down and another one down, another one bites the dust…Hey! You’re gonna get hurt, too…
    Another one bites the dust.

  17. Oh NO!!!
    Even worse than Nieve having to leave…
    Tim Redding coming in.
    I’d call watching one of his outings a train wreck, but that would be an insult to all train wrecks.

  18. Harry (16) Good golf will draw interest – and the combination of a major tournamanet at a great golf course will do the same. Tiger gets much too much attention perhaps because he is the ‘name’ in golf these days. I watched from 6AM until it was over at about 2:45PM with the awards after the playoff. PS also liked the TV shots of the surroundings – ships, birds and that lighthouse and the Atlantic.

  19. LOL! How long did it take Redding to give up a bomb? Two freaking batters!!! ROTFL! What a great signing he was!

  20. I’m telling you redding an give up three runs and still be a quality start… not that our offense can score that many

  21. Wilpon’s should take control out of Omar’s hands I smell an attempted job saving desperate trade

  22. 28 ed: the words “quality,” “tim” and “redding” really don’t belong in the same sentence. And as far as having to prove he belongs? Redding’s had how many years to show it and failed at each stop?

  23. 31 ed: Redding’s agent must be the grandson of the late P.T. Barnum.

  24. The words quality and Gil in Orlando don’t belong in the same universe.

  25. lets see this off-season they need a left fielder, 1B, power threat and #2 starter…isn’t that what they needed last year … great job omar

  26. When a million scouts dont see murphy as a potential major leaguer – you view him as a splash in the pan bench player at best not a starter in the wrong position- Omar’s biggest mistake of many was left field this year

  27. 34 ed: That’s an excellent question — what to do about first base next year. Do you give Delgado an incentive-laden one-year deal? Do you attempt to trade for another first baseman? Do you rush Ike Davis to the varsity?

  28. 36 ed: Another good point. The Mets should’ve traded Murphy last off-season when his value was sky high. Who’d take him now? And what could we get for him?

  29. 41 ed: Delgado wasn’t hitting this season like he was washed up. He was off to a very good start. And if he was lazy in the field, as you say, how much of that was attributable to his bum hip? Would his defense improve now that his hip has ostensibly been fixed?

  30. i dont me on the field i mean in the clubhouse, I mean in 2007 early sept saying we get bored against inferior teams, but if you think at 37 coming off hip surgery he will be a stand out in the dog days of Aug. they you sign him I wont lol

  31. 45 That Delgado comment about playing against supposed “inferior” teams was brutal. Only way to see if he’ll be a standout in August is to put him in the lineup. You know he’ll be playing with incentive to try and get a contract for 2010. I don’t think he wants to retire quite yet. He could have a Raul Ibanez-type year next year.

  32. 38 46 OK, so if you don’t bring Delgado back, who DO you go after? JD, I know you’re an Adam Dunn guy, but would the Nats give him up and would the Mets have anyone of value to swap for him? I like James Loney and Adrian Gonzalez, but no way the Dodgers or Padres would move those guys.

  33. One thing i’ve noticed Cora has no ups so many balls get just over his mitt

  34. (51) as a stop gap until Ike is ready why not – maybe keep Delgado around in that case use tracy off the bench

  35. I’d have no problem bringing back Gado if there was a legitimate backup and no I dont me Murph who I dont even think is a major leaguer

  36. Wow Tim Redding is so bad. This is oen of those games where the Mets would be best off with this guy getting bombed and them losing so they finally just pull the trigger and trash this guy. He’s awful

  37. 55 What about Hank Blalock, with the Rangers? Or does he have an insanely big contract?

  38. 57 That’s what Nieve will be DL’ed, it just buys Redding more time to take up a roster spot. Why not just eat his contract and bring up Niese and see what he can do the rest of this year?

  39. Gil – Blalock ive read is hard to work with – doesnt like change – position or days off- complains if he isnt just penciled in daily in the same spot

  40. Ed (57): They can still trash Redding…they can bring up Figueroa and Niese. I don’t understand why this team loves to bring up guys that are sucking but never wants to bring people up when they’re actually showing they’re ready.

    I can’t remember the last time the Mets called a “prospect” up after they’ve been given time to actually show they’ve mastered the minors. Niese is actually showing that now. If it were 2 or 3 starts…ok fine. But 8 starts, that include multiple complete game shutouts? I mean that’s hard to ignore unless you’re truly dumb. Then again this is a team run by people like Minaya and managed by Manuel so the latter could be true.

  41. Wonder what it would take in the offseason to pry Prince Fielder loose from Milwaukee? If we offered F-Mart, Brad Holt or Jennry Mejia and Murphy, I wonder if the Brewers would do it.

  42. Wright and reyes were the last to master the minors since Omar took over either his prospects are signed at 16 y/o and rushed or they were never major leaguers

  43. Before you get over Excited about Niese he’s still only projected as a 4th-5th starter- But i agree he’s looking good in AAA

  44. It seems if you read Adam Rubin’s article from a week ago that it’s Bernazard that’s behind the rushing of the minor leaguers. Granted Omar does run the whole thing but Bernazard is the minor league director. That guy seems to be a total cancer on this team.

  45. Ed (67): Where do you read that? I’ve been looking to see what Niese has been projected but never could find it. I never was that high on him personally but he’s a lefty, and he’s really young (22) and you can’t deny his stats. I’m not getting excited about him more than I think the team is purely stupid to sit on someone like that when they have so much crap on the MLB level as it is.

  46. 68 agreed. First, Bernazard alienated Carlos Delgado in the ’04 off-season by talking down to him and helping blow Minaya’s chance to sign him, then he helped run Willie Randolph out of town.

  47. My take on Niese has always been that he’s someone that for a while was the Mets “best pitching prospect” but at the same time, he’s the best of a bad lot.

  48. In 2004 Reed was the #10 prospect in all of baseball, Wright #9, Francoeur in the 40s who would have thunk

  49. Gil (70): And by all accounts he’s been trying to throw Manuel under the bus too. That seems to be what he does.

  50. 69 great point, rmk. With this team not poised to make a run at the post-season this year, bring Niese up now to see if he might be an asset to the Mets — or another team — next year.

  51. Ed (72): Reed was a prospect??? In the Top 10??? What the hell talent did anyone think he had? He’s got no power, he’s a decent hitter and a good glove. He reeks of a bench guy. That goes to show you that those rankings mean crap.

  52. (69) any of the scouting pages project him as a back of the rotation- best ive seen is a #3 if everything goes right

  53. (75) reed was the #1 prospect in both the White Sox and Mariners system he was the #10 overall ….

  54. i still dont understand how a lead off double doesnt equal a run in the first

  55. By the way, the 2010 free agent list for fist basemen is real slim pickins: Nomar Garciaparra, Rich Aurilia, Ross Gload, Daryle Ward…only appetizing option is Nick Johnson.
    But if you sign Johnson and make Pagan the everyday left fielder next year, you’re really changing the team into a doubles-hitting, speedy, defensive-minded club — which would be a better fit in Citi Field. But then we’d need much stronger starting pitching to go with it.

  56. reed killed the minors offensively and wasnt very good defensively… focused on the glove and lost the bat

  57. (81) they need to find an all or nothing power threat …. it chnages the line-up and how the pitcher approaches the club without it they can contact pith, johnson doesnt address the power need

  58. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Mets win a game on ESPN. Of course, right now I’m not watching ESPN. But I mean, win a game being televised by ESPN.

    Has there been any word on the extent of Nieve’s injury? (Not that I would believe any injury report coming out of the Mets, anyway…)

  59. Apparently there are soem changes in store for the cosmetic apperance of Citi Field. I think they really need to change the configuration and make it at least a little more hitter friendly. Lower that stupid LF wall (I can’t count on one hand how many balls they’ve hit off that stupid wall) and brink the right CF wall in more.

    When you’re supposed franchise player decides to change his approach at the plate so that he sucks now, because of the stadium’s configuration I think that says it all. No one is gonna want to play for this team as a FA in that park.

  60. Ed (81): No such player will want to play for this team. They’ll have to overpay a lot with the way their stupid ballpark is built.

  61. 85 True, ed. But even if you manage to trade for a power-hitting all-star like Fielder, it diminshes your defense a little. And the Mets are so bad at fielding, a slick-fielding guy like Johnson might be a nice fit.
    The Mets had the misfortune to have Teixeira be a free agent at the end of last year, with the Yankees and Red Sox both looking for a first baseman.
    Here’s another thought: I wonder if the Mets could somehow pull of a trade for the Pirates’ Freddy Sanchez and dump Castillo and his bad contract. I know, I know, Castillo has played pretty well this season, dropped popup aside…

  62. Gil (92): Castillo has played well overall, but he still has a lot left on his contract which makes dealing him next to impossible. Plus, who is going to believe he’ll repeat this season.-JD

  63. Maybe Church will forget to touch third base on his way home if McLouth gets a hit here…

  64. im not excited about Lugo – but its ridculous that cora has started this many games – Omar should have done something and Berroa/ A. Reyes dont count

  65. 94 Precisely why the Mets should just dump him and eat his contract after this season if they don’t get another 2B.

  66. (88) I’ll believe Omar is making a bold in-season move when he makes it – small market teams make omar look conservative when it comes to in-season moves

  67. 97 I wondered earlier why they didn’t check in on Mark Grudzielanek. Twins just signed him.

  68. Wow…Redding sucks. Sure Cora didn’t help him there but he’s the jackass that walked two batters in this inning. I hope this is the last time we see him out there.

  69. (98) gil your funny the mets eating a contract they had a hard time giving marlon Anderson 500,000 to go away

  70. 102 rmk: You mean you wouldn’t be impressed if Dessens gets out of this jam with no runs scoring that Redding may lower his ERA from 7.22 to 7.21, or whatever the hell it is? :)

  71. Ike Davis is a couple yrs away at best. He’s in AA and had been hitting well in A ball and started well with Binghamton but seems to have cooled off. The good thing is that he’s shown more power in AA than he did in A ball. He’s supposed to be a good glove man too.

    Clearly it seems Sickels isn’t high on him though.

  72. 104 ed: I just wish the Mets had the stones to eat bad contracts. I mean, the Tigers cut their losses on Gary Sheffield and the Blue Jays did the same with B.J. Ryan.
    So why can’t the Mets?

  73. (112) mets are run like a middle market team when it comes to those type of moves ..think of a company.. we’re paying you, your working .. they dont see the loss of an unproductive player … they see the loss of income only … heck they included Wagners salary against spending this year

  74. can any of our guys get easy outs – it seems like for a month every inning our pitchers are against big threats

  75. 115 ed: So that might explain the Mets abandoning the black road jerseys with “New York” emblazoned on the front, to use the same black jerseys with “Mets” on the chest they wear at home. Cuts down on extra apparel and laundry costs… :)

  76. Padres/Orioles are both sellers and swapped Meredith and Salazar we could have used either

  77. 118 ed, I saw that, too. I would’ve rather have gotten Felipe Lopez, who the D-Backs just traded to the Brewers.

  78. lol – pathetic showing by all involved this started with cora not catching a ball and the three pitchers who couldnt get outs

  79. Atta boy, Frenchy!
    I STILL believe when all’s said and done, his acquisition will really pan out.

  80. Omar loves to sit on his hands each year in season while numerous players are moved for next to nothing.. either he’s burnt every bridge in the off season when teams need to move players or he’s full of sh+t becuase I could name 15 trades during seasons over the last three years we could have done that would have help while he takes the stand saying I’m working the phones and there’s nothing out there that makes sense

  81. Omar is always worrying about his top 10 players he forgets it takes 25 to win.. Salazar and Merideth are better are bottom players

  82. ed (124): The patchwork trades would make sense if the Mets were at least competitive. Right now, I don’t think there’s anything that would work because there are so many holes.-JD

  83. Y’know at least when the Mets sucked in other years, there’d at least be some cool tomfoolery to accompany it:
    Rey Sanchez giving clubhouse haircuts during games; the Mike Piazza-Guillermo Mota blood feud; Roberto Alomar bum rushing Roger Cedeno in the dugout on camera before a game because he was mad that Cedeno teased him about his appearance in a photograph; Mike Torrez punching out Rick Camp in a bench-clearing brawl; Bobby V and Steve Phillips feuding in the papers…
    but not this year.
    These guys not only suck, but they’re getting increasingly boring while sucking.

  84. JD – I just want movement after all these years of hearing from the used car salesmen say “you know me, I’m working the phones and when something makes sense I’ll do it”

    meanwhile no trades are made but other teams are making multiple trades

  85. 122. Put the ESPY’s on now. Its a heck of lot more entertaining.

    For all your saddened by Omar not making any moves. He’s doing the right thing. He has nobody he can get who can fill 4 rotation spots, fill all the middle releif spots or fill 1B, Lf, Catcher etc. If any of these dudes you tout are indeed prospects leave em be and regroup when you know if you’ll even have a Beltran to play next year. Right now, do nothing or sell if anybody offers something with a future.

  86. yes, this just sucks and we have a GM for the third year in a row that does nothing… I sick of this approach

  87. Oh…and how could I forget these other classics:
    Grant Roberts and Tony Tarasco smoking weed together out in the Shea parking lot after a game; Bret Saberhagen bleaching reporters in the clubhouse; Bobby Bonilla threatening to show poor Bob Klapisch “da ‘hood” in the locker room; Vince Coleman’s firecracker stunt, for which he should’ve done jail time for…

  88. For all the small ball lovers, small ball is fine if you have great starters, not a great starter. When yu have a rotation that has the 2nd worst ERA in team history you need bashers like the Phillies have.

  89. Oh Harry how many years are we going to make excuses for this guy over his first five years he has a worst winning pct. then Steve phillips for crying out loud

  90. were going to keep making the smart move by not making a bad move and waiting until next year until Beltran is retired and Wright/ Reyes are no longer in their prime

  91. edfever, I’m not making excuses. You should know I’ve pounded him for his moves since July 2006. I’m defending not giving up the farm to get something that ain’t gonna make a difference in 2009. If you think that you can really turn this hapless offense and pathetic pitching staff around with one move than go for it but, when the season’s over, it over, and its over ed.

  92. And to think…ESPN chose to televise this debacle over a Twins-Rangers game…

  93. no at this point I want omar and his entire staff out and everyone but the big four on the block with a completely new look next year

  94. 136. The tem is in shambles Ed. The light is off. The light went off Omar decided to bring in the over the hill gang in 2007 and 2008, and ignore the farm and sign 16 year olds as an alternative to HS/college kids to save a buck, 16 year old that nobody has a clue if their gonna make it or not. The season ain’t over by doing nothing now. Its rebuilding time and and if you trust Omar to do it that’s what your saying. Omar sucks so Omar should make a move., Omar should be frozen and the next guy should rebuild the team.

  95. 139. EXACTLY… That’s why Omar shouldn’t be allowed to make a move now.

  96. Omar should be gone but Im not worried about losing any of our top prospects

  97. No make moves that will help this team next year and if not by Omar then by his replacment – but Omar will be here for three more years unless attendance reaches all time lows they wont eat his extention

  98. 142. With Omar in command you should be more worried about him getting another guy about ready to brrak down and giving him an extension to waive a no trade clause.

  99. 144. When SNY shows Freddy the August ratings and the advertisers all cancel and the rich folks say they’ll spend their bucks in the new Giant/Jet Stadium instead of watching this crap Omar will begone soon enough.

  100. i meant i’m not impressed with any of our prospects – they have either come up and been busts in the majors even in short stays or they are still teenagers and years away

  101. 146 – i hope thats what happens but the team is so popular they get numbers even when their bad now – look at all of us watching and talking the game witch is a blow out

  102. Harry (146) I heard that attendance was down, but that TV ratings are up…

  103. I just cant believe its this bad – once they became such a big name team in 2006 I never expected them to act like this again – this is vintage 78 – 93

  104. the revenues from remaining competitive should have out weighed the risks they took

  105. to say a large market team went into a season with the idea of Tatis/Murphy in left field without a sudden injury with the list of LF available is comical… it seems absurd to even say like a fantasy leaguer looking at a stat page whos not using common sense

  106. 151 ed least in other horrible years, we could see light at the end of the tunnel:
    In ’04, there was the emergence of D-Wright; in ’03, there was Jose Reyes’s rookie year. Even back in the day in ’83, there was Jesse Orosco’s emergence as a star closer, Darryl Strawberry’s rookie of the year season and Keith Hernandez becoming a fixture.
    But this year?
    Please, can anyone point any other positive signs on this team as a reason to be hopeful about next year besides having Johan Santana pitch every fifth day?

  107. wright, Reyes, Santana and a group of scrubs Omar is great at the top tier FA… He’s awful in-season and filling out the roster

  108. 156 Please, no ed! No! At least Frankie’s exciting to watch close games. Keep him around. Gambling the farm on a damaged-goods reliever like Putz who may never regain his once-dominant form?

  109. How rotten is it that after the broadcast, Steve Phillips will leave the stadium and be laughing all the way to the airport over how far the Mets have fallen?

  110. (155) I feel worse about next year because Omar will still be in charge – no way wilpons eat a three year deal

  111. 159 we might, ed, if by some miracle the Wilpons sell the team, the new ownership fires Minaya, Manuel and his coaches, the training staff and everyone in the scouting department and the new ownership is one that can competently run a baseball organization and bring in and develop talent that can help the Mets again be competitive.

  112. ed (162): You’re right. Omar will get a pass because of the injuries. Wilpons will look past not having enough depth because the depth is actually playing (Reed, Cora, Santos, etc.)-JD

  113. That’s right, D-Wright. Swing at the first one to get this one over with!

  114. (164) he could have done a much better job then this, both in the off-season and in-season…

    he signed Ollie to a three year deal thats all I have to say …lol

  115. 167 He signed Redding to any contract at all! LOL! Well, at least they had the decency to end this before the Rickey henderson special airs in two minutes on MLB Network…

  116. ed (167): You’re right. He could have done better, but he’ll still get the pass because of the magnitude and number of the injuries.-JD

  117. when Beltran went down I said without a trade within a week we will be 15 games back by the deadline regardless of what moves we made at the deadline – we
    re now a 10 games back with 10 days to go

  118. Howie is still vacationing and Eddie and Wayne are getting ready to fly to DC –

    So the book on this game is closed.

    Keep in mind “it’s just a game”

    See you tomorrow night…………

  119. i think the Wilpons are under estimating the ire of the fans towards Omar – thinking that we’ll rationalize the injuries what they dont realize is that there is a cumulative effect for the past 3 years

  120. ed (172): The thought process, unfortunately, is to be competitive. This is the first time in four years that they haven’t been.-JD

  121. Jd- I understand but I do think theyll be surprised at the bottom line next year and it will be because Omar is back- I know I have no faith in him building a competitive team – this team has been on the verge of this type of break down since 2007 – I buy ticket packages and they’ll have to really impress me to buy next year

  122. (175) Tiffany has got something. If Misch becomes as popular as we all know he could, the fans would take to picking him up and passing him around.

    It would be called the Misch Mosh.

    Thank you and good night!

  123. Another game another loss and one more Met on the DL.

    The Mets are cursed, they could sign Superman and he would end up on the DL.

  124. Thank the Lord the machinery at work prevents AM signals getting thru so I can avoid last night’s disaster. Another 7-1 loss with another injury. We are stuck in a time warp reliving the Art Howe “We battled” era.
    Maybe we should predict who will get injured next. Put me down for Cora.

    Was anyone else as offended as me when Mets VP Dave Howard t, old the NY Times that we don’t have an Old Timers Game because us fans weren’t supporting it in the early 1990s and it is too much work for them to do. The Highlanders manage to have one every year and it is pretty good, especially getting the old players in to tell stories. Even the George Theodores and Rafael Santanas would be great to hear again, see how they are doing. But no, the Wilpons honor the Dodger heritage. Anyone know if the Philles honor the A’s at their stadium or if the Montreal Canadiens honor the Maroons?
    Monday night it’s off the play the Gnats
    with the Mets holding a slender 17 game lead. Anyone think if the Gnats ever sign this kid Strasbourg, they may have a brighter future than the Minaya Men? By the way, isn’t the amateur draft something the NHL does better than anyone..getting unproven players signed quickly. Icelanders have already signed their “savior” John Tavares for a three year entry deal. I don’t mind athletes getting big money, I just want them to get it when they have done something.

  125. You can’t fully blame Omar for all of this. Yeah, his off season was a poor one. He got stingy with Lowe and then forked over $12M for Perez. He foolishly thought that the trio of Tim Redding, Livan Hernandez, and Freddy Garcia would do anything but suck. But how could he forsee the Beltran, Reyes, and Delgado all going down? There is literally no way to prepare for that.

    What really burns is seeing Matt Lindstrom (prior to his injury) and Heath Bell closing games for other teams. What did the Mets get for those two relievers? Jason Vargas (pitching for Seattle), Ben Johnson (gone), and Jon Adkins (gone). So Omar creates the bullpen problem by trading away these guys for scrubs. Now he has to break the bank on K-Rod and surrender talent for the Putz-Green duo.

    The Mets should be sellers. They’re not going anywhere this year and possibly not next year. See what you can get for Sheff and anyone else worth while. Castillo isn’t going anywhere and releasing him would be equally dumb. There isn’t a better replacement available and it makes no sense to pay Luis $6M to play for someone else.

  126. 179. The Phillies honor the Phillies in their park, but the Nats honor anybody who was good at any sport in DC.
    180. I bet you really were the only Met fan in the world who whined and complained when the Mets got rid of Heath Bell. More likely, you were pounding in glee about how King Omar had stolen the second Xavier Nady from the hapless Pads.

  127. Another lost weekend I see. Well at least Santana is getting back to form. What really bugs me about this team, is that they don’t have one prospect to bring up now that excites me. Even F-Mart before he was injured didn’t excite me because I think we all knew he was being rushed. Omar has had more than enough time in office to build up the farm system so something like this could be avoided. He just has to go. Operation Clean Sweep starting from the front office down thru the coaches. Ahh..but who are we kidding, the Wilpons will never do that. They’ll conveniently use the injury excuse without noticing the lack of talent at the upper levels of the farm, and the fact that Manuel is an awful manager.

  128. 182
    Cleaning house from the top is what the Mets did after 2004 when Omar took over.

    This could be the answer but since this does not rid this team of the Wilpons how will it really help. The fish stinks from the head.

    Omar has been the loyal soldier soldier for the Wilpons and all the other problems with the organization. Omar did not design the ballpark. He did not tell the Wilpons to invest with Madoff. No one really knows if Omar did not want Abreu, Dunn, or Burell.

    Omar’s three year contract extension has been hush money for him to keep his mouth shut as things fall apart.

    I give Omar credit for one thing this year.
    As everything fell apart he has not made a stupid trade to hurt the future of the team.

  129. 130
    Everything you said last night is 100 percent right.
    No trade will fix this team it makes no sense to even try.

  130. (183) Scott: That doesn’t excuse Omar from building such a lousy farm system from the time he has taken over until now. It doesn’t excuse him for not firing the medical staff who don’t seem to know their asses from their elbows. The ballpark factor is a bunch of b.s in my opinion. The team isn’t hitting homers on the road either. I think it’s different now than in 2004. I know i’ll get alot of crap on this, but back then it was the perfect storm…an awful trade made by the GM, a milquetoast manager..two easy to fire people. And just in time for two minorities to be hired in Omar and Willie so the Wilpons could be shown as cutting edge people. Not that I didn’t applaud it at the time, and it was great of the Wilpons to do…but their motivations were not to get the right people for the job. I’m convinced it was done to make them look good in Selig’s eyes.

  131. (179) Did Dave Howard really make those comments about an Old Timers Game? Unbelievable. What REALLY burns is that when the Bronx team has their Old Timers Day they feature David Cone and Doc Gooden as two of their stars! Did Strawberry show up too?

  132. What’s been happening to the Mets has been going on for years. Willie was fired for less.
    Not sure what will actually fix this team. But a little loyalty towards the players goes a long way. when you earn a spot you shouldnt lose it the next day and watch a loss. when you are earning a win and pitching fine you shouldnt be taken out.
    But what do i know, i dont get paid to make these decisions.

  133. 185

    The farm system would be better if they did not sign Pedro,Beltran, Wagner and Alou.
    This cost them two first round picks , one second and one third round pick.
    Add those picks to the farm system and it would look better. Right now it is middle of the pack with most of the better talent too far away to help.
    What does having a great farm system mean by its self. Not much. The Reds have a great farm system as do the Rangers. What has this gotten them.

    The medical staff is a problem and someone is going to be fired at the end of the year.
    Bet on that.

    On the ballpark. The stats say you are right but I believe the park is in their heads.

    Didn’t Yogi once say 90 percent of the game is half mental.

    why is this not a perfect storm of injuries and a team not built for the new ball park.

    The Astros and Tigers had plenty of problems when the moved into their new homes.

    Our friend Jose Lima went from a 20 game winner at the Astrodome to losing 16 games at Enron-MinuteMaid.

  134. 187
    Steve C
    Willie fired for less.
    Total BS
    Willie was a big part of the collapse of 2007.
    He should have been fired at the end of 2007.
    Maybe the Mets would have a better manager than Manuel today.

  135. 189. Agree about Willie. The guy needed to go immediatley after the collapse. That was a fold of immense proportions and was ignored, kinda like Met injuries. The Cubs didn’t fire Durocher after ’69 and a team with a lot of talent, hmm sound familiar, never got to the playoffs. Now we are team of not a lot of talent and not a lot of kids ready to be Wright/Reyes. Sell sell sell

  136. #179 I was guilty about saying Howard made the comments about it being too much work. Apparently WFAN host Evan Roberts says a Mets official told him that which Howard denies. He does say it died because ticket sales and sponsorship was poor in the early 1990s.

    I don’t think Mets ownership has ever understood its fan base, Sure we would love to have 26 championships, etc. But we are just has happy with guys who scrap and hustle to win us something or get close: guys like Tug McGraw or Mookie Wilson or Todd Pratt. We don’t NEED the DiMaggios, Fords, Jacksons, Jeters where if you miss by a game, it’s a funeral. Just play hard is what we want.
    #189,190 One thing I wonder is should the Mets have fired Randolph after 2007 and replaced him with Torre. Would a young Steinbrenner have thought like that: fill the back pages of the tabloids with that?? But it’s amazing how many managers keep their jobs after a collapse (Dressen 1951. Mauch 1964, Zimmer 1978) in attempt to “maintain stability/avoid scapegoat” and it doesn’t work. Alston in 1962 and perhaps Terry in 1934 are the exceptions (and those guys had won championships plus Terry was also the first baseman).

    Minaya hasn’t made any really bad trades (although Church for Francoeur has a lot of critics). I just don’t know if he could have done better. Joel Sherman had a note recently on how the Highlanders picked up Eric Hinske from Pittsburgh for very little plus got the Buccos to pay half his salary. Couldn’t Minaya have done something similar and picked up 2/3 of his salary? Not that Hinske is an MVP but he is a useful player. Plus for a guy who came here saying “I signed Sammy Sosa, I know talent” he has doen very little. Adam Rubin had a thing saying some DR scout Roberto Pena is very controversial after being at Detroit yet Minaya hired him. What was that about. John Delcos said a few days ago Minaya had a “boys will be boys” attitude about Lasting Milledge high school run ins with the law. Giving guys a second chance is great but you have to let them know to keep thei and stay on the noses clean and stay on the straight and narrow path. That’s what Mr Rickey looked for.